55 Really Good Dares – Definitive List


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2 weeks ago

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Truth or Dare has been around for a long time. Not only is it a fun game for kids at a sleepover, but even adults play it, in well, more adult ways. The key to the game is having the right dares; dares that are so funny and challenging, you’ll have everyone rolling on the ground with laughter!

We’re going to explore some of the funnest and most interesting dares to get your party rolling. You’re going to find there are several of these that you would be loathe to undertake yourself.

Party Dares

  1. Take a measuring cup, go next door, and ask for sugar.

Why is it so embarrassing to knock on your neighbor’s door? This is a fun way to see that confused expression on your neighbor’s face, while maybe getting a free cup of sugar in the process!

  1. Howl like a wolf on the street for 30 seconds.

Just go outside onto the street and begin howling at the moon for 30 seconds. You’ll be surprised by the number of faces that peer out the window from neighboring homes. They might just start howling with you.

  1. Take a bad selfie and post it as your profile pic.

And we’re talking bad. Take the worst possible selfie of yourself and post it as your new profile pic. Everyone in the group has to agree that it’s a really bad picture for this to work.

  1. Place a hot Cheeto in your nose for 5 minutes.

Feel the burn. There is a distinct burning sensation that comes from placing a hot Cheeto in your nose. You’re going to be required to let it sit there for 5 minutes before you can remove it.

  1. Eat a piece of paper.

It sounds disgusting, but it is possible. You can actually eat a piece of paper, but for this challenge, you’re not allowed to put any sauce on it. And, you have to eat the entire piece of paper.

  1. Lick a tire.

Yes, this is absolutely disgusting. You have to take a good, long lick of a tire and then report to the group what it tastes like. It’s probably not going to only taste like asphalt.

  1. Have your friend style your hair, and wear it like that for the rest of the day.

We promise you that when your friend styles your hair, you’re not going to want to leave the house. Be sure you find someone in the group that has a really bad sense of style to do this for you.

  1. Stop a car that drives by and tell them that their wheels are turning.

Talk about stating the obvious. But you need to stop a car by waving your hands, and once they roll down the window, inform them that their wheels are spinning. They’re not going to be pleased.

  1. Moon a school bus.

This needs to be done during the day, of course. Now, we don’t want to traumatize those kids, so be sure it’s just your butt that they’re seeing. For them, it will be the best school day ever.

Funny Dares

  1. Call a 7-Eleven and ask if they’re open.

Duh. Of course they’re open. That’s what makes it so funny! No doubt the poor person on the other end of the line is going to think that you’re crazy.

  1. Scream on the streets, ‘Nooooo, I was adopted!’

It’s best to scream this loudly, so that all the neighbors can hear. Make it sound like someone just told you the news, and you’re absolutely heartbroken by it. No doubt, your neighbors are going to look at your parents a little differently after that.

  1. Smell everyone’s feet and rank them in terms of stinky-ness.

Give each foot a good whiff and then inform the group who has the stinkiest feet. You’re going to want to rank everyone from 1 to whatever. The person with the stinkiest feet is going to be none too happy at the end of this one.

  1. Take a selfie of you on the toilet and post it online.

Go ahead and sit on the toilet and take a selfie. Make it clear that you’re sitting on the porcelain throne. This is best posted on your facebook page, but it can also be shared on Insta.

  1. Call a NYC pizza place and ask them if the pizza is ‘real’ pizza.

Call a New York City pizza place and ask them if their pizza is the real kind. If you really want to make them hate you, ask them how their pizza compares to real pizza.

  1. Go outside and cut the grass with an invisible mower.

This is best done during the day so that everyone can see, but there’s also novelty to doing this at night. Make sure there’s a bright light on the lawn so that all the neighbors can see you during the mowing process.

  1. Call your mom and tell her you can’t find a girlfriend/boyfriend in a very panicked voice.

You have to really act this one. Use your most pathetic, panicked voice, and tell your mom that you’re having trouble finding a boyfriend or girlfriend. You can even shed a tear or two.

  1. Take a plate of leftovers to your neighbor and tell them, ‘Welcome to the neighborhood.’

It’s best if it’s an old plate of leftovers, and your neighbor has been living there for decades. Bring the plate on over, knock on the door, and when they answer, say ‘Welcome to the neighborhood!’

  1. Sing the national anthem while sitting on a public toilet.

This one is hard to prove to the group, but you can make a video of it and share with them. Get yourself on a public toilet and sing the national anthem. It doesn’t have to be too loud, but it must be patriotic.

Dares for Girls

  1. Brush the teeth of the person next to you.

There’s something awkward and disgusting about this. But turn to the person next to you and inform them that you’re going to brush their teeth. You can floss, if you want extra brownie points.

  1. Do 10 pushups.

For some girls, this isn’t much of a problem, but many girls are going to struggle with this one. Everyone is going to get a good giggle out of seeing you put in all the effort.

  1. Call the guy you have a crush on and tell him how many pairs of shoes you have.

If you don’t feel like calling him, then just text him how many pairs of shoes you have. If you want to take it a step further, you can describe each pair for him. Ask him how many shoes he has.

  1. Make a long facebook post about your love for chocolate.

We’re talking long. Write a full page about why you love chocolate, what’s your favorite, and how chocolate is better than boys. Write a poem if you must, and then post it all to facebook.

  1. Use three items in the fridge as lotion.

Choose three items from the fridge and use them as lotion for your skin. Some good choices include yogurt, mayo, ketchup, and mustard. Some of these things are actually quite good for your skin.

  1. Wear a bra on your head for 2 hours.

Either take off your bra or get another one. Place it on your head and keep it there for 2 hours. You’re going to be surprised by how awkward it really is.

