Get a Free Degree: 15 Jobs That Pay Your College Tuition


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9 months ago

Get a Free Degree: 15 Jobs That Pay Your College Tuition


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9 months ago

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The costs of college get higher by the day and become another barrier in the way to earning a degree for students. Luckily for college students, some employers help reduce this financial burden and offer full-ride payment for your degree or reimbursement programs to assist you. Thus, you’ll need to consider this perk when you’re looking out for a job to help ease this weight off your shoulders. Keep in mind, that each of these employers will have a certain set of requirements you should adhere to first before you can benefit from what they offer. Don’t fall into a loan if you don’t need to. In this article, we’ll go over jobs that pay your college tuition and earn you a free degree to some extent. A lot of these jobs come with good benefits such as health insurance as well.

15 Jobs That Pay Your College Tuition

While some jobs help you with paying your college tuition, you still need to adhere to their qualifications and requirements. Let’s explore the jobs that pay for college and what they require from you. 

1. Amazon 

The Amazon Career Choice program offers the company’s employees full tuition covering 100% of the expenses. However, you can only benefit from the program if you’ve worked for the company for at least 90 days. Amazon also covers the payment for other educational opportunities. These include high school diploma programs, general educational development (GED), and English as a second language (ESL) courses. 

2. Boeing 

If you’re one of Boeing’s employees, the company will pay your college tuition. Even if you’re just starting your job there! Boeing has a Learning Together program that offers 100% of tuition costs. This program extends to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) degrees. Not only that! Even if you’re pursuing post-secondary degrees, including PhDs, you can still benefit from the program. 

3. Disney

Disney isn’t only magical when it comes to content creation. The Disney Aspire program is just as magical too! Through the program, the company provides tuition assistance for its full-time and part-time US employees. The company will pay your college tuition directly whether you’re pursuing an undergraduate degree, graduate degree, or even a certificate program. However, you’re eligible to benefit from this assistance only 90 days after you start your job. You also won’t have any obligations to stay at the company after you graduate.

4. Waste Management

Waste Management is one of the major companies you should consider working for if you’re a student looking for a job to pay your college tuition. The company offers its US employees more than 170 fully-funded programs. This includes all bachelor’s and graduate degrees, undergraduate programs, and other prep courses and certificate programs. Recently, the company also extended this benefit to children and spouses who can enroll in educational programs. 

5. Target

Target has much more perks for its full-time and part-time employees other than a red vibrant shirt. The company covers 100% of the costs for employees pursuing programs included in its Debt-Free Education pathway. Thus, you can benefit from more than 250 degree programs at one of their 40 partner schools, whether online or in-person. Even if you decide to enroll in a program other than their specified ones, Target will also offer you tuition assistance that goes up to 5250$ upfront for a non-master degree and 10,000$ upfront for a master’s degree annually. 

6. Starbucks

An employee at Starbucks gets much more perks than an iced latte in the early morning. The company’s landmark Starbucks College Achievement Plan (SCAP) covers the tuition of all eligible US employees. Starbucks will pay your college tuition fully for your first bachelor’s degree at Arizona State University, which offers more than 100 programs for you to choose from. However, you’re only eligible to benefit from this if you’ve worked a minimum of 240 hours with the company over 3 consecutive months.

7. Walmart and Sam’s Club

Walmart is the employer of more than 2 million workers in the US. This is no surprise as the company provides many perks. One of these perks is tuition assistance provided for all of Walmart’s employees through their “Live Better U” program. The company’s assistance covers bachelor’s and certificate programs at some partner schools. The University of Florida, Brandman University, and Bellevue University are some of these schools. In addition, Walmart offers a 1500$ graduation bonus if you’ve completed your college education while working for them. Not only that, but the company’s assistance also extends to the families of eligible employees. 

8. Chipotle

A Mexican grill isn’t the only thing Chipotle is good for. The company’s full-time employees will benefit from tuition assistance up to fully-funded degrees. This includes more than 75 programs at different partner schools. If you decide to study outside of the partner schools of the company, Chipotle will also offer you tuition assistance up to 5250$ every year. Employees are eligible to participate in the program after working 15 hours per week for 4 months.

9. Papa John’s 

Papa John’s goes by their new motto “Apply. Earn. Learn.” and offers a Dough & Degrees tuition assistance program to its employees. The offer extends to undergraduate and graduates degrees. This provides the employees with more than 180 different online degrees from Purdue University or the University of Maryland. However, employees should work a minimum of 20 hours weekly for 90 days in order to qualify and benefit from this assistance. 

10. Discover

The financial services company Discover is also one of the companies that will pay your college tuition as an employee. Their tuition assistance can be as great as a full ride for full-time and part-time employees at one of their partner schools. Some of these schools are Capella University, the University of Florida, and Paul Quinn College. In addition, you can also benefit from partially-funded programs that range between 2500$ and 10,000$ based on your degree if you decide to study at a non-partner school. Not to mention, you’re eligible to benefit from this as soon as you’re hired at the company. 

11. T-Mobile

T-Mobile‘s greatness doesn’t stop at being one of America’s largest wireless networks. The company also offers tuition assistance perks for its employees only after 90 days of their employment. T-Mobile pays 100% costs of college for full-time and part-time employees at one of their 5 partner schools. These schools include Ashford University, Capella University, Colorado Technical University, Purdue University Global, and the University of Phoenix. 

12. BP

Lastly, we’ve got one of the top energy companies, BP. The company offers tuition assistance for its employees and pays up to 90% of the costs including the expenses of books and required materials. The London-based energy company allows you to benefit from its program starting from the first day of your employment. In addition, you have the full freedom to choose any accredited institution, whether online or in-person. However, you’ll first need to get a passing grade in the course and obtain approval from the company to enroll and participate in the program. 

Final Words

College expenses are just another hardship to add to your list as a student. You don’t have to hold it on your own and jump between jobs in order to pay your tuition. Some jobs will ease it up for you and pay your college tuition, either by a huge part or even fully. We’ve saved you the hassle of searching this up and narrowed down the list for you to 12 jobs that will pay your college tuition. Keep in mind, that you need to check the requirements and conditions to benefit from these tuition assistance programs for each job before anything else.  

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