5 Grants Created to Help Women Start Businesses


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4 months ago

5 Grants Created to Help Women Start Businesses


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4 months ago

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Are you a female entrepreneur struggling to launch your business? You’ll need funds in the first place to help with that. Sadly, even now, accessing funds is still a major challenge when it comes to female entrepreneurs. Don’t give up just yet though! Lots of business grants have been created for the purpose of helping women pursue their dreams. If you’re lucky enough, you can apply and get the opportunity to launch your dreams. In this article, I’ve compiled for you the top 5 business grants created to help women launch their businesses. 

Top 5 Business Grants for Women 

We’re all about women’s empowerment here, and so are these 5 business grants! If you’re a female entrepreneur with a business plan, we suggest you hurry to craft your application and apply! 

1. The Girlboss Foundation Grant

Creativity is your key to winning this grant. The Girlboss Foundation offers grants to women businesses in the design, fashion, music, and arts industries. If you win, you’ll get $15,000 on top of the exposure that the foundation will also provide you across its #girlboss channels. The Girlboss foundation gives out grants twice a year. In addition, it’s completely free to apply. All you need to do is fill out the basic necessary information and take the chance!

2. The Amber Grant 

Amber Wigdhal, a 19 years old aspiring female, passed away before getting the chance to pursue her business-related dreams. Thus, WomensNet dedicated The Amber Grant program in her honor. This grant program is as simple as you can imagine since it only needs you to be 100% heartfelt about your idea and business-related dreams. Even if those ideas concern the cute dogs out there! A winner will get $2,000 each month of the year, and one of these 12 winners will be lucky enough to win $25,000 at the end of the year. The application for this grant is also pretty basic and will only cost you $15.

3. The Halstead Grant

For starters, you’ll need to know that Halstead is a company selling wholesale jewelry supplies. Thus, the Halstead grant is a bit more specific and is only given out to businesses specializing in making silver jewelry. The winner of this grant will get $7,500 cash and a $1,000 shopping gift card to Halstead. That’s not the best part! In addition, the winner will get a trophy and a paid trip to the company’s headquarters in Arizona. The application process for this grant is also basic and requires the necessary information. 

4. Idea Cafe Small Business Grants 

Although this grant isn’t only for women-owned businesses, most of its winners have been women. Thus, it’s worth getting on our list! The Idea Cafe Small Business Grant’s worth is $1,000 and targets businesses that solve daily problems creatively. The amount of the grant may not be much relatively, but it’s a great push to start! The application is also simple and doesn’t require any entry fee from you. 

5. InnovateHER Challenge Award 

Our last grant is a bit more special than the rest on the list. Although both women and men can benefit from the InnovateHER Challenge Award, this grant is specifically offered to businesses with innovative products to empower women. Additionally, 3 winners will benefit from this grant as the following: $40,000 for the first place, $20,000 for the second place, and $10,000 for the third one. The application for this grant requires no entry fee as well, but you’ll need to keep an eye open for the application’s dates. 

Final Words

If you’re a female entrepreneur with a business-related dream, you shouldn’t let the lack of funds stop you. Plenty of grants are now available to give you the starting push you need! This article sums up 5 of these grants, but you’ll find much more out there. You’ll just need to do your own research on which one could give your business the chance it deserves. Apply to as many as possible and ensure you always pay attention to the application’s deadlines. We don’t want you to miss out on any of these golden chances. It might also be a good idea to check out the previous winners for the grant you’re applying for to get more tips and inspiration. At last, we hope the odds are in your favor!

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