30 Best Side Hustles | Make an Extra $1,000-$2,000 a Month


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8 months ago

30 Best Side Hustles | Make an Extra $1,000-$2,000 a Month


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8 months ago

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Today, Side hustles are one of the best ways to increase your income so you can pay off debt, pad your savings, afford an expensive new toy you’ve been eyeing, or even just help reduce your overall financial stress. That means you can use side hustles when you’ve gotten more serious about tackling your debt, you want to save up for a vacation that’s quickly approaching, or you’re looking to use some extra money to save for retirement by investing more.

If all of these options sound appealing to you, then you’re going to want to keep reading. I’m currently using a few different side hustles that are a part of this list to pay off student loans, pay for my wedding, and even pay for our honeymoon.

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The best side hustle ideas are going to be flexible and pay well for the work that you’re doing. These types of side hustles are typically also scalable, so that they can produce one or more of these side hustles into a much larger business. However, the list below also shows easy side hustles that aren’t quite so scalable, since not everyone is looking for a new career that takes up all of their time.

Either way, if something is driving you to find your side hustle, the list below is going to show you the best side hustle ideas of 2022 that can generate you anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars in additional income each month. Which is absolutely wonderful for paying bills or getting closer to financial independence.

Best Side Hustles to Make Money

1. Start A Blog

Even though it might take some time, you can make plenty of money blogging. Some of the higher grossing blogs can make more than $10,000 per month on just advertising and affiliate marketing revenue. This is money that you have to do nothing to get. Reading just read, some will click on affiliate links, and then sometimes they sign-up or try a service, which ultimately will bring more money into your pocket.

If you’re a person who loves to write, then blogging might be a great start for you. Most bloggers don’t start their blog for the money, but rather start them because they enjoy thinking and writing about a particular area. They normally feel a sense of purpose or that it’s their mission to share their information with the world.

Over time, as these blogs can grow a following, they can turn into a great side hustle opportunity for the blog owner.

2. Proofreading

Proofreading can be an extremely lucrative side hustle for those you are extremely detail-oriented (and I’m sure you know who you are). If you’re one of these people or you just like proofreading, then starting a proofreading side hustle might be a great fit for you.

There are plenty of bloggers, websites, and businesses alike who are looking for proofreaders and will pay you handsomely for this service. One of the best parts of proofreading is that you can proofread or copyedit from your laptop anywhere and anytime. You can also set your own rates, so if you’re extremely in demand you can make a great amount of money.

In addition to becoming a proofreader, you can also build your brand and reputation into your own business where you can broker other people’s time for money. What this means is that once you get a few clients, you can also begin to hire others to do the proofreading. This can free you up to focus on landing more clients and then do more hiring, which will build your business and make you more money! Not only this, but once you’ve scaled your growing business, you can hire someone to manage your proofreaders and hiring for you, which would ultimately turn this business into a passive income stream.

Ultimately, proofreading has an extremely high return on investment and is worth doing if you are seriously considering or want to learn more about creating your own proofreading business.

3. Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant is a side hustle that is right now one of the most in demand side hustles out there. Not only this, but it is an extremely profitable and flexible side hustle, making it one of the most popular ones in the digital world.

You can also work as a virtual assistant from anywhere you wish just so long as you have a laptop and reliable internet connection, which makes being a virtual assistant perfect for full-time travelers or digital nomads. With more and more people launching digital businesses, there is an incredible demand for people who can help manage and run those businesses for the owner.

To put it simply, any skill that you have can become monetized. Even if you’ve never been a virtual assistant before, you can become an online entrepreneur who helps other online entrepreneurs as their assistant. Who knows, if you’re able to help other owners well enough, you might earn your way into partial ownership of their business down the road.

Even though I’ve never personally worked as a virtual assistant, I have met multiple people who have made quite a bit of money doing this. There are even some people who will quit their full time jobs to do this online because of the flexibility it provides, the money that can be made, and the better work-life balance that can be found doing this over that of a traditional full time job.

4. Deliver with Postmates

Being a delivery person with Postmates is one of the easiest and most accessible side hustles. It isn’t the most lucrative by any means, but it can provide you with some steady income by delivering food, groceries, and supplies to customers. You can pick and choose the hours you work whenever you want, and everything is done through an app on your phone, making it straightforward to earn money.

