10 Best Places To Sell Jewelry Online


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5 months ago

10 Best Places To Sell Jewelry Online


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5 months ago

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Have some old jewelry sitting around the house? If you don’t wear it anymore, why not sell it to make some money?

Whether it’s an old engagement ring, a broken watch, or a pair of earrings that have gone out of style, you can find the right place to sell it. It’s actually easier than most people realize to sell your old jewelry online! There are plenty of trustworthy sites that will give you a great offer, and safely turn those old relics into cash.

Ready to learn more? Here are 10 of the best places you can sell your jewelry online, today.

1. Worthy


Have a diamond ring or pearl necklace to sell? For luxury jewelry, Worthy is the best place to make your sale.

This is a top-rated fine jewelry auction site that brings buyers and sellers together in a safe, totally remote platform. Worthy comes highly rated for its transparency and integrity – you can feel good about getting the best possible price for your jewelry through this site.

How it works:

The great thing about Worthy is that there’s no mystery involved. You’ll know exactly what’s going on with your jewelry through every step of the selling process. Here’s a step-by-step of what that process will look like:

1. First, you’ll contact Worthy’s staff and give them a detailed description of what you’re selling, whether it’s one piece of jewelry or many.

2. They’ll send you a free shipping label and packing instructions to ship your jewelry. Worthy sends a FedEx truck, and your jewelry is insured for up to $100,000 along the journey.

3. The jewelry arrives at their facility and is cleaned and inspected by professionals.

4. After it’s inspected and graded by third-party gemologists, your jewelry goes on auction. Worthy will keep you informed on similar auction listings, so you have a good idea of the minimum and maximum prices your piece(s) will sell for. You can set your own reserve, or minimum price – guaranteeing a minimum payout for you.

5. Your jewelry sells to the highest bidder over your reserve price. If no one bids higher than your reserve, Worthy will return your jewelry free of charge, and you can try another platform.

How you get paid:

There are fees for selling your jewelry with Worthy, just like any reputable site.

However, sellers are never charged a cent until the jewelry sells. If your reserve price isn’t met, there will be no cost to you. The commission fee is charged after the sale is made, and the exact amount depends on the price of your piece.

For example, a sale of $5,000 or less will come with an 18% fee, and a sale of $30,000 or more will have a 10% fee. Those fees might seem high – but remember, you’re getting professional guidance, insurance, and assistance throughout the process, so it’s worth it.

You’ll get paid through check or bank transfer as soon as the sale is finalized.

As you can see, Worthy is a platform for higher-priced, luxury jewelry. You can only sell a piece worth at least $1,500 through this auction site, so don’t go to Worthy unless you’re looking for a big sale on high-quality jewelry.

2. Cash For Gold USA

cash for gold usa

We’ve talked about luxury gems – now, let’s talk about gold. Cash For Gold USA pays out – you guessed it – cash for gold.

The cool thing about this site is that your jewelry doesn’t have to be in perfect shape to sell. In fact, they’ll take just about any kind of gold you have, including gold nuggets, gold dental crowns, or your broken, bent, and dull old jewelry.

It’s super easy to use this site, and there’s no cost to you if your items aren’t accepted. If you have old gold jewelry laying around the house, there’s pretty much no reason not to turn it into cash!

How it works:

The Cash For Gold USA process is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is describe your items, ship them, and get a quote.

Here’s a more detailed step-by-step guide:

1. Head to the Cash For Gold Website and fill out a form describing what you want to sell.

2. Cash For Gold USA will send you a free shipping label and packing instructions. Pack up and ship your gold jewelry, then all you have to do is wait. (Don’t worry – it’s insured for up to $5,000).

3. Once your gold gets to their facility, it will be inspected and reviewed by professionals.

4. If Cash For Gold USA approves the quality of your gold, they’ll send you a cash offer within 24 hours. If you accept, you’ll be paid right away.

