12 Best Places to Sell Used Furniture Online & Locally for Cash


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3 months ago

12 Best Places to Sell Used Furniture Online & Locally for Cash


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3 months ago

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Trying to sell furniture can be an absolute nightmare. It’s big, can be heavy, and is always awkward to move through any door frame or room. But it can also be quite a valuable way to make some extra cash when you no longer have use for it, which usually means putting your furniture up for sale.

The good news is that with the power of the internet, sellers have never had more options of where/how to sell their used furniture than what they do today. There are plenty of marketplaces and apps that offer services from only providing a place to advertise your items to those that take on almost the entire sales process, including delivery.

There are two major ways where you can sell your furniture – online or locally. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, so this article looks to provide as much information as possible on everything that you’ll need to know in order to sell your furniture fast and in the best way that works for you.

1.    Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a great place to list any items that you might be looking to sell, furniture included. Because Facebook has had such success as a social network already, the potential buyers who would be seeing your furniture wouldn’t be a problem at all. You can also check a potential buyer’s profile to make sure that they seem legitimate before you agree to anything.

There are two options when it comes to selling on Facebook. The first option is to head over to the Marketplace area of Facebook and create your listing, which is a quick and easy process if you already have an active Facebook account. Once you’ve added your location, the listing becomes available to view on the site.

The second option through Facebook is to utilize the ‘Buy and Sell’ groups that are in your local area. Most areas have such pages as this, and they typically are only a search away from being found. Once you’ve found a group list this, you just need to have the moderator of the group to add you.

There are no fees to sell your furniture on Facebook with either option. You will have to arrange to meet up with your buyer and arrange payments/shipping, as Facebook doesn’t help with this part of the process as well. So feel free to ask for cash, a personal check, or anything else.

2.    OfferUp

OfferUp is a website and app that allows buyers and sellers to see listings of used goods in their local area. All you need to do to get started is go to the website or download the app and create a profile. Once you’ve done this, you can create your listings by uploading an image and a description. If someone likes your piece, they can message you directly within the app and make you an offer.

Before you do business with anyone, you can view their profile and view their rating and transaction history. This can help buyers and sellers who use OfferUp avoid scams and help make sure that you’re only doing business with trusted people. The one downside is that this can also make it more difficult for newer users to get started on the app since they don’t have as many ratings or as long as a transaction history for people to view.

OfferUp also doesn’t charge any type of transaction fee if you do the deal in person and pay with cash. They also don’t charge a fee to post listings on the site or app. The company does charge a fee for any items shipped through the app, however. OfferUp also has the option to post Premium Features on the app/site that helps promote different listings, and this has a fee associated with the service as well.

3.    LetGo

Much like OfferUp, LetGo is a website and app that allows you to put items up for sale in your local area. All that is needed is to sign up on LetGo and create your listing for your furniture. Potential buyers can also message you directly in the app to negotiate a price and deal. LetGo also as an app suggests safe locations to meet up to complete the transaction in person, which is a great feature for both the buyer and the seller.

LetGo doesn’t offer in-app payments, so any type of transactions will have to be completed outside of the app. Using cash would be the simple solution. LetGo also doesn’t charge any type of fees to list your items or complete the transaction, so it’s a great service to use if you want to really try and maximize your profits.

4.    Bonanza

Bonanza is a marketplace that has a unique type of set-up compared to other online competitors. Bonanza allows sellers to set up “booths” that they can sell their products from. The benefit of this for the seller is that if someone is interested in one product and they click on it to learn more, they are taken to the seller’s booth where they can see everything that the seller currently has for sale. This can be extremely helpful if the seller is looking to sell multiple pieces of furniture.

To get started on Bonanza, all you need to do is create your booth, and then upload the pictures of the items that you’re looking to sell. Creating listings are free, but Bonanza does charge a fee that is based on the final amount of the sale. This includes the price of the item plus a portion of a shipping fee over $10. If the final value of the sale is under $500, the service fee that Bonanza charges is 3.5%. If the final price is over $500, then this service fee jumps up to 5%. There is also a minimum fee on all transactions of $0.50. There is also an option to add a shipping fee to listings so that the buyer covers this cost instead of the buyer.

