8 Ways to Run Errands for Money


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2 years ago

8 Ways to Run Errands for Money


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2 years ago

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While there are several ways to earn money fast or create a passive income, running errands and completing tasks remains one of the easiest ways to turn an hour into cash! Do you like to grocery shop? How do you feel about delivering items, helping someone around the house, or walking dogs? Is putting together furniture something you are incredibly good at? Everyday thousands of people flock to job sites looking for someone who can help them for an hour or two to complete simple tasks, which is ideal if you are limited on time and need to make money fast. 

When it comes to errand-based employment, you do not have to worry about slow hiring times, contracts, or confusing billing. In fact, with most jobs in this domain you are paid as soon as the job is complete, there is no escrow or grace period, and have an option for immediate cash out. It is not uncommon to make $100 easily by walking a few dogs or running simple errands. However, you might be wondering where to find opportunities. While it may be true that task-based employment used to be tricky to maneuver and mostly came through having connections to workers or word of mouth, these obstacles have been removed. In fact, there are entire lucrative employment platforms dedicated to hiring individuals willing to perform tasks, take the odd job, or assist with errands.

Ready to begin? Great.

Here are 8 Ways to Run Errands for Money

1. Task Rabbit

Employment Requirements:

  • Access to a smart phone
  • Active banking checking account for deposits
  • Consent to an ID check
  • Social security
  • Download “odd jobs” app
  • The ability to pay an activation fee or complete needed business documentation (only for select locations)
  • 18 years or older


Base Pay: You determine your rate of pay and can make anywhere between $10-$50 per hour
Method of Payment:  Weekly. No payment fee to the site. Retain 100% of tips.  

Job Description 

One of the best options for those looking to create income from completing odd jobs, tasks, or running errands is TaskRabbit. Here is how it works: TaskRabbit matches you “the tasker” with noncommittal, same day opportunities awaiting to be completed, by location and type of work you are willing to do. This could range from fixing items, moving, packing, unpacking, cleaning, running errands, putting together furniture, and much more. One of the best features of TaskRabbit is swift payout and earning potential. In fact, you can make between $25- $100 for merely two hours of your time (depending on the task), which makes TaskRabbit a smart, lucrative choice for generating cash fast!

2. Postmates

Employment Requirements:

  • Pass a background check
  • Clean DMV or driving abstract
  • Driver’s license
  • Auto insurance
  • Access to a smartphone or smart device
  • Download Postmates Fleet app
  • 18 years or older
  • Read Our Full Review Here


Base Pay: Up to $20 per hour + 100% of your tips
Method of Payment:  Varies, but includes instant payouts

Job Description:

Postmates is the ultimate errand platform, where you may be required to fulfill many different tasks. However, most work with Postmates falls into fulfilling personal item deliveries and food delivery. In terms of customer service, Postmates treats their freelancers well! Not only do you have control over 100% of your earnings, but there are no cash out minimum, free deposits, and can pick and chose your orders as you see fit. With Postmates there is no pressure, no contract, and 100% work flexibility. If you choose to drive for Postmates, you could earn up to $30 an hour and have the potential to work toward a $1000 sign on bonus just for completing hiring tasks. If you are searching for a money-making gig that allows you the freedom to complete tasks when you wish, Postmates is worth consideration.

3. Dog Walking

Employment Requirements: (may vary depending on owner and contract)

  • Physical ability
  • Dependable, trustworthy, and punctual
  • Professional profile *that will be vetted for honesty 
  • May need to pass a background check
  • May need to meet age requirement and provide proof of identification
  • Reliable transportation
  • Animal Skills


Base Pay: $30 per hour and $10 per extra pet
Method of Payment:  Varies depending on site and contract

Job Description:

Believe it or not, dog walking is one of the most lucrative, part-time jobs available to date. In some cities, the earning potential is sky high. However, typical dog walkers can make up to $30 per hour and charge extra per dog, pet, size, breed, aggression, special needs, and other factors. Care.com is one site that facilitates this, or your can open your own service and generate income there! Being as dog walkers only walk dogs once or twice a day, if you walked five dogs for one hour—you could bring home $150. This is more than most medical professionals make per hour. Thus, if you are searching for an easy way to make money, consider taking your neighborhood dogs for a stroll once or twice a day. Not only is the return well worth the work, but there are always individuals looking for this service.