5. If your gold items didn’t meet their technicians’ standards, or if you didn’t accept their offer, Cash For Gold USA will send your package right back, free of charge.

How you get paid:

Like a lot of websites for selling jewelry, Cash For Gold USA pays out via cash, direct deposit, or PayPal. You’ll get your money as soon as you accept the offer.

This isn’t an auction site, so they’ll build their personal fees into the offer. In other words, the cash amount they offer for your gold is exactly what you’ll get.

3. WP Diamonds

WP Diamonds

WP Diamonds is an awesome site to sell your diamond jewelry – but that’s not all.

You can also sell other fine jewelry, luxury websites, and designer handbags on this platform. This is another super safe, reliable platform for those high-dollar items. Their selling process takes some time, but it’s totally worth it for the payout.

How it works:

WP Diamonds is very thorough about their entire process, from the original application to finishing the sale. This isn’t an auction site, but you’re still guaranteed the highest possible payout for your luxury jewelry.

Here’s how it works:

1. To start, just head to their website and fill out an initial form, describing what you have to sell.

2. You’ll get a call from one of their customer service representatives to discuss your items in more detail. If you’d rather not talk over the phone, you can also discuss over email.
3. Print out your free FedEx label, and ship your (insured) items for free.

4. Your jewelry or handbags will be evaluated by a team of experts. This process may take some time, but it’s how they ensure the quality of what you’re selling.

5. You’ll receive another call or email with their official cash offer.

6. If you accept, you’ll be paid within 24 hours. If you decline, they’ll send back your items for free.

How you get paid:

Because Wp Diamonds doesn’t auction your jewelry, their fees will be considered in their final offer. The amount they offer for your jewelry is exactly what you get.

As soon as you accept the offer, you’ll be paid within the next 24 hours, via check or direct deposit.

4. The RealReal

the realreal

Have more than just jewelry to sell? The RealReal is a luxury consignment store that buys all kinds of high-dollar items, including luxury jewelry and designer clothes.

This site is a good option because they offer multiple ways to sell your jewelry, online and offline.

How it works:

If you want to sell your luxury goods, you first have to go online and make an account with them. Then you can fill out a form to get the process started.

After that, you’ll have three options:

1. You can ship your goods for free, with the FedEx label they send you.

2. You can have your package picked up from wherever you are (this option is available in 20 major metropolitan areas – check their website to see if it applies to your location).

3. You can bring your items into one of their consignment locations, if you live near Chicago, Miami, Dallas, NYC, San Francisco, LA, or Washington DC.

Once your jewelry is received and evaluated by their experts, it will either go on sale, or be sent back to you for free.

How you get paid:

Your jewelry or other luxury item will be sold on The RealReal’s website or in one of their consignment locations. Once your item sells, you can get paid through direct deposit, check, or in site credit, if you want to shop for other high-price goods.

The RealReal does charge a commission fee on all of their sales, fluctuating depending on the original value of the items you’re selling. Those fees can be fairly high, especially on lower-priced goods.

In other words, if you’re not selling something high-value, The RealReal might not be worth your time. This is the site for luxury jewelry and goods.

5. The Diamond Valet

the diamond valet

For diamond jewelry, The Diamond Valet is one of the safest and most dependable online sales platforms out there.

They’ll buy your diamond engagement and wedding rings, earrings, and other diamond jewelry in pretty much any color or cut. Their goal is to make the whole selling process as safe and convenient as possible for you.

How it works:

This is one of the most transparent and easy-to-use websites to sell your jewelry. The process is fairly fast, and you’ll get paid in no time.

1. First, like with most sites that buy jewelry, you’ll go online and fill out a form.

2. After filling out the initial form, you’ll see a general price valuation for your jewelry. This is not their final offer – just a price range to show you what to expect.

3. If you like the sound of their price range, print out the FedEx label and ship your diamonds, with insurance, for free.