5.    Chairish

Chairish is another store that deals in buying and selling used goods. The biggest difference with Chairish is that it is designed specifically for buying and selling furniture, so anyone that comes to the site is already looking for what you’re selling. To start selling is simple. All you need to do is upload photos of the items and add a description.

While uploading your products is free to do, Chairish only accepts furniture that the company thinks will appeal to its buyers, so it isn’t a guarantee that the company will agree to post your products once you’ve submitted your photos and description. If your item is accepted, interested buyers can contact you through the site.

Payments are processed through the website and your profits are sent to you via PayPal. Chairish will also help with the delivery by organizing the shipping details between you and the buyer, but you can opt into a local pickup option as well if that works better for your sale. The biggest catch when using Chairish is that the company takes 30% of the selling price when you opt in for their regular plan. This price can go down to 20% (or lower) if you sell vintage items or sell through the Professional or Elite Plan.

6.    eBay

eBay is one of the most widely known platforms for buying and selling products to an extremely large audience. The site works as a bidding website, so it can really drive higher profits for a buyer if they have something that is desirable to many people. On the opposite end, it can also be great if you don’t know the value of what you’re selling since people will bid on the products until only one person remains.

If you already have an established presence on eBay(selling other goods such as used DVDs, CDs, Toys etc.), then selling your furniture could be a great way to leverage your already branded namesake. If you haven’t used eBay before, it could be hard to get your first couple of sales because people won’t know whether you’re trustworthy or not, especially if the furniture you’re selling is expensive.

Listing products on eBay is free, but the site will take 10% of the total value of your sale. You will have to pay for shipping products, but there is an option to add shipping as an extra fee to your listing. You can also avoid shipping entirely by choosing to only sell via local pickup.

7.    Bookoo

Bookoo is a platform that allows you to buy and sell in your local community. What’s unique about Bookoo is that it also has a significant presence in many military bases around the United States, which is a great appeal when you consider that people are constantly moving in and out of these communities

To sell your furniture on Bookoo, you’ll need to join the Bookoo community closest to your location. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to create your own “yard sale”, which is the platform’s way of listing your products. If someone sees a product that you’ve listed that they want, they can reach out directly through the site and arrange a meetup.

A big benefit that Bookoo has is that it is free to list your items, and they don’t charge any transaction fee. If you live in an area that has an active user base on Bookoo, then it could be a great option to sell your furniture.

8.    Sotheby’s Home

Sotheby’s Home is a consignment platform that specializes in selling new, like-new, or vintage furniture. The biggest perk of Sotheby’s Home is that they take care of the entire process from start to finish for you, including shipping and even communicating with the buyer directly on your behalf. Pair this with the large audience that the platform already has, and it makes sense as to why this company is a good choice to sell your furniture.

To get started, all you need to do is submit the items that you want to sell on the site to the company and set up an appointment with a member of the Sotheby’s team to discuss details of selling your items in further depth. There aren’t any fees to get started. However, the major drawback to selling furniture through Sotheby’s Homes is that you’ll only receive up to 60% of the sale price on your listed items. When you think about how much the company takes off your plate, it makes sense as to why they take such a large amount. If you’re looking for an easy way to offload suitable furniture, then Sotheby’s Home might be a great option for you.

9.    Craigslist

Craigslist acts as a classifieds website that allows you to sell your items locally, furniture included. All you have to do to get started is go to Craigslist, find your local area, and create your listing. It’s best if you use a more engaging description to go along with your photos.

Although the platform is entirely free to buy and sell, Craigslist doesn’t really give much help for either the buyer or the seller. If you’re selling, you have to arrange everything from start to finish, from creating the listing to arranging the shipping or transaction location. You’ll also need to process the payments yourself, so cash would be the best method.

