70 Ways To Make Money from Home


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6 months ago

70 Ways To Make Money from Home


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Making money from the comfort of your home is a dream many people have. Maybe you want a job that lets you stay at home with the kids or just want to earn some extra cash to feed your wallet, there are many ways to make money without leaving the house. Start reading to learn about 70 ways on how to make money from home.

Ways To Make Money from Home

1.  Start A Blog

There are people that have made millions of dollars from blogging. Am I saying you will become a millionaire by having your own blog? No, although you might, but that’s not what I’m saying. The point is, starting a blog is a way of having a website of your own where you can potentially make money from ad affiliations and product promotions.

There are a variety of options for getting your own domain and web hosting at a good price. I would recommend Bluehost to get started; the cheapest option is $4.95/month, but you will most likely need upgrades in the future if you want to appear like a professional blog that makes people want to advertise their products and services on.

A little bonus tip on getting your own domain name: if the domain is already taken, try adding things like “the”, “-“, or simply changing the .com part to .net and vice versa.

2.  Take Online Surveys and Share Your Opinion

Not many people like doing surveys. There’s something about surveys that are seen as time-consuming and (slightly) annoying. If you get paid for taking them, you might actually do it and even enjoy it. Luckily, there are companies that care about getting feedback enough to pay people for taking surveys. Taking surveys won’t make you rich or pay for your rent (though that would be nice), but it will still give you some extra money to spend with your friends on the weekend. These are great if you need to make $100 fast.

There are some websites that have a section dedicated to paid surveys, such as:

Survey Junkie: Survey Junkie has a rewards program that offers popular giftcards for stores like Target, Amazon.com, etc. You can also choose to cash-out via PayPal when taking surveys on this website.

Swagbucks Surveys: The great thing about Swagbucks Surveys is that you get $5 just for signing up! Hurray! You can also find other tasks to earn money such as playing games or reviewing products, so give it a try.

MyPoints: MyPoints will reward you with a $5 giftcard just for signing up, similar to Swagbucks Surveys. To take paid surveys, you will need to verify your email. There’s another $5 giftcard waiting for you for every 5 surveys completed.

InboxDollars: Here is another website that offers a $5 bonus just for signing up. Beside paid surveys, InboxDollars also has cash offers for other tasks like reading emails or watching videos as well.

3.  Get Paid to Complete Online Tasks

If you have some free time, you can do tasks like watching videos or reading mails online and get paid for them. You will find a variety of websites that let you do this when you search on Google, but make sure to research them carefully as some websites are simply scams. Here are my recommendations for websites that will pay you for completing a variety of tasks:

Swagbucks: You have seen this website in #1. Well, here it is again because Swagbucks is that great. You can do tasks that range from playing games, watching videos, to reviewing movies. While it doesn’t replace having a part-time or full-time job, it’s still extra money that you can earn. Oh, and let’s not forget you get $5 for signing up.

Nielson Digital: Nielsen is an app that you can download onto your phone and just let it run in the background. Nielsen will look at your internet usage and compare it with other people to analyze internet behavior. The longer you stay with them and the more devices you register, the higher the rewards are. Nielsen claims that it “gives away $10,000 each month”, so if you don’t mind having an app that looks at your Internet behavior, why not take some of this $10,000 by downloading Nielson.

4.  Become a Website Tester

By interacting with some websites and providing feedback about your experience, you can make up to $100 per month. It’s as simple as that! You will probably be asked to test the website by signing up, interacting with the interface, and/or providing your opinion on its usability and appearance. This is an easy way to earn money and is similar to filling out surveys, so why not do it in your spare time?

While you can look for different offers about website testing, the site UserTesting.com is a good place to go to as it allows companies to post testing jobs and any user can sign up for these jobs. The payment will vary with each website and what your tasks are, but one thing for sure is you earn $10 for every 20-minute test you complete.

5.  Tutoring

While you can tutor students at any school, that wouldn’t be making money from home, would it? Thus, that option won’t be included in this suggestion. You can tutor right from the comfort of your home if you want to, I promise. There are many subjects out there students need help with, most commonly math, physics, chemistry, finance, computer-related topics (coding, graphic designing, photoshopping, etc.), and many more. The demand for tutors for ESL (English as Second Language) students and students with a learning disability is also high. If you think your understanding on a certain subject is strong and you have the ability to explain concepts to students, being a tutor might just be the right job for you.

You can either have kids come over your house to get tutored or sign up for tutoring services online. You can make up to $2,000 a month by tutoring online; that’s the equivalent of having a part-time job!

There are websites that will let you sign up or join as a tutor. Here are my recommendations:

Care.com: Care.com is a place where people can post their specialty and others who need a job done will contact them. Vice versa, those who need something done will list the job on the website and you can contact them if you can do that job. Care.com automatically detects your location to recommend you people or jobs that are local. Tutoring jobs are included on this website as well and tutors are often paid hourly.

VarsityTutors: Becoming a tutor on VarsityTutors isn’t a simple matter of signing up; you have to go through a pre-recorded interview and if they are satisfied with your skills and knowledge, you will be hired as a tutor. There are 3,000+ subjects to choose from on this website, so you can be sure to find whatever subject you feel most confident in.

CheggsTutor: Similar to VarsityTutors, to join CheggsTutor you will also need to fill out an application and possibly be tested on the subjects you want to tutor. If you don’t want to do so, you can always just post a portfolio and your hourly rate on Care.com to start tutoring.

6.  Hosting Dogs (And Cats) at Your House Overnight

I was about to write about dog walking, but then I thought “why would I include dog walking in a work from home article when dog walking requires people to go outside of their houses?” Because of this, I changed the title to hosting dogs and cats at your house overnight. The good news is that you will most likely make twice as much by doing so compared to simple petting sitting and/or dog walking.

Rover.com is a website where you can sign up to be a dog sitter. You can do dog sitting and dog walking on this website as well, but dog boarding is what pays the best. According to rover.com, “sitters who offer boarding can make up to 2x more than sitters who don’t”. Moreover, unlike having human companions, hosting a dog or cat overnight is much more comfortable, fun, and fluffy.