4. Once your jewelry is received and evaluated by experts, The Diamond Valet will contact you with a final offer.

How you get paid:

Their official offer will factor in all fees and costs on their end, so you don’t need to worry about paying an additional commission.

Once you accept, The Diamond Valet will send a check with your payment. Otherwise, they’ll safely send back your jewelry at no charge.

6. Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane

If you have vintage or inherited jewelry to sell, and you’re a fan of Etsy’s buying and selling platform, you’ll love Ruby Lane.

This is an awesome site to sell antiques, porcelain goods, and older fine jewelry. Like with Amazon or Etsy, you can post your items yourself, and decide on your own pricing and terms.

How it works:

Ruby Lane is a totally unique selling platform that gives you the independence of an online marketplace, with the security of a jewelry-buying platform.

Here’s how it works:

1. To get started, you’ll have to open your own “store” with Ruby Lane, similar to selling on Etsy. This ensures that you’re meeting all of their requirements and not trying to scam anyone out of a deal.

2.  You can post up to 10 items at a time in your store, as long as they meet the listing requirements. Be sure to include photos, terms, and a detailed description.

3. Negotiate with buyers, and make your sale.
Keep in mind that if you want to sell Jewelry on Ruby Lane, it has to meet these requirements:

  • At least 20 years old.
  • Worth at least $250 at market value.
  • Made of precious metals or stones.
  • Marked with a luxury designer’s stamp or logo.

How it works:

The cool thing about Ruby Lane is that payment is up to you and your buyer – you’ll decide whether you want to receive money through PayPal or have a check mailed to you.

The listing fees on the site are pretty minor: just 19 cents per item. However, they do charge a one-time $100 dollar fee to set up your store, and a $69 monthly membership fee.

So, if you only have one or two lower-cost items to sell, Ruby Lane might not be worth it. But it’s awesome if you’re someone with a lot of vintage goods and antiques to unload!

7. Sotheby’s


Sotheby’s is a popular auction platform, best known for their fine art and luxury goods. They’re also a reliable place to get a great price for your used jewelry or watches.

Before I go into more detail, keep in mind: this is a high-priced site, so you won’t want to auction your jewelry unless you think it’s worth $2,000 or more.

If it is, Sotheby’s is a safe way to get paid for your fine jewelry.

How it works:

The selling process with Sotheby’s is a bit slower than some other sites, but that’s to be expected when they’re handling such high-priced items.

Here’s what to expect if you want to sell your jewelry with them:

1. First, you’ll need to complete a detailed form that includes clear photos of your jewelry, its history, and any other important information.

2.  If your jewelry is being considered for auction, you’ll be contacted with a general price estimate and more details.

3. Sotheby’s will let you know their next auction date and location (these are live auctions, not on the website). They’ll provide shipping details, but the cost is on you.

4. Your jewelry goes on auction! If it doesn’t sell, you can have it sent back, or ask Sotheby’s to hold it until the next auction.

How you get paid:

If your jewelry sells in auction, you will be mailed a check. It generally takes a little while for sales to be finalized, so you might not receive your payment for up to 30 days – this is for the security of you and the buyer.

Sotheby’s commission fees can vary, but it’s generally around 25% of the sale price for a single item.

8. 1st Dibs

1st dibs

Founded in 2001, this online marketplace wants first dibs on your unique luxury items.

If you have high-end, unique, or designer brand jewelry to sell, 1st Dibs is a great website for you. You can sell your own items, as long as they meet their standards, on a totally safe and reliable platform.

How it works:

1st Dibs takes a unique approach to selling luxury goods and jewelry. If you’re interested in becoming a seller, here’s what you should expect:

1. To sell on their platform, you’ll first have to apply to be a seller on 1st Dibs. Their standards are fairly high, and it might take some time for your application to be processed.

2. Once you’re accepted, you can list your jewelry and work to sell it on your own.

3. As long as your goods keep selling, you can keep listing.

How you get paid:

Like with other online marketplaces, it’s up to you and the seller how you want to process payment.

