15 Best Fax Services Near Me To Fax For Cheap


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15 Best Fax Services Near Me To Fax For Cheap


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3 months ago

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There are moments when faxing is the most efficient, safest way of sharing information between two entities. In fact, many medical, legal, loan or financial systems will not accept scanned documents or information. This is due to several factors.

First, it eliminates the access and relieves the potential risks of sharing personal information online. It is considered a form of direct transaction because it is sent directly to the recipient, in the safest way possible outside of exchanging information personally. For example, if you needed to submit tax information and bank stubs to obtain a loan. Due to the sensitivity of the information, this transaction would be considered high risk. Fax eliminates the risk exponentially and reduces the possibility your information could be accessed or otherwise stolen online.

Second, faxing assures the sender is the one providing the information or initiating the transaction. In a way, it is a form of liability assurance because faxing takes effort and is easily tracked. Unlike internet personas where aliases are often used, and the user is not widely visible, sending a fax is both a transparent and personal way to send information.

Third, many establishments prefer to receive paper copies of client information for liability, proof, or review that came directly from a verified source. As such, paper records have not completely lost their sheen, when it comes to legal, medical, and financial sectors. Therefore, chances are at some point in the inevitable future, you will need to rely on fax services.

Best Fax Services Available Near me


Staples operates over 1,100 stores nationwide, bringing you total accessibility to a wide variety of printing and business services. They are considered a one-stop-shop, especially if you need to print any documents beforehand. Conversely, Staples allows you to take advantage of the ability to send documents via online without using paper copies. This is an environmentally friendly option to printing, especially if your fax is comprised of a considerable number of pages. However, prices appear to vary greatly from location to location, so the below is an average estimate. If you have any questions about specific pricing, call your local Staples to obtain a quote.

  • Local price: $1.70 for the first page and $1.50 for every page thereafter  
  • National Price: $2.20 for the first page and $2.00 for every page thereafter 
  • Offer printing and other services you may need to complete your fax


If you do not have access to a physical fax machine, sending a fax online has never been easier. With HelloFax, you have the option to send a fax from the comfort of your home. HelloFax even offers the first five pages for free! To do so, all you need to do is download your document and fill out all pertinent information. HelloFax works directly with Google Drive, allowing for direct access and easy transmission. However, do keep in mind that physical faxes pose less risk when it comes to sending confidential and sensitive information. There is always a risk whenever sharing personal information online. HelloFax offers one of the cheapest rates available, allowing up to 300 faxes for only $9.99.

  • First Five Pages: Free
  • 300 Pages: $9.99 per month, with the option to cancel anytime!


Efax is an additional online fax option that comes highly recommended by users. It offers both national and international services and is programmed with efficiency in mind. You can even fax from your phone. Efax also has systems in place that protect your identity and information, including HIPPA compliance and healthcare standards. You can get a quote or obtain a free trial just for signing up.

  • Thirty-day free trial
  • Get a personalized quote to meet your faxing needs

Love’s Travel Shop

Not many people are aware that truck stops offer a wide variety of services to travelers. Being as Love’s Travel Shops are located nationwide, often in rule areas, this is an excellent alternative if you are on the go, or your options for sending a fax are limited. This doubles if you need to receive a fax but cannot wait around to do so. You can arrange to have it sent to your next available location along your route. Furthermore, travel shops or truck stops usually have steadier pricing than standalone business centers, depending on the location.  If you do not have access to a Love’s, you may be in proximity to a truck shop that caters to travelers. It is worth calling to see if they offer fax services.

  • Local and National: $2.75 per page (may vary depending on location)

FedEx Office (Kinkos)

When FedEx acquired Kinkos in 2004, they changed their name to FedEx Office and made some minor changes to the brand and their scope of service. One of the benefits of FedEx being at the helm is it made Kinkos unique service accessible to those who reside outside of major metropolitan areas. Like Kinkos, FedEx operates many 24/hr. locations available to meet your needs whenever they arise. This provides a direct solution for those who are on a time constraint. However, one of the best features of FedEx Office is price. They offer some of the most affordable prices available for physical faxing.