What’s good about Craigslist is that the platform itself is massive and has a large audience of buyers, so the chances of being able to sell your furniture is rather high. Since it’s free to use, it’s a better way to really maximize your profits along with making multiple sales.

10.    Remoov

Remoov is a site that makes getting rid of your items simple and easy. To get paid for your furniture, you have two options. You can either send in photos of your items to the company, or you can schedule an at-home appointment. Remoov will send someone to your home to pick up your furniture, and they’ll take care of the entire selling process for you, so you don’t have to worry about finding buyers or negotiating any prices.

The downside to Remoov is that they take upwards of 50% of the selling fee from the sale since they do a lot of the work to sell your stuff. If you’re looking to get the highest profits possible, this might not be ideal for you.

If you’re looking to offload some furniture fast, or you just don’t want to deal with the hassle of it all, then Remoov is a great, stress-free way to do so. If you would prefer to get the most money possible and don’t mind the idea of doing more of the work yourself, then you might want to choose a different service.

11.    Route 66 Furniture

Route 66 Furniture is an online consignment store that makes selling furniture convenient and easy. Just submit photos of your furniture to the company. Soon after, a representative from the company will contact you to either ask questions about the item(s) or arrange a pickup. Someone will then come and pick up your furniture.

The bright side to this is that not only do you not have to move anything, but the company also takes care of the entire selling process. The downside is that the company takes 50% of the total selling price. One thing to also note is that Route 66 Furniture only lists your furniture for 60 days, and if after the first 30 days it doesn’t sell, the company may reduce the price of your furniture by 50%, which really delivers a blow to your profits.

If your furniture doesn’t sell after 60 days, you can either pick up the furniture, have it sent back to you, or donate it. It’s also possible to negotiate a new agreement with Route 66 Furniture if both parties want to continue to try and sell the item(s).

12.    Recycler

Recycler is a classified website that originated in print media. The website has a section that is completely dedicated to furniture. To sell your items, all you need to do is create an account, add your listings, and include images for each item. While posting your ad is usually free, the site does mention that fees will vary depending on the ZIP code you choose to sell in and the subcategory of the items that you choose to sell in.

Once your listing is online, it’s available to be viewed by local searches and buyers across the country, so your dedicated ZIP code doesn’t restrict your chances of getting a buyer. If you would prefer, you can adjust the settings of your account so that only people nearby can see your listing if you don’t want to deal with shipping your furniture far.

Recycler doesn’t charge any commission on sales, so it’s a great site to use to keep your profits. With this being said, you are pretty much on your own when it comes to selling your furniture. You are also in charge of handling shipping (or local pick up) and payments yourself.

Pro Tips

To really get the most out of selling your furniture, there are a few things that you can do to really  set yourself apart from other sellers that you might be compared to.

  • Take Amazing Photos. Great photos can show off how great your items are. Make sure to clean the furniture and use good lighting to really highlight your furniture. Don’t be afraid to take your time with this, as it can help you sell the items faster.
  • Write Charming Descriptions. The description is also important. It doesn’t have to be the most eloquent piece of writing the world’s ever seen, but make sure to include all information a buyer would want or need to see. Dimensions of the furniture, the materials it’s made out of, how old it is, and the brand of the furniture are all great things to include.
  • Be Willing to Negotiate.  At the end of the day, buyers are going to want the best deal that they can get. If you want the best chance of making a sale, be willing to negotiate with prospective buyers. Taking a little of the top can go a long way when it comes to closing a deal.

At the end of it all, you must do what you feel comfortable with and what fits your situation the best. If you’re looking to offload some old furniture and make some fast cash, it might be more beneficial to choose a platform that does more of the work for you. If you’re looking to try and make some more substantial money and really get as much profit as possible, then sites like Craigslist might fit your needs better. Just so long as you’re willing to do more of the work.

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