15 Best Places to Sell Clothes Online for Cash


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1 year ago

15 Best Places to Sell Clothes Online for Cash


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1 year ago

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Looking to regain some extra cash for your gently used items? Cleaning out your closet? Have a years’ worth of children’s clothes sitting in storage? Have a great idea you are wanting to post on apparel and other items?  If so, you may be sitting on excellent selling potential.

Consignment is a platform for buying and selling goods (mostly apparel and accessories) through a chosen facilitator. Often facilitators have developed a consumer following, which optimizes selling potential to the buyer, creating greater outcomes then selling directly. For this service, the seller agrees to pay the consignor a percentage of the sale for their services. Ideally, this creates a triad of success for all involved! Not only do you receive money for your unwanted goods, but the consignor and buyer walk away with a little more as well.

Not into consignment? That is okay, too!! Clothing is now a creative platform for artist and fashion-minded folks to generate income from there ideas. You can put your ideas on anything from shower curtains to notebooks to niche buyers.

Clothing sells, and if you are sitting on unused items or have a great idea for perpetual income, it is time to cash in.

Best Places to Sell Clothes Online for Cash



Consignment Fee: 20-95% depending on Sale price. The higher the price, the lower the percentage.

ThredUP prides themselves on supplying top brand, high quality, clothing, and accessories at affordable prices. Unlike some online consignment stores who regulate consumer buys from the supplier’s home, thredUP takes charge of the buyer-seller platform, requires items be shipped and professionally photographed at their store, takes care of shipping, and facilitates the overall sell. Not a seasoned consignment seller? That is okay! Even if you are looking to clean out closet, thredUP provides a “Clean Out Kit” to assist you throughout the process, as well as customer service to be sure you are fully supported. ThredUP remains one of the most popular consignment choices available to date. Lastly, thredUP is not merely a posting site. They come with a level of professionalism and experience that is designed to sell your clothes fast!

Facebook Marketplace


Consignment Fee: None

Looking to sell local? Like facilitating your own sells, prices, and reaping all your money without having to forfeit it to the middleman? If so, Facebook Marketplace offers all of that and more. Facebook Marketplace is a transparent selling site that allows others to sell and buy locally. However, unlike some anonymous sites, like Craigslist, your product and business are associated with your profile, which promotes accountability and honesty. Furthermore, Facebook Marketplace allows sellers to use Facebook pay! The buyer deposits money safely right into your account, which makes it easy and supports cashless spending that is prevalent today. Finally, Facebook does not charge or take a percentage for themselves. You regulate your own prices, sell to local community members, and receive 100% of the profit.



Consignment Fee: 19% of total sale

Vinted is a clean, user-friendly selling platform that sells practical, everyday clothing. Not everyone is in the market to buy high-end clothing! In fact, most people are searching for affordable items that meets the needs of their everyday life. Therefore, if you are selling a new pair of Converse, an off-white Adidas sweater, or gently used pair of yoga pants, Vinted supports the everyday seller through their consignment platform. Another excellent feature of Vinted is their policy on transparency. Every seller is linked to a profile, to offer a safer, personal shopping experience. However, because Vinted deals in everyday wardrobe choices, it is designed for quick sells and low prices. It is not uncommon to see a pair of Converse on sale for $8. Thus, Vinted is ideal for those who are looking to sell items quickly and make a little cash on the side.



Consignment/Seller Fee: 5%

Sellers on Etsy make $56,000 per year, making it one of the most lucrative sites to sell your clothes. Etsy is perfect for the individual who wants to consign fulltime or keep a shop going as items become available. Unlike some platforms, you are tethered to a shop as opposed to an item, creating a legitimate marketplace feels. Moreover, most items on Etsy have a creative aspect to them, so this is perfect for the seller who feels their products are geared toward the niche shopper or a specific type of buyer. In addition, Etsy’s fees are some of the lowest among consignment stores (Facebook marketplace is a zero-fee platform).  Thus, if you are a proprietor of creative finds, have a specific niche to sell, or just looking for a regular forum to sell from, Etsy is worth consideration.



