10 Best Sites Like Groupon


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5 months ago

10 Best Sites Like Groupon


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5 months ago

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Groupon is the largest and most popular daily deals site out there, with more than 120 million subscribers. It’s a great resource to save money on travel, dining, entertainment, and more – but it’s not the only resource out there.

Here are 10 awesome alternative websites for daily savings. You’ll find tons of coupons, special offers, and deals not available on Groupon.

Alternatives And Sites Like Groupon

1. Coupons.com

Just like the name suggests, Coupons.com is a website to find coupons.

You can get printable and digital coupons for just about everything you need to buy: clothes, groceries, household supplies, tech and gadgets, and so much more. You won’t find any deals on nice vacations or fancy dinners out on this website, but it can help you to save tons of money on your day-to-day essentials.

The coolest thing about coupons.com is how easy it is to use. As soon as you open the site, you can see the value of savings currently available. Just click on the coupons you want, print or download them, and you’re good to go!

What makes it different?

The biggest difference between Groupon and Coupons.com is the type of savings. While Groupon is great for special events and experiences, Coupons.com is a simple, reliable way to save on things you regularly shop for.

2. LivingSocial

You’ve probably heard of LivingSocial before – it’s one of the most popular Groupon alternatives out there. While the deals you’ll find on LivingSocial are pretty similar to what Groupon offers, there are a few key differences that make this daily deals site stand out.

Travel, entertainment, and health are the key categories on LivingSocial (for example, I found some incredible deals on spa treatments). That said, you can also find coupons for fashion and day-to-day shopping.

LivingSocial deals are updated daily, so check back regularly. You might just find discounts as high as 90% off if you check at the right time!

What makes it different?

The main area where LivingSocial stands out above Groupon is the travel deals. They regularly post huge discounts on hotels, guided tours, and excursions. If you’re looking to save on your upcoming trip, I recommend keeping a consistent eye on LivingSocial’s travel offers.

Like with any online offer, just make sure you read all the details of a LivingSocial travel discount before you book it – sometimes there’s a catch to the savings (a minimum amount of people required, additional fees, etc.)

3. Savings.com

On Savings.com, you’ll find… well, savings!

You can use this site for savings on anything you buy, including flights, phone and internet plans, groceries, and fashion. They post coupons, promo codes, local offers, and more – basically, any way to save money.

What makes Savings.com awesome is that they’re partnered with tons of major retailers, including Walmart, Macy’s, and Gap. They’re also partnered with companies like Microsoft and Verizon, to bring you all kinds of daily savings.

Like other sites, they update their deals constantly, so you’ll never find an expired offer.

What makes it different?

I prefer Savings.com to Groupon for finding day-to-day savings. While Groupon is great for special events, this site is a solid resource to save money on necessary purchases. You’ll find discounts of up to 70% (or higher) on everything you need, from a new pair of shoes to an internet and TV package.

4. TravelZoo

Looking for savings on travel, specifically? Look no further than TravelZoo.

This is the best site to find deals and savings on cruises, tours, hotels, and full travel packages. They only post travel deals, so you don’t have to waste your time searching through tons of other offers.

The best feature of TravelZoo is the “Things To Do” tab. If you have a vacation coming up, you can check this page for random discounts in your destination – it’s an awesome way to plan your trip and save money at the same time. Just search the city or region you’re traveling to, and start browsing.

What makes it different?

There are tons of travel deals on Groupon, but I still recommend checking TravelZoo first. This site is focused specifically on travel deals, and it lets you search for your exact destination. In other words, there’s no time wasted scrolling through offers that don’t apply to you.

On top of that, all the deals posted on TravelZoo are super transparent. You’ll see exactly what’s included, including fees and requirements, right away. No tricks or scams here!

5. RetailMeNot

Here’s another super popular daily deals site that you might have heard of already. RetailMeNot has been around since 2006, and is still one of the best platforms to find deals on shopping, dining, and more.

Some of the brands you can find deals for on RetailMeNot include Banana Republic, Old Navy, Sephora, Hydro Flask, Lyft, and even Amazon – and those are just a few. There are so many discounts on this site, you could spend all day browsing.

You’ll also find a lot of special deals on their cashback offers. There are tons of opportunities to earn money on everything you buy, whether it’s fashion, tech, or food.

And here’s the coolest feature: RetailMeNot also has a downloadable Chrome extension for online shopping. With the extension, you can just shop online like you normally would, and you’ll get a notification whenever there are savings available on what you’re buying.

What makes it different?

RetailMeNot goes beyond savings. This isn’t just a site for coupons and offers – you can sign up for cashback programs, or use the chrome extension to constantly scan for savings.