Making deliveries as a means to make some extra cash is not going to make you rich, but you can save the money you earn to launch a company later on, or use it to invest so it’s generating you more money as you go.

5. Host with Airbnb

If you have the capacity, renting out a room or an entire apartment can be a great way to pay your bills or even save some money. The amount that you can earn is going to depend on the location of your place and the type of accommodation that you are offering. You can easily see the going rate to similar places in your area and work it out from there. Airbnbs are becoming increasingly popular for travelers of any type of trip, from family vacations to business trips not wanting to stay in a hotel, Airbnb can offer a great way for you to make money.

Airbnb offers a number of protections for both the renter and the rentee, and you can set up your own availability to keep things as flexible as you want. If you have multiple properties, Airbnb can prove to be even more profitable as your different properties are going to drive up your earnings while also making them more consistent.

Where you are looking to host and Airbnb matters a lot. Some cities and areas have much higher earning potential than others. Such is the nature of real estate.

6. Share Your Car

When your car is sitting idly by, your car is losing its value as it depreciates and you get no value out of it in return. This is where car apps like Turo can help you change that by allowing you to share your car with those who are looking to rent one. This can generate you plenty of money on the side, all while you do nothing different than what you would already be doing.

Turo accepts many different car types, from family cars to classics and exotics. Listing your car on Turo is completely free, and you’ll get to set your own daily price and availability. This can be a win for everyone, since you’ll be able to have and use your car when you need it, but also generate money while you’re not using it. Possibly one of the easiest side hustles to make money.

7. Drive with Ridesharing Apps

Ridesharing apps will allow you to pick up passengers and drop them at their destination. It allows for flexibility since you can set your own hours, and it can be a great money generator if you live in a major city with plenty of offices and tourists. Some companies even allow you to rent a car on demand so you don’t have to worry about the wear and tear on your own car.

You’re not going to make your millions if you’re driving for companies like Uber or Lyft, and it probably isn’t something that you’re looking to do for years to come. If you do decide to go with a ridesharing app, however, make sure you make the most out of it and save as much money as possible before you decide to hang up your keys. Any money made can go to saving/investing so it can make you more money later on.

8. Freelance on Fiverr

Freelancing is a great side hustle because you can get employed to do just about anything that there is demand for. Platforms like Fiverr can make it easier than ever to find clients, sign up for gigs, and get paid, which allows you to focus on growing your freelance practice and make even more money.

Freelancing is an extremely flexible side hustle, which is why so many people do it. Freelancing writing is a side hustle that I do regularly, and I’ve made thousands each month while I’m working as a freelancer. You get to set your own hours and rates, but remember you will be competing with any freelancer from anywhere in the world. In any case, being a freelancer means you can certainly keep your day job while joining over freelancers in the gig economy.

9. Freelance Graphic Design

Since many businesses focus so heavily on their marketing efforts with websites and social media, being skilled in graphic design can make you someone of high demand. Small businesses and startup owners will typically turn to freelancers for their graphic design needs since they won’t necessarily want or need a full time graphic designer on their employee payroll.

If you’re able to land work with different clients on different projects, you can not only keep things new and interesting, but you can also expand your portfolio so you can charge more in the future. Like many other high paying side hustles, you can choose with projects you work on, set your own hours, and of course set your own rates.

10. Walk Dogs with Rover

If you love dogs as much as I do, then this side hustle might be perfect for you. Dogs are one of the most fun pets around, making a side job like this fun and rewarding. It also passes the time quickly, which can be plus. Rover offers their users plenty of dog-related services that can include things like dog walking, house sitting, and boarding dogs for their owners. You can choose which services you’re willing to do for Rover, and you can enjoy the time you spend playing with the dogs that cross your path.

Walking dogs isn’t going to make you rich obviously, and you definitely need to have a passion for our furry little friends to make this side hustle work. With this being said, it can be quite relaxing and a way to fit some regular exercise into your daily life.

11. Teach English Online

English is one of the most widely spoken languages all over the world, which makes being able to teach it a high-demand skill across the world. Websites like VIPKid have the goal of connecting students with english language teachers offering personalized classes that are aimed to be used on a one on one basis.

Signing up is easy, and VIPKid has been named one of the top ten places to work by glassdoor. You can set your own hours, and you’ll teach kids from all over the world. This means you will also get to interact with people from many cultures and learn a thing or two about them.