  1. Let someone in the group crack an egg on your head.

This is so gross. There’s nothing worse than that gooey feeling on your head. But you’re going to have to let one of the girls crack an egg on your head while everyone watches. Be sure to take a selfie.

  1. Trade clothes with the person next to you.

This one can be hard if there’s a big size difference, but it’s worth the effort. There’s nothing like experiencing the world in another woman’s clothes. You might just find that you have a whole new personality!

  1. Put mayonnaise in your hair for the rest of the game.

You don’t have to totally cover your head, but place a generous amount of mayo on your hair for the remainder of the game. With time, you’re not going to even notice that eggy smell.

  1. Post a photo of your nostrils on Instagram.

Just your nostrils. There can be nothing else in the picture except your nostrils. Be sure to check those first to make sure there’s nothing in there you don’t want anyone to see.

Dares for Guys

  1. Draw a tattoo on your bicep and keep it there all day.

Use a sharpie if you can to heighten the effect. You can also have your neighbor draw the tattoo on for you. Maybe you should draw the face of the girl you have a crush on?

  1. Hold the hand of the guy sitting next to you for 30 minutes.

Yes, for 30 whole minutes, hold that guy’s hand. It’s unbelievable how awkward it gets with time, but we know that you can do it.

  1. Eat a spoonful of wasabi.

It’s seriously going to burn, but you won’t die. Wasabi is one of the spiciest things imaginable, and it’s not meant to be eaten alone. Until now!

  1. Put all your clothes on backwards.

This won’t work for your socks, but every other piece of clothing should go on backwards, including your underwear. If you’re wearing a hat, that goes on backwards, as well.

  1. Give yourself a mohawk.

This one is easy enough, and it’s actually going to make you look really cool. Be sure to take a selfie and post to social media.

  1. Shave one of your legs.

You’re only allowed to shave one. This might take some getting used to if you’ve never done it before. Be sure to wear shorts for the next week.

  1. Confess your love on a former teacher’s facebook page.

These days, we’re all friends with former teachers. Post a nice message on their facebook page, and inform them that you have a crush on them. You can even tell them that you’re in love with them.

  1. Text your crush and tell her you pooped today.

Send a brief text to your crush telling them that you have pooped today. It’s really going to make her fall in love with you, we swear.

  1. Wear lipstick for the rest of the game.

Find your friend’s mom’s lipstick and put on a pretty shade. Wear that for the rest of the game, and see if someone tries to steal a kiss.

  1. Lick peanut butter off the top of a dude’s foot.

Place a generous portion of peanut butter on the top of your friend’s foot and take a lick. If you want to take it a step further, you can put it on the bottom of their foot.

Dares for Friends

  1. Sniff another person’s armpit for 10 seconds.

This one can be bad if the dude just came back from the gym. But go ahead and put your nose in there and take a generous whiff. You can tell the guy how he smells.

  1. Allow someone to pour ice down your pants.

This is going to hurt. Allow someone to pour a large bowl of ice down your pants and let it sit there for a few minutes. This can be done down the back or the front.

  1. Make up a title for the movie about each person’s life.

Go around the room and come up with a movie title for each person’s life. Don’t be offensive, but do be honest.

  1. Empty your purse or backpack, and show everyone what’s inside.

This is going to be more challenging for girls than it is for guys, but it’s fun for the group to see the contents of your bag. You’d be amazed by the things that people carry around.

  1. Close your eyes and allow your friends to feed you things from the fridge.

Close your eyes and trust. The items have to come from the fridge, and be edible, but they don’t have to tell you what they’re putting inside your mouth.

  1. Let each person slap you on the butt.

This seems innocent enough, but you wouldn’t believe how weird it is to have everyone slap you on the butt. Let them do it hard or gentle.

  1. Text everyone in the group something that you’ve never told them before.

Take a moment to text everyone in the group something you’ve never told them before. It can be scandalous or tame, whatever you prefer.

  1. Choose the person in the group you’d most like to kiss.

Tell everyone in the group who you most want to kiss. It has to be someone in the room. Maybe that person will view you a little differently after that.

  1. Sing to the person next to you.

Gently serenade the person next to you. Choose a song that is sweet, loving, and tender.

Dirty Dares

  1. Read the newspaper in the most seductive voice you have.

Take the local newspaper and read it in the most seductive voice you have. You can also select a book or the phone pages.

  1. Take a naked selfie and send it to your partner.

If your boyfriend or girlfriend is not in the group, take a naked selfie and send it to them. Please only do this if they’ve seen you naked before.

  1. Take your bra off and have someone else wear it.

For girls, take off your bra and have someone else in the group wear it. It can be either a man or woman that puts it on.

  1. Change your facebook status to, ‘I’m coming, I’m coming!’

This is a great one to show your friends that you’re having a good time. You can even do a follow up post that says, ‘I came.’

  1. Put your hand on the inner thigh of the person next to you for 1 minute.

Do make sure that the other person is comfortable with this, and don’t reach up too high! But gently keep your hand there for a whole minute.

  1. Do your best sexy crawl.

Get on the floor and do your best sexy crawl. You can crawl towards another person, or towards a beloved pet.

  1. Flash everyone your chest.

Girls, make sure that you’re comfortable with this. You can always say no. But if you’re down, show the group the goods.

  1. Sit on someone’s lap for the rest of the game.

This can get awkward, but it is a little sexy. Sit on someone’s lap and put your hands around their neck.


This is the definitive list of the greatest dares to use at your next party(We dare you!). Some of them are so outrageous, people are going to be wishing they had chosen truth instead of dare. Feel free to modify any of these to suit your tastes, and remember, never do anything or force someone else to do something that is too far out of their comfort zone.

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