Although, there is a side note if you want to sign up on Rover: to be a dog sitter here, you must pass a background check.

7. Design T-shirts

Maybe you have some awesome T-shirt designs in mind but, for whatever reason, are unable to turn these designs into actual clothes. Finding out how to produce T-shirts with your design on them might be difficult; after all, there are a lot questions to answer such as who will produce the T-shirts, how much will it be for printing or sewing, where and how will you sell them, etc.? Wow, I feel stressed just thinking about those questions.

Thankfully, there are websites that will do all of the hard work for you; simply submit your design and they will produce the shirts, sell them, and pay you when those shirts get sold. Here are the websites we recommend for turning your dream designs into a reality:

Teespring: Teespring not only let you design T-shirts but also other apparel and accessories such as socks, phone cases, posters, etc. Teespring will refer to you as a featured designer, making it easy for your designs to gain visibility.

Customink: Custom Ink is one of the best websites for beginners in T-shirt designing. The site offers a design lab in which designers can compose and preview their designs. If you want to launch a produce line immediately, Custom Ink should be your go-to website as because the design center is so fast, you can start selling products within an hour or two of using it.

8. Work as a Virtual Assistant

If you have great organization skills and think you can work as an assistant but don’t want to go into a physical office, it’s time to become a virtual assistant. Some common tasks to do as a virtual assistant are making appointments, organizing documents and files, making and taking phone calls, and organizing schedule(s). This is very similar to being an assistant in-person, except there are no bosses and colleagues around you. It might take some self-motivation to complete your work though, but isn’t that the case for every virtual job out there?

9.  Become A Voice-over Artist

It might be easier to become a voice-over artist if you have taken acting classes or courses/lessons that teach you how to make your voice expressive and maybe even do different accents. However, that’s not a requirement to becoming a voice-over artist; you just need a good microphone, a quiet place to record yourself, and your voice.

You can either work as a freelance voice-over artist or partner with those who create animation, videos, movies, etc. To get started as a freelancer, create a portfolio and gig on Fiverr, a reputable website where millions of people visit to find freelancers for their projects.

10.  Cook for others

You don’t need to a five-star chef or own a restaurant to make money from cooking; you just need to be able to make good food and to have a place where you can cook. This is an excellent service for those who cannot cook or simply don’t like to cook but still want cheap, healthy homemade food. Busy parents, busy college students, and the elderly are typical customers for this service.

I’m starting to believe there’s an app for just about anything you can think of, because there’s one for this very purpose too. Download the app Chachi’s onto your smartphone to start becoming a chef. Using this app, you can add your availability, the food you offer, and extra options like lunchbox services as well.

11.  Write A Book or eBook

If you like writing, then this probably is an activity you will enjoy. Many writers have made millions of dollars from publishing their book(s), such as Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, John Green, Suzanne Collins, etc. While it is often one in a million authors that becomes famous and makes a good amount of money from their books, why not take the chance that you can also be that “one in a million”?

Either you want to write a biography about yourself or someone you love, a self-help book, a mystery novel, or a compilation of short romantic stories, you can potentially publish your books and make money from it. If you don’t want to print it out or find a publisher, simply format your book as an eBook and publish it onto the Internet. Many websites will let you self-publish, such as kindle, Barnes & Noble Press, Mindstir Media, etc.

12.  Become a Call Center Rep

Make money by selling your voice as a call center representative. The great thing about this job is that you can work from anywhere in the world as long as you can pick up the phone and assist customers. Many companies that hire virtual call center reps are flexible regarding the working hours as they are more likely to want available reps to answer customers’ questions 24/7. After all, you’re not called a “call center rep” for nothing. Call center reps are the first voices customers will listen to and thus, you will create the first impression customers get when calling your company, so… no pressure there.

13.  Become a Customer Service Rep

Being a virtual customer service rep is fairly similar to being a call center rep: you can work from anywhere in the world as long as you can take calls from customers and the working hours are often flexible. Working as a customer service rep can be stressful as you are working with many frustrated and/or confused customers. If customers encounter a problem and get frustrated, they might lash out at you even though it was in no way your fault. But hey, at least you’re getting paid for it.

14.  Become a Sales Rep

I’ll be brutally honest here: being a virtual sales rep often involves a good amount of cold calling. No one (or at least the majority of people who have a phone) likes being cold-called, especially if they get called in the middle of work or a family dinner. If your duty as a sales rep is to find new customers, you’ll get a lot of “Sorry, I’m not interested”. However, if you have already established clients and are mostly keeping in contact with your existing clients, it can be a much more pleasant job. Thus, depending on the nature of you work, working as a virtual sales rep might or might not be stressful.

15.  Rent out your car

If you’re working from home, I’m going to assume you don’t use your car a lot unless you’re driving for Uber or delivering things to people. If this is the case, why not make some money from renting out your car when you’re not using it? You can have a few extra bucks from just being carless for a few hours.

List your car on turo.com, the Airbnb for cars, and make an average of $706 a month according to the website. It is free to sign up and list your car for rent. After listing your car, list its availability and set your own daily price. Turo will adjust your price to maximize your earnings. When people want to rent your car, you can discuss with them where you want to meet and hand them the key. And… that’s it. Now sit back and earn 65%-85% of the trip price. Oh, did I mention you can set your own rules too?

16.  Rent out your bike

Similar to a car, a bike doesn’t get used very often, if not much less often. Most people I know use their bikes a few times a year and for the rest of the time, the bike just sits in the garage or shed talking to other items that are in there.

Well, you might not be using your bike, but other people might be looking for a bike to use. Thus, instead of just leaving your bike in the garage, you can rent it out on the website spinlister. Spinlister provides a platform that connects bike owners and people looking to rent or borrow a bike from all around the world.

Owners can list as many bikes as they want on the website or app and the hourly prices. Renters can request a bike easily on this platform as well as viewing reviews from renters that have rented the bike. So, if you’re not planning to use your bike soon, why not make some money by renting it out?

