Blog Post Ideas: 75 Creative Ideas for Bloggers to Get More Traffic


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2 years ago

Blog Post Ideas: 75 Creative Ideas for Bloggers to Get More Traffic


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2 years ago

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Blogging can be a great way to highlight your business and provide added value to your branding. You might also be blogging simply because you enjoy writing about your favorite things and it has become a job for you. Blogging is often a major factor in the success and visibility of a brand and if you write for a living, you know how much the topics that you write matter.

The hard part about blogging is that you have to post daily, or at least very frequently. This can mean that you can run out of ideas and hit a wall of writer’s block. No matter if you are a beginning or an advanced blogger, you know the struggle that can be caused by writer’s block.

If you are not sure what to write, here are some great blog post ideas for beginners or advanced bloggers!

Coming Up With Good Blogging Ideas

Always remember that you should not just write about random topics to flesh out your daily posts. You may have the kind of site that allows for this level of variety, but always remember that you will need to stay on topic if you are running a more focused blog. As an example, you would not want to write an article about kites if you are running a focused blog on cleaning processes for your home!

Sometimes the best way to get some inspiration is to look at the topics that other bloggers in your niche are writing about and think of new ways to write on these topics. This can lead to boredom both for you and your readers, however. That is where being willing to think well outside the box can make your blogging process much easier and much more fun for you.

You might be shocked at how many topics are out there that fit your niche once you start creating a list of related ideas and topics! Being able to have ideas stored in a list can help you to find inspiration and keep you on track as you develop your content each day. Making that list is easy if you are willing to look at unique angles you could take in your writing.

The best way to break up your writer’s block is to think about all of the ways that other niche ideas and blogging styles might be able to be turned into writing about your own niche, even if they don’t naturally fit right in at first. You might be shocked at how easy it is to find connections between common topics and your own blog once you start brainstorming!

Good Blog Post Ideas for Beginner and Advanced Bloggers to Get More Ideas

Personal Post Ideas:

1.     The reason that you started blogging

2.     Your goals for the year

3.     How others can start a blog too

4.     Failures that you have overcome

5.     Ways to prevent blogger burn out

6.     Book review

7.     Movie review

8.     Product review (affiliate or influencer friendly)

9.     Your accomplishments that you are proud of

10.   Personal lessons

11.   A secret about yourself

12.   Share upcoming personal events like wedding, birth, etc

13.   Personal professional challenges you are working to overcome

14.   Skills you are wanting to improve upon or learn

15.   Reveal or share information about your childhood

16.   Rants about things you care about

17.   Opinion posts on current events or other topics

18.   Where you plan to be in 5 or 10 years

19.   Top ten things you love-about any topic

20.   Hobbies that you think everyone should try

21.   A list of the people who inspire you

22.   A day in your life or your daily schedule

23.   Steps that led to your current success

24.   Top ten things you hate-any topic

25.   10 steps you have used to solve a problem

26. Interview someone

27. Share recent travel experiences

28. Write about your conspiracy theories

29. Write a full case study about something

30. Share your blogs income & traffic numbers

31. Write a post about your most popular blog ideas to date (also launch a free e-book about the best blog posts)

32. Share your favorite food recipe’s

33. Write a response post to another bloggers post or news outlet

34. Publish a post on your success and failures in life

35. Write about your personal things such as your car(s), house, pets, accessories etc.

These can be great ways to connect with your audience on a personal level and they can show your readers a lot about who you are and what you stand for. This is how bloggers create loyal audiences that follow them for years on end!

This personal touch makes people aware that you are not just trying to use your blog to make money. It shows them that you enjoy sharing with your audience and helping them out when your personal experiences can teach lessons.

Think of your blog like a conversation that you are having with your best friends and write from that perspective when you are creating personal posts for your blog. You might not use this style in your other blogging posts, but personal posts fall flat if they feel robotic or lifeless. If you remember that your personal posts need to feel like a conversation, you should be able to craft these kinds of posts with ease!

