12 Best UK Survey Sites


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12 Best UK Survey Sites


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Looking for an easy way to make some money in your spare time? A survey site could be the perfect solution.

Survey sites are backed by reputable market research companies. They pay consumers (like you!) to provide feedback so that brands can improve their marketing strategies. You won’t get rich, but you can earn a decent amount of cash for your next online purchase or special meal out.

Best UK Survey Sites

For all of our UK readers, we’ve put together this list. Check them out – one of these sites could become your next side hustle!

1. Swagbucks


DollarFlow rating


Points. Convert to cash or giftcards.


Earn by watching videos, playing games, taking surveys and shopping online.


Well known and highly recommended company in the industry.

One of the most popular survey platforms in the US, Swagbucks is now making a splash in the UK market and around the globe.

This site rewards its users in points (called “swagbucks”) for answering survey questions and completing other simple tasks. A standard survey takes just a few minutes and is worth 70 swagbucks, or around 40p.

When you make your free account, you’ll be asked to provide some basic personal information such as your age, location, gender, and shopping preferences. Swagbucks will use that information to determine which surveys you’re eligible to take.

Once you’ve collected enough points on your account, you can use them to “shop” for rewards like PayPal cash, Amazon gift cards, and much more.


  • Plenty of available surveys
  • Multiple ways to earn points
  • Quick signup


  • Minimal payout per survey
  • A lot of users – available surveys get taken quickly

2. Survey Junkie

survey junkie

DollarFlow rating


Trustworthy leader in the online rewards space.


Wide variety of surveys.


Points to cash conversion. Can be redeemed by Paypal or Giftcards.

Survey Junkie is another ultra-popular survey site available to users around the world. They offer a few ways to earn, but taking surveys is the most profitable option.

If you stick to the highest-paying surveys on this site, you can easily earn between £5-£15 per hour with Survey Junkie. That’s a lot compared to most other survey sites!

Here’s how it works: when you first sign up, you’ll be asked to fill out some demographic surveys to complete your profile. Take as many of these surveys as possible if you want to access high-paying tasks later on.

The more information you provide, the more surveys you’ll be matched with, so you can choose to stick with the options that pay out the most points.

Like other survey sites, Survey Junkie pays you in points that can be converted to cash and gift card prizes.


  • High per-survey payout
  • Targeted surveys relevant to you
  • Plenty of rewards options


  • Limited available surveys for some users

3. YouGov


Want to feel like you’re making a real difference by filling out surveys? Try YouGov.

This global survey site is about more than just consumers’ shopping habits. They provide data for universities, charities, and more. You’ll be asked to provide your opinion on serious topics like politics and world events.

The only downside to YouGov is that it isn’t the highest-paying option. They’ll send you surveys once or twice a month, and each survey only rewards around 50p.

Because of that, this is a site you might want to consider signing up for alongside one or two others.


  • Impactful, in-depth survey questions
  • Supporting charities and educational institutions
  • Good source of news and academic articles


  • Low per-survey payout
  • Minimal surveys available

4. Ipsos I-Say

ipsos i-say

I-Say, a branch of the Ipsos survey platform, is a great site for users in the UK and around the world.

Like with other sites, you’ll answer some basic demographic questions when you first sign up for I-Say, so that they can determine what kinds of surveys you’re eligible for. Then you can take as many surveys as you can find, whenever you have the time!

One cool factor that makes I-Say stand out above the rest is that when you start a survey, you’ll answer a few preliminary questions to make sure you’re eligible. If you aren’t a good match for that survey, you’ll still earn 5 points for your time.

When you have accumulated enough points in your account, you can reward yourself with cash or a gift card to a variety of popular retailers.


  • Low threshold to cash out (£10)
  • Variety of rewards options
  • Pays for time spent on a survey, even if you don’t qualify


  • Limited ways to earn

5. Toluna Opinions

toluna opinions

Want to be able to choose what kinds of surveys you take? Try Toluna Opinions.

After you make your free account with Toluna, you’ll be able to set your survey preferences. You can choose between lifestyle, travel, shopping, and more. That way, you won’t be bored filling out surveys that don’t feel relevant to you.

Toluna offers a ton of different prizes. While the points system might be a little confusing, you can quickly earn the £10 you need to collect your first reward.

Each survey with Toluna pays between 3,000-6,000 points. After you’ve earned 60,000 points, you can cash out with a £10 gift card to your favorite retailer.


