Survey Club Review in 2023: Is It Legit?


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3 months ago

Survey Club Review in 2023: Is It Legit?


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3 months ago
surveyclub review

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Survey sites are great for earning easy cash online, but it can be tough to choose which platform to subscribe to. 

Some sites offer limited surveys that pay pretty well, and some offer tons of surveys but don’t pay much for each. You have to do a lot of research to figure out which site is best for you. And that’s a waste of your time! 

That’s where Survey Club can help. This survey aggregator site will give you access to surveys across all different platforms, so you can expand your reach — and your earnings. 

But is it really legit?

I was curious, so I looked into Survey Club to find out more. The rest of this post will tell you all about this site: how to sign up, how to earn money, and if it’s really worth your time. 


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Earn cash by completing surveys


Unlike other sites, surveyclub has a unique filter to show you surveys you qualify to complete.


Some surveys will take you off-site, allowing more surveys to be available to users.

The basics: What is Survey Club?

If you’re familiar with survey sites already, the concept behind Survey Club might sound a little unusual. 

With most sites, you complete all your surveys right there on the platform, and earn money or points in your account. But with Survey Club, many surveys will take you to their partnered companies and websites. 

In other words, by making an account with this one site, you’ll have access to all different kinds of survey and market research platforms. 

Never heard of a survey site before? The idea is pretty simple: these research companies provide consumer data, usually in the form of surveys, to major brands and retailers to help them improve their marketing. To collect that data, they pay their subscribers in cash, gift cards, or other prizes. 

Is taking paid surveys a way to get rich quick? No. The payment is usually pretty minimal — a few bucks here and there to fund your morning coffee or evening glass of wine. But the work is incredibly easy, and it’s a great way to kill some time while you’re earning money. 

Is Survey Club legit?

Before I go any further, I want to clarify that this is a 100% legitimate site, partnered with several highly-rated and well-established companies. 

If you’re a little sceptical of a site like Survey Club, that’s understandable — sadly, there are a lot of scams out there. But I looked into it, and found out that Survey Club is perfectly safe to use. 

It’s free to sign up, and you won’t be charged any sneaky fees or have your personal information used without your permission. If you’re looking for a safe, reputable way to make money online, you won’t be disappointed by Survey Club. 

Who is Survey Club for? 

Anyone in the U.S., U.K., Canada, or Australia can sign up for Survey Club. Their partnered companies and organizations are looking for feedback from a wide range of demographics, so people of all ages, regions, and identities are encouraged to participate. 

Like with any survey site, I would recommend Survey Club to someone who wants to fill some stretches of time in their day (like when you’re sitting on a bus, in a waiting room, etc.) with easy, money-making tasks. 

I wouldn’t recommend Survey Club to someone who’s looking for an online job. This site is all about small rewards over time — if you’re looking for a serious way to supplement your income, survey sites probably aren’t the right opportunity for you. 

How it works

A lot of popular survey sites come with tons of different features and a variety of tasks you can do to earn points or cash. Survey Club is much more straightforward (which is why it appeals to a broader range of participants). 

If you’re interested in taking surveys through this site, here’s a step-by-step example of what it will look like:

1. Getting started

Getting started with Survey Club is free, and should only take a few minutes of your time. 

On their website, you’ll see a ‘Participants’ tab with a button that says ‘Take Surveys’. When you click on that, you’ll be guided through their signup process. This involves answering a lot of questions about yourself: your age, gender, hobbies, shopping habits, pets, etc.

This might seem pretty tedious, but it’s how the site determines which surveys you’re eligible to take. That way, you don’t waste time on surveys that aren’t actually providing the companies any valuable feedback. 

Once your profile is all set up, you’re ready to start completing surveys and earning cash. 

2. Search for surveys

Survey Club has a unique filter feature that allows you to search for surveys you qualify for. 

This is a huge time-saver — with other sites, it’s normal to get halfway through a survey before the site realizes you’re not eligible and kicks you off. With Survey Club, you can use the filter to search for surveys that fit your age and demographic. 

Unfortunately, the search feature still isn’t 100% perfect. Every once in a while you might start a survey only to realize you aren’t qualified. However, the site usually picks up on this right away, and will close out the survey before you waste too much of your time. 

3. Take surveys you qualify for

When you’re browsing through surveys, you’ll see the topic and approximate amount of time for each. Just select one to get started. 

To begin a survey, you will be asked a few qualifying questions — if you don’t qualify for the survey, you’ll see a notification at this stage. After that, the questions will mainly be about your experiences and opinions as a consumer. 

Heads up: Survey Club often throws a trick question or two into their surveys to make sure you’re paying attention. This is how they ensure that they’re getting honest, thoughtful feedback from their users. 

If you miss one of the trick questions, you’ll be disqualified and booted off the survey. 

4. Access other survey panels

As you search through surveys, you’ll find some that will take you to other platforms. 

The main downside to accessing other survey panels is that you’ll earn your points or cash on that platform, instead of through Survey Club. That means you’ll probably have to complete a certain number of surveys on that particular platform to collect your earnings. 

That said, this access makes it so that every Survey Club user has plenty of surveys available to them. You won’t have to wait around for weeks until another survey you’re qualified for pops up.

It also means higher paying opportunities — Survey Club doesn’t just direct you to other survey sites, but also to focus groups and local clinical studies, which will pay quite a bit more than your standard survey platform. 

Survey Club earnings

Now that you have a better idea of how Survey Club works, let’s talk about the most important factor: how to earn money. 

