75 Crafts to Create and Make Money This Year


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2 years ago

75 Crafts to Create and Make Money This Year


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2 years ago

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In the past year, we saw a steep increase in the number of people selling homemade products and services both online and through carefully regulated pick-up locations. Crafts have always been a great side hustle for people who love to create items that others need and who want to make a little extra money for their efforts.

If you love to craft and would like to turn your crafty tendencies into a side hustle, there has never been a better time to do so! There are many kinds of crafts that can be made to earn some money, and your customers will be thrilled with your original and one-of-a-kind products that they can’t get anywhere else.

If you are ready to learn more about crafts that you can create to make money this year, read on!

75 Crafts to Create and Make Money This Year

1.       Head Wraps and Headbands

People use them to protect their hair at night, to work out in, or to dress up on days where their hair is just not on point. There are many different styles of head wrap and headband that you can make, but soft, knit ones with fun patterns tend to be the most popular.

2.       Tutus

Little girls love a tutu, and moms will feel the same way!

3.       Quilts

Quilting is an art all of its own, and you can choose to make complex quilts or basic ones. Many people who quilt are also willing to take custom orders, making this a great way to earn really great money for your hours of sewing.

4.       Photo Holders

These clever items come in man styles and are a great home good to sell for office or home use.

5.       Hand Painted Photo Frames

Picture frames with a unique twist never go out of style and hand painting them makes them extra gorgeous.

6.       Bracelets

Charm bracelets and custom woven bracelets are really in this year. You can make so many cute styles and designs with ease and even add charms and other cute swag to your bracelets to create your own unique brand statements. For anyone who loved making friendship bracelets back in the day, this trend is for you!

7.       Stuffed Animals

There are many ways to make stuffed animals, but all of them are popular and sell like hotcakes!

8.       Candles

If you like to make home goods, candles are always a winner. You can make them in many different scents and styles and play around with containers and other customization features that make them pretty enough to put on a shelf even when they are not lit.

9.       Wooden Signs

If you like to paint or carve, wooden signs can be a great homemade craft for you to sell! People love to buy these signs to add to their indoor décor or to announce that they own their home to anyone who steps onto the front porch.

10.   Mason Jar Art

These items can be hand-painted or have clever sayings put on them. Sell them as glassware or containers for small items.

11.   Scarves

While this seems like a complicated one, scarf making is not hard and there are many ways to make them. You can crochet, arm weave, or sew scarves and people will love your handcrafted styles that are truly unique.

12.   Door Wreaths

From seasonal wreaths to custom wreaths made to order, these are a great crafting item that is affordable for you to make. You can sell wreaths for decent prices as well, and you will be likely to have return customers year after year.

13.   Baby Bibs

Cute baby bibs are always a big winner in the handmade crafting world. Everyone needs a large number of bibs for their baby and if you are able to create unique and charming designs, people will be begging to buy your bibs for their own use or for friends and family.

14.   Baby Blankets

Minky styles and other soft baby blankets are a huge hit with moms and grandmothers alike. Babies love to crawl or sleep on soft and cozy blankets and moms use these soft and sweet blankets to pad cribs.

15.   Baby Socks

You can either knit these by hand or decorate plain ones that you buy with fun designs.

16.   Storage Boxes

Any clever storage item that looks nice is always popular and sells readily.

17.   Bags

Handmade bags are always very popular and people love to buy all different kinds of handmade bags. From over the shoulder bags, to makeup bags or purses, handmade bags can be made in many styles and with many different fabrics. These items sell great both online and in person.

18.   Mugs

Colorful mugs or mugs with fun sayings on them can be a huge hit and they pair well with other kinds of home goods crafts. If you like to paint or you are a great designer of clever sayings and art, this is a good outlet for your skills that will pay you back right away.

19.   Paintings or Drawings

If you are good at drawing or painting, custom pieces or creating art that has a unique style, you will be able to sell your paintings or drawings to customers with ease. Consider making these items in many different styles and themes and sell them in person as well as online.

20.   T-Shirts

If you can screen print, you can make fun shirts and other clothing at the drop of a hat! This can be a great way to make items that will fly off the shelves!

21.   Jewelry

Handmade jewelry is always popular and the more unique and customized your styling choices are, the better! There is no wrong way to make jewelry and you can make many different styles and work in many different colors and materials.

22.   Baby Bows

Baby bows are always adorable and every mom loves to have at least a handful of these clever items to use for photos, special events and just to dress up their baby. These are small items and easy to make and you will be surprised at how easy it can be to sell them.

23.   Wedding Centerpieces

There are so many steps to planning a wedding that many people do not want to have to create table arrangements for the reception themselves. You can save the day by crafting this item for them!

24.   Crocheted Items

From key chains to cute stuffed animals, crochet can be a great way to make cute and fun items that people will be desperate to buy. There are many clever ways to incorporate crochet into your crafting and many people report that crochet is a great stress reliever for them as well. You will be making awesome crafts when you crochet and also getting the benefit of a peaceful activity that keeps your hands busy while you watch TV or hang out with friends and family.

25.   Decorative Pillows

Everyone needs a good accent pillow here and there to make their room welcoming and cheery. Creating these fun little pillows can be an easy way to make some cash!

26.   Ornaments

From classic to unique, ornaments are a great way to make money and they sell well year-round. There are many different styles and designs you can make and you can consider making entire sets as well.

27.   Rings

Unique rings are always a popular item, and if you have the ability to hand paint or handcraft rings, you will have no trouble making money off your talent!