12. Help People

There are very few jobs that are as rewarding or fulfilling as helping those in need. Things like childcare or senior care can be extremely rewarding, and sites like care.com make it easy to make the act of helping others into a great side hustle, both holistically and financially. You will need some previous experience or at the bare minimum some relevant qualifications to join. Traveling is also typically a requirement to visit clients.

While the wages you will make isn’t going to make you rich, they will allow you to understand how the industry works while making some extra cash. Once you have gained enough experience, you can use what you have learned to take your experience elsewhere to make more money.

13. Digital Marketing Campaigns

Before we dig into digital marketing, we should clarify that there are two main ways to go about doing this for someone. These two main ways come in the form of SEO Consulting and being a Facebook Ads Specialist. These two ways have clearly become the two most populars means of digital marketing, so these are the two that we will dig into with this article.

SEO Consultant

Working as an SEO Consultant (or a digital marketing consultant as they’re sometimes called) can book you side hustle gigs that can range in price anywhere from $500 to over $10,000 depending on the type of consulting and the duration of the project. If you ask most SEO consultants, they will attest to this being an extremely profitable both as a side hustle or as a full time job.

Even though SEO has become more of a commodity service, you can build a referral network the longer you do this to generate new clients that will give you their business. Once you’re able to prove your worth, you can really turn this into a viable business, which means it will generate you even more money as your clients (and employees) grow to scale.

Facebook Ads

The second piece of digital marketing is by running search and social campaigns. The easiest and fastest way to get started with this is by reaching out to small businesses in your local community. Personally, I recommend either doing Google ad campaigns or Facebook ad campaigns. The reason I say this is because these two are the current biggest and best ad campaign generators for businesses in the digital marketing space. This doesn’t mean that this won’t change overtime, so make sure to stay agile.

This is an extremely in demand side hustle, since businesses are always looking for ways to generate more leads that will boost their sales. The best part about this side hustle is that once you find your strategy that works, it really turns into a monitor and analysis gig once or twice a day versus doing more hands on work, so once you find your sweet spot you’re getting paid for maintenance. You can also do this from anywhere in the world, making it extremely flexible.

14. Get a Part-Time Job

Depending on your skillset and prior jobs, you might be able to find a very well-paying part time job to make as your high paying side hustle. Part time jobs can be simpler, taking out the hassle of finding clients and being an excellent way to save money or to pay down debts. The type of job that you will be able to find will determine how much money you are able to make, as certain jobs will pay much more than others. Depending on your skillset, it can be a number of jobs. Anything from part-time design work to teaching online, you’ll be able to find something high paying that suits your wheelhouse.

If you struggle to find a job that pays more than minimum wage, then it might be time to invest in yourself and develop a new skill set. There are many online resources that can help you get started, even something as simple as using YouTube to watch videos. You can also check job boards for any part-time jobs near you or consider remote work for maximum earning potential.

15. Become an Amazon Seller

Just like with eBay, Amazon enjoys a worldwide audience online. You can pretty much find anything that you might want to find on Amazon, which is the biggest reason why Amazon is so popular today. This also means that there’s a large potential for repeat customers, which lowers your cost to acquire a customer. This is a good side hustle that pays well for hard work.

If you don’t have the space, or you don’t particularly like the idea of holding your own stock, you can also use Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon). By doing this, Amazon will not only handle your stock, but they will also take care of returns and customer queries, which leaves you to focus on selling more to make you more money.

16. Freelance Writing

Personally, this is another one of my favorite ways to generate additional income since it’s flexible and can be done anywhere as long as you meet your deadlines. Freelance writing can be a great way to generate anywhere from $1,500 to $2,500 each month.

Here is basically how it works. Different companies, law firms, or blog owners will look for freelance writers who are knowledgeable in a particular area. They then hire someone who is specialized on that topic to then write them either a single paper or many papers as a part of their sales strategy. For example, a freelance writer could get hired by a blog owner to come on as a ghost writer for some blog posts. After agreeing to project length and payment terms, the writer will then do their job for the blog owner, and submit their work for approval. Once their work gets approved, they are paid. 

If you were good at writing college papers, then you would be awesome at working as a freelance writer. A great place to get started looking for these gigs can be a place like Craigslist, or even Upwork. If you go in expressing interest in freelance writing, you can likely find some gigs pretty quickly. Plus, the more you do, the more you can charge. Just make sure the quality of your writing is good. 