These are pretty large sums of money – so the safest bets are generally check or wire transfer.

1st Dibs does charge commission and listing fees, but the details aren’t publicly listed on their website; you’ll find out more if your seller application is approved.

9. I Do Now I Don’t

i do now i dont

Said “I do,” but now saying “I don’t?” This is the website for you.

In all seriousness, I Do Now I Don’t is a great selling platform for more than just wedding and engagement rings. They’re a transparent, super convenient website that buys diamonds and jewelry for a quick payout.

How it works:

I Do Now I Don’t offers two options for selling your jewelry: you can apply to sell it yourself on their online marketplace, or you can sell it directly to them for an offered price.

It’s free to list your jewelry and sell it yourself, as long as it meets their standards. If your piece doesn’t sell within 30 days, it will be taken down off the site – so make sure you price it fairly.

If you want to sell directly, here’s what to expect:

1. Unlike with other sites, you don’t ship your jewelry right away. First, using information you provided, I Do Now I Don’t will make the sale.

2. When your jewelry sells, you’ll ship it for free with FedEx.

3. After the sale is approved and accepted, you’ll get your money.

How you get paid:

All payments through this platform are sent in a check, through USPS.

I Do Now I Don’t charges commission fees on a basic scale: 

  • 20% for items selling between $500 and $5,000
  • 18% for items selling between $5,001 and $10,000
  • 15% for items selling between $10,001 and $50,000
  • 10% for items selling at over $50,000

You also have the option of subscribing to their VIP program, which comes with a little more security, professional valuations, and cleaning and photography to help sell your jewelry. For those services, the site charges a consistent 25% commission.

10. Cash For Diamonds USA

cash for diamonds usa

If you liked the buying style of Cash For Gold USA, but don’t have gold to sell, you can also use their sister site to sell diamond jewelry: Cash For Diamonds USA.

This is just about the easiest way to sell your diamond rings, earrings, and other jewelry for a high price online. It’s a great option if you need cash now.

How it works:

The Cash For Diamonds USA process is similar to Cash For Gold USA. They accept lose diamonds or diamond jewelry – it doesn’t matter if it’s broken or worn out.

Here’s how the sale works:

1. Just go online and fill out a form with the information about the diamonds you’re selling.

2. Print out the FedEx label and ship your diamonds, insured for up to $5,000, for free.

3. Your diamonds will be evaluated by certified technicians, then you’ll be contacted with an official offer.

4. If you accept the offer, payment is carried out right away!

How you get paid:

Cash For Diamonds USA pays through check or PayPal. Payment is always sent within 24 hours of the sale being made, and you’ll get exactly the amount offered.

Again, it’s an awesome option for someone who wants an easy selling process and a quick, dependable payout.

How to sell your jewelry online

If you’ve never sold a high-priced item like jewelry online before, it might feel like a big task. But there are plenty of online resources out there that make the process easy, transparent, and profitable!

If you have old jewelry sitting around that you want to try to sell, here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Do your research. Before you apply to sell your jewelry on any site, even a highly reputable one, do a little research to find its estimated market value. You should have a general idea of what price to accept before you try to sell, to make sure you’re not shorted.

2. Take it to a professional. For high-end, authentic jewelry, it may be worthwhile to have a professional gemologist inspect it. That way you can certify that it’s real, and know what it’s worth before you sell.

3. Take your time! Unless you’re looking for a quick payout (and there’s nothing wrong with that), don’t be afraid to take your time in this process. The last thing you want is to sell your jewelry for less than what it’s worth because you’re in a hurry.

The best place to sell your jewelry online

Ready to sell?

Any of these online platforms would be a great place to sell or buy your jewelry. The right site for you all depends on your priorities – are you in a hurry to sell? Do you want the highest possible price? Do you want to make sure your jewelry is worn by someone, not melted down for the gold?

Feel free to shop around and consider your options. As long as you know what you want, it’s easy to sell your used jewelry online.

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