35 Easy Ways to Make Money Fast | How to Make $500


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35 Easy Ways to Make Money Fast | How to Make $500


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Gone are the days when making cold calls to friends or pushing resumes is the only option for making quick cash. In fact, more and more employers are hiring contract workers than ever before to complete short-term projects for quick payouts. Whether it is writing, completing web searches, maximizing your talents, taking a survey, creating art, or selling your unwanted items—there is something on this list for everyone.

35 Ways To Make Money Fast Today

Time is Money

Employers are constantly searching for contract workers who can complete small tasks in a timely manner. This could be taking a survey, answering questions, completing quick searches, checking boxes, and much more.

If you are in search of quick, efficient ways of making cash quick, consider the options below.

1. Survey Junkie


DollarFlow rating


Trustworthy leader in the online rewards space.


Wide variety of surveys.


Points to cash conversion. Can be redeemed by Paypal or Giftcards.

Survey Junkie remains one of the most dependable, vetted resources for obtaining quick cash to date. Not only does Survey Junkie allow you to optimize your time by allowing you to choose surveys based on your need and payment, but you have access to greater earning potential. Fifty surveys at 2-5 minutes of your time has the potential of earning you $50, maybe more. Furthermore, unlike some sites, Survey Junkie allows you to cash out your earnings at $10, which is by far one the lowest minimums available. All you need is an active PayPal account. While it may be true that Survey Junkie will not make you rich, it is a fast, reliable option for fast cash and swift payouts.

2. InboxDollars


DollarFlow rating


One of the most popular and reputable companies in the space.


Wide variety of ways to earn.


InboxDollars says exactly what they will pay you in dollars. Many other sites using points which you may need to convert.

InboxDollars operates similarly to Survey Junkie but does not limit itself to surveys only. Instead, members are paid to watch videos and TV as well as answer questions about products they are passionate about. Also, InboxDollars deals in cash–not points, which is a unique feature among survey sites. This way you know exactly how much your time is worth and how much you are earning. Right now, InboxDollars will give you $5 just for joining!

3. Swagbucks


DollarFlow rating


Points. Convert to cash or giftcards.


Earn by watching videos, playing games, taking surveys and shopping online.


Well known and highly recommended company in the industry.

If you find yourself liking a versatile platform like those mentioned above but want to do more than just watch videos or take surveys, Swagbucks is another reputable resource that offers quick tasks for quick cash! Here you can perform web searches, watch funny videos, answer survey questions, and earn points toward cash while doing it. Swagbucks will give you $10 just for signing up.

4. Vindale Research


DollarFlow rating


Complete surveys, give referrals, use reward codes




Free to sign up

Vindale Research is a verified survey site that pays its members anywhere from $0.25 to $50 for their time. Unlike others, Vindale is straightforward, deals in dollars–not points, and maintains a user-friendly platform. Furthermore, Vindale Research’s payment range allows you to choose what is worth your time and what is not. Like most survey sites, this will not lead you to great sums of money; however, Vindale provides fast payment and greater earning potential.

5. User Testing Inc.

User Testing links businesses to their target market and pays approved members for written, direct reviews on products. It serves to generate positive feedback and helps companies receive human insight they can work directly into their marketing platform. User Testing pays more than most survey sites but does require more time. All you need to do is sign up, take a test to demonstrate what items you could provide feedback on, and you receive $10 for every twenty-minute test you complete. If you are invited to give a quick interview, there is potential to earn much more! User Testing comes recommended among users for both its application and payout.

6. Focus Groups

Focus groups provide insight to corporate or political entities on several products and trends. They are often comprised of diverse demographics to represent the market as a whole and pay you well for your time. You can earn up to $200 per group you are involved in—making this one of the most lucrative options for fast cash upon this list.  While there are many options to choose from, focusgroups.org comes recommended across users as being dependable and easy to work for.

Optimize Your Opportunities   

Do not be afraid to join multiple sites to generate cash even faster. Today if you joined Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, and InboxDollars, you could potentially walk away with $220 in little to no time at all.

Delivery Pays!

One of the most lucrative ways to generate income fast is to take part in the delivery trend that is sweeping the nation. From delivering food, groceries, taxi services, to a must need item— delivery not only pays, it pays well. However, rates and number of jobs available are dependent upon your location and availability. Now more than ever, especially as items are limited and exposure to COVID-19 is a concern, on demand delivery is an essential service that communities rely on. Do not have a car? Not a problem. Delivery can happen on a scooter or bike, and some companies offer you a company vehicle to use and throw in personal miles just to say thanks. Does this sound good? Here are some options for you to consider.