Earnings on the Survey Club platform are pretty straightforward. You’ll receive a certain dollar amount in your account whenever you complete a survey. Once you’ve accumulated more than $20 on the platform, you can have your money sent to you in Amazon credit, PayPal cash, or as a check. 

Bear in mind: you won’t receive your money right away. It generally takes around 3-4 weeks for your payments to transfer, no matter what method you’re using. That means that if you’re just getting started with Survey Club, you aren’t going to see your earnings for a while. 

Your earnings on Survey Club’s variety of partnered platforms will be a little different. Whenever you’re taken to a new site, check their earnings policies to see how you’ll receive your payment. Some platforms pay out in points, which you can then exchange for cash, gift cards, or other prizes. 

How much can you earn?

The exact amount of money you can make with Survey Club will depend on the amount of time you spend on the site, the number of surveys you qualify for, and what kinds of surveys you’re participating in. 

As with any survey site, your earnings won’t be huge. Most surveys pay around $1 or less, depending on how long they take. 

With the variety of options Survey Club offers, you could easily earn enough to treat yourself to your next fun online purchase or a night out with friends. Remember, this is something you can do in your downtime, when you would just be scrolling through social media anyway — why not use that time to earn a little extra spending money?

Survey Club Pros and Cons

Survey Club is a popular site with tons of great reviews. But that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. 

To help you decide if Survey Club is the right survey site for you, here are some of the main pros and cons that users have reported. 


There’s a lot to love about Survey Club. Some of the highlights include:

1. Lots of surveys available

Survey Club takes a unique approach to market research by allowing its users to access surveys across multiple sites and platforms. That means more surveys available to all users, at all times. 

With other sites, you’re limited to one or two surveys each week, but Survey Club gives you plenty of opportunities to earn a couple bucks every time you log in. 

2. Unique filter feature

Survey Club’s filter allows you to search for the surveys you qualify for, instead of just waiting for one to pop into your inbox. This is another way the site ensures that you’ll always be able to find a survey you can take. 

It also helps you save time, so you rarely start a survey that you won’t be able to finish. 

3. Low minimum payout threshold

Once you’ve earned $20 with Survey Club, you can “cash out”, or receive your payment through PayPal, check, or Amazon credit. 

That minimum threshold is a lot lower than some other sites. A few of the survey sites I’ve reviewed require you to earn $50 or more every time you cash out! With Survey Club, you don’t have to wait very long to see your earnings in action. 

4. Access to focus groups and clinical studies

Survey Club gives you access to opportunities outside of paid online surveys, including focus groups and clinical studies in your area. 

These opportunities pay much more than a standard survey, and can be specific to your community. 


No survey site is 100% perfect. Here are a few Survey Club features that users think could be improved: 

1. Long qualifying survey

Most survey sites let you sign up in seconds. With Survey Club, you have to spend a few minutes filling out a detailed questionnaire with your personal information. 

This is how they make sure you’re only taking surveys you’re qualified for in the future, but it can be pretty annoying, especially if you’re just testing the site out to see how it works. On top of that, you will have to answer more qualifying questions at the beginning of each survey you take. 

2. Waiting period to receive payments

Once you cash out with Survey Club, you’ll have to wait a solid 3-4 weeks to receive your earnings. 

This waiting period isn’t uncommon with most survey sites. Still, it’s something Survey Club should work to improve if they want to keep gaining users. 

3. Different policies on different platforms

The downside of accessing multiple survey platforms through Survey Club is that some of your earnings will be on different sites, with different payment policies. 

You’ll have to keep track of which sites use points, which pay out in gift cards, how long it will take to receive your money, etc. It’s a lot more complicated than simply earning everything on one single platform. 

More ways to earn: Survey Club referrals

Aside from surveys, there is one other way you can earn money with Survey Club that I haven’t mentioned yet. 

If you sign up for the referral program through your account, you’ll receive a unique link to the website. Send that link to your friends and family, or post it on your social media page.

Every time someone signs up for Survey Club using your link, you’ll earn $1 in your account. It’s a nice way to boost your earnings and help you meet that $20 threshold to cash out for the first time. 

Plus, with the referral program, you don’t have to put in any effort beyond sending out your link. You can earn passive cash on top of your earnings from completing surveys. 

Is it worth your time?

Considering all the pros and cons of Survey Club, is this survey aggregator site really worth your time in 2023?

To be honest, the answer to that depends on who you are and what you’re looking for. Again, if you’re looking for an online job or freelance opportunity, survey sites aren’t right for you. You’ll be frustrated by the limited earning potential. 

However, if you’re interested in making a few easy bucks while you kill some time in your day, you won’t be disappointed by Survey Club. It’s much more straightforward than some of the other sites out there, and you have the potential to earn a decent amount of pocket money across multiple platforms. 

It’s also important to remember that it’s free to sign up for Survey Club, and there is no minimum time requirement — you can check into the site as regularly as you want, whenever you have the time. 

In other words, there’s nothing you can lose by giving this site a shot. 

The bottom line: Survey Club is worth a try

If you’re interested in earning money with survey sites, I think Survey Club is a great place to start. 

You’ll have a lot more opportunities, and access to higher-paying studies in your area. With the filter feature to search for qualifying surveys, you won’t have to waste your time browsing through page after page, or waiting for a survey to be sent to you. 

Of course, you aren’t going to get rich just by answering questions on Survey Club. But it’s easy, efficient, and can help you fund those little luxuries throughout your week, like your morning latte or that cute new sweater on Amazon. 

The bottom line is that you’re not risking anything by giving Survey Club a try. Check it out for yourself, and see if it’s the right survey site for you.

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