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3 weeks ago

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One of the (admittedly few) things I know about women is that they like it when you’re thinking about them. Preferably, they want you to think about them morning, noon, and night. Fortunately, all you have to do these days to convince a woman that you’re thinking about her is send her a text. One of the newest tricks in the book is to send a text first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Of course, that’s a lot of texts to send and you don’t want to keep sending the same “goodnight, babe” text every night. It’s important to switch it up and send something different. Whether you’re texting a longtime girlfriend or a crush you’d like to turn into your next girlfriend, here are some awesome goodnight texts to send a woman.

Wish You Were Here (18)

1. I miss you being around to talk to you. The night is empty without you. Sweet dreams.

Anytime you go to bed without your lady friend next to you, it’s important to let her know that her absence has been noted. Also, saying “sweet dreams” is standard protocol.

2. Good night, my dear. I hope that soon we will be able to fall asleep together.

Be careful when you say this because it kind of implies you two might be moving in together soon. But if things are heading in that direction, there’s nothing wrong with sending a text like this.

3. When I come home at night exhausted, I just close my eyes and imagine you’re near. Your beautiful eyes make my weariness go away. Goodnight.

Maybe it’s a little weird that you’re imagining your lady friend is right there with you. But most girls will find it romantic and like hearing it.

4. Even after spending the entire day with you, I just can’t get enough. I wish we could spend the night together too. Goodnight.

Obviously, this can only be used under certain circumstances. However, if you spend the day with someone only to part ways at night, you’d be a fool not to send a goodnight text lamenting that fact.

5. It’s cold here. I wish you were here so we could help warm each other up.

You can’t go wrong with telling a girl that you wish she was around so you two can keep each other warm.

6. My bed is so comfy tonight, but it’d be even comfier if you were here with me.

Talking about how comfortable your bed is can sometimes make it harder to be apart from your girlfriend, but it never hurts to offer her a last-second invitation to join you.

7. I wish I could fall asleep in your arms.

To be fair, this sounds like something a girl would say to her boyfriend rather than the other way around. But most girls would actually welcome it.

8. I’d give anything to be falling asleep next to you right now.

This goodnight text reeks of desperation, but it also reeks of romance and longing, which is actually a good combination.

9. I’m so sorry I had to work late tonight. I wish I could be with you. Sleep well my love and sweet dreams.

This is another text that requires a particular set of circumstances. Of course, it requires a particular goodnight text.

10. I miss going to bed with you at night and waking up by your side.

When it’s been a few nights since you spent the night with your lady friend, this is the perfect text to send to let her know how much you miss being with her at night.

11. Hotel rooms are so lonely without you here in bed with me. This trip would be so much better if you were with me. Good night, darling.

The next time you’re away on business or stuck out of town taking care of a family matter, let your girlfriend know that hotel rooms are no fun without her.

12. I wish the stars could bring you closer to my arms so we could be together all night.

Any mention of the stars in the night sky is going to come off as romantic, especially when you can tie it into wanting to be next to her.

13. My hand rests where I wish your body was. Missing you tonight.

If you’re brave enough to admit that you’re pretend cuddling with your girlfriend, this is the perfect text to let her know how much you miss her.

14. Here’s hoping our beds meet in our dreams tonight.

Admittedly, this text is a little weird. However, it’s tough to go wrong by mentioning dreams in which the two of you are together.

15. The only thing worse than not having you here with me is knowing I won’t see your sexy smile when I wake up in the morning.

Frankly, this text is less about telling her that you miss and more about flattering her by mentioning her “sexy smile.” Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

16. What stuffed animal are you clutching right now pretending it’s me?

Sure, this text is a little presumptuous that she’s obsessing about you, but if you’re confident that’s the case, this text will come off as charming and romantic.

17. I’m falling asleep to our song, which is nice, but it makes me wish you were here with me.

The only caveat here is that “our song” is one a person can fall asleep to. As long as it’s something that’s more Taylor Swift than heavy metal, you should be fine.

18. I’d give anything just to cuddle with you for a couple of minutes before I fall asleep.

This text is all kinds of romantic and perfect if you really want to hammer home how much you’re missing your lady friend.

Let’s Keep Talking (10)

1. What three things would you bring to a deserted island?

Just because it’s time to say goodnight doesn’t mean you can’t engage in a little late-night conversation. This is a weird question, but it’s actually a good topic to discuss late at night.