  • Lets you choose your survey topics
  • Variety of prizes available
  • Low threshold to cash out


  • Confusing points conversion system
  • Limited surveys available

6. Vindale Research

vindale research

DollarFlow rating


Complete surveys, give referrals, use reward codes




Free to sign up

Vindale Research is one of my personal favorite survey sites, mainly because it’s so straightforward and easy.

While most other sites pay you in points, Vindale pays directly in cash. You don’t have to waste your time converting your points or shopping around for gift cards – just get cash sent to your PayPal account.

On top of that, this site always has surveys available. Most users are able to take multiple surveys everyday. It’s easy to reach the £50 initial payment threshold within a couple of weeks.

The only downside to Vindale is that there are no gift cards available. Cash is the only reward option.


  • Pays directly in cash, not points
  • Tons of surveys available
  • Multiple ways to earn


  • High threshold to cash out (£50)
  • No gift cards available

7. Survey Bods

survey bods

A lot of survey sites are based in the US, but Survey Bods actually originated in the UK and continues to be the nation’s fastest growing survey site. That means you’re getting surveys that are relevant to you – not just spun from the US market!

When you sign up with Survey Bods, you’ll be asked to complete a few demographics surveys. Then the site will send you relevant surveys every week.

Each survey pays between 50p and £3. While there aren’t as many tasks available on this site as with some others, it can be a great option to add to your weekly side hustles.

On top of that, you can use the points you earn to enter sweepstakes and win big prizes.


  • Designed for the UK market
  • High-paying surveys (up to £3) available
  • Option to enter sweepstakes


  • Limited surveys sent to you each month

8. iPoll


iPoll is a convenient mobile app that makes taking surveys easy. This platform is a great choice if you want to fill out surveys on the train, while you’re in a waiting room, or just sitting around at home.

Most of the surveys on iPoll are based around tech, gaming, and electronics, so this is a good platform for someone who is knowledgeable in those areas.

You can access the app through an iPhone or Android phone, or take surveys on your desktop the traditional way. Each survey pays between 40p and £1.70. Once you’ve earned £20, you can cash out through PayPal or choose a gift card.


  • Convenient mobile access to your account
  • Easy to use
  • Quick initial signup


  • Low payout per survey
  • Not as many surveys available

9. Survey Club

survey club

DollarFlow rating


Earn cash by completing surveys


Unlike other sites, surveyclub has a unique filter to show you surveys you qualify to complete.


Some surveys will take you off-site, allowing more surveys to be available to users.

Survey Club is an international survey platform now available on 6 continents.

This site operates like most other survey sites: you can sign up for free using your email address or Facebook account, then fill in some personal information to complete your profile. After that, you’re free to start taking surveys.

Survey Club will send you all the surveys you are eligible to take, so you don’t have to waste your time scrolling through a list of options. Each survey pays a certain amount of points.

Once you have collected at least £20 on your account, you can cash out through PayPal or select a gift card. That’s a much lower payment threshold than most other sites!


  • Free, fast signup
  • Low threshold to cash out
  • Surveys sent directly to you


  • Limited number of surveys available
  • Payment can take a while

10. LifePoints


DollarFlow rating


Earn points


Test products, fill out surveys, track your experiences & more


Redeem through Paypal or for gift cards.

LifePoints is relatively new to the survey game, but quickly gaining popularity across the US, Canada, and the UK.

This site brings a fun community energy to taking surveys. You’ll be able to connect with other members on the site and see which brands you are influencing by providing your opinions.

As you complete surveys, you will earn points (called “lifepoints”) that you can redeem for cash or gift cards later on. The great thing about this system is that it has a clear conversion rate: 1 lifepoint is equal to 1p – so you always know exactly how much you’re earning.

Lifepoints don’t expire. You can log on whenever you have the time and collect more points. Once you’ve earned over 1,200 points, you can redeem your rewards.


  • Connect with other users around the world
  • Clear points conversion system
  • Variety of rewards available


  • Surveys are the only way to earn points

11. Opinion Outpost

opinion outpost

A lot of survey sites can feel complicated – conversion rates change, available surveys change, rewards can vary, etc. So, if you’re looking for something more straightforward, try Opinion Outpost.

This survey site and mobile app pays you in points to complete simple surveys. Each survey takes around 15 minutes and will pay 50p or more. Once you’ve earned at least 100 points, you can cash out through PayPal, or collect a Visa or Amazon gift card.

The best thing about Opinion Outpost is that the rewards are instant. As soon as you select your reward, it will be sent straight to your inbox.


  • Straightforward and easy to use
  • Quick surveys
  • Instant rewards when you cash out


  • Low payout per survey
  • Not as many rewards available

12. Pinecone Research

pinecone research

Last but not least on our list is Pinecone Research, a popular survey site that has taken off in the US, UK, and Canada.