17.  Create an app

Creating an app can be a competitive business because of the number of apps out there. There is an app for possibly anything you can imagine from ride sharing, food delivering, to face swapping. While it might be difficult to make your app a billion-dollar one like Uber or even a million-dollar app like Flappy Bird, there is still a potential for making some passive income from it.

Before making an app, think of how you want to make money from it. People typically either make money from ads, a subscription to keep the app ad-free, and/or in-app purchases; sometimes they combine more than one of these strategies. Then, design the app according to your strategy. Next, list your app in app stores and advertise for it. Now that the work is done, you can wait for passive income from the app.

18.  Translate Online

While you don’t necessarily have to be fluent in a second language, you will need to know a second language to translate online. There are different ways to make money from home doing this.

If your second language skill isn’t that strong, you can offer to translate simple things like recipes, easy conversations, documents that aren’t complicated, etc. If you’re fluent in the second language, you can translate more advanced things like movies, harder documents, books, etc. The last option to work as a translator requires to know the second language as well as your mother tongue: working as an in-person translator. Although I said in-person translator, you can do this from home as well if your employer lets you; some people only need translators on the phone or via a video call.

19.  Start an Online Course

Are you particularly knowledgeable in an area and could make money from teaching it to others? Why not start on online course? You can teach people to write, cook, or even how to socialize. Who said you need to have a teaching degree to teach? The key to creating a successful online course to advertising it and having good results from your course to showcase to potential students. People have made money from this, now it’s your turn to try.

20.  Become a Freelance Programmer

Coding is hard and time-consuming; I know because I’ve done it before. However, coding is essential if you want customized programs for your business. Yet, paying for an IT engineer can be too expensive for small businesses to afford, especially since the average annual income of IT engineers is $69,000. Thus, many business owners turn to freelance coders and programmers for their IT needs.

If you can code and write programs, you might want to consider being a freelance programmer. While I don’t guarantee that you would make as much as an employed programmer or IT engineer, you can still generate a good income from being a freelance programmer. You can post your profile on Fiverr or join websites like Freelancer.com and Upwork.com to get started with this career.

21.  Become A Pro Gamer

Remember when you were younger and your parents were saying things like “don’t play too much video games because you can’t do that for a living?” Well, sorry parents, but some people make millions of dollars from playing video games. For example, Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf, a 16-year old gamer from Pennsylvania, won the first Fortnite World Cup in July, 2019, and took home the $3 million prize.

Top-earning gamers don’t necessarily have to win a lot; in fact, most of them make money from being influencers instead of gamers. For example, PewDiePie has a $15 million net worth and had 4.5 billion views on his YouTube videos in 2019. So whether you choose to take part in gaming competitions or becoming an influencer, you could become a millionaire by playing video games.

22.  Perform Virtual Marketing Management

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) management is becoming increasingly popular as businesses try to increase the quantity and quality of website traffic through users’ use of search engine. Moreover, in this age, almost everyone has a smartphone or a device that allows them access to the Internet, making Internet-based business an increasingly profitable concept.

Yet, how does one bring people to his or her website? What is the percentage of people that actually take an action like subscribing to the service or buying the product? How does a website maximize the quantity and quality of website traffic? This is where you come in. You can perform research and analysis to give businesses an answer to these questions. Bonus points if you have had some experience in the online marketing field.

23.  Find Programming Bugs

Companies like Google and Apple will pay you up to a million dollars for finding bugs in their system. People who find vulnerabilities in software and applications are called bug bounty hunters and can make thousands of dollars a year from hunting bugs.

To become a bug bounty hunter, you will need to know some basic coding as you will be sorting through thousands of lines of coding. Learning the basic of coding and programming skills isn’t too difficult, fortunately, and you can always take courses or teach yourself using available resources. To get started, you can visit hacker forums such as hackerone.com to bounty hunt programming bugs for companies like Starbucks, AT&T, and Nintendo.

24.  Make and Sell Crafts on Online

If you like making crafts and are able to part with them after they are finished, you can sell your crafts on Etsy for some extra money. Whether you want to make cards, face masks, cute figurines, or hats, Etsy will allow you to list your crafts for sale. Etsy is one of the largest websites for crafts selling and buying, so don’t be worried that you can’t find a buyer.

eBay is another popular online marketplace you can sell crafts at. You can also sell many things on eBay as the website works similarly to Craigslist. There is a monthly insertion fee and final value fees, which depend on your sale and postage frequency.

Lastly, another website you can utilize is iCraft. Beware, however, that iCraft only accept handmade items. There is a monthly fee to register as a seller but the good news is that there are no fees associated with your sales.

25.  Open a Daycare or After-school Care

Many households now have both parents who go to work; some single-parent households rely solely on the income of the single parent. While this is a sad reality, it creates an opportunity for people who want to work from home to open a daycare or an after-school care and take care of busy people’s kids.

You will most likely need to obtain some sort of license to open a daycare or after-school care and will need to keep your place clean, organized, sanitized, and child-proof if you’re planning to work with young children. Do not accept more children than you can handle as it will stress you out and create a less-than-ideal environment for them.

Opening a daycare or after-school care can substitute a full-time job if managed well. Thus, if you like working with children and can imagine yourself doing this five days a week, why not try your luck at opening a daycare of after-school care?

26.  Sell Your Photos

If you like taking photos and have lots of good pictures in stock, you might want to sell them online and make some extra money. While the process of getting started can be difficult as you need to keep your price relatively low and need lots of photos to create a gallery, it can still be a great side gig if you like photography.

Here are some websites and apps recommended for selling photos in stock:

iStock Photo: This website is perfect for people who are getting started. While photos on iStock tend to be of a lower price, the website accepts a wider range of photos and even video footages. Your income will depend on how many photos you sell and how many subscribers downloaded your photos in a month. You will earn 40% for exclusive photos (photos only posted on iStock) and 15% for non-exclusive photos.