2. If you had X-ray glasses, would you use them to see under people’s clothes?

To be fair, this isn’t exactly a pressing matter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ask a funny question like this. It could also lead to a little late-night dirty talk, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

3. If you could watch any movie right now, what would it be?

To be clear, you’re not asking for your lady friend’s favorite movie but rather the movie she wants to watch right now. It’s actually a good way to tell what kind of mood she’s in late at night.

4. Tell me something funny that happened to you today.

Obviously, you want your girlfriend to go to bed in a good mood, so try to get her thinking about something funny that happened. It’s not the most romantic text, but it is rather thoughtful.

5. What’s the sweetest thing I ever did for you?

It seems a little odd to ask this, but there’s nothing wrong with trying to remind a girl how sweet you’ve been to her. Just make sure she has plenty of things from which to choose.

6. Please tell me it’s okay to stay up all night talking instead of going to sleep.

Sure, this won’t seem like the best decision when morning comes and you have to go to work. But it won’t hurt to let a woman know that you’d prefer to stay up all night chatting.

7. I can’t sleep because I can’t stop thinking about you. What do you think I should do?

Any time you can tell a girl that you’re thinking about her, you should go for it. This is just a way to phrase it in the form of a question.

8. Can you send me a picture of you in bed so I know exactly how beautiful you look right now?

It’s a bold move to ask a girl to send you a sexy photo. However, buttering her up by saying how beautiful she is can be a good way to try.

9. Text me when you fall asleep, okay?

Yes, this text makes no sense, which is why it’s funny. Hopefully, she’ll get that you’re just joking.

10. What do you think you’re going to dream about tonight?

It never hurts to fish for a compliment or assurance that your girlfriend is thinking about you. This text also leaves the door slightly ajar for a little dirty texting.

Get Your Flirt On (17)

1. Every night I try to think of ways to make you smile the next day. That’s what I’ll be doing as I fall asleep.

This is a little unconventional for a goodnight text, but it lets your lady friend know that you’re thinking about her right before going to sleep, which is never a bad thing.

2. Hold your phone tightly because this text message is a hug in disguise. Goodnight.

Sure, it’s a little weird to think that squeezing your phone tightly is the same thing as a hug. However, flirty goodnight texts know no rules, just make sure your girlfriend will appreciate the phone personification.

3. I know it’s late, but I can’t stop thinking about you. I hope you have an amazing night filled with dreams about me.

The way this text is phrased makes it seem like there’s urgency in letting her know that you can’t stop thinking about her, which actually makes it more flattering from her perspective.

4. Are you going to be thinking about me as you fall asleep tonight? I hope so…

Asking this question might make you seem a little desperate. However, adding the ellipsis at the end makes it come off more fun and flirty.

5. Consider this text message an official invitation to my dreams tonight.

There’s nothing wrong with sacrificing a little romance in favor of being a little cheeky with your goodnight text. You shouldn’t do this every night, but this is a good text when you want to mix things up a little.

6. I know it’s tough to fall asleep without me; let that be the biggest problem in your life.

Assuming your lady friend can’t fall asleep without you is bold and presumptuous, but if it’s true, this can be a great text to send late at night.

7. All snuggled up in bed with my dog. But there’s probably room for one more. Just saying.

First of all, you have to have a dog to make this work. You may be able to get away with this if you have a cat rather than a dog, but I wouldn’t recommend that. Other than that, this is a fun and inviting goodnight text.

8. I can’t promise to dream of you every night. It’s sometimes hard to sleep with you always on my mind.

This text is actually the perfect combination of telling her that you’ll be dreaming of her and mentioning that you can’t sleep because you’re thinking about her. It turns out you can have it both ways.

9. You have one minute to text back or else I’m going to assume you’re fantasizing about me.

This is going to take some confidence to send. Hopefully, she’ll understand that you’re joking (sort of). Plus, it’s a great way to get her attention if she’s notorious for not texting back right away.

10. I’m always happy when it’s time to sleep because I know I’ll be spending that time dreaming about you.

It’s one thing to let a girl know that you’ll be dreaming about her, but letting her know that you’re happy because it takes things to another level.