Consignment Fee: 10% of total sale

Speaking of Niche! If you are looking to sell costume, creative, NextGen pieces to your peers, Depop is one of the only consignment forums of its kind. Depop is geared toward the seller with unique, youthful products that are unique but find difficulty selling on other online consignment platforms that are geared toward high-end, name brand, or everyday clothing brands. Another notable feature of Depop is their low consignment fee, affordable prices, and their mission continue the culture of repurposing clothing to younger populations. If you think your items might not be for everyone, look no further. Depop provides the seller with buyers that are in the market for your special, unique, or youthful item. 



Seller Fee: 10% of the sell up to a 10$ maximum

Have an idea for a clothing line? Great with slogans? Are you an artist with a passion for designing clothing? Is what you sell a great, imaginative, idea? Great! Consignment or the principles behind it are no longer limited to stores and the act of selling your clothing. Many companies merged the idea of creativity and selling, to allow buyers to create their own clothing and turn a profit. Cafepress keeps the seller in mind. Unlike some likeminded forums, whereby the creator makes a very minimal profit, Cafepress will never take more than 10$ per sale from you. This is by far one the most generous, seller-friendly, fees available for this type of service. Like Etsy, Cafepress allows you to host a virtual shop and keep the business flowing. Lastly, depending on your idea or strategy, Cafepress can become a dependable form of income for those who are interested in putting in the time and effort.   

Plato’s Closet

plato's closet

Consignment Fee: 0! Pays you cash for items

When it comes to consignment, Plato’s Closet is the golden standard. Not only do they offer direct cash for your items, alleviating lengthy turnarounds and untimely payouts, but they work with most types of well-preserved clothing. In addition, Plato’s closet offers both online and brick and mortar stores—making selling your clothing even faster. This is ideal for someone who wants a quick payout for their items and is not interested in the selling process. Plato’s Closet is a nationwide trusted consignment vendor and is a dependable option for those looking to sell fast.



Consignment Fee: $11.90 (to include fees for storage and shipping)

Unlike most consignment stores that deal primarily in woman’s clothes alone, Swap expanded their platform to include children’s and baby clothes, men’s clothes, maternity wear, toys and videogames, making spring cleaning more lucrative than ever before. Moreover, Swap oversees every aspect of the sell, stores your items, assuring anonymity, secure payments, and alleviating the need to account for shipping costs. Swap is a SurePrice seller, which means they will adjust the price of your item overtime, to promote the sell. However, you can adjust your price to sell—if you are not wanting to wait. This not only provides the seller control over their item but allows them to take part in the selling process. 



Consignment Fee:  2.9% plus $0.30 for each payment received

Mercari is a frequented platform for sellers who want to sell multiple items outside of apparel and accessories (although you can sell those too), and are looking for cost-effective, consignment fees. Like Facebook and other open marketplace forums, the seller oversees the sell of their item, allowing for low consignment cost that returns more money into the seller’s pocket. This option is ideal for those who are selling multiple items across genres and need access to diversified buyers.



Consignment Fee: $2.95 for all sales under $15 and 20% thereafter

Are you looking to sell high-end finds? Wanting to make more out of your name brand items than you would at a yard sale, marketplace, or other open venue.  Poshmark specializes in women, men’s, children’s fashion, and accessories that you can sell from the comfort of your home. It does not require you to send it items or wait to post them to their site. The turnaround is swift. In addition, to their selling method, Poshmark supports transparent selling and caters to diversified sellers across they style spectrum. From boho, specialized items, to that item everyone loves, Poshmark can assist you with your consignment needs.