Alamy: Alamy cares only for photos’ technical quality; their philosophy is that as long as a photo is technically good, someone might want it. Because of this philosophy, Alamy has very diverse catalogs. Alamy alsp accepts and sells editorial and news content. If your content is approved, you can submit it to their live News system and it will be presented to major publications all over the world.

27.  Utilize Cash Back Programs

Finding coupons for every store you purchase at might be time-consuming and even difficult. It might be easier just to utilize available cash back programs to get cash back from your transactions. Not only is it easy for you, popular programs also have a partnership with a variety companies and can save money for you even if you don’t have a particular store membership.

One of the best cash back websites is Swagbucks. Swagbucks partner with big companies like Walmart, CVS, Macy’s, Best Buy, Uber Eats, etc. to provide users with many deals and cash back programs. Depending on where you shop, you can earn up to 70% cash back when shopping online through Swagbucks.

28.  Invest in Stocks

Stocks that are well-invested in can be a good source of passive income. However, if not carefully researched, investing in stocks can be more of a loss than a gain. Investing often comes with a risk, but you can minimize it by carefully learning about your trade.

There are two main strategies for trading stocks: technical and fundamental analysis. Technical analysis looks at how the stocks have moved over time and estimates the stock’s price movement based on historical trends. Fundamental analysis looks at a company’s performance, cash flow, and strategies to estimate its intrinsic value and future worth. Most serious analysts and traders will only buy stocks if the fundamental analysis supports it.

There are also a variety of sectors and industries to choose from. The 11 stock sectors are energy, consumer staples, information technology, industrials, consumer discretionary, health care, financial, real estate, communications, utilities, and materials. Once you get confident with trading stocks, you can explore other strategies such as shorting and stock options (puts and calls).

To get started with trading simulations, you can join howthemarketworks to buy, sell, and short stocks. The website will let register for free, select an amount to start with, and lend you (virtual) money with interest. You can also join contests on this website to compete against other traders. To get started trading right away, Robinhood is a good website/app to utilize as it entails zero-commission trading and has a premium plan that lends you money at an annual interest of 5%.

29.  Invest in Real Estate

Don’t sweat yet; you don’t need to buy a house to invest in real estate. There are many ways to invest in real estate without needing to buy any property, I promise. For one thing, you can flip your own house and sell it for a higher price. This profit is tax-free most of the time, so that’s a big bonus for flipping one’s own house.

You can also invest in real estate through crowdfunding or buying shares of a real estate mutual fund. These methods are much more affordable than purchasing a property. Crowdfunding is a method where you can participate alongside other investors to invest in a property. While the minimum participation cost is often $500, crowdfunding can be very profitable if you’ve done your homework.

Additionally, you can invest in real estate invest trusts (REITs), or companies that own and/or finance properties that produce income. Some REITs are publicly traded on a centralized exchange like stocks, making it easy to buy their shares.

30.  Invest in Bonds

Investing in bonds isn’t as “liquid” as investing in stocks, which means you can’t convert your bond to cash as easily as stock shares. By buying a bond, you’re effectively lending your money to the bond seller. You are paid an interest periodically and the principal amount will be paid in full when the bond matures (aka, when the lending term on the bond comes to an end).

Investing in bonds can be much more passive than stocks as you don’t need to do any management work after buying a bond. You can earn more by buying riskier bonds (bonds that have a lower rating) or earn less but have your money more secure by buying investment-grade bonds. Make sure you learn about different rating agencies’ rating system and the bond’s rating before buying bonds.

Treasury bonds, aka T-bonds or T-bills, are considered to be technically risk-free. The reason for this is that T-bills are federal government bonds and are backed by the taxing power governments have. If you are a risk-averse person and can do without an amount of cash for some time, you might want to consider buying Treasury bonds.

31.  Lend Your Money

Lending money online benefits both the lender and the borrower: lenders make money from collecting interest and borrowers don’t need to go to a bank. Borrowers who have difficulty borrowing money from banks can also find lenders online. Thus, lending your money might not be a bad idea if you have some extra money to spare.

Below are the websites I recommend for lending money online:

Prosper: As an investor, you can lend money with as little as $25. Investors can choose from seven risk categories; the higher the risk, the higher the return you will receive. Borrowers’ risk is rated according to their annual income and FICO score.

Lending Club: The great thing about Lending Club is that they will pick loans automatically for you if you don’t want to choose them manually. This option also allows diversity in your loan portfolio.

Upstart: Instead of looking at borrowers’ FICO score and annual income, Upstart uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to assess a borrower’s risk. Thus, lenders on this website experience a significantly lower loss rate compared to some of Upstart’s peers.

32.  Play Games Online

If you just want to casually play games when you’re bored and earn some money from it, the Internet has made it possible. If you choose to, you can play games on Swagbucks and earn money doing so. You can earn about $1 for each game you play on this website. If you play 10 games a day, that’s $10 you could make from just playing games. Paid Game Player is another website that’s similar to Swagbucks and they have 600 games for you to choose from.

There are other apps that allow you to win real money by competing against other players. Here are a few of them:

Solitaire Cube: Solitaire Cube offers real money by having players deposit a small amount, pooling it together, and creating great prizes for their tournaments. Some people have made thousands of dollars from playing Solitaire Cube.

Slingo: Slingo is an online money gaming site that is free to play but lets you win real cash when you hit the jackpot. To win real money, players compete in tournaments that cost about 5000 game coins. The person with the top score wins the jackpot and brings home the cash.

World Winner: By going for different tournaments like the casino, arcade, and game shows, you can win up to $500,000. You’re matched with opponents with equal skill as you to ensure a fair competition. To compete for cash, you need to make a deposit into your account. After that, you’re all set on the path of winning real money.

33.  Flip Things

Please don’t go and flip things over when you hear this; that won’t make you any money unless someone, for some reason, is paying you for it. Flipping things here means to fix and renew things then sell them for a higher price.

Some things you can flip are furniture, cars, bikes, and appliances. In fact, you can make this into a small business if you want to. You could buy cheap things like furniture at garage sales or on Craigslist (some items are even free), fix them, give them a new look, and sell them for a much higher price than what you bought them for. Doesn’t sound like such a bad idea for business, does it?