11. I made your favorite color my bedsheet so the feelings of your heart can be closer to my heart.

You can categorize this under odd goodnight texts to send, but there’s nothing wrong with the meaning behind it.

12. The night is cold but I’m warm from your love.

There’s definitely some flirty (and almost dirty) undertones to this text. Of course, if that’s what you’re looking for, go for it.

13. “I want all of you, forever, you and me, every day.” – Nicholas Sparks

Yes, this is straight out of The Notebook. Surely, you and your girlfriend have watched this together, so she’ll know what you’re talking about and she’ll probably love getting this text right before bed.

14. As the clock ticks to midnight, all I wanted to say is that you are the prettiest and smartest girl I ever met. Goodnight.

You should always be looking for ways to slip in compliments to your girlfriend. This is just a verbose, almost poetic way of telling her that she’s pretty and smart.

15. Go to sleep as soon as possible because then morning will come quickly and the sooner I’ll be able to see you again.

This goodnight text definitely puts romance on the back burner, but all you’re saying is that you want to see her as soon as possible, and you can’t go wrong with that stance.

16. You are sleeping now, and I am thinking of you. You are a wonderful person and a beautiful girl, I’m really happy that I have met you! Goodnight.

This is less of a goodnight text and more so something you know she’ll see as soon as she wakes up in the morning.

17. The most handsome man wishes a good night to the prettiest woman in the world!

This text accomplishes one goal of giving your lady friend a compliment while calling yourself the most handsome man in the world adds a flirtatious undertone to it.

Sappy and Romantic (20)

1. I bet you look beautiful when you sleep.

It’s hard to be this romantic in so few words. Just make sure you don’t text this to someone you just started dating; it could come off as just a little creepy if you don’t know the person that well.

2. My hectic day is over and I just want you to know that I was thinking about you and will imagine you in my arms as I fall asleep.

It’s hard to be romantic when you’re still dwelling about what a long day you had, but this text accomplishes that.

3. Goodnight, my love. I can only hope that I’m about to dream about you.

This is about as straight to the point that it gets, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes simplistic and romantic are two sides of the same coin.

4. Every day you give me more reasons to fall in love with you. Today was no different. Goodnight, sweetheart.

It’s good to be romantic with a purpose, and this text definitely accomplishes that.

5. When you go to sleep tonight, don’t count sheep, just count the ways that I love you.

Before you send this text, you have to make sure that you’ve spent your relationship telling your girlfriend all of the things you love about her; otherwise, it doesn’t really work.

6. Goodnight to the most wonderful person I know. Wishing you a very good night. Sweet dreams!

In terms of romantic good night texts, this one is lacking in creativity but it definitely checks all of the other boxes.

7. Sleep well tonight because tomorrow will be another love-filled day for us.

If you know you’re going to see your lady friend the next day, this is the perfect goodnight text. Well, as long as you’re okay with building up expectations for the next day.

8. Good night, sleep tight. I will be dreaming of you with all my might.

Spoiler alert, this text wasn’t written by William Shakespeare. However, it does have a little poetic rhyme to it, which can be appealing to some women, even if it’s not the most creative rhyme scheme ever.

9. I had a wonderful time with you tonight. You looked so beautiful and I can’t wait to see you again. Sleep well and have wonderful dreams.

This is the perfect after-date text to send to someone early in a relationship. To be fair, it may be a little forward for a first date, but once you’ve seen a person a few times it can be a perfect nightcap.

10. You are the woman of my dreams. I hope your dreams are as wonderful as mine. I love you so much. Sleep well, my darling.

Obviously, this text is only for established long-term relationships. If you start feeling like you two are taking your relationship for granted, a goodnight text like this can definitely help you two avoid complacency.

11. May the stars bring you closer to my love and may the moons show that you’re special to me. Goodnight, my love.

Here’s a helpful hint, if you mention moons and stars your text will sound a lot more romantic than it actually is, and this text is proof of that.

12. The night seems to be falling away but my love for you will never go away.

You could definitely pass for an amateur poet by sending a text like this. If this doesn’t make your girlfriend’s heart melt, you should double check to make sure she has one.

13. I couldn’t fall asleep until I told you I love you. Goodnight.

This text is so good at keeping it simple but also equally good at expressing your feelings openly.

14. The best part of today will be when I fall asleep because you’ll be with me in my dreams all night. Goodnight. Miss you.

