15 Best Ways to Earn Free Gift Cards Without Offers & Surveys


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5 months ago

15 Best Ways to Earn Free Gift Cards Without Offers & Surveys


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5 months ago

To support our editorial team’s mission, we may receive compensation from the products or services mentioned. Learn about how we make money.

There is a lot of information on how to create passive income through kickbacks, cash rewards, or taking online surveys, but what about free money? Does it exist? Is free money really free? What is the catch?  Well, the catch part is simple. It is you! When it comes to market strategy and the art of incentivizing, there is no better way to sell a product than to give it away for free.

Earn Free Gift Cards Without Surveys & Offers

1. Take Advantage of Sign on Bonuses

What if I told you that there is a way you could walk away with $55 in the next twenty minutes. By cashing in on sign on and enrollment bonuses for many of the programs listed above and others, you could earn gift card rewards just for signing up.

Before you begin, we encourage you to create a secondary email. This way you can avoid unwanted clutter and spam filling up your personal inbox.

2. Transfer Pharmacies

Not all rewards come in the form of apps. Sometimes it is literally as easy as switching your preferred pharmacy from one brand to another. In fact, pharmacies carry some of the largest payouts I have seen, with  Albertsons and Safeway at the helm. It is not uncommon for either stores to issue you $25 or $75 Gift Cards just for transferring prescriptions. Fred Meyers, CVS, and Walgreens participate too.

3. Bananatic

If you are 1 of the 70 percent of Americans who play games on their phone each day and are not cashing out rewards, it is time to consider Bananatic. Like most gamer platforms, Bananatic rewards gamers in points (or in this case, bananas) for honest reviews. Depending on what game you play, you could earn between 150-2500 bananas, which is the equivalent of $5 that you can cash out for a variety of gift cards. Whether you are an avid gamer or enjoy a puzzle between tasks, this is one way to turn your leisure activity into rewards.

4. Rakuten

Rakuten is a kickback program that pays you to shop online through their app. Not only have they paid out over $1 Billion to its members in cashback rewards, but they deal in dollars—not points. This is rare among kickback leaders and one of the reasons they remain highly recommended from users. With Rakuten, you receive cashback instantly on approved purchases that you can cash out for a Visa Gift Card, check, or a gift card of your choice.

5. Drop

Like Rakuten, Drop is another popular go-to for rewards and payouts. However, unlike most reward programs that are restricted to retail, Drop opens the door to meet the needs of the everyday spender. With Drop you can earn gift cards by ordering takeout, shopping, or booking travel. This is one excellent way of turning your everyday and leisure activity into a gift card to spend as you wish. 

6. Ibotta

When it comes to reward programs, Ibotta makes everyone’s list. Not only does Ibotta make it easy to generate rewards, but it approves purchases from coffee, Uber, to shopping online, and more. Like others in this group, all it requires is for you to make a purchase through their app. In return, Ibotta rewards you in direct cash payments or you can choose from 20 gift card options.

7. Swagbucks

Why not leverage your free time! Swagbucks pays you in gift cards for simply watching videos, performing web searches, browsing the internet, and shopping online. Moreover, Swagbucks comes highly recommended. It is difficult to find a financial article without it due to its user-friendly platform and sheer reward power for completing tasks that you already do. Swagbucks claims their members have the potential of earning up to $300 a month if they put in the time. However, spending one hour a day on Swagbucks could earn you around $30 a week in free rewards.

8. Mistplay

Similar to Bananatic, Mistplay rewards gamers for time played. However, unlike other gameplay apps, Mistplay provides unique gaming opportunities for all levels of gamers. While there are many options available, Mistplay does not require any extra steps. Your time is tracked, earning you points toward gift cards. This is ideal for the everyday gamer, or parents of phone gamers, who would not mind earning a little extra for their time.

9. Blog Giveaways

Incentivizing is not only restricted to the consumer market through apps and participation rewards. Often Youtubers and Bloggers receive major kickbacks from potential partners to host giveaways to reach specific demographics or advertise to a broader market. There are also blogs specifically dedicated to gift card giveaways. To begin, simply search for blog or YouTube giveaways in your search bar and select from the numerous list of available options. Or if you want to earn double gift card rewards, download Bing before you search. Microsoft rewards Bing users just for using their browser (more below).

10. Bing

Over 1.2 trillion web searches are performed around the globe each year. With numbers like that, chances are you search the internet regularly, but are you getting rewarded for it? If not, Microsoft would like to offer you points for every search you complete through Bing or Microsoft Edge to cash out on gift cards. Depending on your searching culture, you could walk away with a $5 gift card every month just for using the internet through their platform. To begin, you must sign up with Microsoft Rewards! Not only is this one of the easiest ways of earning gift cards, but Microsoft will allow you to donate your rewards to local nonprofits and encourages you to take your rewards even further.

