How To Find Your TD Bank Routing Number


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5 months ago

How To Find Your TD Bank Routing Number


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TD Bank stands for Toronto-Dominion. It’s one of the oldest and most well-established banks in North America, with thousands of satisfied customers.

Like with a lot of major banks, it can sometimes be tricky to figure out what your TD Bank routing number is. If you’re in that situation, you’ve come to the right place. This article will tell you exactly how to find your routing number with TD Bank, wherever you live.

Table of Contents: Quick List

What Is A Routing Number?

A routing number is a 9-digit code that identifies the bank where your account was opened. It’s generally required to make bank transfers and remote deposits.

Because it is location-based, your routing number isn’t unique to your specific bank account. This isn’t something you need to keep private for your own safety, like your account number.

That said, everyone should have both their routing and account number saved in a private place. Both of these numbers together can give someone access to your bank account.

Finding Your TD Bank Routing Number: 3 easy methods

If you’re like me, figuring out your banking information can feel confusing and stressful. Fortunately, it’s easy to find your TD Bank routing number – if you know where to look.

There are 3 quick methods you can use to find your routing number: check the number of the state you opened your account in, find your number on your checkbook, or contact TD Bank.

I’ll break them down in more detail below.

1. Find your TD Bank routing number by state

TD Bank routing numbers are based on the state each branch is located in. If you remember which state you opened your account in, you can find your routing number on this list:

StateABA Routing Number
New Hampshire011400071
New Jersey031201360
New York (Metro) – former Commerce customers026013673
New York (Upstate) – former BankNorth customers021302567
North Carolina053902197
South Carolina053902197
Rhode Island211370545
Washington, D.C.054001725

TD Bank is only available in the regions on this list. If you opened your account years ago and aren’t sure which state it was in, no worries – there are other methods you can use to find your routing number.

2. Find your routing number on your checkbook

If you have a checkbook from TD Bank, you can find your routing number by looking at one of your checks.

Checks contain all the information you need to make a bank transfer. Take a look at the bottom of your check, and you’ll see two numeric codes. Those are your accounting and routing numbers.

How can you tell them apart? Well, accounting number lengths can vary, but a routing number is always 9 digits long. You can look at the numbers on the list above as examples.

3. Contact TD Bank

If neither of these methods is an option for you, contacting the bank is a quick, easy way to learn your routing number.

Head to TD Bank’s website for their contact information. You’ll find an email address for customer service questions. If you don’t have time for an email exchange, just call their customer service helpline at 1-888-751-9000.

This number is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A representative will look up your routing number for you. Write it down and store it in a safe place!

How can you make sure it’s the right routing number?

If you’ve used one of the methods above to find your TD Bank routing number, but want to make sure it’s correct, there’s an easy solution.

Check out the American Bankers Association’s number search. This is a free online service you can use to find out if a routing number is legitimate. Just paste or type your number into the search bar and the site will tell you whether or not it’s a real routing number.

Bear in mind – this site won’t tell you if the number is your TD Bank routing number. It’s just an easy way to make sure you don’t have one or two digits wrong.

Be sure to type the routing number you want to look up right the first time, because the website only allows one search per day for every individual.

Routing Number For Wire Transfers

If you are looking for your routing number because you need to make a wire transfer, the searching by state and checkbook methods won’t work.

The state-based number that’s on your checkbook is your AB routing number. The numbers required for international and domestic wire transfers are different. 

But don’t stress! Those numbers are the same for every TD Bank user. Here they are:

  • For domestic wire transfers (Wire Routing Transit Number): 031101266
  • For international wire transfers (SWIFT/BIC Code): NRTHUS33

Those numbers will allow you to make wire transfers within the US or internationally, no matter what state you originally opened your TD Bank account in.

What is a wire transfer?

A wire transfer is a fast, electronic transfer of money between two different banks or financial institutions. No actual cash is transferred; instead, information is sent and received securely through a network that connects hundreds of banks around the world.

Wire transfers are generally used to securely send large amounts of money or to send money overseas. There is a fee, and they usually take up to two days to complete.

What makes this different from a “normal” bank transfer?

The bank transfers most of us use to pay our bills or send money to friends are called ACH transfers. This type of transfer is also electronic, but it is generally free and takes a little longer than a wire transfer.

In an ACH transfer, your information is sent through the Automated Clearing House, a secure network of established banks. ACH transfers won’t work for overseas connections – if you want to send money internationally, you’ll have to wire it.

Making a wire transfer with TD Bank

Need to make a wire transfer from TD Bank to another financial institution?

Aside from the domestic and international routing numbers, here’s all the information you’ll need:

  • Bank Name: TD Bank, N.A.
  • Bank Address: 6000 Atrium Way, Mount Laurel, NJ 08054. (This is the official address of TD Bank – it doesn’t matter where you are located or which branch of the bank you use.)
  • BNF/Field 4200 Beneficiary acct. #: This might look confusing, but it’s just asking for your full TD Bank account number, including zeros.
  • Beneficiary account name and address: This is your personal information, as it appears on your bank statement.

Remember, if you have trouble finding any of the information you need to make a wire transfer, you can always contact TD Bank through their 24-hour helpline.

Finding your routing number with other banks

Not a member of TD Bank? You will be able to find your routing number just as easily.

The purpose of a routing number is the same with every bank: it’s a 9-digit number based on the location where you opened your account, used to make ACH bank transfers. If you don’t know your routing number already, you should look it up, so you always have it on hand.

Here are a few methods you can use to find your routing number with other banks:

1. Look up the bank where you opened your account

Unfortunately, not every bank has routing numbers on a state-by-state basis like TD Bank. Larger banks have far more branches, and routing numbers are more specific.

If you remember the location of the bank branch where you opened your account (city or county name), you can look it up to find the routing number.

2. Check your bank statement

Along with looking at your checkbook, you should also be able to find your routing number by checking your bank statement. If your account is paperless, you can find your statement online.

Your account and routing number should be clearly labeled on the top of your bank statement. If you can’t find them, check the bank’s website — all the information you need to find your routing number on your bank statement should be posted there.

3. Contact your bank

The easiest way to find your routing number, no matter who you bank with, is to simply call or email your bank.

Most major banks have a 24/7 helpline just like TD Bank. Give them a call, and a representative will look up your routing number for you. Alternatively, you can walk into your local bank branch and ask a teller in person!

Find your TD Bank routing number and save it!

Now that you know how to find your TD Bank routing number, write it down and store it somewhere safe — in a password-protected file, a physical safe, a document on your phone, etc.

Knowing your routing number, as well as your account number, will make it easier to pay your bills and send money. Keep those numbers somewhere safe, so you never have to go through the hassle of finding them again!

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