6 Best Stock Charting Software for Mac OS in 2022


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5 months ago

6 Best Stock Charting Software for Mac OS in 2022


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5 months ago

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If you’re a part of the stock world and feed on your trading habits, you’ll know that stock charts are your key to success in that world. Time holds the most value for a trader, and getting stock data as quickly as possible is necessary. The easiest and most efficient way is through stock charting software. Stock charts give you more insight than any other tools on everything you should know. They also provide you with indicators, additional studies, prices and volumes, news, etc. Thus, you’ll have a clear view of the whole image before you make any stock trading decisions. 

However, you should know your way around the best stock charting software that provides you with trusted and valuable information. If you’re on your Mac OS and looking for the best stock charting software, we’ve made it simple and even did the research on your behalf. Stay focused as we go through each stock charting software below on our best 6 software list!

Top 6 Stock Charting Software for Mac OS in 2022

Looking for stock charting software that are compatible with your Mac OS? We’ve done our research and come up with the 6 best options you can find in the stock world. Let’s explore them together!

1. TradingView


TradingView is one of the most effective stock charting software in the stock world. As a trader, it’ll give you the best combination of real-time data, user knowledge, and analysis. This stock charting software just has it all and the best part is that it provides most of its features for free. However, you’ll also unlock outstanding features if you decide on upgrading to its premium plans. 

Some of the features of this stock charting software are: 

  1. Efficient technical analysis: The software unlocks various pre-built and community-built indicators for you along with many professional smart drawing tools you can benefit from. It also gives you muti-timeframe analysis. 
  1. Unmissable alerts: You’ll get flexible and accurate alerts on every little important detail. That way you can track your trade at all times and on every device. 
  1. Detailed feedback on your trading strategies: You can test your trading strategies in real time using this software. In return, you’ll get detailed reports, feedback on your strategy’s performance, executed order tracking right on the chart, etc. 
  1. Accurate financial analysis: You’ll be aware of all the exchange data in the world from historical data, financial statements, valuation analysis, etc. 

TradingView has much more to offer than what we mentioned that you’d have to explore independently. It has gained its well-deserved name in the stock world and today, over 30+ million traders use this stock charting software. You’ll initially get free features with a 30-day free trial for other versions that start from Pro (14.95$ per month) to Pro+ (29.95$ per month) to Premium finally (59.95$ per chart). 

2. MotiveWave


MotiveWave is an all-in-one software in the world of stocks. For starters, the features you get depend on the edition that you’ll choose. The platform provides six editions for the end-user that are: Charts Edition, Charts Plus Edition, Trade Edition, Strategy Edition, Professional Edition, and Ultimate Edition. Based on what you choose, you’ll get different features, updates, and of course, prices. 

Some of the features you’ll get for charting with this software are:

  1. Efficient charts: Whether you’re looking for simple bar charts or complicated Renko charts, the software provides every type you may think of. These charts include range, time, volume, momentum, and percentage-based charts. 
  1. Technical indicators: You’ll find 40+ technical indicators starting from the very basic charts edition. Additionally, you’ll unlock hundreds of special indicators by popular experienced gurus in the stock world.
  1. Comprehensive charting tools: The software provides you with a set of charting tools like general analysis tools (lines, channels, forks, etc.), advanced commentary and marking tools, Fibonacci tools, etc. 
  1. Unlimited connections: You’ll have the complete flexibility to make as many connections as you want. 
  1. Customizable indicators: MotiveWave’s free Java Software Development Kit (SDK) enable you to build and customize your own indicators and strategies. 

The community edition of the charting and trading software offered by MotiveWave is free but has some limitations for sure. All in all, MotiveWave has all that you need. You’ll just have to explore its several complex editions and decide on the best option for you. You can have a look at the pricing details here

3. eToro


eToro has rapidly made its way into the stock world to become one of the biggest stock trading platforms. The best feature of eToro is that it combines the experiences of several traders to give you a total overview and enable you to win. It’s especially beneficial for beginners who are looking for the best software and platforms to pave their way in the stock world. The platform enables you to view the portfolios of many traders and even copy them. However, you must identify the verified and guaranteed ones to follow. 

Some of the features you’ll get with eToro are:

  1. Multi-Asset platform: You’ll get financial access to more than 2,000 different assets. These include stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, currencies, etc. It also gives you access to short, mid, and long-term investment options. 
  1. Wide social community: eToro has a community of more than 20 million traders across 140 different countries. You’ll be able to track their records and investments before you decide on making your own. 
  1. Social news feed: Like any other social platform, eToro offers a news feed where you can view the latest news, trades, investments, etc. in the stock world. 
  1. Copy-Trading feature: As I mentioned, you can copy the trades of talented and experienced professional investors. 