7. Postmates


DollarFlow rating


Postmates is currently available in all 50 states and in many cities throughout the US and Mexico, making it one of the largest on-demand delivery services in the country.


When you accept an order, the app will pull up directions to the restaurant and to the final delivery point.

Postmates offers food and item delivery to its customers in real time. Someone makes a request and you fulfill the order. The process is that easy. Postmates also operates on a freelance business model, offering their delivery drivers the ability to pick and choose their orders, when they work, giving them total control over 100% of their earnings. There is also no cash out minimums and deposits are free of charge. Drivers make $30 per hr. and can receive up to a $1000 sign on bonus for completing the verified steps.

8. DoorDash


DollarFlow rating


Easy, flexible way to earn side income


You receive a base pay along with tips and promotions(such as peak pricing)


You can listen to your favorite music/podcasts/etc. when doing orders and there is no boss to report to.

DoorDash is a food delivery service that prides itself on offering its drivers reliable income with a no commitment policy. At DoorDash, drivers work when they want and where they want! On vacation and need a little extra cash? DoorDash has your back. Prefer to deliver by scooter or bike? That works for them. Once approved, you can fulfill orders anywhere and through a method that fits your travel style. Moreover, DoorDash has a clear payment model that lets you know exactly how much you will be paid and charges zero fee for deposits whenever you wish to cash out. If you are looking to make between $15-$25 per hour, can pass a background check, and have a proof of your ability to work—DoorDash could be your answer to fast cash.

9. Uber

Like Google, Uber has become a household name. Its unique platform offers transport services for a fraction of the cost. They also offer delivery services for takeout. Drivers at Uber average $25 per hour depending on location and traveling culture. It is always a good idea to take into consideration extra fees such as toll bridges, insurance, and gas, when choosing to participate in a taxi service. You want to be sure you are making money instead of losing it.  

10. Lyft

Lyft is one of the most unique companies on this list. While their customer platform mimics Uber, Lyft stands out as an exemplar employer. For example, Lyft will lend you a car, to include low insurance, free maintenance and support, free miles to use as you wish, if you are interested in driving but do not have access to a personal vehicle. Lyft also provides peak hour compensation that enables you to make more money for your time. Drivers are paid an average of $14-$25 per hour, but fees and hourly rates depend upon your location and travel culture. Lastly, Lyft solves community problems by offering community grants and thousands of free rides to those effected by the pandemic. If you are looking for a social conscious, community positive, employer to make some extra money with—Lyft is worth consideration.

Maximize Your Talents and Freelance

Gone are the days where work is utterly dependent upon employee contract and long-term relationships. If you have a niche skill or specified experience, there is likely a project with your name on it waiting for your expertise. With the potential of earning more than $100 per project, freelancing is one of the most lucrative ways of generating income fast.

11. Upwork

Upwork is a global, freelancing platform that connects employers to experienced freelancers. In fact, Upwork goes above and beyond to vet their freelancers and to assure they can provide top notch services in their area of expertise. While the majority of projects are writing intensive, Upwork is constantly looking for an individual who can create art, lend their voice to projects, conduct basic research, guide academic students, create PowerPoints, parents who have a story to tell, creative writers of all kinds, and so much more. To become an Upwork freelancer you must apply and be approved. After, you are free to explore open jobs and bid on them with connects, which work like virtual tokens. If you are selected for a job, a contract is made, and work begins. Keep in mind that Upwork charges 20% on all payments $500 or less and %10 thereafter. To protect the freelancer and employer, Upwork holds payment in escrow for five days before they are released so it can take up to seven days to receive payment once your work is complete.

12. Fiverr

Where Upwork is geared toward large, niche projects, that may require a specific knowledge base–Fiverr takes freelancing back to the basics. In the Fivver-verse, freelancers are sellers and those hiring you are buyers. Fiverr is known for connecting freelancers to quick, efficient projects, and generating faster payments. While the earning potential is less than Upwork, your ability to complete work at a faster rate is higher, which maximizes your work experience. Fivver’s buyers make $5 a “gig” with $1 going to Fiverr for connecting you and overseeing the contract. If you consider yourself a professional, Fiverr even offers “pro” services to its buyers. Fiverr is a great platform to consider if you are starting out and wanting to get experience. You can also earn easy cash for performing small tasks quickly.