17. Concert/Event Ticket Reselling

Reselling concert or other event tickets is a great way to make some extra cash if you can get the timing right. If you can buy some extra in-demand concert tickets to sell on the side, this can usually pay for your concert tickets price as well.

While this isn’t necessarily a consistent side hustle, it can be done repeatedly as concerts pop up in your area. I would recommend starting near you, as you will have to deliver the tickets, and it’s easiest to do so if you’re able to drive across town and hand them over to the buyer. You can repeat this many times as time goes on, and it’s actually a pretty easy thing to do once you get the hang of it.

I wouldn’t recommend trying to make this a full time business, but it definitely can make you some great extra money a few times a year as big name events come up. Some people think that ticket reselling feels a bit sleazy, but good tickets are going to get bought up immediately as it is, so you might as well make a few extra bucks while doing it.

18. Resell Domains

Investing in domains is arguably one of the easiest side hustles out there. There is no other side hustle where you can get nearly as high of a return on your money in a pretty short amount of time. I’ve known people to buy and sell domains at a $300+ profit regularly, and have been doing so for many years. Domains are pretty much the real estate of the internet, and as time goes on they only get more and more valuable.

The average price of a mid-tier domain has jumped from a few hundred dollars to over a few thousand dollars in the past 5 years alone. A huge driver of these price increases, of course, is the overall growth of WordPress. As building websites has gotten much easier, more and more people have been willing to pay pretty large sums of money to get the exact domain that they want.

There isn’t a limit to the amount of domains that a single person can own, so you can own hundreds at a time. With a little bit of work, you can have each domain set up with a “Domain for Sale” landing page, where potential buyers can submit an offer to you if they want to buy your domain.

19. Build a Website

As stated in the last side hustle idea, building a website has certainly gotten easier in more recent years with help from some website creation sites such as WordPress. Learning how to work on and build websites through WordPress is pretty easy, and you can do so for free with the help of different sources like YouTube.

You can find clients in a number of ways. You can start looking for leads online via places like Craigslist, Fiverr, or Upwork. Or, if you would prefer, you can find small local businesses who don’t have an online presence and offer to build one for them. Business owners are always looking to find more ways to bring in customers, so this is a great way to help them promote themselves.

Another reason why this is a great side hustle is that after you complete the website creation, typically businesses are looking for on-going maintenance services. This is where you can really continue to generate continual money by offering your skills to keep the site looking going and operating smoothly moving forward. These services can be things like keeping the website secure and uploading new content for the business.

The biggest downside to this side hustle is that building a website has become more of a commodity service, with the best developer being based outside of the US in places like India. This means that if you’re based in the United States, you’re going to be competing against developers who can do what you are doing at a much cheaper rate to the business. WordPress development turning into a commodity is fine if you’re looking to build a website for local businesses who might not look for an India-based developer, but it’s going to be much more difficult to scale.

20. Sell on Etsy

Etsy is the go-to online marketplace for everything handmade. This can include anything like jewelry, clothing, and any type of home decor among other things. If you’re good at making things, and want to get in touch with your creative side, then setting up your own Etsy shop can be one of the best side hustles available today.

Etsy has a $0.20 listing fee and a 5% transaction fee for every sale that you’ll make. If the sale comes through an advert hosted by Etsy, there is also an additional 15% charge. However, in most cases this is an optional thing that you don’t have to do.

21. Sell on eBay

Just like selling on Amazon, selling on eBay has some major potential with a worldwide customer base that turns to sites like eBay for pretty much anything. Earning good money doing will take time and a lot of up front hustle, but it certainly is possible to do so if you take your time and play your cards right.

Since the nature of eBay is customers bidding on the highest price, you can go about selling on this marketplace in several different ways. You can dedicate as much time as you would like to this easy side hustle, and your earning will reflect this.

22. Sell on Shopify

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that allows users to set up a shopify store to sell their products and services online. It offers an end to end solution that includes your own online store as well as a POS (point of sale) system. You can also integrate your website and social media channels to increase the number of funnels that lead to your store so you can increase your audience reach as well.

Just like most online selling solutions, the earning potential is only limited by your target market and the amount of time and effort that you put into your store. Either way, Shopify gives their user an easy way to start selling online, especially if you have your own website. This can allow you to keep control over the user experience you provide to your buyers, which can increase overall customer satisfaction and sales.