Consignment Fee: 12 % and $.50 per transaction

It is no surprise that one of the largest purchasers of consignment goods are parents. Kids are constantly growing out of items and keeping them in clothes that look nice, fit, at an affordable cost is a challenge for most. Not anymore. Kidizen answered the call, both by providing parents a platform to sell their gently used clothes and shoppers access to affordable children’s wear that will not break the bank. In terms of fees, Kidizen charges 12% of your final sell. For example, if you sell an item for $13, Kidizen earns $1.56 and $.50 per transaction. If your child has outgrown all their clothes and you are in search of interested buyers, Kidizen is a great way to recover lost dollars.


the real real

Consignment Fee: 20% and up to 50% on anything over $160

If you are searching for buyers for your authenticated, designer clothing, TheRealReal specializes in selling high-end clothing to the niche buyer by providing brand specialists to assure honest sells and an exemplar shopping experience. Not only do they offer luxury items and lower prices, but they remove the barriers of selling designer clothing by offering oversight, storage, shipping, and assistance through the final sale. TheRealReal’s consignment feels are among the highest in this group. However, this may not be an issue depending on how much your item is worth. That being said, it is always recommended that you investigate fees to be sure you are comfortable with your payout. 



Consignment Fee: 7.9% not to include shipping costs

OfferUp is the convenient app that allows you to buy and sell local! This does not only keep community economies thriving but provides extra security features such as accountability and honesty.  Moreover, OfferUp’s marketplace includes more than apparel, allowing for artist, artisans, car enthusiast, and more to take part in the marketplace experience. Not to mention, OfferUp is easy to use! To get started: you snap a picture of your item and post it. This is literally all it takes. Lastly, OfferUp’s clear fee makes selling even easier. Some sites host several rules and percentage cuts based on final sell and type product. OfferUp’s platform is a commendable feature. Thus, if you are a diverse seller looking to sell to local buyers, OfferUp is worth a second look.



Seller Fee: Percentage and maximums depend on item sold

One of the most popular consignment platforms and selling options is eBay. Believe it or not, despite the fact eBay is one of the oldest, trusted seller marketplaces, it remains unique to its buy and bid features and ability to link collectors or sellers with unique finds. Moreover, eBay is easy! All you do is post your item and wait for interest to generate! Another excellent feature of eBay is the fact the seller controls the price and final sale, oversees shipping, and shares in the process. EBay is worth a consideration if you want the advantage of a trusted selling platform but want to control many facets of your sale.



Seller Fee: Many associated fees depending on sale

Redbubble consigns ideas and creativity! Furthermore, Redbubble is a unique platform where creators can market their art, ideas, phrases, and creativity on a wide variety of products and list them for sale. From everything to bathmats, phone cases, clothing, to stationary, Redbubble provides artist with a marketplace to sell their goods. All you must do is upload your work and create a profile. Redbubble literally does the rest! This includes handling, returns, and product malfunctions. However, Redbubble does take a significant portion of the sale for itself, depending on cost and item. You are charged for international sales too. It is not rare for someone to purchase $600 of goods and you walk away with maybe $100 of that total price. Redbubble has developed a loyal brand of shoppers and for those looking to set up shop, it can be worth the payout to develop regular buyers.

Know Your Fees

Remember that consignment shops exist to return a profit. While some pride themselves on providing excellent buyer-seller experiences, some do not. It is important to vet your sources, read seller contracts, and be aware of any extra fees, payouts, and fine lines not readily advertised.  Trustpilot and other sites allow for specialized reports given by those who have interacted with online forums. It is recommended that you exercise due diligence when it comes to all facets of your finances, including selling online. Always exercise caution when participating in direct sales for cash, meet publicly, and maintain your safety. Choosing a transparent platform can help alleviate concern. Finally, be sure consignment is worth your money verses selling yourself. In some cases, consignment can bring you direct access, but in others, selling directly might leave you with more money in the end.

This is true for selling platforms as well. There is often a lot of associated fees with product generation, selling internationally (which can leave you with nearly no profit) and other deductions. Be wary! These sites take your art & ideas and make nearly a 90% profit from them. Be sure to choose a platform that you are comfortable with. Be careful with verbiage that states: you were not going to use it anyway, so anything is better than none. In which case, with a little extra work, you could sell your items for much more. Never give away anything for free. There are selling platforms that are designed to mimic support, with extraordinarily little payout.

Final Thoughts

Consignment is an excellent way of turning your unwanted, gently used, items into cash. Often, consignment platforms bring you buyers that are otherwise limited through direct sales methods, giving you greater access to selling potential. For many, consignment is a win-win. Not only can you purchase goods at affordable prices, but consignment is proven way to boost your bottom line.

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