15 Best Survey Sites In Canada


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3 months ago

15 Best Survey Sites In Canada


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3 months ago

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Want to make a little extra cash in your spare time? A survey site could be the perfect solution.

Survey sites provide valuable market research to major brands and retailers. To collect that information, they pay ordinary people (like you!) to answer easy questions. All you have to do is make your account, log in, and take as many surveys as you can.

You won’t make a living by participating in survey sites, but it is an awesome way to earn some free money and prizes.

For all our Canadian readers out there, I put together this list of the most popular, high-paying survey sites in Canada. Find the platform that works best for you, and give it a try – one of these sites could be your next side hustle!

1. Swagbucks


DollarFlow rating


Points. Convert to cash or giftcards.


Earn by watching videos, playing games, taking surveys and shopping online.


Well known and highly recommended company in the industry.

Swagbucks is one of the most popular survey sites on the Canadian and American market.

Aside from just taking surveys, they offer multiple ways to earn points, including browsing online, watching videos, and even testing products.

Swagbucks pays for each task you complete in points, which they call “swagbucks” (get it?). You can redeem those points for prizes like PayPal cash or gift cards to your favorite retailers.

This isn’t the highest-paying survey site out there, but it is easy and a ton of fun. There are always plenty of tasks available to users across Canada and the U.S.

How it works:

Getting started with Swagbucks is easy and 100% free. When you make your account, you’ll be asked a few basic questions about yourself so the site knows which surveys you’re eligible for.

Every time you complete a survey or other task, you’ll earn swagbucks on your account. Once you’ve earned more than 100 swagbucks, you can use them to “buy” your reward. It may take 2-3 days for your reward to be delivered.

2. Pinecone Research

Want to influence the future of marketing? That’s the idea behind Pinecone Research.

This site has been around for more than 10 years and is still gaining popularity. The goal is to let users have a real influence on brands by answering survey questions and checking out new products before they hit the market.

The best feature of Pinecone Research, compared to other survey sites, is that you don’t need to earn a certain amount of points before you cash out. You can get your rewards whenever you want them!

How it works:

Like a lot of other sites, Pinecone Research rewards you in points for each task you complete. You can then redeem those points for cash or other prizes.

This site offers a few different ways to earn, but you’ll get the most out of it if you take all the surveys available to you.

3. MyPoints


DollarFlow rating


Earn points and Cash Back


Find coupons to save money, earn cashback, fill out surveys, play games and watch videos for points.


Redeem through Paypal or for gift cards.

If you want to get paid for shopping online, check out MyPoints.

This is another ultra-popular survey site that offers multiple ways to earn. You can take surveys, watch videos, play games, or even just read emails as they come into your inbox.

MyPoints’ main claim to fame is that they pay you for shopping online. All you have to do is browse through their online shopping portal and click a link to get redirected to your favorite retailer. You’ll earn points every time you make your purchase.

Best of all, right now MyPoints is offering a free $10 Amazon gift card as a bonus when you make your first purchase through them.

How it works:

It’s free to register with MyPoints and start using it. Once you make your account, you can use it to take surveys, complete other easy tasks, or shop online.

If you want to earn points by shopping online, make sure you use their shopping portal. You can browse through deals, then just click on the link you want to buy from to earn your points.

Points can be redeemed through your account for gift cards or PayPal cash.

4. Maru Voice Canada

With so many survey and market research sites geared exclusively toward the American market, it’s nice to find a site that’s just for Canadians.

That’s why you should check out Maru Voice Canada. This is a Canada-based market research site that pays well for each survey and task. You can earn rewards like pre-paid Visa gift cards and flight miles.

Maru Voice Canada provides continuous updates on their site, so you can see how your opinion is actually shaping brands’ decisions.

How it works:

Just make your account with Maru Voice Canada to get started. As you complete tasks, you’ll earn points which can be redeemed for a Visa gift card or other prizes.

Alternatively, you can have cash directly deposited into your bank account.

5. Survey Junkie


DollarFlow rating


Trustworthy leader in the online rewards space.


Wide variety of surveys.


Points to cash conversion. Can be redeemed by Paypal or Giftcards.

Survey Junkie is an international survey site with users across the U.S. and Canada. It’s easy to use and offers a variety of ways to earn points.

There are always plenty of surveys available on this site, so you’ll be able to earn every time you log on. Surveys are personally tailored to you based on your lifestyle and shopping -preferences.

The best thing about Survey Junkie is their transparency. Unlike other sites, they don’t promise unrealistically high earnings – you’ll know what to expect as soon as you get started.

How it works

After you make your free Survey Junkie account, you can start taking surveys right away. You’ll earn points, or credits, with each survey you complete.

There are no fees to turn your points into cash. As soon as you have at least $10 in your account, you can cash out via PayPal or with a gift card.