34.  Open an Online Store

An advantage of having an online store is that you don’t need to deal with customers face-to-face. Customers can learn about your service or product via your website and decide for themselves whether they want you engage your service/product or not.

A great idea of having an online store is importing things people want from another country (food, clothes, beauty products, baby products, etc.) and selling them in your country. You might need to learn about customers’ demand regarding your particular product before importing them and the different import rules, but hey, think of the money you’ll make.

As a small business, you can partner with your local post office for special deals on shipping and package tracking. Maybe one day your business will become as popular as Amazon or Johnson & Johnson.

35.  Become a Freelancer

Becoming a freelancer can be great as it lets you work from home and on your own time. While it might be difficult to motivate yourself at times, you can make a decent living from being a freelancer, depending on your gig.

Some gigs you can rely on as a freelancer are writing, translating, transcribing music, graphic designing, and coding.

There are many websites that will help you get started as a freelancer. Here are some recommendations:

Fiverr: Fiverr lets you create your own portfolio and gig. People who are interested in your portfolio can contact you and together you can create a contract. Freelancers on this website get charged with a $2 service fee, so remember to take it into account when you price your service.

Freelancer.com: Freelancer.com claims that it is the largest website out there for freelancers. It is quite easy to navigate around and easy to apply for jobs that are applicable to your skills. Freelancer are charged a 10% service fee per project and pricing can be very competitive as there are many freelancers finding a project to work on.

Upwork.com: Upwork.com is similar to Freelancer.com except for that it prioritizes jobs and freelancers based in the U.S. Upwork also charges a hefty service fee of 20% if your overall income from the website is less than $500, 10% if less than $1,000, and 5% after you’ve earned $1,000 on here.

36.  Transcribing Audio to Text

Transcribing audio to text is needed for movies and videos in the form of subtitles. Apart the fact that subtitles help people with hearing impairment enjoy the video better, subtitles are also helpful to many people who like to read along while watching movies.

You can either partner with video or movie makers to transcribe audio to text, or you can become a freelancer that does this specific task. Most of the time, you will need to watch a video or movie, mark the time each conversation takes place, and then writes out the characters’ dialogue. It can be time consuming but, in the end, it’s still a paid job. Refer to #35 for recommendations of websites where you can become a freelancer.

37.  List Your Extra Room on Airbnb

If you have an extra room in your house that can be turned into a cozy bedroom, consider listing it on Airbnb to make some extra cash from it. You can decide if you want to offer extra services like laundry or breakfast alongside with your room. Before accepting a guest into your home, make sure to check reviews from previous hosts as some guests can be a nightmare.

Otherwise, listing your room on Airbnb is simple, fast, and convenient. You don’t even need to meet and greet the guest if you don’t want to.

38.  List Extra Space Beside Rooms

Got an extra basement or yard that you can rent out? While that doesn’t qualify for a listing on Airbnb, you can still rent it out using the website neighbor.com. After listing your location and whether you’re renting out your basement, closet, driveway, or garage, you can start listing your property for free.

Interested renters will contact you via the website. Before agreeing to anything or even meeting them, you can ask to see what you’re planning to store in your home. Neighbor also has a $1M Host Guarantee to protect hosts from personal liability. Well, it’s time to put that extra space to good use.

39.  Rent Out Tools

Almost everyone has a set of household tools to use in case something needs fixing. But, let’s be honest, how often do things break down and we need to show off our skills using the tool kit? Not that often, right (Or so I hope)?

When your tools aren’t being used, how about renting them out to make some money? You’re not using them anyway. Sparetoolz.com is a website where you can rent out your tools to your neighbors. Oh, they also have an app, so you can have notifications sent to your phone when interested renters contact you.

To list your tools on sparetoolz, first you need to set up an account. Then, take photos of your tools and list what item is included. The next step is setting a rental rate (by day or week). After that, you only need to sit back and wait for interested renters to contact you.

40.  Sell Things on Amazon

Selling things on Amazon.com can be a great business if managed well. “Things” is a broad category, but that leaves you some room to decide what to sell on this popular website.

From used books to household appliances, Amazon has just about anything sellable and buyable. Thus, they offer a diversity of things you can sell (just no services). Some ideas of things you can sell on Amazon are jewelry, used books, beauty products, and electronics.

Depending on your plan as a seller, there is a monthly fee to be paid. You can also become a Prime Seller, which requires shipping your products to an Amazon warehouse. Many Amazon customers with a Prime membership seek out Prime items to take advantage of the speedy and free Prime Delivery, so if you’re serious about selling on Amazon, you might want to become a Prime Seller.

41.  Launch Your Own Online Business

Maybe you have an idea for a business but just haven’t been able to get started yet. Whether that is ordering things for people, offering legal consult services, or graphic designing, it is never too late to put your ideas into practice.

To start a business online, first you need a killer website. There are many services that will design a website for you, or you can hire a freelance graphic designer to do it. Or, you can design your own website. Bluehost.com is a great resource for creating your own domain and website. They even have a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like the outcome. Starting from just $2.95/month, you can start having your own website to showcase your online business.

42.  Become a Calligraphy Writer

Some people have an amazing handwriting and some people don’t. On occasions where we need to write good-looking cards, such as weddings, or need to draft a thank-you letter to someone that means a lot to us, most of us wish we have a great handwriting to make the card look extra special.

Well, like I said, not everyone has a great handwriting, so on special occasions people will hire calligraphers to design and/or write cards. If you have an aesthetically beautiful handwriting and wouldn’t mind writing cards to make some money, you can become a calligraphy writer. And, if you’re someone who’s really artistic, you can also have some fun with writing cards in different fonts and designs.

43.  Test Products

Do you know any company that sends out free products to people just to get some feedback? Well, if you haven’t heard of them, now you have. There are companies that will send free products to testers, let testers keep them, and even pay those testers to provide feedback.