13. TaskRabbit

If you prefer hands-on, physical tasks, do not mind cleaning, running errands, doing yardwork, or helping a person move, you are in luck! TaskRabbit matches freelance labor workers to those in need and pays you hourly for your service. They even have an option for those who are proficient Ikea Furniture Assemblers. With rates ranging from $15 to $44 per hour, this is an easy way to generate money in a short period of time and ideal for those who prefer same day service.

14. Study.com

If you can research a question and answer it, Study.com has an opportunity for you. Study.com is often looking for contract-based, freelance writers to write content for their site. They offer a variety of positions for freelancers who may have a special niche or can provide vetted, clear answers to limitless career questions posed by their users. As a contract writer, you can work when you want—with no strings attached. The pay varies depending on contract and the nature of your position. If interested, you are encouraged to apply on their site. This is one way to turn free time into easy money.

15. Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk is an Amazon-owned, freelance platform that links companies to freelancers who are willing to perform human intelligence tasks for less than $5. These tasks range from simple data entry, survey completion, providing responses, to specified web searches. Like Fivver, Mechanical Turk is ideal for those who are just beginning their freelance journey or are looking for a platform they can complete small tasks swiftly to generate income. To begin, you must apply on Amazon and be approved. 

16. Sell Stock Photos  

Can you take quality pictures of everyday items? If so, you can make easy money selling stock photos. Stock photos are royalty-free images that others can use without concern for copyright infringement. Many companies utilize stock images for branding, web design, promotion materials, and so much more. The average person makes $0.45 per image, and some sites pay you to upload. Others prefer to volunteer their images on portals such as Pixabay and accept payments through donations. Selling stock photos takes minimal effort and has the potential to bring in income fast.  

17. Sell Art

Niches remain a lucrative platform for anyone looking to pocket a little extra cash. If you can draw, belong to a certain fandom, or have a specific style—consider maximizing your talent and sharing it for profit. Platforms such as Amazon, DeviantArt, and Redbubble enable artists to create their brand seamlessly. All you need to do is upload your work, approve what will be available for purchases (your art will be on shower curtains, rugs, stickers, journals, clothing, etc.) and post it for sale! Depending on the cost of the item, you receive a percentage of the total price. As most artist have scores of content already, consider using what you have completed as your startup. This way you are not needing to complete any extra steps. While it is true that these platforms are not likely to make you rich, selling art is a simple way of making money.

18. Get Crafty

Maybe you are not a writer or artist, but you love sewing, creating pewter coins, or have a unique talent for constructing beloved characters from yarn and other craft items. Maybe you create jewelry from recycled metals… Or want to print your Monday morning philosophy on coffee mugs. There is a place for you. Last year Etsy, an open marketplace serving niche items to niche buyers, generated over 1.9 billion dollars between its 54 million members. As a member you create your shop, control your quantity, set your prices to include shipping and handling, and are paid the total less %5, which Etsy keeps for using its marketplace. Etsy enables you to take your skills or beloved hobby and turn it into easy money.

19. Teaching

Teaching students English is a lucrative side job if you have a couple free hours and the ability to teach students online. Similarly, it provides a flexible work schedule, dependable work, and the ability to make up to $18 an hour. While some companies require you to have a degree, many do not, and almost none require you to have teaching experience. One factor to consider if you reside in the US is that most of these positions do require you to be available late at night or early in the morning so that you are available to students in other countries during their daylight hours. However, if that does not bother you and you have a couple hours to spare—this is a simple way to generate hundreds of dollars or more.

20. Become a Private Tutor

Are you passionate about helping others? Is there a subject you are proficient in? Do you own a reliable webcam and feel at home in an online classroom? Tutor.com is often looking for academic-driven individuals who can help students meet their educational goals. Furthermore, Tutor.com offers excellent resume potential, pays $12 an hour, offers regular pay schedules, and gives their freelancers freedom to work whenever they want by simply logging on whenever they are available. This is an easy way to maximize your education and create income. 

21. Teachables

Teachables is a creative, diverse, learning platform that makes generating income not only easy, but fun. All you need to do is pick a topic you are passionate about and can teach, provide the course content, and make it available to the public. This could be anything from Greek mythology, gaming, creating PowerPoints, to providing story hour for small children. All content is prerecorded, so there is no need for class times or time constraints. They offer a free version or monthly plan depending on your needs and assist with launching your class and basic marketing. How much you make on Teachables varies greatly. Revenues reported typically range between $200 to 6 figures! Teachables allows you to create easy income by doing what you love.