23. Sell with Dropshipping

Dropshipping offers an easier way to make a name in the online retail business. Similar to Amazon FBA, you don’t have to hold any stock. You simply take the order and the let manufacturer do the rest of the work when it comes to shipping the order and worrying about inventory. You’ll just have to pay manufacturer the cost they charge for their product, but you’ll keep the difference, earning  you a nice commission.

You will need to build an eCommerce website which can be done easily with sites like WordPress. To maximize your sales, you will want to make sure you have a strong marketing plan with a strong enough advertising budget to make sure you can use different marketing channels to boost your sales numbers.

24. Design an Online Course

Before we look into this option, it should be said that designing a course isn’t an easy thing to do. However, once you’ve done it once you can look into passive income from your creations. Online course platforms such as Udemy make it easy to sell your courses online with plenty of help offered by the company to make sure you get the most out of your selling.

To attempt to get the most out of your effort, pick a subject that you understand deeply and focus on designing a course around it that offers plenty of value to your students. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to have equipment to record the lectures and some video editing skills to make these courses more appealing to your buyers. You can easily see which courses have the most students and study the approach that those courses took to better your approach to your selling points.

25. Start Your Own Podcast

Starting a podcast can be rewarding to the host in a number of ways, including the return you can get financially. You will want to focus initially on growing your audience to a sizable number before you can start seeing some more serious money begin to roll in. You’ll get to spend your time interviewing some speaking to some extremely interesting people with sponsorship making up the biggest part of your revenue.

Podcasts can come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s really up to you and your creativity to create what you’re trying to send out to your audience. You’ll want to identify the format of your podcast early on so you can create some consistency, but don’t be afraid to try new things and experiment to see what works best.

Podcasts can have some major earning potential, with Bloomberg stating that the top podcasts bring in more than $1,000,000 every year in revenue.

26. Join Focus Groups

If you’re looking for something that goes more by an hourly rate, focus groups offer some of the highest pay rates out there. By joining different focus groups, you get paid to share your opinion and provide feedback about new and upcoming products and services which can be very rewarding in itself. Focus groups are usually held in physical locations, but more and more focus groups are starting to move to the online space, so you can also find jobs where you can do this remotely as well.

27. Start a Coaching Business

Coaching is a big business, and you can choose the area or areas that you want to specialize your coaching in. Executive coaches tend to make the most money when it comes to coaching as a business, but you can also become a life coach, sports coach, or anything in between. There are also different types of certifications that are available to help you increase your credibility so you can get more clients. These types of certifications can be especially helpful as you’re getting started, since you won’t be able to rely on the previous client testimonials for a little bit of time as you’re getting started. 

Coaching is another type of side hustle that can be extremely rewarding since it allows you to help people in need. The pay can also be quite good the longer you do it, and it’s another side hustle that can over time become a full time business. As you grow, you can also bring in other coaches to expand your reach and increase your earning potential.

28. Become an Influencer

Influencers are typically social media royalty who make money from the posts that they upload to their social media accounts. The amount of money you can make will depend on the amount of followers that you have on your social media accounts. The more followers you have, the more money you can make. A general rule of thumb is that you can make $10 for every 100 followers you have once you get past the 100,000 follower mark on an account.

To be an influencer, you can pick any niche that you like. Anything from sports to food to make up to even philosophy. The hardest part of this will be gaining the followers needed to really start making some decent money from doing this. Once you have the followers, it’s just a matter of creating engaging content for your followers.

29. Become a Consultant

If you have a good amount of experience in a given area, consulting can be an extremely lucrative side hustle. The amount of money that you can make will depend on the nature of the problems you can solve with more complex problems that would constitute a higher rate. People are willing to pay more for services that they deem to be more important, such as personal finance consulting.

Marketing and business management are usually areas that typically demand higher prices. For you to become successful as a consultant, look for areas that are currently experiencing growth. Then figure out how you can add even more value to that space.

30. Become an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing has some big potential for making pretty good cash without having to invest too much time or effort into it. You will need a website (or multiple) to attract visitors and attempt to convert them to paying customers. You don’t need to make the sale, as you’ll earn commission from the company offering the affiliate program for each sale that they make.

There are many different types of affiliate programs for pretty much anything. For example, you can do an affiliate program from selling software to online casinos! Different programs will typically have different rules, so you’ll want to check the ones that you are interested in to understand how much money you could really be making.

