10 Places To Sell Used DVDs For Cash Online and Locally


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3 months ago

10 Places To Sell Used DVDs For Cash Online and Locally


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3 months ago

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With streaming services like Netflix and Hulu becoming more and more popular, DVDs have become a thing of the past, and just collect dust on the shelf. Selling old DVDs can be a great way to make some extra cash fast. There are plenty of places both online and locally in your community that are more than willing to pay you for the DVDs and CDs that you no longer use.

Best Places To Sell Used DVD

1. Decluttr

A very popular way to sell used DVDs is with Decluttr. All you must do to get started is go online and enter the barcode for the items you wish to see, so it’s a lot like Bonavendi in this manner. It’s also entirely free to send your items once you get your quote online or on their app. Decluttr will mail you the shipping label once you’ve confirmed you want to sell through their site.

What’s nice about Decluttr is that there are a few more payment options that you can decide between to get paid. Decluttr gives you the option to use PayPal, but you can also get paid via direct deposit or check. Typically, the seller gets paid within 24 hours if your using one of the first two options, and within a few weeks if you decide that you would prefer Decluttr to mail you a check.

Like the name implies, Decluttr is designed to help remove any unwanted items from your home, making it a great choice if you’re looking to sell some DVDs.

2. Sell DVDs Online

SellDVDsonline.com is a great place to do exactly as the name implies: sell your DVDs online. Past what the name implies, they also accept video games, consoles, CDs, and Blue-Ray discs, so if you have any other items that you’re looking to sell they can help with that too. Once you upload the barcode to their site, you’ll receive a quote instantly.

If you do decide to sell through Sell DVDs Online, make sure that your discs are in good condition and come with the original case. Brand new items aren’t accepted since the company only accepts used ones in good conditions. Once you’ve agreed to sell to them, you just need to pack and ship your items with the prepaid label that Sell DVDs Online will send you.

Shipping is 100% free and they pay quickly. Once you’ve sent in your items, Sell DVDs Online typically pays you within three days. PayPal would be the fastest way to get paid, but if you prefer to get a hard check, that’s an option as well.

3. FYE

FYE  is the largest retailer of used DVDs on the market. If you’re looking to sell DVDs that are in any condition, then FYE is your best bet. They also buy and sell used CDs and Blu-Ray discs if you’re looking to go beyond just DVDs. To get the most money out of your sale, you would want to to have the original cases. If there’s stickers or writing on the discs, you’re most likely going to receive a smaller price compared to if you have the original packaging and it’s in good condition.

Seeing how much you could make for each DVD is easy. All you need to do is enter the movie name or barcode onto their page. If you like the price and decide to sell through FYE, getting paid will be easy too. You have your choice between store credit, paper check, or PayPal. If you want to get paid the fastest, then PayPal is your best choice.

One thing that’s different with FYE is that if you would prefer to sell your DVDs in person, you can use their store locator to see if there’s a FYE nearby. Just keep in mind that if you decide to ship to them, they will also cover the cost of shipping.

4. Eagle Saver

Eagle Saver is another website where you can sell your old DVDs Unlike some of the other sites mentioned, Eagle Saver accepts both used and new DVDs. Once you enter the barcode for your DVD, you’ll receive an instant quote for each movie that you would want to sell. You can also sell entire TV series if you have any box sets that you’re looking to get rid of, which isn’t something that a lot of other sites will let you sell together.

Shipping the DVDs is free, and Eagle Saver accepts USPS and FedEx shipments. Once they’ve received your movie or movies, you will be paid either PayPal or paper check, whichever you prefer. Another perk of selling through Eagle Saver is that they have free return shipping for any movies that they decide not to purchase from you if the company finds that the DVDs do not meet their quality standards.

5. Amazon

Amazon is a great way to sell items through a large company that’s going to take almost any quality or condition or your DVDs. As a seller, you also have a few different options on how you want to sell through Amazon. The most profitable way is to list your DVDs as a third-party listing. Unlike some other buyback services, you won’t get paid until after your DVD is purchased and you mail it to the buyer.

While Amazon will keep a portion of the sale as a fee, you could earn more money for DVDs that don’t meet quality standards of other vendors. Not only that, but since Amazon is the largest selling platform online, it’s got a higher chance of selling faster. With that being said, you will get more money for items that are in better condition.

Another option is to trade-in your DVDs instead of selling them. This wouldn’t necessarily be the most cost-effective option since Amazon’s trade-in value can be significantly lower than if you sold it as a third-party seller.