11. Target

Target rewards the everyday shopper and kicks back free Target gift cards on several approved purchases ranging from diapers, formula, to other baby essentials. For example, if you spend $50-$100 on approved items, Target will give you a $25 gift card to spend on whatever you wish. This is perfect for parents looking to maximize their dollars and purchase potential. With over 1800 stores accessible nationwide, your gateway to free money is as easy as simply changing the location where you shop.

12. Test Drive Cars

It is a little-known fact that car companies will pay you to test drive their vehicles! Yes. You read that right. For as little as 30 minutes of your time, you could earn between $25-$100 just for taking your favorite car for a spin. While promotions are always changing, below is a list for dealers who often participate in this program.

  • Dodge $50 Amazon or Target Gift Card
  • Subaru $50-$65 Visa Gift Card
  • Fiat $50 Gift Card
  • Lincoln $100 Visa Gift Card
  • Honda $25 Gift Card
  • Ford $25-$100 Visa Gift Card
  • Hyundai $50 Amazon or Target Gift Card
  • Jeep $50 Walmart or Amazon Gift Card
  • Mini $50 Amazon Gift Card
  • Chrysler $50 Amazon or Walmart Gift Card

Due to COVID, it is encouraged to check in with your local dealership to discover if they are participating or allowing test-drives at this time.

13. Amazon Trade In

If you are looking to unload any old technology, phones, PC or console games, textbooks, books, and other hardware, Amazon will trade you Amazon Gift Cards for your unwanted goods. To begin, simply access their site, describe your trade-in, approve, or reject their offer. If you approve, you ship the items at no cost to Amazon. Once they receive your item, they will inspect it for quality and approve or return your item(s) to you. Depending on your trade in, you may qualify for instant payment, and do not have to wait for the appraisal process before you receive your funds. With Amazon, you never pay for shipping and have the potential of large payouts depending on what you are selling.

14. Coinstar

Coinstar is a money exchange company that provides cash out services to those who are wanting to turn their loose change into cash or trade their gift cards for money. Often positioned in grocery stores and other markets, the Coinstar Kiosk is your one stop shop for unloading loose change. They will even count your change for you, so you do not have to spend hours rolling it and finding a bank willing to do an exchange. Not only is Coinstar accessible, but if you are willing to cash out for a gift card—they will wave the exchange fee, allowing full access to your savings.

15. Fetch Rewards

One of the simplest ways to claim a Gift Card is through Fetch Rewards. This downloadable app rewards you in Amazon Gift Cards every time you shop at a grocery store, local market, or gas station. It is as easy as taking a picture of your total from each purchase, uploading it on the app, and watching your reward points rise. The average person can earn 10$ within a week by cataloguing their purchases. No side gimmicks. No extra steps. You get paid for making purchases you already make.

What is Free Money and Why is it Free?

Free money is often described as a gift that is given to you that you did not earn or work for. Free money has also been associated with funds that are not allocated and can be used as one wishes.

Companies recognize that the average consumer does not come equipped with unlimited funds. That for most shoppers interacting with their product, money is not an expendable resource, and that for a purchase to be made—it must be meaningful and without guilt. Gift cards do exactly this. They provide a guiltfree, exciting shopping experience that enables you to interact with a product explicitly, setting the tone for future purchases. This is one reason you come across payouts in the form of gift cards instead of cash! They want you to feel so good about your purchase that you will recall this feeling when it is time to make another one—and choose them instead. It is not often I get to write about the psychological joys of spending; however, having positive interactions with money is just as vital to your financial health as any other component that attributes to your financial wellbeing.

Gift cards also provide you with a quality of life. Being able to make purchases for yourself that come with no financial obligation makes spending your money on rent, mortgage, student loans, or everyday bills less overwhelming.

Protect Yourself and Know the Facts

Always remember to exercise due diligence before entering contracts and allowing others to access your personal data or financial information. While most sites listed are generally regarded as trusted, reputable sources, you can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your financial health and wellbeing. We also suggest you read all fine lines to be sure you understand how programs work. While some rewards are instant, others require you to earn a specific amount before you can cash out your rewards. Knowing where you stand within your finances is a primary value of both financial freedom and protecting your financial wellbeing.

Gift Cards Provide Financial Freedom

Having access to positive, stress free shopping experiences play a vital role in our culture. So often our money is designated to other areas that we are not able to feel the joy that comes from meeting our personal needs. Gift Cards help to alleviate the cash demand, by giving you streamlined opportunities to shopping experiences at no cost to you. While maintaining financial wellness is always the first goal, practicing self-care and allowances is a quality of life factor that cannot be dismissed. However, generating income on top of our responsibilities is not always easy to do. We do not always have time to take surveys or go through the motions only to find out our reward is locked behind several more hoops and hassle.

By utilizing kickback reward programs, sign on bonuses, and incentives– you are paid for living your life as you normally would. There is no extra work and no strings attached. You simply cash out rewards for being you.

Let's stop worrying about money, together.

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