How To Find Your PNC Bank Routing Number


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5 months ago

How To Find Your PNC Bank Routing Number


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5 months ago

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PNC Bank is a huge national bank with thousands of locations across the country.

It was founded in 1852, and since then has grown and merged with tons of other institutions. Because of all those mergers, PNC Bank has a lot of different routing numbers.

If you bank with PNC, you might have had difficulty finding your AB routing number. It can be confusing – and their website doesn’t exactly clear things up!

That’s why I put together this quick guide to find your PNC Bank routing number with three simple methods: checking your routing number based on your region, looking at your checks, or contacting your branch.

Here’s everything you need to know, in detail.

What is a routing number?

An AB routing number is a unique 9-digit code that represents the branch where you opened your bank account. It’s not specific to your personal bank account – everyone who opened their account at your branch will have the same routing number.

Why do you need it?

Your routing number is used to make transfers between other banks and institutions. For example, if you want to set up automatic payments for your bills or send money to a friend.

Once you know your routing number, you should write it down and store it in a safe place (digitally or on paper). Like your account number, you’ll want to have your AB routing number on hand whenever you need it.

1. Find your PNC Bank routing number by location

Your routing number represents the location where you originally opened your bank account. In some states, there is only one PNC bank routing number for the whole state.

Other areas have multiple routing numbers, so you’ll have to call your branch to find out which one applies to you.

Here are all the listed PNC Bank routing numbers, by state:

StateABA Routing Number
Alabama062001209, 053100850, 043000096, 065103887, 065103625
Florida043002900, 267084199
Georgia053100850, 061192630, 043002900, 061119639
Indiana083009060, 083000108, 071921891
New Jersey031207607
North Carolina043000096
Ohio042000398, 041000124
Ohio – Youngstown043000096
Pennsylvania – Central North043000096
Pennsylvania – Central South031312738
Pennsylvania – Northeast031300012
Pennsylvania – Northwest043300738
Pennsylvania – Philadelphia031000053
Pennsylvania – Pittsburgh043000096
Washington D.C.054000030

If you don’t see your state on this list or don’t remember where you opened your bank account originally, no worries. There are other ways to find your PNC Bank routing number.

2. Find your routing number on your checks

If you use a checkbook for your PNC Bank account, you can find everything you need to know there.

Every check shows both the routing and account number at the bottom. You’ll see a small 9-digit code printed in the bottom left corner of your check. That’s your routing number!

If you want to make absolutely sure you have it right, go to the American Bankers Association’s routing number lookup page. This is a free service that tells you if a routing number represents a legitimate bank.

Type the number you see on your check into the search bar. If it checks out, you’ve found the right routing number.

3. Contact your branch

Don’t have a checkbook? The easiest way to find your routing number is just to call your PNC Bank branch.

Just search online to find the phone number for your local branch. They’ll know the correct routing number and tell you right away.

Alternatively (if you aren’t in a rush to figure out your routing number), you can just ask your teller next time you visit the bank.

Routing numbers for wire transfers

If you need to make a wire transfer, the routing number on your checkbook or based on your branch location won’t work.

Every bank has a unique number for domestic and international wire transfers. Unlike your AB routing number, these numbers aren’t specific to the branch where you opened your account – they’re the same for everyone who uses PNC Bank.

For domestic wire transfers (wire routing transit number): 043000096

For international wire transfers (SWIFT/BIC): PNCCUS33XXX

You will need some other information to complete your wire transfer, including the address of PNC’s headquarters. That is: Firstside Center, 500 First Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15219.

Remember, all that wire transfer information applies to you no matter where you’re located or what branch of PNC you bank with. It’s that easy!

Keep your routing number somewhere safe

A routing number isn’t specific to your bank account, so it isn’t as private as your account number. Still, it’s important to keep it somewhere safe. Your routing and account number together can give someone access to your bank account.

Even with all the apps and websites we use to transfer money today, you should still know your routing number! Write it down, store it somewhere safe, and be prepared whenever you need to make a transfer.

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