6. Opinion Outpost

Another popular site for the Canadian market is Opinion Outpost, a fun website and mobile app.

The concept behind Opinion Outpost is simple: share your opinion, influence brands, and get paid. You can redeem your points on this site for a Visa gift card, PayPal cash, or an Amazon gift card.

On top of taking surveys, you also have the option to test products or watch ads to earn points.

How it works:

When you sign up for Opinion Outpost, you’ll be asked to provide some basic information regarding your demographic, lifestyle, location, and more.

Then, the site will invite you to participate in surveys you’re eligible. That means you won’t have to waste your time searching through surveys, but you might not have as many available to you as with other sites.

7. Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys is a top market research site available in Canada, the U.S., and the U.K.

While surveys are the best way to earn points with this site, they also offer regular opportunities for bonuses – including 100 bonus points right when you sign up.

To make the most out of your Branded Surveys membership, you can sign up for the Branded Elite program. Elite members earn extra points every time they complete a survey within a given time frame.

How it works:

When you make your free account with Branded Surveys, they’ll ask you to verify your identity. Then, you’ll complete a profile survey to provide more information about yourself.

The site will automatically match you with surveys you’re eligible to take. Once you’ve collected over 1,000 points, you can cash out with a gift card to your favorite retailers, including Air Canada and Esso gas stations.

8. QBord

PMG Intelligence, a Toronto-based market research company, founded QBord to get valuable feedback from real consumers.

As a QBord member, you’ll provide your opinion on brands’ products, promotions, and marketing trends. You don’t have to be an expert – they just want to know what everyday people think.

In addition to talking surveys, you can also rate ads, participate in focus groups, and answer quick poll questions to earn points. You’ll also get 100 bonus points every time you refer a friend to the site.

How it works:

QBord makes it as simple as possible to earn and redeem your points.

As you take surveys, points will collect in your account. You can’t cash out through PayPal, but you can exchange your points for a pre-paid Visa card, or a gift card to one of their partnered retailers.

Some users have reported a delay in delivering their gift cards – for that reason, QBord is a great site to use in addition to your other favorite survey sites.

9. i-Say

i-Say, formerly known as Ipsos i-Say, is a top-rated survey site that offers regular sweepstakes and tons of ways to earn.

One of the coolest features of this site is that you have the ability to create your own polls. So, if you need some consumer information for a university project or just for your own curiosity, you can publish a quick poll on i-Say and get some feedback.

You won’t earn a living with i-Say, but you do have a decent chance of winning a big cash prize if you enter their sweepstakes.

How it works:

You have to be over 18 to sign up for i-Say. Once you make your account, you can participate in all the surveys you qualify for, or make your own surveys (bear in mind – making your own surveys is just for fun. You won’t earn points).

Once you’ve passed the minimum earning threshold of $5, you can cash out with a gift card, or use your points to enter the next sweepstakes drawing.

10. Toluna Opinions

If you want to see the difference your opinion is making, you should try Toluna Opinions.

This is a smaller, selective survey site available to users in the U.S. and Canada. They’re partnered with top brands like Amazon, Coca-Cola, and Fiat.

Alongside taking surveys, you can also earn points by helping create content for the website, and by interacting with other members. There is a fun social element to this site that you won’t get from any other survey platform!

How it works:

Because they want each member to make a real difference, Toluna’s signup process is a little more extensive than with some other sites.

You’ll be asked a series of personal questions regarding your age, daily activities, shopping habits, etc. This data all remains private – it’s just how they know which surveys are right for you.

Once your account is all set up, you can start taking surveys, or creating your own forums to chat with other members. You’ll be rewarded in points for every task you complete. Those points can be redeemed for entrance into sweepstakes, PayPal cash, or even direct cash.

11. Nielsen Homescan Canada

For an easy, alternative way to earn points, try Nielsen Homescan Canada.

This site will pay you in points for scanning your home purchases. It’s easy – they’re just looking for information about what the average Canadian consumer is buying. You can also answer surveys on this site whenever they’re available.

Nielsen is one of the oldest and most well-established market research companies out there, so you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure with them.

How it works:

Sign up at the Nielsen website to become a panel member. If you want to use the Homescan feature, you’ll have to download their mobile app.

Use the app to scan your home purchases whenever you go shopping. With every scan, you’ll earn points that can be redeemed for a variety of prizes from their catalog.

12. LifePoints


DollarFlow rating


Earn points


Test products, fill out surveys, track your experiences & more


Redeem through Paypal or for gift cards.

LifePoints is another super popular site for users around the world.

If you’re looking for easy, high-paying surveys, this is a great platform. Some users report making as much as $10 – $12 in one sitting – that’s crazy high for a survey site!