28.   Bird Feeders

While not the first thing that you might think of, bird feeders are easy to make and can be painted in any color. This is a great home goods item that is often overlooked by crafters.

29.   Colorful Plant Pots

If you have ever gone to a garden store you know how boring the pots they have for sale can be. Make cute hand-painted or hand-embellished pots and people will be begging to take them off your hands.

30.   Bath Bombs

Just like candles, these little guys are easy to make and can be a ton of fun to customize and design. Make adult-themed or kid-themed bath bombs and satisfy all ages.

31.   Rope Bowls

These have become really popular of late and they are very easy to make. Rope bowls are a home good that requires limited materials to make, making them a great way to make some money!

32.   Wine Glasses

If you are good with paints, custom wine glasses can be a good fit for your talents! Buying blanks is not expensive and creating fun designs for each set can be an artist’s dream.

33.   Coasters

Whether you make wooden or ceramic or pottery coasters, people always need them for their home and will be thrilled to have the chance to buy a set that is not basic and boring.

34.   Welcome Mats

There are many materials you can make these items from and the cleverer your design, the better!

35.   Soaps

People love homemade soap and you will have no trouble selling your unique blends and scents.

36.   Photo to Wood Transfers

If you know how to do this process, wooden art with photos transferred onto them is easy and makes a lot of money!

37.   Wind Chimes

These musical items are a piece of cake to make and people love their delightful noise.

38.   Reclaimed Wood Items

From furniture to Knick Knacks, reclaimed wood items are always popular.

39.   Painted Rocks

While this might sound silly, people use these hand-painted items to dress up flower planters and garden beds.

40.   Lip Balm

Just like soaps and candles, this is an easy item to make and everyone loves lip balm!

41.   Sugar Scrubs

Just like other skin products, sugar scrubs are easy to make and they smell delightful!

42.   Door Signs

From Open/Closed signs to family name signs, these cute items are always popular.

43.   Ribbon Toys for Babies

These delightful toys are baby-safe and can hang from strollers or in the crib for hours of fun.

44.   Worry Pets

These tiny stuffed animals are great for small children moving into full-time school or maybe going through a time of change.

45.   Gloves

If you know how to knit, everyone loves a cozy pair of gloves on a cold day!

46.   Cosplay Items

If you know how to make costume items, this is the niche for you to focus on!

47.   Furniture

From crafting from scratch to refinishing furniture items, you will have no trouble making money for this crafting idea.

48.   Custom Hairpins

From sparkly to sleek, custom hairpins are always a huge hit!

49.   Dog Jackets

If you can sew, making dog jackets is a great way to make some extra cash.

50.   Hand Painted Dishes

You can make these as unique art pieces or make an entire matching set for daily use!

51.   Potpourri

This is a fun choice if you love to create unique scents and so easy to gather and bundle for sale.

52.   Cup Cozies

These great little items replace the scratchy paper ones that coffee shops like to offer you.

53.   Kids Backpacks

From crochet to knitting, to sewing, you can make these fun items in many ways.

54.   Hand Painted Silverware

Make entire sets of matching personalized silverware, or some great serving spoons and forks.

55.   Mouse Pads

These can be made in lots of different styles and designs and add a personalized touch to any office.

56.   Table Runners

These fun items can be seasonal or stylish.

57.   Custom White Board

People love to organize and it’s really nice not to look at a boring whiteboard while you do it!

58.   Origami Art

From useful items to classic cranes, people adore origami items.

59.   Macrame Plant Hangers

This is a classic that has come back into style. These are useful and easy to make.

60.   Troll Headbands

With Troll dolls being popular again, these fun troll hair-inspired headbands are a huge hit!

61.   Leather Tassels

These are great for keychains or tiebacks for curtains.

62.   Fabric Covered Cork Board

This is a fun twist on a classic push-pin corkboard.

63.   Colorful Handmade Napkins

These can be made of any kind of material that will wash up well and they can provide a splash of color to your customer’s table.

64.   Cross Stitch Items

This is a simple kind of embroidery and can be used to embellish many kinds of items from hand towels to pillow covers.

65.   Key Holders

These can be made with fabric, wood, or any other material that can be mounted on a wall. Make them colorful and fun and people will love them!

66.   Wall Letters

These are easy to make and are a clever way to detail a kid’s room with their initials or to be used for other kinds of décor.

67.   Glasses Cases

Soft glasses cases are always useful and you can make these in fun colors and styles for any age customer.

68.   Drawstring Bags

Whether these will be used for gifts, small items, or maybe even jewelry, drawstring bags are easy to make and just as easy to sell.

69.   Wooden Puzzles

If you know how to work with wood, these can be a great idea for a unique craft item people will be dying to get their hands on!

70.   Pin Cushions

Other crafty people who sew will be grateful that you took the time to make creative and unique places for them to keep their pins.

71.   Magnets

There are so many ways to make fun magnet styles, from beads to applique. Experiment with all of them and you will appeal to all ages and tastes.

72.   Flower Pens

Fun pens are a great addition to anybody’s desk and these flowery pens are cheerful and unique.

73.   Custom Clipboards

These unique items can be antiqued, covered with fabric, or hand-painted for unique flair.

74.   String Artwork

If you have the patience to work with small pins and string, you can make delightful unique pieces of art for your customers using this method.

75.   Paper Art

From paper animals to papered scenes that can be framed, there are many ways to use paper art to make craft items that people will want to use to decorate their homes and offices.

Crafting Can be Fun and Lucrative

There is no wrong way to craft and there are customers out there just dying to buy your creatively created items. If you love to create works of art or practical items, now is the time to get out there and start following your passion while also making some money!

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