  • Local: $1.59 for the first page and $1.49 for every page thereafter
  • National: $2.19 for the first page and $1.99 for every page thereafter
  • International: $5.99 for the first page and $3.99 for every page thereafter

Office Depot or OfficeMax

While the name varies depending on location, Office Depot and OfficeMax are the same entity. Like Staples, they offer a wide variety of print and fax services to their customer, including self-service stations and same day pick up on most services. OfficeMax/Office Depot are a cost-effective solution and are worth consideration whether you are sending a large document or need to make a quick fax. 

  • Local: $1.49 for the first page and $1.29 for every page thereafter
  • National: $1.99 for the first page and $1.79 for every page thereafter
  • International: $7.99 for the first page and $3.99 for every page thereafter


ifax eliminates the barriers of physical faxing by providing an online solution. With over 20 million faxes sent, they are one of the most frequented online faxing services in operation. You can even send your first fax for free! It is as simple as pressing the send fax for free option. From here, you will be prompted to complete a cover letter and upload your document. If you are sending a large document, you can sign up for their free seven-day trial and benefit from up to 200 faxes per month for only $8.33 when your free trial concludes. If you are sending multiple pages, this is still an economical solution. Four pages and a fax cover sheet from a physical faxing servicer would put you over the $8.33 price point. With iFax, you are spending $.44 a page.

  • Free Fax
  • Free seven-day trial
  • $8.33 for up to 200 faxes a month

Pilot Flying J

Pilot Flying J is another all service truck stop that caters to the needs of ongoing travelers. Like Loves, they too offer services and support to rural areas, and can be a save all if you are in a time crunch, must provide a quick signature, or need to send and receive information fast. Pilot Flying J operates over 750 travel centers across the United States. However, fax prices vary depending on location.

  • Average $1.75-$2.00 per page

Nonprofit Solutions

Nonprofit organizations function as the cornerstone of community assistance and exist to serve its members fully. If you find yourself without money and need to send a fax for pressing reasons, phone your local nonprofit and explain your situation to them. Chances are they will be able to provide you with resources on where to obtain free fax services, connect you with an additional entity that would be willing to fax the document for you, or fax it themselves. Search “your area” “nonprofits” into your preferred search engine for a list of local nonprofits that are available to you.

United Parcel Services (UPS)

Not only does UPS operate over 4,900 locations in the United States, but they offer one of the most cost-effective solutions to faxing available. UPS additionally offers Notary Services, which at times may be required on documents that need signatures or are legally binding. This alleviates the need for venturing to two or more locations or paying additional fees. However, do keep in mind most notary services are provided for free by banks if you are one of their customers. Furthermore, UPS is always offering promotions. Take advantage of their one-day sales to cut your faxing cost even further!

  • Local: $1 per page and $1 for every page thereafter
  • Nationally: $2 per page and $1 for every page thereafter
  • Internationally: $3 per page and $3 for every page thereafter


Being a member of AAA comes with a vast number of perks not exclusive to roadside assistance. Believe it or not, members of AAA are provided with a vast number of discounts at hotels, car rentals, travel rewards, and credit card kickbacks. They also include free passport photography, free notary, free fax, and copy services at any of their local branches. If you are a member of AAA, take advantage of your member perks and fax your document at no cost to you.

  • Free fax services for members

Hotels Business Centers

Another faxing solution is to utilize business centers located in most hotels. Whether you are a guest or need a quick option, hotels offer fax services to the public. While prices vary greatly depending on the hotel, research indicates that hotel fax services cost more than the average fax service. This falls in line with most hotel amenities from candy bars to Wi-Fi. Guests will often pay more for a service that does not require them to leave and is easily obtainable. Thus, it is a matter of choosing which is more important: saving money or swifter turnaround. For large documents or mass faxing, hotels may not be a viable solution regardless if you are a guest. In truth, you could walk away paying $100 or more to fax sizeable documents. Thus, it is important to weigh your options, your number of pages, and consider whether accessibility is worth paying for. However, if you are needing to fax one to two pages swiftly—this could be a viable option.