Unfortunately, there won’t be a constant stream of surveys available to you. But the ones you can take will be fast and high-paying, so there is no time wasted.

How it works:

LifePoints’ process is pretty standard compared to other sites. Just head to the website and make your free account to get started.

As you complete surveys, you’ll be rewarded in points that can be redeemed for PayPal cash or other prizes.

13. Vindale Research


DollarFlow rating


Complete surveys, give referrals, use reward codes




Free to sign up

Not a fan of the points systems most survey sites use? When you participate in Vindale Research, you get paid directly in cash, with no complicated conversion system.

Each survey pays between $1 and $5, making this one of the higher-paying survey sites on the Canadian market. You can also get bonuses for signing up friends and completing other easy tasks.

Vindale Research’s participants love this site for its simplicity. If you’re looking for a clear, straightforward survey platform with no fancy bells and whistles, this is a great option.

How it works:

Vindale Research pays its users in cash, instead of points.

As you complete surveys, money will collect in your account. You can cash out via PayPal or have a check sent to you.

It’s free to sign up, and you’ll get a $1 bonus just for getting started.

14. PrizeRebel

Similar to SwagBucks, PrizeRebel is a survey site that offers multiple ways to earn.

One unique feature of this site is their tiered membership. As you continue to take services and participate in other tasks, you’ll gain access to more opportunities and better rewards.

This is a great approach to surveys, because loyal members are rewarded with a better payout, instead of all members having an equal shot at a limited number of tasks.

How it works:

After you make your free account with PrizeRebel, you’ll have tons of options to start earning points.

Those include: taking surveys, playing games, entering contests, signing up for free trials, and completing small tasks through CrowdFlower.

Once you’ve earned the minimum amount of points, you can cash out through PayPal, or choose from their huge selection of gift cards.

15. Mobile Xpression

Last up on our list is Mobile Xpression, a site that makes it super easy to earn points.

Unlike other market research platforms, Mobile Xpression is all about the internet – they want to know about their users’ browsing experience so they can help their clients improve their websites and apps.

Instead of taking surveys on this site, you’ll just browse like you normally would, and earn passive points. It’s easy, safe, and a great way to earn rewards without any effort.

How it works:

After you make your free account with Mobile Xpression, just download the app on your smartphone. The app will record your browsing information for you.

You’ll earn points in your account as you browse. Once you have enough points, you can use them to shop for the gift card of your choice on their website.

All about survey sites

Now that you’ve had a look at some of the top survey sites in Canada, let’s go over what these sites really are, and what they do.

Here are the answers to a few common questions you might have about survey sites.

Are survey sites legit?

If you’re a little skeptical of a website that offers free money and prizes, that’s understandable. Unfortunately, there are quite a few online scams out there that are just looking to charge fees and steal your personal data.

All the survey sites reviewed on this list are 100% legit. They’re paid by their partner retailers, so you will never have to pay a signup fee or have any hidden charges on your account. Your data is also perfectly safe with these companies – they only use the information you provide with your explicit permission.

If you ever come across a survey or rewards site that you aren’t sure about, the safest thing to do is read the reviews. A legit, established site will have plenty of positive reviews from satisfied users.

What do they do with the information you provide?

When you answer a survey or submit browsing and shopping data to a survey site, that information is used for market research.

Every established survey site is partnered with major brands and retailers. Those companies want to know more about their consumers, so that they can improve their products and marketing strategies.

In other words, your information goes toward improving the experience of future shoppers. Pretty cool, right? 

How much money can you make taking surveys?

It’s important to note that a survey site is not a replacement for a full-time or part-time job. This is something you can do in your spare time to earn a little spending money or fun gift cards.

That being said, it is possible to make a decent amount of cash just by taking surveys. If you register for multiple platforms and take advantage of every survey or task available, you can make enough to fund a nice dinner out or treat yourself to something special every month.

These sites won’t make you rich. But it’s essentially free money, so it’s worth a shot!

Which survey site is best?

That depends on your preferences. As you can see from this list, there are tons of survey platforms available to the average Canadian consumer. They’re all free to sign up for, so you should shop around and find what works best for you.

Some users prefer to earn cash instead of points. Some enjoy taking surveys, while others like having a variety of tasks available.

The bottom line is, as long as the site is safe and free, there’s no harm in trying it out to see if it’s a good match for you.

Give a survey site a try

If you want to influence the decisions of major brands, earn some easy money, and kill spare time in your day, you should sign up for a survey site. You might be surprised by how much you enjoy it!

The 15 sites on this list are free, safe, and available to anyone in Canada. You aren’t going to get rich on these platforms, but you will earn some decent pocket cash and fun prizes.

Shop around and find the survey site that works for you. It’s basically free money, so why not give it a try?

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