25 Side Hustles From Home – How to Make Money From Home

Whether you want to earn some extra money, pursue one of your hobbies, or take advantage of your free time, picking a side hustle is the best choice! Here are the best side hustles to do from home.

1. General Freelancer

One of the most common side hustles you can do nowadays is to freelance online. You can find lots of opportunities from the comfort of your home. Applications like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, and more have also made freelancing super easy and accessible to everyone. All you have to do is sign up and work on setting up a profile that will stand out among others. You can then start your search for jobs that match your skills and requirements. However, don’t expect to find one overnight. You’ll need to be patient and work on building your profile gradually.  

2. Freelance Writer

If words are a talent of yours, you should put this to use when picking between side hustles. As a freelancer writer, you’ll create content, editorials, blog posts, articles, social media posts, and more for your clients. Applications like Upwork, Fiverr, etc. are a great way to start. Once you gain more experience, you can even start your own blogs on sites like WordPress. Freelance writers usually get an average of 2 cents per word. This could get higher based on the niche you choose to write about and your field of experience. 

3. Graphic Designer

If you have the creativity and skills it takes, being a graphic designer is something you should consider. You’ll find lots of opportunities on freelance apps and even online pages. Many clients will ask for logos, social media posts, marketing content, websites, templates, etc. However, the amount of money you’ll earn will depend on your level of expertise and skills. As a beginner, you may earn an average of $15 to $20 per hour. You might even charge per every design you create. 

4. Social Media Manager

While some mix up managing social media accounts with graphic designing, it’s totally different! As a social media manager, your role is to schedule posts on different platforms, write captions, post stories, reply to followers and messages, ensure the growth of the account, etc. You aren’t responsible for designing the posts yourself unless you’re getting paid for those skills too. Social media managers will handle different platforms. That said, they often earn an average of $20 per hour. 

5. Virtual Assistant (VA)

Being a virtual assistant is perfect for you if you’re a great communicator and time manager at the same time. This job will require basic computer skills, a good language, and some flexibility. Many clients and companies hire virtual assistants nowadays to help them organize everything better. You’ll be responsible for various different tasks like contacting customers, preparing schedules, making phone calls, researching, creating excel sheets, etc. The average pay for a virtual assistant is $15 per hour. 

6. Babysitter

Dealing with babies and kids isn’t everyone’s favorite task. However, if you’re someone who does enjoy it, babysitting might be a perfect side hustle for you. All you have to do is take care of the kids, entertain them with different activities, and prepare their snacks and meals. It’ll be just like dealing with your annoying little siblings when your parents go out, but for a price! Not to mention, you’ll also be able to set your own hours based on the free time you’ve got. In the US, babysitters earn an average of $17 per hour.

7. Pet Sitter

If babies aren’t your best company, pets might be! Thus, you can put your free time to use and consider pet sitting as one of your side hustles to do. Your duties will be to take care of the pets, play with them, feed them, and walk them around the neighborhood. You’ll also have to clean the pets’ houses, exercise the pets as needed, and administrate their medication. As a pet sitter, you’ll earn an average of 13$ per hour. That way you’ll be enjoying your time all while earning some extra cash! 

8. Airbnb Host

You can finally put your spare rooms to use by being an Airbnb host. Being an Airbnb host requires you to be patient, neat, a great communicator, and welcoming. However, you’ll need to set your own rules to establish privacy and keep your space intact in your own home. You’ll also need to be helpful and kind to your guests, so you can maintain a good reputation. With the right luck and some patience, you can earn thousands every month while doing basically nothing!

9. Online Tutor

After the global pandemic, the need for online tutors has increased. Platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams have also made it super easy for both, the tutor and the student. You can now share your screen, use a whiteboard, and even record the meetings. Your duties as an online tutor are clear, which is to help the student understand the ideas and pass exams. However, you’ll need to have the right skills in the subjects you decide on teaching. Prices for an online tutor vary based on the subject, but you can make up to $40 per hour in some cases. 

10. Crafts Seller

If you have a craft on your hands, don’t let it go to waste. Thanks to websites like Amazon Homemade, Etsy, eBay, etc. you can now make money from selling crafts. You’ll be doing what you love and earning an income from it at the same time. All you have to do is set up a store or account, take good pictures of your products, add descriptions and prices, and you’re ready to go! Over time, you can even make your own website or use apps like Instagram to promote your store. 