  • Price per page vary upon location, but are often costly for significant faxes

Humble Fax

If you are intrigued by online faxing services, we do not blame you. Aside from exercising concern over sensitive and confidential information, sending a fax online is an easy, time saving, eco-friendly option to traditional faxing. Humble fax believes this too. For $10 a month, you can fax with no limits! This is ideal for sizeable faxes that would run over $100 otherwise. In exchange for $10, Humble fax provides you with a fax number, allows you to receive or send faxes from your computer, phone, or email without the need of a traditional fax machine. No gimmicks–just service! Our lowest option on this list would only enable you to send 10 pages locally before it is no longer considered a cost-effective option. Humble Fax is by far the most price friendly option on this list, apart from those who offer faxing services for free.

  • $10 a month—no page limitations

Your Local Grocery Store

Did you know that most Customer Service departments at your local grocery store will fax documents for you? From Safeway to your local Mom & Pop Shop, faxing services are almost always available to their patrons. While this is not the most cost-effective option, it is worth consideration if you are facing time constraints and travel restrictions or live in a rural area with limited options.

Qualifying Faxes Could be Free At Local Locations

One of the little-known secrets of information sharing is that most entities will fax documents for you on your behalf if someone is requesting the information and it is not being used for personal use. Even medical records can be shared between two entities upon request at no cost to you. If a bank is requesting you sign a document and you have access to a local branch, this is something they can facilitate for you. Before you send a fax, it can save you money to inquire whether this service is available to you.

Before You Send A Fax

Before you send a fax, be sure you are prepared.

Faxes should include a coversheet and placed at the beginning of your document.

The coversheet should include:

  • Your name
  • Your contact information
  • The recipient’s name (this should be a specific person, whenever possible)
  • The recipient’s contact information
  • The recipient’s fax number (double-check to be sure this is correct before sending)
  • The date
  • A short message, to include any FYI, time limitations, or pertinent information you want to highlight (when applicable)
  • If you are sending sensitive or confidential information, this needs to be clearly indicated on the coversheet and included on every page within the document. Check with the recipient if you are concerned about changing the format of the document for any reason.

After you send the fax, obtain a confirmation report from the sender. This will help alleviate any confusion if the recipient did not receive it and will provide proof if the documents were time sensitive and needed to be received by a certain date.

Faxing is not free. In fact, at times, it can be a costly process. This is especially true if your fax consists of many pages. Keep this in mind before you approach a servicer. It is always worth it to ask the recipient to see if they would accept scanned documents before choosing fax as your method of sending. Unless you possess a scanner, there is still a cost associated with these services—but it is typically less. If there is not an immediate need, mailing would be a cost-effective option. Of course, if there is a possibility of hand delivery, it is the safest, most cost-effective way to transact personal information. However, this is not always possible, which is why faxing remains relevant to date.

While faxing rates typically fall within the same cost, servicers can set their price as they see fit. Obtaining a quote for large documents is highly recommended. This way there are no surprises and cost expectations are clear. Therefore, it is important to choose the option that works best for you and your finances.

Lastly, it is recommended you perform a quick search to see if these locations and prices are true for your area.

Final Thoughts

There are several reasons why you may need to utilize fax services. Not only is it a safe, swift, easy way to share information, but there are protective features built within faxes that are not upheld with digital sending. Moreover, fax provides paper copies. Although digitized signatures are becoming more popular(Thanks Docusign!), they are not always used. Many entities still require physical signatures on paper copies. This is especially true for legal forms, loan applications, title transfers, and many other situations where your signature needs to be live and present. Whenever this happens, faxing assists in making this transaction as easy as possible. Although faxing is a relevant service, it is not always clear where to locate a provider. It is the intention of this list to provide you with easy access to cost-effective faxing solutions.

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