Some popular product testing categories are technology, food, cosmetics, toiletries, clothing, and magazines. Here are some websites where you can become a paid product tester:

Toluna: Toluna has a variety of products, including shower gel and cosmetics. To receive free products for testing, visit the ‘testing’ category and apply to test products. If you are chosen, products will be sent to you (which you then get to keep!) and you will be asked to fill out a survey about your experience with the product.

Clicks Research:  After signing up on the website, you can complete as many trials and surveys as you want. The more you do, the higher your rating is, and the more invites you’ll get as a tester. Don’t forget to complete surveys to earn Click points. After earning 2,500 points, you can earn £25.

44.  Sell Your Photos

You don’t need to be a model to sell photos of yourself (you’re beautiful and therefore your photos are too!). Yes, I’m saying you can post photos of yourself, either selfies or photos of a specific body part, and make money from it.

First of all, awkward thing out of the way first: feet photos. Correct, there are people that will pay for your feet photos. The website feetify.com is one such website that allows you to make money from feet pics. The website pays you anyway even if no one buys your feet pics, and the more photos you post and the higher the quality is, the more you get paid.

Feet photos are too awkward to sell? OK. How about selling selfies? That’s much less awkward. Download the app Pay Your Selfie onto your phone and start making money by taking photos of yourself. The app will give you some tasks to do and you must take selfies according to the instructions. After you’ve completed the tasks, you will get paid through coupons or discounts.

You can also sell selfies of yourself in new clothes. After buying clothes from Stylinity, post a photo of yourself in those clothes for a chance to get featured on their front page. When someone is interested in your photo and buys the product, you get paid through StylePerks, which can be redeemed for money or other products.

45.  Test Websites

If you’re anything like me, you would probably like to browse through different websites when you’re bored to find something new and interesting. Well, since you’re browsing websites anyway, might as well make some money from it.

Some websites will pay for testers to interact with the interface to make sure the website runs smoothly and the appearance is clean and organized. Below are some recommendations for how to get paid testing websites:

UserTesting: UserTesting lets you test sites instead of products for money. For every review you do, you get paid $10 to your PayPal, and each review only takes around 20 minutes.

Enroll: After testing websites on Enroll, you will need to take surveys to earn money. Payment will vary depending on the length of the test and what your job is. You’ll get paid via PayPal, so make sure to have it set up.

TryMyUI: While you’ll need to pass a qualification test that shows you understand the process and requirements, you can make up to $10 in 15 minutes on this website. Test opportunities are emailed to you on a bi-weekly basis and payment is made via PayPal.

46.  Become an Artist

If you like drawing or painting but also want to make money from it, why not become an artist and sell your artwork?

You can sell your artwork on Etsy so other people can decorate their house with your beautiful paintings and drawings. If this isn’t your thing, you can also design cute cards or customize paintings according to your customer’s request (if you browse through Etsy, customized handmade things are expensive, so you’ll get paid well).

Here’s another idea to make a living as an artist: doing paintings and portraits for people with them as the model. A quick sketch or portrait can be charged an upward of $20 if it’s good. You can also sketch or portrait people in the park, at the zoo, etc. if you want to work in a fun and casual environment. Some people love having a realistic portrait of themselves on the wall, after all.

47.  Become a Social Media Influencer

Have you ever thought of becoming a social media influencer? To get paid just to use social media and update on your life? While this isn’t necessarily “easy”, it’s not too hard to get paid for being a social media influencer either.

In prior to becoming an influencer, think about what platform is most suitable for you. If you like posting fashion things or photos, Instagram is a good app to spend time on. If you’re funny and/or social and don’t mind talking to a camera, YouTube is probably a good platform to invest in. If you already have a following, you might want to use Twitter. There are many other sites to choose from, of course, so make your pick.

One of the perks of being a social media influencer is that, in addition to getting paid, you also get free things when you promote products for companies.

48.  Freelance Editing and Proofreading

Don’t like the idea of freelance writing but still confident in your editing and proofreading skills? Well, the good news is, you can become a freelance editor and proofreader. There might be a little of writing involved as you still have to communicate with your clients, but at least you won’t be writing essays.

Ready to get started as a freelance editor and proofreader? Here are some good websites to spend your time on:

Upwork.com: Upwork charges a hefty 20% service fee if you’ve made less than $500 on this website. Once you get past this hurdle, you’ll get charged 10% and after reaching your $1,000 milestone, you’ll be charged a 5% service fee. However, it’s a great way to find jobs as you get to apply directly to job listings.

Freelancer.com: Freelancer.com is very similar to Upwork, except that it charges a 10% service fee right away. There are more requirements to apply to certain jobs on this website, thus it’s harder to get started as a beginner.

Fiverr.com: Fiverr will allow you to create a portfolio with your own gig. Interested clients will contact you and together you can create a customized contract based on their requirements.

49.  Offer Technical Support

If you’re good with troubleshooting computers and can support technically people from your home, you can become a virtual technical support representative. This is often either a part-time or full-time job, except you get to work from the comfort of your home and don’t need to deal with your boss and colleagues in-person.

To offer technical support virtually, you can either become a freelancer and look for jobs that fit your skills using the website I mentioned in the last suggestion or apply to be a virtual employee for a company of your choice.

50.  Become a Web Designer

Becoming a web designer can be a fun job as you get to use your technical skills, creativity, and get paid for it. Moreover, you will get to work with many small and startup businesses, which means you will meet passionate and energetic people who just can’t wait to implement their ideas.

To become a web designer, you will most likely need a computer or laptop (what else are you going to design on?). You can use bluehost to start a website and register for a domain for your client. You can either charge by the hour or per project, so look at other graphic designers’ rates to get an idea of what to charge clients.

51.  Watch Movies and Videos

Watching videos and movies can be an easy way to make money, who would’ve known? While this is going to use up some of your time, you’ll get paid for it. Moreover, you can do it whenever you want, or in other words, whenever you have some free time.