13. Online Course Creator

The internet is the best way to learn nowadays. If you’re an expert at something or any subject, you must consider creating online courses. Your courses should have PowerPoint presentations, practice and exam files, etc. You can either do that through websites or on your own. However, your earnings in this side hustle will depend on the length of the course and the enrollment it’ll get. Keep in mind that you can only create courses if you’re a real expert on the topic and can benefit the learner. 

14. Audio/Caption Transcriptionist

Transcription is really the clearest and most straightforward thing you can do for a side hustle. All you have to do is create a transcription of recorded interviews, courses, youtube videos, lectures, or podcasts. You can work on your own time and as much as you want. As an audio or caption transcriptionist, you can earn around $1 per minute. 

15. Online Translator 

Are you bilingual by any chance or know more than one language well? You must consider translation as a side hustle. Search for jobs on freelancing applications and get them done in your free time. You could translate audio, books, movies, articles, songs, documents, etc. However, never go into such a job if you’re depending on using AI tools like Google Translator. This won’t end up good for you! As a translator, you’ll earn based on the word count of the original file and it can normally go up to $0.30 per word. Japanese translators are also known to get paid the most!

16. Copyeditor 

If you have a great grasp of the language, copyediting is a great side hustle to do. Copyeditors proofread all types of articles and optimize them according to a set of guidelines. As a copyeditor, you’ll edit the content, check the grammar, suggest changes, and adhere to search optimization engine (SEO) guidelines. Most of the time, your clients will provide you with these guidelines and you’ll need to follow them by heart. Copyeditors can earn up to $40 per hour. However, this is mostly determined by your experience. 

17. Project Manager

A project manager is the one behind all the organization you see in a team. As a project manager, you’ll manage operations, assign tasks, contact clients, track metrics, schedule meetings, and more. Many online companies and teams hire project managers to help them run everything smoothly. If you’re someone with leadership, time management, critical thinking, and communication skills, you should go for it! In addition, project managers earn an average of $40 per hour. 

18. Resume Writer

You might think being a resume writer is simple for anyone to do. However, crafting a well-developed resume is a skill in itself. You’ll need to choose a layout, follow the correct format, check grammar and language, emphasize skills and achievements, etc. Unless you have the right skills, don’t go into resume writing. Resume writers will earn $50 to $1000 per resume. This will depend on the type of resume they provide: $100-200 for an entry-level resume, $250-500 for a mid-level resume, and $500-100 for an executive-level resume. 

19. Web Developer 

To become a web developer, you’ll need to have visual design skills, back-end coding languages skills, and experience in design software. In addition, you’ll need to know about web servers, know coding languages like HTML and CSS, and have expertise in writing codes. That way you’ll be able to build and optimize a website from scratch for your clients. You can also handle fixing and ensuring their website is up and running at all times. Web developers earn at least $30 per hour and can get much higher based on their skills and experience. 

20. Blogger

If you love to write and create content, you should definitely consider creating your own blog. Choose whatever niche you love writing about the most and start blogging! However, you’ll need to have what it takes from content writing, SEO blogging, and other skills. Your duties as a blogger will include researching and generating ideas, editing and publishing content, promoting your blog and new posts on different platforms, and using your SEO skills to increase traffic. 

21. Social Media Influencer

Obviously, this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you have what it takes and it’s something you like, you should definitely go for it. By creating content and being patient, you can gain publicity and recognition on social media apps like Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Follow marketing strategies and develop your own audience. You’ll also need to set up a schedule for publishing on social media frequently. In addition, you can earn money through sponsored posts which will range from $50 to $1000. This depends on your followers and engagements though!

22. Media and Video Editor

You can’t become a media and video editor unless you have the right skills for it. These skills include knowledge of the media and film industry, knowledge of different editing equipment, the ability to use different modern editing apps, etc. You’ll also need to have a creative eye to create unique and special edits. The more skills you have in this expertise, the more you’ll get opportunities and earn money! In addition, media and video editors earn between $25 to $60 per hour. 

23. Small Business Owner

The first thing you need to open a small business is to have a running idea for it. Whether selling stuff, creating art, or anything else, set your goals straight before you start. As a small business owner, you’ll need to maintain relationships with vendors, hire and manage employees, manage day-to-day operations, and conduct research about the market you’re in. The earnings you’ll get depend on the type of your business and the success it’ll gain. However, patience and hard work are the keys!

24. Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is about fulfilling your customer’s order from your site. First, you set up a website and create a listing of the items you’re selling from the supplier you have partnered with. Customers will then place orders on your website and you’ll forward these orders to the supplier. Your suppliers then fulfill the customer’s order and send the items directly to the consumer. That way, you’ll earn a profit on each of the items you sell. 

25. Career Coach

To become a career coach, you’ll need the personality for it. Thus, you’ll need to have the ability to motivate and inspire people, work effectively with professionals, and have strong analytical skills to assess people’s abilities. In addition, career coaching requires excellent presentation skills, the ability to handle various tasks, and a genuine interest in wanting to help people thrive and succeed. However, career coaching isn’t something you can do without having the patience and dedicating time to the people you’re helping. 

Three “Musts” Before Starting Your Side Hustle to Make Money

01. Figure out what you want to do

With so many options to choose from, it can be pretty easy to want to dive head first into multiple side hustles. However, you should probably start with just one good side hustle so you don’t spread yourself too thin early on. Starting with one also helps you keep from burning out and stopping it before it becomes really lucrative.

Even if you have many ideas that you want to try, start with the one that’s the most appealing to you. Because you’d be your own boss in these endeavors, you can test out a lot of different ideas over time to find the one/ones that you really want to pursue in the long term.

That’s one of the beautiful things about starting a side hustle – you aren’t stuck to any one idea. Use every opportunity to learn things, build new skills, and make new connections that could open doors for you later on.

02. Open a high yield savings account

Once you start your good side hustle, your money needs to be kept in a safe place. You should also look into putting it into a place where you can earn money while it’s sitting there, which is why you should look into high yield savings accounts so that your earnings are making even more for you.

03. Keep track of your net worth

Managing your finances and keeping track of your money is an important skill in general, but you should also do this when it comes to managing your side hustle as well. You can use plenty of tools to do so, as there are many free tools on the app store today that can help you do this. Or, if you would rather, you can design your own tracking method.

What is a Side Hustle?

A side hustle is anything you can do to make yourself extra money outside of your full-time job. You can often do a side hustle from the comfort of your own home. However, you will discover pretty quickly that not all side hustles are created equal, as you can make more money with different side hustles compared to others.

The best side hustle is going to be doing something that you enjoy to do, that also happens to have a good amount of profit and growth potential. Ideally, it would also be a gig that isn’t limited by your own time, but could eventually scale as it takes off or could generate some passive income after an initial time investment.

This doesn’t mean that walking dogs for some extra cash every week isn’t worth doing. If you enjoy spending time with dogs or you want some extra time spent being active, then something like this can still be worth it. It just isn’t as scalable as other side hustle ventures. However, not everyone is looking to scale, which is why the choice of finding the right side hustle for you is going to be extremely important.

You should understand that you can really make tons of money in your spare time, and settling for less just because you think that’s all you can do is a disservice to yourself. Instead, having the right mindset and strategy as you evaluate your side hustle ideas will help you maximize your return on your time.

Personally, I believe that you should try to avoid dead end side hustles like driving with Uber or running websites where the only way you can compete with competitors is on price. This turns your website into a commodity product instead of a value product, and it makes it harder to get ahead of your competition doing this.

Is Your Side Hustle Scalable?

The final question you should ask yourself before investing a considerable amount of time into any particular side hustle is that you should consider how much potential this side hustle has to be scaled. If you’re looking to start side hustling mainly for money, then this will help you narrow down your ideas to things that are the most profitable ideas. As a practice, you should try to shift your thinking ideas that are strictly limited by your own time to side hustles that have the most potential to be scaled.


Finding a side hustle that is right for you can take some time, but once you find your idea the best thing you can do is get started. Even if you’re not looking for the scalable idea that will allow you to retire early, having a side hustle can give you some extra money that can come in handy in a number of ways. From having extra spending money to being able to pad some savings accounts, having more money in your pocket has never hurt anyone.

Be sure to look for a side hustle that is something you would enjoy doing as well as make you some extra money. If you’re not enjoying what you do on the side, then chances are it won’t last very long. Also make sure to try multiple things once you get started, as you never know what you’ll truly enjoy until you give it a chance.

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