Cheap and Easy Ways to Get an Internet Phone Number


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5 months ago

Cheap and Easy Ways to Get an Internet Phone Number


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5 months ago

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Between your cell phone, your landline, and all of your messaging apps, you may wonder why something like an internet phone number would be useful in today’s digital age. On the contrary, there are plenty of uses for an internet telephone number that have the power to make your life significantly more convenient. 

Internet phone numbers are the latest craze in the business realm and it’s easy to see why. The benefits, in many ways, far outweigh the costs. From added privacy to conducting better business, an internet phone number may be just what you need to make your communications more efficient.

Cheap Internet Telephone Numbers

Now that you have an idea of what to look for, you can begin shopping for your ideal internet phone provider. Here are a few of the most popular sites to get an internet telephone number easily and affordably.

Google Voice

Google Voice allows users to sign up for a free phone number with which to make calls, send text messages and leave voicemail. You can link your internet number to your personal mobile or even a landline. A Google Voice number will allow you to send text messages through your mobile phone or computer. Other features include reading voicemail and the ability to search keywords. Users can also create personalized greetings, block and screen callers, and get protection against spam. Google Voice users can also make international calls for lower rates.


eVoice is a popular platform for acquiring an internet phone number. Whether you are hoping to elevate your business prospects or are just looking for some additional privacy, you may very well find it in an internet subscription to eVoice. What’s more, eVoice has several subscription levels to choose from, depending on your needs. The basic subscription, eVoice Lite, will set you back $29.99 per month. Choose the ultimate package at $79.99 and you’ll gain access to all of the great features eVoice has to offer. 

Ring Central

Ring Central, a popular business communications platform, is a great place to acquire an internet phone number at an affordable rate. Currently, Ring Central has several membership plans to choose from. For just $19.99 per month, you’ll get access to a plan that can be used by up to 10 users, with 100 free minutes per month, plus video conferencing capabilities. On the opposite end of the spectrum is the Ultimate Plan, which costs $49.99 per month. Ideal for larger businesses, this plan will get you 10,000 free minutes per month, as well as Internet fax automatic call recording.

Freedom Voice

Freedom Voice offers much of the same as other popular internet phone services, but it’s an impressive platform, nonetheless. With three memberships to choose from, you can choose exactly the type of features you need to conduct your business easily and affordably. Whether 800 numbers, local numbers, or vanity numbers, you’ll find plenty of perks within Freedom Voice’s memberships. 

Call Centric

Call Centric has a variety of plans, both free and paid, to serve every type of customer. The company’s free IP Freedom plan, for example, allows unlimited calls to the Call Centric and other VOIP networks. There are also pay-per-call options and international plans that allow for calling up to 35 countries for just one monthly price. If you are involved in an industry that requires international business, the premium package may be a good option for you.  

Why get an internet phone number?

The truth is that there isn’t just one reason to acquire an internet phone number. The benefits you enjoy will depend largely upon what you need an internet phone number for. From closing deals to preserving your sense of privacy, don’t skip over the prospect of an internet phone number before you really examine what they have to offer.

You don’t need to be a busy businessman to benefit from an internet telephone number. These can be just as valuable for everyday life as they can for business operations. If you’re considering an internet phone number, you may be wondering what the perks are, or whether you can justify the cost of an internet phone number. Here are a few reasons why an internet telephone number is something you should consider. 


It’s easy to assume privacy is a thing of the past. But just because social media runs rampant today doesn’t mean we still can’t promote privacy when possible. One way to do this is through the use of an internet telephone number.

An internet telephone number offers privacy because you can make calls without divulging your personal phone number. This may be useful for a variety of reasons. Whether you are selling something on Craigslist, have a Business Facebook page you need a number for or need to get in touch with someone whom you don’t want having access to your private number, an internet phone number can protect your privacy and serve as an efficient means of communication. The same goes for those pesky robocalls. Protecting your private phone number can minimize your chances of disturbance and this, for many people, is reason enough to get one. 

Business Purposes

Internet phone numbers have seemingly endless benefits when it comes to running a business. When conducting business, many people prefer to deal with someone who can assist them locally. An internet phone number gives users the option of different area codes, which can be a big benefit in the realm of business operations. 

Another perk of the internet phone number is being able to operate it strictly during business hours. If you own your own business, you may be faced with issues arising from not clearly setting boundaries between your personal and professional life. Internet phone numbers can help with this by allowing you to set your own business hours. Anyone who calls the number outside of your business hours will be greeted with a custom message. Any messages left by the caller can then be sent to your business voicemail rather than your personal voicemail, allowing you to keep your business calls totally separate from your personal time. This provides ample opportunity for a healthy work-life balance. 

Internet phone numbers’ call forwarding features can also make a big difference in how your business communications are conducted. If you have multiple people answering calls on behalf of your business, you can have your calls forwarded to different people, rather than use different phone numbers for different employees. You can also configure your phone number so that calls reach multiple cell phones simultaneously, meaning whoever is available at the time can pick up the call. This streamlined means of communication can have a significant impact on your bottom line. 

Another perk of an internet phone number is the voicemail capabilities. Not only is this type of voicemail much more professional than your personal e-mail, but it can be customized to offer special greetings that pertain to your business as you see fit. Whether your business is open or closed, your customers will be kept in the loop. You can also direct callers to your personal line in the event of an emergency if needed. 

Screening Capabilities

There are few things more annoying than dealing with spam calls and robo calls. Internet phone numbers allow for some pretty impressive call screening capabilities, meaning you can deal with these in stride. For example, an incoming call to your internet phone line will prompt a message that only you can hear. You will then have the option to accept the call, to ignore it or to send it to your voicemail. All the while, all your customers hear on their end is ringing. You also have the option to set up special greeting messages, providing you with additional time to answer the call. Or, if you choose, you can even receive call notifications via text message or email. Internet phone numbers are giving customers their power back when it comes to privacy.  

Added Features

While traditional landlines carry features like voicemail and call history, internet phone numbers can go so much further. Virtual phone numbers, for instance, can be easily integrated with other services, like your website, CRM software or current landline. You also may have the option to answer calls through an app or website, or send and receive SMS online.  These features alone are enough to pique the interest of customers. 

What to look for when getting an internet telephone number

There are plenty of avenues for acquiring an internet telephone number. Weighing the pros and cons of each platform can help you make the best decision for your unique business or personal needs. Some things you’ll want to consider when comparing internet telephone number providers include:


An internet telephone number doesn’t make much sense if it doesn’t fit comfortably within your budget. Luckily, there are plenty of affordable options to choose from when searching for the perfect internet telephone number. You may want to begin with the most affordable plan to start to ensure you are not paying too much for features you don’t get much use of. Consider the lower cost cell phone plans for your kids.


Some of today’s internet phone providers go above and beyond when it comes to customer features. While the truly impressive features may cost you more, they may be well worth it in the grand scheme of running your business. Be on the lookout for unique features that set certain companies apart from the rest. 


You should shop for an internet phone number the way you shop for most other things — by looking for the best deal. Find out what freebies certain companies may offer you, such as additional minutes or the ability to add extra users. 

Final word

An internet telephone number can be a great addition to your life, and with so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find one that suits all of your needs. Whether you own a flourishing business or are just hoping to enhance your sense of privacy with a phone number separate from your own, internet phone numbers have the potential to make your everyday life a bit more convenient.

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