15 Best Shopping Sites and Apps Like Wish


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5 months ago

15 Best Shopping Sites and Apps Like Wish


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5 months ago

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Wish Marketplace is an exciting, fun, shopping platform that enables you to purchase just about anything for a considerably low price. From clothes, jewelry, art supplies, shoes, furniture, baby items, to room décor, and everything between (and I mean everything), Wish offers one of the most nonrestrictive shopping experiences for at times cents on the dollar. While it may be true that legitimacy and processing times are “a part of the fun” of Wish, their customer review platform has boosted visibility over the years, allowing for greater peace of mind. However, with Wish, you truly never know what you are going to get, which has prompted some to go searching for similar shopping platforms that present with a bit more accountability and product assurance. Many items on Wish are sold from nondescript sellers that cannot be verified from China, and due to several factors, including the current world state, in can take nearly a month before your order arrives—if it arrives at all.

Despite all of that, Wish has that certain something shoppers gravitate toward. Whether it is the unique wares that fulfill almost any niche, category, and idea imaginable, or it is their low, unbeatable prices—you are not alone. Many people wonder if there are sites like Wish that you can trust.  

Best Shopping Sites and Apps Like Wish



Shein has gained considerable momentum since launching its site in 2008, offering on-trend clothing for women, men, plus sizes, infants, children, and teens for a fraction of the cost. In addition, Shein offers home items and décor, accessories, and other deals like Wish’s platform, but under a singular, trusted brand, for often less than $5.00.  Unlike Wish, Shein’s shipping time can be a week or less, comes equipped with established customer service, advertises free returns, and comes highly recommended among shoppers. While sizing can occasionally be a little tricky, for the most part consumers are happy with their shopping experience. Lastly, Shein offers Afterpay. With Afterpay, you can break up your final total into four payments—allowing you to purchase more, often.



Rated “most like Wish.” AliExpress offers all the flavor of Wish’s infinite shopping experience for similar costs. Originally designed to take on major e-commerce rivals like Amazon and eBay, AliExpress now comes in fifth among global e-commerce sellers. Furthermore, AliExpress is cheaper (if you can imagine such a thing) than Wish, making it more affordable than its popular alternative. Despite AliExpress holding global status among its peers, it mimics Wish in that you are buying blindly from sellers that have not been vetted or are of repute. Many of the shortfalls regarding quality and size exist on this platform as well. As such, it is recommended you read customer reviews and research vendors whenever possible for legitimacy and product information.



One reason Wish has found global success in todays market is that most individuals simply do not wish to pay more for regular, everyday supplies, when comparable items are available at 1/3 of the price. The idea of overpaying for household gear, small decorative accents, office supplies, or basic kitchen necessities, does not make sense for a lot of budgets in todays market. Thankfully the DollarTree and other inspired “Dollar Stores” open the door to inexpensive items that allow for easy purchase and everyday use. Wish offers similar solutions both in product content and price. Moreover, DollarTree’s are stationed in nearly every community in America, alleviating the need for shipping costs or blind purchasing. Lastly, DollarTree offers a bit for every buyers, whether it be party related, toys, decorations, basic care items, home and cleaning, tech and phone gear, baking, basic grocery foods and other necessities, medications, pregnancy tests, and much more.

Local Facebook Marketplace  

local facebook marketplace

If you are searching for a marketplace experience on a local level, Facebook Marketplace can be a reputable go to. In fact, Facebook prides itself on transparent selling, attaching all marketplace posts to their seller’s account, allowing for full exposure and customer reviews. Unlike Wish, you can potentially take-home quality, brand name items for extremely low prices. Furthermore, Facebook allows you to pay right through messenger with your debit card. Depending on what features of Wish are exciting for you, Facebook Marketplace is a frequent go to for cost effective, brand name items in almost any category that are readily available in your community.



One feature of Wish that is successful has to do with their prices of basic tech gear, or the possibility of purchasing off brand similar, for 10% of the price. While Geekbuying is not as affordable as Wish, it offers a much more diverse electronic and tech library at commendable prices. For example, are you shopping for a wireless mouse and keyboard with a little personality? $8.99 on Geekbuying. How about a TV as big as your standard wall? Droids? Airpod similars? Scooters? Wearable devices? Games or toys? Geekbuying has that too. One reoccurring feature that brings customers back to their platform is their daily flash deals and special pricing on big ticket items. Finally, Geekbuying offers customer support, warranties, five-star reviews, and visual attempts to go above and beyond the needs of their shoppers.



Make no mistake, Wish is a bona fide competitor. So much so that Amazon offered to purchase Wish for 10 billion dollars, AliExpress looked into acquiring the company, and eBay has changed its platform to make it more accessible to shoppers looking specifically for Wish’s price point. As such, Amazon can not be overlooked. It takes great pride and effort to be the worlds leading shopping platform and most items you find on wish are also available on Amazon. While they may or may not be priced evenly between the two, Amazon’s less than more strategy is still visible. Furthermore, with Amazon, you get full support, prime shipping, and other shopping securities simply not available on Wish. Amazon’s Marketplace is always changing and is well worth consideration if you are searching for the Wish experience without the fear of spending money on items you cannot count on.