To put it simply, Groupon is great for finding one-time deals, but RetailMeNot is a consistent savings tool you can use throughout your week.

6. Deal Of The Day

When it comes to simple, easy-to-navigate deals sites, Deal Of The Day takes first prize.

Like the name suggests, they post deals at major stores and retailers every day. All you have to do is open the site, select your category, and click on the deal you want. The link will take you straight to that deal on the retailer’s webpage.

The site is updated every day, so you should check it regularly to find a discount on that big purchase you’ve been looking for. Best of all, if you’re on a tight budget, you can browse deals by price: under $20, under $10, and so on.

What makes it different?

Deal Of The Day stands out from Groupon – and a lot of other sites like groupon on this list – for one key reason: the deals posted aren’t posted through the site. When you click on an offer, you are taken directly to the company’s website. There’s no subscription, and no catch.

So, if you’re just looking for a tool to browse the best discounts on your online shopping, Deal Of The Day is a great choice.

7. SlickDeals

SlickDeals is similar to Deal Of The Day. This site posts links to deals on all kinds of online retailers, including Amazon and Express.com.

What’s really cool about SlickDeals is that you can see all the information about the product or offer on their page, before you click on “see deal” and are taken to the company website. It makes it really easy to browse for savings from a neutral source.

The savings opportunities on this site are pretty much endless, and updated regularly. You’ll find discounts on clothes, travel, tech, and even food.

What makes it different?

SlickDeals is definitely more focused on day-to-day shopping than on special events and entertainment, like Groupon. This isn’t the site to check if you’re looking for deals on dining or local offers.

But if you want an easy tool to browse savings and save money on your online shopping, you can’t go wrong with SlickDeals.

8. Local Flavor

So, SlickDeals doesn’t post any local deals – but that’s where Local Flavor comes in.

This is the best website to find deals in your city. Contributors are locals in your community, who post regular deals on dining, shopping, events, and entertainment. Just select your city, select your category, and start saving.

Local Flavor is also an awesome resource while you’re traveling. Not sure where to find a good breakfast restaurant near your hotel? Want to catch a concert while you’re in town? Open Local Flavor and see what’s available.

The one downside to this website is that it only applies to certain cities across the U.S.. Check to see if deals are offered for your city before you start browsing.

What makes it different?

Groupon also offers local deals, but Local Flavor stands out because it’s run by locals in each of the cities it serves. That means more offers in each city and in-depth details about every product or location.

Especially if you’re visiting a new city, I would definitely recommend using Local Flavor to find location-specific deals instead of Groupon.

9. DealCatcher

DealCatcher is probably the oldest daily deals site out there – it started back in 1999, even before Groupon.

But does older necessarily mean better?

In this case, yes! DealCatcher has evolved over the years to keep up with all the top daily deals sites, including Groupon. Today, you can search the website or download the app for coupons, promo codes, and in-store deals at hundreds of retailers.

Browsing DealCatcher is really simple. You can choose to sort the deals by category (coupons, stores, etc.), or by price range – or use the search bar to find exactly what you’re looking for.

What makes it different?

Like a few of the other sites on this list, DealCatcher is great for day-to-day shopping. You’ll find discounts on everything from clothes and shoes to party decorations.

The option to find in-store deals and print out your coupons makes this a great resource for people who prefer in-store shopping to buying online.

10. Woot!

Want to find the best deal on your next online purchase? Try Woot!

Woot! is another daily deals site that has been around for ages. Today, it’s owned by Amazon, and is the best place to get the cheapest prices for online shopping. While you can find all kinds of products there, this site is best known for its awesome deals on tech and electronics.

The connection with Amazon means that you can see all the product reviews, comparable items and prices, and shipping options right on the page – without having to follow the product link. It’s easy to browse, and a great way to save on your next big electronics purchase.

What makes it different?

Woot! isn’t a coupon website. It’s a site to find the cheapest prices for high-quality products online. So, if you’re looking for a deal on in-store shopping or entertainment, you might want to stick with Groupon and other sites. But if you want to browse cheap prices for online shopping, Woot! is the place to go.

The Bottom Line: Which Groupon Alternative Is Best?

So, now that we’ve reviewed all of the best sites like Groupon, how do you know which one to use? Should you stay away from Groupon and stick to the alternatives instead?

The reality is, each of these sites has its pros and cons. Some are great for travel discounts, others are awesome for finding coupons, and others are ideal for local deals. Groupon is still a good resource for saving money, too. So shop around!

Now that you’re aware of the best Groupon alternatives out there, you can use them all to find the best deal on whatever it is you’re shopping for.

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