Affiliate or Marketing Post Ideas:

1.     A list of products that you use daily

2.     A list of items that did not perform as expected

3.     A review of items in your niche that you wanted to try

4.     A round-up of your favorite items, resources, online tools, etc.

5.     A list of books you used to learn to blog

6.     A list of books for self-help or personal growth

7.     Five strategies that did not work for you

8.     Five strategies that did work for you

9.     Problem-solving lists based on reader feedback

10.   Expert opinions from your niche

11.   List of your favorite blogs

12.   List of your favorite influencers

13.   List of your favorite large companies in a niche

14.   The five things I learned from this course

15.   The five courses you need to take right now

16.   How ___ made me happier, healthier, and able to work harder

17.   A list of your favorite software, cameras, apps, etc.

18.   Books I am excited to read this year

19.   Quotes that made me think

20.   Must have items for – cleaning, organization, your car, anything you think is related to your niche

These kinds of posts are often the bread and butter of blogging that is done to make a living. While these posts may not fit your needs directly very often if you are running a blog that is more of an added value blog for an eCommerce business, this can still be a powerful tool that any blogger can use.

Being able to show readers what does and does not work is a huge help and you can help them to find their new favorite products if you are honest when you create these posts. Being able to link your brand to other large brands can also help with visibility and brand positioning.

Everyone appreciates some advice about the right products and services to buy or try, and as a blogger, you are an expert in your field. This expertise can add lots of value to your readers if you are willing to share it.

If you have the option to use affiliate marketing, you should use this option frequently to make sure that you are not missing out on good passive income that comes from readers who take your advice. Imagine these posts like advice that you are giving to a good friend and they will be much easier to write. You could probably talk for hours about your favorite books for entrepreneurs if someone asks. Leverage this excitement when you are making blog posts.

Travel or Lifestyle Post Ideas

While it might seem like this is a blogging niche that you cannot access unless you run a travel or lifestyle blog, you would be surprised at how often these kinds of posts dovetail with other blogging styles. People love to go on vacation and lifestyle information and you probably have great opinions to offer about a recent vacation you took or a brand that you have always wanted to own.

While you might not be able to write about these kinds of topics frequently unless you are running a travel or lifestyle blog, you can still take a detour once in a while toward these topics. Your readers will enjoy the change of pace and these topics will bring your brand and your blog in front of new readers who have not met you before.

At the end of the day, diversifying your posting topics will make you relatable to more readers and grow your audience. The travel and lifestyle portion of blogging is one of the largest niche spaces inside of the blogging market, and you should attempt to access it whenever you can to maximize your outreach for your blog.

1.     How I use ___ to get cheap flights, hotels, etc.

2.     Things to have in your carry on

3.     A review of your latest vacation

4.     The top makeup, clothes, etc. brand

5.     My go to travel outfit

6.     X things to do in (city, country, state)

7.     The X best attractions to visit in (city, country, state)

8.     How to save money on travel

9.     How to pack your suitcase correctly

10.   X makeup bag essentials

11.   How to get great video while traveling

12.   How to plan the perfect date

13.   How to enjoy a vacation on a budget

14.   The X places I want to travel to

15.   The X places you absolutely must visit

16.   How to find the perfect fit for (clothing item)

17.   Things you should know before you buy ____

18.   A review of the best suitcases and bags

19.   How I edit pictures and videos with ____

20.   Photography books or course you should take/buy

All of these items can be connected readily to make different blogging types and styles. You might not be able to link them all, but they should give you a good starting location to find ways to connect lifestyle with your standard blog topics.

The Best Blog Post Ideas Are Everywhere!

At the end of the day, if you can think of a post that you read that was boring or lacked style, you can probably think of many ways to improve upon it for your own blog. Likewise, if you have always wanted to get information about a certain topic but have struggled to find that information anywhere online, you could fill that void!

There are many ways to get inspired to write and you might be cheating yourself out of some great topic ideas by being too focused on your most routine posting topics. Allow yourself to think creatively and you will be surprised at how easy it starts to become to link many different additional niche topics to your own main blogging focus!

Writer’s block can almost always be defeated by a good brainstorming session, and these topic ideas should help you break through your writer’s block and get back to creating unique and stunning content!

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