22. VIPKids

VIPKids offers aspiring teachers a freelance platform to earn extra money by teaching Chinese children English. They provide their teachers with a full curriculum, onboarding assistance, and cash incentives.  VIPKids pays $7-$9 per fifteen-minute class, which ranges to $14-$18 per hour. How much you are paid depends on how many classes you are willing to teach and what hours you are available. People have turned VIPKids into a fulltime job earning around $1400 or more a month. However, if that does not sound like you, that is okay. You have the option to teach a couple hours a day and bring in around $700 a month. To qualify, you must answer a short questionnaire and agree to a six-month contract; however, how much you work is up to you.

23. DaDa

If you are looking for more structure, quality of pay, and regular assignments, DaDa is a progressive teaching platform that offers just that. Where VIPKids business model requires people to sign up for your course, Dada assigns children to your class. Moreover, Dada’s beginning pay is $17 per hour, which is some of the highest rates for online teachers. Like VIPKids, you are teaching English; however, DaDa utilizes Pearson Education, National Geographic and other reputable education servicers in their curriculum. Lastly, DaDa will pay you for prep and other duties during nonteaching hours. This is a unique feature that is rarely found within most online teaching models. The only drawback is that DaDa reads very much like a part time job (though it advertises ultimate flexibility) wherein there may be some accountability features assuring your students have access to your classes.

Sell Your Unwanted Items

Cleaning out the clutter and selling your unwanted items is by far the fastest way to put money in your pocket. Not only is there no work involved, but it offers direct payment, and is as easy as finding the item, posting it in a marketplace, and completing the sale. Below are some ways to help you get started. 

24. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace allows you to use your social media account to post items for sale and advertises them to potential buyers in your area. Not only does their transparent forum promote safety between transactions, but there are no extra steps involved. You can login to Facebook and post your item for sale in under five minutes. Another great feature is that you control the sale! There are no minimums, hidden fees, and you have access to Facebook pay, which allows buyers to use their debit card at the touch of a button.

25. Have a Yard Sale

This time-honored tradition has the potential of putting hundreds of dollars into your pocket within hours. All you need to do is locate your unwanted items, arrange them nicely (it actually ups your sales if you have a nice presentation) choose a day everyone is available (weekends are recommended), have some cash on hand for change, post your signs (Facebook Marketplace is a great place to begin) and sell your items. It is smart to have a couple hot items in your advertisements like video gaming systems, furniture, sports equipment, electronics, or extended sizes–to draw people in. Additionally, it is recommended that you post an “as-is” and “no refund” disclaimer to protect you and the buyer. If you have a lot of unwanted items, need some cash, and have a couple hours to spare—this may be worth your while.

26. Consider Consignment

Consignment is the act of allowing someone else to sell your item for a percentage of the final price. The idea behind consignment is that store owners are skilled at drawing in niche buyers, who are willing to pay more for your item than someone in an open marketplace or a yard sale. In return, this provides you with a greater payout for your item. However, unlike selling the item yourself, it could take time before you receive payment. The process is generally longer and not all consignment shops are the same. It is important to locate a vendor that deals with your type of item specifically. Nevertheless, consignment can be a profitable means to an end for your special item.

27. Trade in Unwanted Electronics and Phones for Cash

If you are like the rest of us and have a drawer full of old phones and other electronics lying around, consider cashing them in for direct payment. Companies like Gazelle provide an ecofriendly solution to discarding hazardous, old technology, and pay you directly for your goods. Then they repurpose them and offer them to individuals who need affordable access to phones and other devices. To get started, you send in a description of your item, receive an offer, ship it free, and receive payment. You choose whether you want a check, money to be sent to your PayPal, or an Amazon gift card. The transaction is easy, environmentally savvy, and provides you with money for items you never use.

28. Amazon Trade-In

If you need money fast and do not mind selling your gift card (more below) or shopping on Amazon, the Amazon Trade-In Program will pay you in Amazon cash for your used items. This is optimal for those who want to avoid the hassle of consignment or have items that can be difficult to sell in a general marketplace, like textbooks, fiction novels, or old technology. The process is straight forward: you send in the item(s) for appraisal and if your item is accepted, Amazon makes an offer that you can either accept or reject. If you reject their offer, they sent it back to you at no cost. If Amazon rejects your item(s), they return it for free. One should take into consideration that this process can take ten days or more.  However, it provides monetary access for items that are difficult to sell.