4. Fiverr

Employment Requirements:
*To become a “Seller”

  • Set up your profile
  • Create a gig (what virtual tasks you can do)
  • The ability to sell your skills is helpful on Fiverr
  • Have a valid email
  • Verify your account. 
  • Follow the checkmarks to earn your levels


Base Pay: $4 ($1 goes to Fiverr) per task. Jobs can range from $4 to $1000 depending on your niche! Keep in mind that these are often short tasks.
Method of Payment:  Direct Deposit or other selected method of payment

Job Description:

Fiverr, named for the ability to both pay and make $5 for simple tasks, is an online freelance site that assists individuals to make money by performing online or remote errands for quick cash. Unlike additional freelance platforms that require long-term contracts or lengthy payment turnarounds, Fiverr prides itself in providing quality assistance to those offerings “odd jobs” for a small, base fee. This could range from performing web searches, performing quick edits, inputting data, digital design, create web content, and more. Fiverr is ideal for those who are wanting to perform odd jobs but are not sold on providing in person services or appreciate the virtual platform and contact-free parameters. Although “Fiverr” is known for its payout, there are high paying jobs available to those who can complete them ranging to $1000 (or more). Depending on your abilities, talents, niche, and passions, you could stand to generate some serious money through Fiverr.

5. Housekeeping 

Employment Requirements:

  • Physical ability
  • Dependable, trustworthy, and punctual
  • The ability to create a professional profile *that will be vetted for honesty
  • May need to pass a full criminal background check
    Social Security number trace
  • May need to meet age requirement and provide proof of identification
  • Reliable transportation


Base Pay: $10-$34 per hour or pay per job
Method of Payment: contingent upon contract

Job Requirements:

If you are looking for cash fast, cleanliness pays! In fact, housekeeping is by far one of the steadiest, high paying cash out “gigs” available to taskers and those looking for odd jobs. On average, housekeepers charge between $100-300 depending on the job, location, access to cleaning items, size of the home, tasks at hand, and much more. Most housekeeping jobs run 1-2 hours, creating high hourly potential. Lastly, housekeepers are usually paid at the end of service, which is ideal for someone needing money fast, be paid the same day, or does not need to be paid virtually.  To find positions, you can either create your brand and website for services, post your profile and connect with potential employers at care.com, or locate employment through free job sites, like Craigslist, Monster, TaskRabbit, or Indeed.

6. DoorDash

Employment Requirements:

  • Pass a criminal record and background check
  • Valid driver’s license or government issued ID
  • Clean driving abstract
  • Smart phone
  • 18 years or older
  • Read Our Full Review Here


Base Pay: 1$ per order with the potential of earning between $15-$25
Method of Payment:  Weekly or as needed for instant cash outs

Job Description:

Now more than ever, individuals are utilizing delivery services for takeout and meals. Depending on your location, mileage, and gas costs, DoorDash could be an excellent way to make money in no time at all. At DoorDash you get paid for delivering food orders to those who make them. It is as easy as that. You can work in any city, from anywhere, whenever you want, making DoorDash a flexible platform for those who need access to a side gig when they need it most. Additionally, DoorDash never charges you for payouts, tells you exactly when you can be paid, allows for in person or on-foot delivery, and on demand cash payout is available at no penalty. This is ideal for those who have transportation limitations, live in a culture where the need for deliveries is high, or the traveler who likes income options as they go!

7. Craigslist

  • Requirements: Ad specific
  • Base Pay: Varies
  • Method of Payment: Typically, cash

Job Description:

It would be remiss to not mention Craigslist as a valid option for obtaining task oriented, errand-based employment. There are always people in your community who are looking for help on odd jobs who utilize this site regularly to post opportunities. While there is no way to know exactly what may be available in your community, jobs typically consist of running errands, providing transportation, pet assistance, moving help, packing and unpacking, yard cleanup, yard sale assistance, assistance with remote learning, cleaning, housekeeping, and other tasks. One of the benefits of obtaining work locally is the working in your community, same day cash payments, and the possibility of reoccurring work. However, with anonymous ads of this nature, keep safety in mind, confirm payment amounts and payment type, be sure someone knows where you are going and when you are to return, and try to remain contactless and in public as much as possible whenever you are vetting a possible source.