Payment is instant, so as soon as Amazon receives your DVDs you get your money and won’t have to worry about waiting for a buyer to pay you instead. You can also get paid in Amazon credit/gift cards if you would prefer that over cash itself.

6. eBay

What makes eBay a lucrative choice other than the high audience that the platform already has is that you’re selling your DVDs to the highest bidder, so you’re going to get some good money. To get started, you’ll just need to provide product pictures and descriptions. You also get to choose the starting bid and shipping fees. If you don’t feel like waiting for the highest bidder, however, you can also offer “Buy It Now” prices, so someone will take it at the given price you set.

Another cool thing about eBay is that you can sell things in bulk, which can work great for selling DVDs. So, if you’re really looking to declutter some DVDs and make money, you won’t need to separate them out with each DVD having its own separate listing, taking away a lot of the hassle. Just make sure to factor potential shipping costs into your price.

7. Bonavendi

Bonavendi puts a different take on selling DVDs, as they act almost like a shopping comparison tool between different buys that will pay you for your items. Bonavendi acts as a search engine that compares the prices of your DVDs from each potential buyer. This can be a great way to get quotes from different potential buyers in real time from each place and you can find the highest price that puts more change in your pocket.

Bonavendi will scan over 20 different buyback vendors to make sure you’re getting the best deal. If you have tons of DVDs that you’re looking to unload, or you’re just looking for an easy way to save time, Bonavendi can be a great service for you. To get started, all you need to do is enter the barcode number of each DVD using their free mobile app. Once you upload the barcodes, you’ll receive the quote, and you can choose the vendor or vendors that you would want to use.

The service is free to use, but the most vendors you decide to go through could potentially delay your payment since each vendor will pay you separately. While most vendors are known to pay out quickly, they might not all come in at the same time. Most vendors pay mainly through PayPal, so you’ll want to have a PayPal account as well.

8. Facebook Marketplace

Because Facebook has such a large database of users, using it to sell things is a great way to make some profit cash. You can sell through Facebook one of two ways. The way is through Facebook Marketplace. MarketPlace allows you to list your items for free so people will see it in your local area. Once you agree to terms with a seller, you will have to meet them in person to get paid and exchange the item.

A second way to sell on Facebook is through buy and sell groups that are set up by Facebook users. Most areas typically have them, all you will have to do is request access to the group. Once the moderator accepts you, you can then send pictures and prices to the group itself so people who are a part of the group can see. Like MarketPlace, you will still have to meet the buyer in person and do the transaction outside of Facebook itself.

9. Used Book Store

If you’re looking for something that isn’t online, then a great option for you can be to sell your DVDs to a local used bookstore near you. On top of buying used books, most locally owned and operated bookstores will accept movies and video games as well. Since it’s local, it can also be a faster way to sell your DVDs and get paid.

Keep in mind that you might not get as much money for selling to a used bookstore, but if you’re looking to really just get rid of some old DVDs that are taking up space, there isn’t a much faster approach. To help maximize your profit, you can also ask about selling your DVDs for store credit, since most stores will give better store credit rates to sellers who don’t necessarily want cash for their DVDs.

10. Yard Sales

If the drive to the bookstore is still something that you aren’t looking to do, then another option you have that doesn’t involve selling online is having a yard sale. Advertising can be easy, from local yard sale apps to just putting up signs in your neighborhood, it’s easy to increase exposure to people in your local area.

The downside to having a yard sale is that is can be the most tedious option to sell DVDs, as you’ll need to be involved the entire way to complete the sale, possibly haggling with buyers, and having to deal with the fact that there’s no guarantee that the movies will sell at all. If you have the time and are looking to get rid of things beyond just DVDs, then it can be more cost effective to have a yard sale. However, if you’re just looking to clear out a shelf of movies, then this option probably isn’t the best for you.

Final Thoughts

There are countless ways to sell your DVDs both online or locally. If you choose to sell online, many different merchants offer perks like free shipping and fast payment. Just make sure to do your homework to find the best platform that suits your wants and needs as much as possible.

Another option is to sell locally at either a physical store or by having a yard sale if you’re not looking to go the online route. Start by either advertising your yard sale to get more exposure or finding a local bookstore that takes DVDs or cash or store credit. No matter what option you decide to go with, be sure to compare prices to make sure that you’re getting as much profit as you can.

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