Check some of the websites that you can visit and get paid for watching videos and movies:

Swagbucks: I know Swagbucks has been mentioned a couple of times, but here it is again. Swagbucks have videos that you can review, even if you just have it in the background while you answer email or cook, and you can make (realistically) about $90 a month. You get a $10 just for signing up on Swagbucks as well! Check Out Our Full Review Here.

Inboxdollars: Inboxdollars is very similar to Swagbucks, except you only get a $5 bonus for signing up as opposed to a $10 bonus. Check Out Our Full Review Here.

52.  Tailor Clothes

It is a very annoying thing when you we shop at the store and our size is too big but the size below that is too small. So, you’re stuck with a tough decision of whether to buy these baggy clothes or buy the smaller size that will be super tight on you (the alternative is to not buy anything, which is kinda sad).

As a tailor, you can help people possess clothes that fit them perfectly by tailoring clothes that are too big to fit your customers. You can easily charge $5 for a T-shirt or more for fancy clothes like vests and dresses.

You can also customize clothes according to your customer’s design. This is more time-consuming but also pays quite well.

53.  Sell Website Domains

Imagine if you had a domain called “starbucks.com”, you would probably be a millionaire by now as Starbucks would want to buy that domain from you and make it theirs. While these opportunities are rare, you can still earn some money by selling domain names.

More specific domains like people’s names and unique business names might be harder to sell, but generic names like “travelguide.com” or “greatpets.com” will probably have buyers. You never know until you try your luck, after all.

54.  Trade in Your Electronics for Cash

If you have some old electronics you don’t want to use anymore, you can sell them to make some money. Check out some of the trade-in programs that gives you cash or gift cards for saying goodbye to your electronics:

Amazon Trade-In: If you have an Amazon device, you can trade in at Amazon and get a newer, more upgraded Amazon device. Alternatively, you will receive an Amazon.com gift card for trading in Amazon devices if you don’t want new electronics.

Apple Trade-In: Similar to Amazon trade-in program, you can trade in your Apple device for a newer one or receive a gift card from it.

Best Buy Trade-In: Best Buy accepts a wider range of electronics, including Microsoft, Samsung, Apple, and Amazon devices. Trade your devices at Best Buy to receive a gift card you can use in the future.

Gazelle.com: Don’t want a gift card for your electronics and prefer cash? Sell your electronics on Gazelle.com and get paid via PayPal or check. Moreover, it’s free to ship items on this website.

55.  Manage Websites

Managing websites can be time-consuming, especially if you have a small business and are busy all day dealing with inventory and orders. Thus, some businesses will pay for someone to manage websites for them.

Managing a website includes updating the interface, analyzing site traffic, and making sure it doesn’t glitch. While this isn’t a very difficult job, it can pay you up to $1,500 a month.

56.  Sell Your Hair

Selling your hair can be an easy way of earning some extra money. However, hair buyers often have some preferences of who they want to buy hair from. If your hair is “virgin” hair, meaning they have not been dyed or exposed to heat through things like straightening or curling, has not been dyed, and you live a healthy lifestyle (i.e. no smoking, no excessive drinking, etc), then buyers will prefer to buy your hair. The healthier your hair is, the more you get for it.

Below are some websites you can utilize to sell your hair online:

Hairsellon: Hairsellon is a great website for selling your hair. You can take a photo of your hair before cutting it, stating your hair’s color and whether it’s virgin hair or not, then propose your price. The only requirement is having more than 6 inches of hair.

BuyAndSellHair: Buyandsellhair works similarly to Hairsellon. Not only can you look at other sellers’ hair, you can also look at hair that was recently sold. Indicate if your price is negotiable or not when you post your listing.

57.  Export Items for a Price

Some things are only sold within a country or state, especially food. Whether the company doesn’t have enough money to expand their products or doesn’t want to, it creates an opportunity for you to export things in your state or country to buyers that are far away.

You can develop this into an online busines if you want to; it’s a cool idea! There might be some regulations and laws in place if you want to export items, however, so make sure you learn about them. Some categories that would make great exporting candidates are beauty products, baby products, feminine products, and food products that are sold exclusively in your country/state.

58.  Create Your Own Website

Whether you want to create a blog, an online business, or review website, or a social media platform, you can potentially earn money from creating your own website.

How? Well, the easiest way to earn money through your website is by having affiliated marketing and ads. After your website becomes popular, you can also seek sponsors and even investors.

Again, bluehost is a great way to get started with designing a website and owning your own domain. They offer many different plans, and while you don’t need to get a “fancy” plan right away, you might want to consider doing so as your website becomes more popular.

59.  Lose Weight to Earn Cash

Please don’t try to lose weight just to earn cash if you’re already at a healthy weight or is underweight; there are 69 other options here to make money, so it’s not worth it to put your health at risk.

However, if you’re unhappy with your weight and wants a motivation to lose a few pounds, healthywage.com offers cash just for you to lose weight.

To get an idea of how much you’ll get for losing weight, sign onto Healthy Wage and take a quick quiz. The quiz will ask for your current weight, your height, how much weight you want to lose, how long do you need to lose that weight, and how much you want to bet you’ll reach your goal.

In prior to getting money, you’ll have to pay your bet money, either monthly or upfront. If you get do reach your weight goal, you’ll get an amount of money that’s larger than the money you paid. That’s some serious motivation to lose weight right there!

60.  Sell Teaching Resources

Selling teaching resources is a great way to make extra money from home. Moreover, you get to help teachers out by preparing teaching lessons and handouts for them. Parents who homeschool their children will also buy some teaching resources online.

Here are a few websites where you can sell teaching resources:

Teachers Pay Teachers: This website allows users to sell (or list free) lesson plans, worksheets, and more. There is a commission fee associated with each sale and payments are made via PayPal monthly. Alternatively, you can choose Dwolla as your payment method.

TeacherLingo: Teacher Lingo is setup similarly to Teachers Pay Teachers. You will earn 65% of each sale or 85% with a paid membership. You are paid monthly via PayPal.

Etsy: Etsy has a section dedicated to education with over 51,00 listings in this category. You can list your teaching resources for sale on this website.