Other Great Ways of Making Money

If you have not discovered a way of making money that quite fits your goals—that is okay. Here are some additional ways of bringing in money easily.

29. Babysit

Do you love kids and have a couple hours to spare? Not only is babysitting an easy way to bring in same day cash, but it is a service that never goes out of style. Parents are continually in need of assistance and are willing to pay for quality care. Care.com helps link parents to professionals through their hiring platform. You create a profile, set your hourly rate, and let parents come to you! Not only does Care.com provide access to fast cash, but you have an open portal to positions if the need should arise again.

30. Pet Sitting

One of the hidden secrets to making money easily lies in pet services. If kids are not your cup of tea, but you have a heart for four legged friends, you can make some serious cash pet sitting. On average, overnight care for one animal can range from $50-$100 (or more). This increases if the pet has special needs, care must be completed in their home, or if there is more than one. You can be selective on breeds, expectations, and set your own price. Care.com offers pet sitters a hiring platform, where you create a profile and allow employers to find you, but there are many others. In terms of profit, pet sitting remains one of the easiest and profitable ways of making money on this list.

31. Housekeeping

Cleanliness pays and usually quite well. Another viable way of making money is to provide cleaning services. While this might not be the most glamorous task on this list, most housekeepers charge $150-$225 for their services, depending on location. That is not bad for one to two hours of specified work. Also, housekeepers are paid at the end of service, so you receive money on the same day instead of waiting for payouts or deposits. This is yet another service overseen by Care.com, but you can advertise other ways through local marketplaces and job forums, or take a look at TaskRabbit, located higher on this list.  

When You Need Money Now

Sometimes life demands fast, easy access to money without all the go between. When it does, the suggestions below are worth considering when you need on spot access to funds.

32. Sell Unwanted Gift Cards

If you have any unused or unwanted gift cards lying around, there are often kiosks and cash out stores that will buy them from you at a percentage of whatever total is left. Coinstar is another widespread provider that will offer you cash in exchange for your gift card. They even have exchange kiosks often located in your local grocery store.  While this option does not generate a large amount of funds, it does give you cash when you need it the most.

33. Refinance

Another way of making money is maximizing the cash you already have. Refinancing could help lower your payments and put more money in your bank account. To do this, consider where your money is going to. This may be your car, house, private or student loans. If so, you may have the option to refinance your loans and reduce your monthly payment by hundreds of dollars. At times, fair credit and other factors may come into play. However, it is worth consideration if you are needing to stretch your income further or recover a couple hundred dollars a month that could be used for other things.

34. Payday Loans

Payday Loans are high interest, cash advance loans that should only be considered when there is no other option. While the lure of receiving funds that day is a considerable perk of this service, the deficit it may cause you may place you right back where you begin, if you cannot afford to pay them back on your next paycheck. Still, it is a valid option when you need access to direct funds within minutes.  Vendors such as Moneytree can provide you with payments up to $800 in the interim while you are awaiting your next paycheck.

35. Delete Old Applications and Services You Do Not Use Anymore

Maximizing your available funds is a great way to retain money you already have without needing to bring in new income. To do this can be as easy as deleting and unsubscribing from services you pay monthly for but no longer use. Examples of this would be word processor apps, movie streaming apps, gamer subscriptions, and much more. These small costs might feel nominal, but these amounts do add up in the long run. Plus, there is no point in paying for services you no longer use.  

Take Advantage of Community Programs

It is worth noting that there might be programs and assistance out there to help you in your time of need. Many communities are designed to help with specific costs and the qualifications are not always cut and dry. You may be able to receive a grant for your energy costs, get your medical bills paid or completely covered through your hospital’s charity care programs, or qualify for food, money, and other resources. If this is health related, there are protections in place regarding your income, rent, and employment. By taking advantage of what is available to you, it leaves your money and resources available for other needs. Seek out your local nonprofits or your state agencies to see what you may qualify for.

We all need money for different reasons. Whether it is to expand your quality of life, pay for unexpected expenses, or to save for the future—it matters that we have easy access to funds when we need it most. Hopefully, this list will help you on your journey and provided you with 35 valuable ways of making money easily.  

Let's stop worrying about money, together.

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