8. Instacart Shopper


  • Pass a background check
  • The ability to lift to 40 lbs. or more
  • Have a smart phone
  • Valid auto insurance
  • Valid drivers license
  • A vehicle


Base Pay: Commission based that increases and decreases pending the size of the order, tips, and the ability to make up to $20 per hour, but the average is between $10-$11 per hour.
Method of Payment:  Weekly

Job Description:

Otherwise known as a personal shopper, Instacart has become a go to for Taskers searching for a way to make easy, fast cash! You may be wondering what a personal shopper does aside from delivering personal items. What makes Instacart different is the connection piece! With Instacart, you are not merely fulfilling requests. You are in communication with your customer, asking questions about substitutions, and meeting their needs. As a personal shopper, you oversee obtaining all listed items for your customer. This position may require flexibility, the ability to navigate stores in your community, and customer service. In terms of reliable cash, Instacart comes highly recommended.

What Skills or Experience do I need to do This Type of Work?

You will likely need the skills or experience to see the errand completed. For example, if the position requires you to pick up groceries and other items, you will need access to transportation and the ability to follow a list to complete the tasks at hand. If you are looking to take on dog walking or deliver items, there are physical requirements and the ability to maintain a fixed or flexible schedule. Lastly, while you may never have to submit a resume, you may be asked questions that pertain to the position, have an online method of payment set up, be able to prove your ability to work in the United States (for some job sites), submit your ID, meet the age requirement, or provide additional job related information. This may or may not be true for private contracts.

Will I have to Pay Taxes?

The short answer is yes. Contract work places you in the “freelance” category, which means the company or organization (apart from taking their fee) does not have to withhold any federal or state taxes before paying you, but must report your earnings at the end of the year to the IRS (because you are making them money). This may or may not be an issue for you depending on how much you earn and other tax situations. However, if running errands or performing tasks became a lucrative or steady source of income for you, speak to a tax advisor so you are not caught off guard at the end of the year.

Can I Really Make Money by Doing This?

YES! Running errands and completing tasks is a verified way of making money fast!

Double Up and Make More!

Who said you cannot have your cake and eat it too? If you have the time and resources, you can take advantage of one or more of these sites and double your return. At times making money fast requires a bit of flexibility and creative thinking! By choosing one or more of these possible solutions, you could not only feel each out to see what fits best but find your niche and optimize your payout.

Special Considerations


Task-based employment can be lucrative, easy, and a smart way to generate cash when you are in a bind. However, there are a few considerations about this line of work to keep in mind as you begin. The first is safety. Working through an employment site offers some protection against payment fraud and unsafe conditions, but it cannot be assured. Whenever you are working in someone’s home, for a person, or delivering to a person’s private residence, exercise caution. Never put yourself in unsafe positions or enter another person’s dwelling that you are not comfortable with. Be sure someone is aware of your location, estimated arrival and return, and check-in with others often. Remember, it is okay to set safety boundaries, especially now, and remain as contactless as possible. Never resume a contract or continue if you feel your health or personal safety are in danger. If something happens, notify your company, the police, and follow protocol. If this was a private contract, make the report.  

Payment Assurance

The second consideration is fraud. One of the aspects of choosing an employment site that has payment built into its contract is that it comes with extra protections and payment securities. By choosing to answer an ad or helping an individual on your own without oversight, there is always a risk that you will not be paid or could be paid less than the advertised rate. Therefore, it is always smart to exercise caution when accepting work without assurance in place.  Confirm your pay rate and method of payment before you begin—and whenever possible, create a contract with your agreed upon terms. If you both agree to a cash payment, it is okay to ask for a receipt or verification of service. Be sure to protect yourself and your time, by assuring payment before you begin.   

Make Sure it is Worth your Time

There are always going to be individuals out there wanting to pay you extraordinarily little for your time and assistance. While it entirely up to you to decide what your time and efforts are worth, it is not uncommon to find potential employers offering as little as $20 for four to five hours of a person’s time. This is true for delivery sites as well. Therefore, before you accept a position, make sure you are making more than the gas it costs to make the round trip and resources you will expend to see it through. Breaking even or losing money is not an option; however, this can happen, if you are not mindful beforehand. 

Make Money Fast

One of the best features of task-based earning is that you can pick and choose the task you like best and are not restricted to inflexible schedules, lengthy or unsecure payouts, or word of mouth to locate positions. With the options listed, you have access to an endless list of potential employers, who are searching for your skills and abilities. Therefore, whether you need cash fast or in search of a little extra to get you through, completing tasks and errands is a verified way to generate income when you need it most.

Let's stop worrying about money, together.

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