There is a catch to this site: it isn’t available to everyone. You have to be invited to sign up, either by a current member or through a banner ad on a website or blog.

If you are invited to sign up for Pinecone Research, you will fill out a quick questionnaire with some personal information (gender, location, lifestyle, shopping habits, etc.) This will tell the company if you’re a good fit to answer their surveys – it’s a little like a job interview!

The exclusivity of this site means that the payout is much higher than with some other options. You can earn £3-£5 for a single survey and will always have plenty of surveys available.

They also offer product testing. If you’re interested, you can have product samples sent to your home, then get paid £6 or more for providing your feedback.


  • Plenty of surveys available to users
  • High payout per survey
  • Opportunity to test products


  • Signup by invitation only
  • Extensive questioning before you create your account

What is a survey site?

Before we get into our list of the 12 best survey sites in the UK, let’s go over the basics. What is a survey site, exactly?

These websites are created by market research firms as a tool to gather data. Companies need to know what their customers are looking for, what people are happy with, and what can be done better. You get to provide that information just by completing surveys.

To get started, all you have to do is pick a site and make a free account. There are no entry requirements or fees to sign up for a reputable survey site.

Most survey sites pay their users in points, which can then be converted to cash, gift cards, or other prizes. It’s not like a salaried job, but it is possible to make some easy spending money whenever you have the time.

Are these sites legit?

If you’ve never heard of survey sites before, you might be a little skeptical. The idea of free money just for answering questions almost sounds too good to be true.

Unfortunately, there are some scams out there, but you won’t find any on this list. All 12 of these sites are free and safe to use. It’s impossible to lose money trying them out.

Before you sign up for a new survey site, you should do a little research and make sure they’re established. Read some reviews, talk to other people who have used the site, and find out what company it’s backed by.

A legitimate survey site will never require a fee or use your personal data without your permission.

How much can you earn?

While filling out surveys online shouldn’t be considered a replacement for your full-time job, your earnings can add up if you really dedicate some time to these sites. Plenty of users earn between £100-£300 per month just by answering questions.

To make the most of your earnings, my recommendation is to sign up for multiple sites, and log on whenever you have some spare time on your hands.

The more surveys you complete, the more you’ll earn!

How to choose the best UK survey site for you

If you like the idea of earning easy money and gift cards through a survey site, you’re in the right place. Any one of these 12 sites will provide you with quick, profitable surveys throughout your week.

But how do you know which one to choose?

It really depends on what you’re looking for. Some sites, like Survey Club and Pinecone Research, offer a high payout per survey. Others are easy to sign up for and won’t take up much of your time – and others offer a variety of gift cards and other rewards.

Here are a few factors to consider before you sign up for any site:

1. Ways to earn

Even though we call them all “survey sites,” a lot of sites offer more ways to earn besides answering survey questions. If you’re interested in testing products, watching videos, or even playing games to earn points, you should sign up for a site that offers multiple ways to earn.

Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and iPoll are all sites that might work for you.

2. Points and rewards

How do you want to be compensated for your time?

Most survey sites reward users in points, but some (like Vindale Research) pay directly in cash that can be sent to your PayPal or bank account. If you don’t want to deal with a complicated points conversion system, those types of survey sites are the way to go.

On top of that, remember that some sites offer a variety of gift cards to different retailers, while others are limited to PayPal, Visa, or Amazon. Consider how you want to get paid before you sign up for any site!

3. Mobile convenience

Most of the sites reviewed on this list come with a mobile-friendly app, so you can take surveys on the go.

If mobile convenience matters to you, be sure to read the reviews of any site you want to sign up for. A clear, easy-to-use mobile app will make it easier to kill time while you’re commuting or waiting around between classes.

4. Available surveys

None of these sites have an unlimited supply of surveys. If that were the case, we would all be rich!

That said, some survey platforms do offer more surveys to each user than others. Again, it’s helpful to read a few reviews and find out how many surveys you’ll be able to take each week or month on the site.

To make the most out of your memberships, consider signing up for multiple sites. That way, you’ll always have a survey available to you.

Remember – all of the sites on this list are free to sign up for and use. There is no harm in making an account with a site just to see if you like it!

The bottom line: survey sites are worth a try

The best survey sites in the UK are free, easy, and a great way to earn easy cash. Plus, your opinion will help to shape the future of branding and marketing.

Pick one or two sites on this list that sound like a good fit for you and give them a try. You might be surprised by how much you can earn in your first month.

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