61.  Become an Online Juror

If you like doing jury duty or enjoy shows like Law and Order, maybe you want to consider joining virtual mock juries. Depending on the case, you can get paid up to $10 each case.

eJury is a great website to become an eJuror. You can earn up to $50 per month joining mock juries. Qualifications for becoming an eJuror are the same as being an actual juror: be at least 18 years of age, be a U.S. citizen, be literate, have not been convicted of a felony, be of a sound mind and character, and are not under any indictment or legal accusation.

62.  Take Part in Online Focus Groups

A focus group is a group that has around 4-10 people who are gathered to give feedback about a service or product, and this discussion is facilitated by a mediator. As companies care about getting feedback, they will pay you to participate in a focus group. Here are a few resources to find and participate in paid focus groups:

Focusgroups.org: While this website doesn’t offer focus groups themselves, they will help you find local focus groups to join and earn extra money.

User Interviews: User Interviews is a research platform used for recruiting research participants.        You can earn money by taking surveys or participating in available focus groups.

Respondent: Respondent works similarly to the two websites mentioned above; sign up on the website and take surveys or take part in focus groups to earn extra money.

63.  Share Your Fridge’s Content

The National Consumer Panel will reward you with gift points if you show them what’s in your fridge. It takes only about an hour out of your week and the longer you interact with the website or app, the more points you earn.

Each week, scan the barcodes of your fridge content and send it to them. You earn points by doing this, which can be used to redeem rewards as gift cards. You might also be contacted occasionally to ask about your opinions on things.

64.  Work as a Chat Operator

Texting, chatting, pretty much the same thing to me. It’s great that you can make money from chatting to another person as this is practically getting paid to text strangers.

Some businesses will hire a chat operator and offer flexible hours to work with customers that want a quick chat with someone who’s knowledgeable about the business’s offers.

You might be asked to chat with customers via a certain social media platform or directly through the business website. This is often a part-time position. The great thing is, you get to work from the comfort of your home and don’t (usually) need to pick up the phone to answer customers.

65.  Start a YouTube Channel

Making money on YouTube requires popularity and having many viewers. There are people who have made millions from being a YouTuber. PewDiePie, for example, is a famous gamer that posts his videos on YouTube and has a $16 million net worth. Kurt Hugo Schneider is a musician that frequently collaborates with other musicians on YouTube and YouTube let him tour around the world to advertise for the platform, all thanks to his popularity.

While it can be difficult to become a millionaire from posting videos to YouTube, you can still make some money by having a large base of viewers. Most YouTubers make money from affiliated marketing and product promotion, so who’s to say you can’t do the same?

66.  Get Paid to Walk

Walking is a relaxing and healthy activity, but it would be greater to get paid to do it. Fortunately, there are apps out there that pay people to walk. Take a look at some of the best apps that do this:

FitFetti: FitFetti is an app that rewards you in credit, money, discounts, or products for achieving weekly step goals. After you achieve your goal each week, you get to unlock more and more sponsorships to access additional reward items.

StepBet: StepBet allows you to make bets whether you’ll reach your weekly goal or not. To earn money, first deposit your bet amount and the app will pool it together with other people’s bets. If you reach your goal, you get your deposit back plus profit.

67.  Teach English on VIP Kid

VIP Kid is a platform where you teach English to children in China. You’ll get paid from $7 to $9 per class, and each class is about 25 minutes.

There are some requirements to teaching on VIP Kid, however, and they are: 1) it’s not required, but preferred that you have at least two years of teaching or tutoring, 2) you must have a four-year degree, 3) you are authorized to work in the U.S. or Canada, and 4) you have a reliable way to teach online.

You don’t need to be bilingual to teach on VIP Kid as classes are 100% in English. So, who’s up for teaching English to kids in China?

68.  Wrap Your Car with Ads

If you don’t mind having ads on your car for a few months (up to a year), you can wrap your car with ads and get paid with Wrapify. There are some requirements to be able to do so, however.

First of all, you need to be at least 21 years of age. Secondly, you must have a clean driving and criminal, record meaning you’ll probably be required to go through a background check. Lastly, your car must be from 2008 or later.

While it might not be ideal to have ads on your car, it’s an easy way of earning extra passive money, so why not?

69.  Become a Tattoo Artist

Having a tattoo parlor can be very expensive, especially because of the rent. However, if you have a nice, clean house, and have some experience as a tattoo artist, you can do this from your home.

A two-inch tattoo can cost as much as $100, with a full sleeve tattoo costing as much as $5,000 (or more). Without having to pay for rent or paying to work in someone’s tattoo parlor, you can keep the extra money all to yourself after paying for equipment maintenance expenses.

People will probably hesitate to go to a personal home in the beginning to get a tattoo. Thus, build your reputation by going to tattoo conventions, handing out business cards, and asking people to review your business online.

70.  Listen to Music

I love listening to music; I usually have music in the background when I’m doing something. If you enjoy music like me, you’ll probably be happy to hear you can get paid to listen to music.

Below are some websites you can go to in order to get paid for listening to music:

Musicxray: After registering on the website, download up to 5 songs in mp3 format for the website to match your music taste with other people to create a center group. These center groups will then review songs by a music artist. In the beginning, you receive $.05 per song via PayPal and this increases over time. Beware, however, that you need to listen to songs within 24 hours of them being recommended or the opportunity vanishes. Here are some websites where you can make money from listening to music:

HitPredictor: HitPredictor lets you reviews songs before they get released to the public. You’ll be rating and reviewing songs and can trade points in for prizes or to participate in money drawings.

SliceThePie: Slice the Pie pays you for listening to music and writing a short review about it. You’ll need to listen to at least 60 seconds per song before you can write about it. As you review more songs, you get paid more per song, with the starting rate of $.02/song.

Final Word

There you have it: 70 ways to make money from home. Some of them won’t pay for your rent and expenses, but some of them will be a great substitute for a part-time or even full-time job. Whether you’re looking to make a living from home or earn some extra cash to spend on the weekend, I hope your goal is achieved.

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