Once again, any mention of dreaming about your special lady cranks up the romance several levels.

15. Watching the moon from my window makes me imagine your beauty glowing by the moonlight. It instantly makes me smile. Have a good night.

This goodnight text is a little wordy, but it has everything you need in a great goodnight text: mention of the moon, a compliment, and you smiling because of her. It’s just about perfect.

16. The cool breeze on your face as you sleep is just me reminding you how much I love you. Sleep tight, my dear.

On a warm summer night when you know your girlfriend will be sleeping with her bedroom window open, so it requires a special set of circumstances, but it can also be a genuine and heartfelt message to send.

17. I love, love, love you…. so… much…

For whatever reason, have the ellipsis make this text all the more powerful, even if the words alone don’t do the trick.

18. Goodnight, my love. Parting is such sweet sorrow, and I can’t wait until I get to see you again tomorrow.

If you don’t know, this is just a modified version of a line from Romeo & Juliet. Even if your girlfriend doesn’t know you came up with it on your own, she should appreciate the sentiment.

19. Close your eyes and relax. I promise I’ll meet you in your dreams.

This is a good text to pull out when you know your girlfriend has had a stressful day and you can’t actually be there in person to comfort her.

20. Don’t ever forget how much you mean to me. Goodnight my one true love.

This text is both romantic and reassuring at the same time. Plus, it never hurts to remind your significant other that she’s the only one for you.

Good Anytime (15)

1. I miss you with every passing second. I miss the way everything feels all right when I’m around you.

You don’t have to send this text at the end of the night because it’ll work just about any time of day. However, it’s a good way to make sure she knows how you feel before going to bed.

2. My idea of a perfect date isn’t going to some fancy restaurant. It’s just you and me cuddling up together watching a movie. That’s all I want to do at the end of the day.

This could work at the end of the day, but you could also send this text in the middle of a long day of work as a way to tell your girlfriend what you want to do at the end of the day.

3. You’re everything to me and I can’t wait to see you again.

This text is bound to make a girl’s heart melt no matter when you say it. However, it might have the strongest impact if you send it late at night.

4. I want you to know that whatever life throws at us, I will always love you.

This is the perfect text to send when you and your significant other are going through a hard time. It’s also a good way to lift her spirits and ease her mind right before bed.

5. I can’t imagine a world without you.

Sure, this might sound a little weird just out of the blue, even if it’s a deeply romantic thing to say. However, if you add a “goodnight” to the end, it’s the perfect end-of-day text.

6. Every day I miss you more and more.

This works just about anytime that the two of you have been apart for more than a day, but it’ll work best at night.

7. You are everything to me. You are my strength when my own strength fails.

No girl is going to hate hearing this, but it might mean more if you end the day with it.

8. You are the most beautiful woman in the world and I am so lucky to have you in my life.

It doesn’t get any more romantic than this text. Do yourself a favor and send it to your girlfriend as often as possible, and that includes right before bed.

9. Whenever I think about you, I find myself smiling. The only explanation is that your love has taken over my mind.

Fortunately, this text is equal parts cheesy and romantic, which makes it perfect for a goodnight text, even if you’re also able to use it at other times.

10. “If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you.” – Winnie the Pooh

Sure, you’ll be quoting a honey-loving bear with this one, but there’s nothing wrong with that. It may be a bit morbid. However, it’s also crazy romantic, which is more important.

11. You are my North Star. I’ll always find my way back to you.

This will make sense no matter when you say it; however, you’ll ideally want to say it at night when the North Star may actually be visible.

12. At the end of a rough day, all I need is the thought of your smile.

This text does a great job of letting your girlfriend know that you’re thinking about her and giving her a compliment, and it’s done in so few words.

13. There is nobody I’d rather be with than you right now.

If you are lonely and longing for the one you love, this is the text you want to send. It’ll just make more sense if you send it at the end of the day when you’re missing her the most.

14. You are the only person for me and I love you so much.

You could send this text morning, noon, and night and the girl on the receiving end will love it. In short, there’s no wrong time to send it, especially late at night.

15. I can feel in my heart that you are my one true love.

As long as you mean it, there’s nothing wrong with sending this text to your girlfriend. Of course, sending it right before bed can help guarantee that she goes to sleep thinking about you, which is exactly what you want.

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