As for prices, you can sign up for a free eToro demo account. Of course, it’ll have some limitations though.

4. Market Gear 

market gear 

Even though you can only use Market Gear online in a browser, it’s still compatible with Mac desktops. This stock trading platform provides you with a comprehensive set of tools that facilitate analysis, trading, charting, etc. for you. The platform covers lots of ground in the stock world which makes it of the top software on the chart. 

Some of the features that Market Gear will provide you are:

  1. Result analysis: You’ll be able to have a full analysis of the wins and losses in the market. Not to mention, it also backs up this analysis with detailed reports. 
  1. Advanced custom charting: The platform provides you with more than 50 indicators on your charts. Some of these are setting your preferred settings, choosing your timeframes, saving multiple customs chart profiles for easy switching, bull/bear crossover signals, adding premium indicators, etc. 
  1. Customizable options: The simpler your options strategies are, the easier they are to understand and analyze. Market Gear gives you more than 20 templates to choose from allowing you to backtest your options, scan the market for options pricing, etc. 

When it comes to pricing, this all-in-one trading platform offers a 14-day free trial. After that, you’re expected to pay $50 to $70 per month. Considering the multiple features (screening, sharing, charting, trading journal, advanced options, etc.) the platform provides, this would be worth it to help you succeed in the stock world. 

5. TC200


The charting and trading stock software TC200 isn’t really new on the popularity list in the stock world. However, it recently became available for Mac too. The software has also been categorized as one of the industry leaders for years. That’s because it provides a wide variety of different features you can benefit from. 

Some of the features you’ll get with TC200 are: 

  1. Detailed stock charts: This software provides you with chart templates, watchlists, option chains, trading practices, etc. All of this combine to give you the best stock and option charts. 
  1. Trading Features: Through TC200, you can track your trades, positions, or pending orders. 
  1. Built-in option strategies: You can easily select an option strategy to open using the software. In return, this helps you to discover how multi-leg option strategies work.
  1. Drawing tools for charts: Anyone in the stock world needs drawing tools to identify the patterns and trends on his chart. Having software to help with that and automatically save your notes will do you good. 
  1. Stock charting features: The other charting features you’ll get with TC200 are the many indicators, the chart’s library, a journal, market index watchlists, etc. 

TC200 comes with different plans when it comes to pricing. It offers silver ($8.32 per month), gold ($24.99 per month), and platinum ($74.98 per month) plans. You can find customizable layouts of charts, watchlists, notes, and trading in the silver plan. However, the features will increase as you up your plan. Additionally, you’ll be charged more if you decide on adding to your plans some optional data feeds. 

6. TrendSpider


Another great option when it comes to stock charting software is TrendSpider. The platform has it all when it comes to market analysis and scanners. It also has many tools that analyze the market conditions and alert you whenever it’s the right time for selling or buying. 

TrendSpider has many features to offer you in the stock world. Some of these are:

  1. Intensive scanning: You can rest assured while you know that TrendSpider will search for the best marketing charts within any timeframe you set.
  1. Accurate charts: In addition to the charts you’re getting, you’ll also get improved speed, complete accuracy, and some technical analysis.
  1. Backtesting: One of the best features of TrendSpider is that you get to experiment, design, test, and refine some strategies before deciding on anything.
  1. Detailed insights: You’ll get easy-to-understand insights that’ll be enough to help you grasp the idea naturally even if you’re not that much of an expert.
  1. Real-time alerts: It’s important to be the first to know when trades happen: These alerts will inform you of everything you need to know. 

These aren’t the only features you’ll get out of TrendSpider. The platform improves your stock charting skills through game-changing automation tools, 600+ smart watch lists, technical analysis, organizational tools, and more.

Final Words

For anyone looking to start a successful trading journey, having a stock charting software is a must-have tool. That way, you can stay up to date with all the investments and trades taking place in the market. You can then set your mind straight before you put your money somewhere. In this article, I’ve listed down 6 of the best stock charting software for Mac OS. However, you still need to do your own research, check the features of each software, and then determine which one suits your needs better. Once you know your way around the charts, you’re ready for the big game: trading. As a final note, I wish you all the best for your future in the stock market!

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