Joom is a great alternative for those who gravitate toward boutique finds, personal stylization, automobile gear, event planning, and just about everything between. While still less than your average retailer, Joom’s products come equipped with a peppering of elegance that is often neglected on affordable, e-commerce sites. For that reason, Joom’s prices appear to be slightly higher in some domains than Wish. For example, you may pay $8 instead of $5. Like Wish, customers report long shipping times, spanning over two months. Furthermore, customers often report that Joom does not ship their entire order and have difficulty getting in touch with a customer service agent to remedy any issues. It is highly recommended you research this site before you purchase from it.

Light in the Box

light in the box

Like Joom, Light in the Box offers an almost identical shopping platform, boasting easy navigation for those who can be overwhelmed by Wish’s content. The overall web design and catalog feel, allows people to find what they are looking for easily. As with the others, Light in the Box can have long shipping times. However, any complaints listed with the BBB against them appear to be resolved. Furthermore, with Light in the Box, you can earn points towards future purchases, shop collections, shop price point, and stay on top of holidays—with all their specialized items.



In the spirt of purchasing budget-friendly items, Mercari is an online consignment store that deals in affordability. According to their site, you save 70% by shopping through their platform, and like Wish, they deal in almost every category. However, one feature Mercari has that Wish does not is seller transparency, badges, and an accountability system that provides peace of mind with each purchase. Moreover, with Mercari, you can shop Apple, electronics, handmade items, and so much more. Recently, I discovered a $500 Apple Watch for $99.00. If you love the feel of marketplace shopping but are searching for specific or quality finds—Mercari makes the list.

Harbor Freight

harbor freight

Mostly known for offering discounted tools at unbelievably low prices, Harbor Freight is your go to for any construction, building, or related gear. Unlike Wish, you can expect quality with Harbor Freight, and often do not need to worry if your tool is made to standard or fear it may fail to serve its intended purpose. Secondly, Harbor Freight offers brick and mortar stores throughout the country, making it easy to acquire your items with little to no hassle. Finally, Harbor Freight is reputable, vetted, and comes equipped with impeccable customer service.



If you are in the marketplace for today’s hottest, high-tech gear look no further. GearBest comes equipped with everything you need and prices you can afford. From robots to smart watches, this little tech heaven is well worth the mention. Like Wish, GearBest is Chinese operated, but receives a 7.4 on the reliability scale between users and experts, which indicates positive experiences. However, GearBest is associated with high fees and does have history with poor follow through. As always, take time to investigate companies before you purchase from them. Lastly, shipping times can take up to 50 days and your payment options are limited to PayPal.  



Banggood is another e-commerce marketplace like Wish, offering thousands of Chinese-based items at a low cost. There are even coupons and daily deals offer items for $0! Furthermore, of all those mentioned whose platform nearly identical to Wish, Banggood leads the pack in favorable reviews. Most individuals were happy with their purchase, and of those who reported items were missing, they received a full refund! I recommend Banggood for those who want Wish but need stronger customer support as there appears to be extraordinarily little difference less for customer rating between the two.



Overstock Marketplace is a Wish-Amazon hybrid. With Overstock, you get accessibility to a diverse range of products from home goods to apparel, for better quality than Wish, but similar prices to Amazon. You will pay more with Overstock than Wish, but your items come from vetted sources, and you do not have to worry about long processing times, blind purchasing, or whether or not your item will actually be sent to you. Lastly, with Overstock you can purchase those bigger items that are usually associated with high costs, like sofas, rugs, bedroom furniture, for hundreds or thousands less than you would spend from a major retailer.



Dealing mostly in apparel, toys, and home décor, Zulily offers designer, boutique, and high-quality finds for seriously low prices. Here you can access name brands, follow on-trend sellers, and locate special pieces for your home and wardrobe. Plus, Zulily caters to extended sizes, maternity, infant, and offers a revolving platform—with new items added daily. Like Wish, Zulily is fueled by a wide variety of vendors and can come with longer than average shipping times. However, Zulily is known for quality products and has impeccable, transparent, customer service that you have access to at any time through your Facebook Messenger App. The only reservation you may want to consider is that Zulily deals in pressure-buying, wherein they only offer an item for one to two days at a time, which can frustrate those who like to consider and compare. On the flip side, this selling model makes way for new items to come in, which works to keep their platform exciting and relevant.



Dealextreme is a fun and innovative buying platform that reminds me of an online dollar-store, but with better products and competitive pricing. Their tagline is a perfect summation of their goods “Smart Tech & Life Fashion” as most of what you can purchase from them deals with accessories built for everyday life. This includes hobbies, tech equipment, beauty, and even hair extensions. Like Wish, you get a little bit of everything for prices generally under the average at your local store. However, not much could be found regarding consumer experience. Therefore, I would encourage you to investigate their platform farther before making a purchase. 

Friendly Reminder

Exercise caution whenever purchasing overseas from sellers that are not properly vetted or cannot be verified. While Wish can be a fun experience, it can also frustrate those who are hoping for items like their pictures, accurate sizing, or paid a great deal for an order that never showed. Thus, it is strongly encouraged you read the fine print, ask questions, and be sure you understand their platform fully before spending money. When in doubt, locate sellers that have a notable customer service line, allow customer reviews, rate high for reliability, and can assure timely delivery options.

Final Thoughts

Wish is an excellent platform for those who are searching to spend next to nothing on unique, creative purchases designed for every niche not readily available through most American-based retailers. However, you should not have to forfeit accountability and assurance when it comes to online purchases. Most of the presented options not only come with added purchasing securities and buyer transparency, but you will not wind up paying more for the experience you wish!

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