20 Best Recession-Proof Jobs


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5 months ago

20 Best Recession-Proof Jobs


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5 months ago

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The economy is unpredictable. If you’re between jobs or a recent graduate, picking the right career path can feel overwhelming.

How do you know you’re making the right choice? What if you lose your job in the next recession? Those worries are totally understandable – but don’t stress too much. No matter which way the economy swings, there are some fields that will always offer stable employment.

This article will run you through 20 of the best, steady-paying, recession-proof jobs. No matter your education or skill set, you’ll be able to find a stable career path on this list.

Best Recession proof Job

Table of Contents

Jobs in education

Teaching and learning will always be necessary. Whether you get into the field because you love working with kids, you want to help shape young people’s futures, or you’re just looking for a career that will keep you happily employed, education can be a great path.

Here are a few wonderful jobs in education, for people at all stages in their careers.

1. Elementary, middle, or high school teacher

Teaching is one of the most rewarding careers out there. K-12 teachers get to work closely with kids and impact their futures – which is pretty cool!

But the benefits of teaching are even more cool. Teaching is one of the most commonly unionized professions in the country and always a stable career path. Many teachers can get on a tenure track to secure their position for life.

Whether classrooms are online or in-person, there will always be a need for teachers. If you have a college degree, you can get your teaching credential in 1-2 years to get started.

2. College professor

Did you know that in the great recession of 2008, enrollment in higher education actually went up, not down?

Like schoolteachers, there is always a need for college professors. This is a tenure-track career with great benefits and a solid salary. Professors also have the opportunity to travel and contribute research to their field.

Most universities require a doctorate degree to become a college professor. If you’re interested in academics and want to continue your education, you should consider pursuing a career as a professor.

3. Tutor

If you don’t have a college degree, are studying, or are looking for a reliable short-term job, consider tutoring.

There are tons of paths to become a tutor – you could get hired by a personal tutoring company or work as a freelancer with individual students. You’ll get paid by the hour and can take on as much work as you want.

As long as you have some patience and knowledge in a particular subject, tutoring is an excellent job that won’t be affected by a recession. In fact, with a lot of education happening online now, more people are looking for personal tutors than ever before!

4. Community college teacher

If you’re interested in becoming a college professor but don’t want to pursue a doctoral degree, you can become a teacher at a community college.

Most community colleges require a master’s degree or a bachelor’s degree with professional experience. You can get hired for a tenure-track position, or work as an adjunct professor if you’re only interested in teaching part-time.

Jobs in the medical field

No matter what happens with the economy, medical professionals will always be needed. This is one of the most stable career paths you can choose – it will also give you the chance to help people and make a difference!

You don’t have to become a doctor to get involved with the medical field. Here are a few dependable options:

5. Nurse

Nursing is a fantastic career choice that will provide stable employment through a recession. Nurses are able to travel and work at different hospitals, work abroad, and shape their own schedules as they get established in their careers.

To become a registered nurse (RN), you will have to get a nursing degree from a 4-year college, then complete a nursing program. It takes some time, but this is a career path that will keep you employed throughout your life!

6. Senior care provider

Jobs at assisted living facilities will always be in demand. This can be a great job for someone with some medical education, or just a caring person who wants to make a difference.

Senior care facilities hire staff members to provide medical care, supervise programs, serve food, clean, etc. This is an industry that has openings for people with any kind of skill set.

7. Pharmacist

Want to work in the medical field, but don’t have the stomach for hospitals? Becoming a pharmacist is an awesome career path.

You can become a pharmacist through a traditional 4-year degree program, or by pursuing a dual degree, which allows you to get your bachelor’s degree and pharmacy degree (PharmD) at the same time.

As a pharmacist, you’ll always have stable employment through a recession. You can also open your own business and enjoy some independence, instead of being an employee.

8. Paramedic

Paramedics are skilled first responders who are trained to provide advanced first aid in an emergency. This is a great job for someone who is interested in the medical field but doesn’t want to make the investment required to become a doctor or a nurse.

A paramedic course is required to become certified, which takes between 6-12 months. After that, you’ll always be able to find work with medical professionals and emergency services.

Technical and trade jobs

Skilled workers across various industries can find steady employment through a recession. Even when business isn’t booming, we still need people to repair and manage the utilities and tech we use every day.

If you’re considering pursuing a technical or trade job, here are a few great recession-proof options.

9. IT technician

Right now, Americans are spending more time on their computers, laptops, and cell phones than ever before. That means the IT field is here to stay.

If you like working with tech, you can get trained in IT even without a college degree. IT professionals often work directly for tech companies, or in IT departments in other types of companies.

This is also a job that can easily be done remotely by guiding people through repairs online or over the phone.

10. Utilities worker

Water, waste management, power, etc. – as long as we’re using public utilities, we need skilled workers to repair and manage them.

Utilities jobs are often unionized and offer great salaries and benefits, including health and dental care. These trade jobs can be accessed without a college degree or a major investment in training programs.

11. Accountant

Have an eye for numbers? You can get a solid recession-proof job as an accountant.

Accountants help people and businesses file their annual taxes, keep track of their finances, and manage their books. You’ll need a 4-year degree in accounting or a related field, and an MBA can help – but isn’t necessarily.

A skilled, trained accountant will always have employment opportunities, especially in a recession when business owners are reevaluating their finances.

12. Dentist or dental hygienist

Teeth need to be taken care of, even through a recession! Dentistry is a rewarding career path that will provide lifelong employment.

Most dental schools provide 4-year programs and require a bachelor’s degree to apply. You can become a dental hygienist with a 2-year associate’s degree, and still enjoy a great salary and all the benefits of working in a dentist’s office.

Food service jobs

While restaurants can take a hit during a recession, there are some jobs in the food service industry that are super recession-proof.

Here are a few jobs that are perfect for someone looking for an opportunity that requires minimal commitment but will still pay well through a recession.

13. Grocery store employee

Everyone needs to eat, so everyone needs grocery stores and people to run them! As a grocery store cashier or bagger, you’ll have steady employment through a recession.

Most grocery store jobs don’t require a college degree, so this is a great option for a student or someone who hasn’t gone to a 4-year university. There are also some great benefits, including healthcare and access to a 401(k) retirement plan.

14. Delivery driver

Food and grocery delivery is the perfect part-time job that will hold up through a recession.

There are plenty of delivery apps that hire people of all skill sets. You can set your own hours and work whenever you have the time. Even if some restaurants and markets are closing, you’ll still be able to deliver food to people who need it.

15. Farm worker

Even through a recession, someone needs to grow our food! Largescale or even small-scale farms provide employment opportunities on a seasonal basis.

If you’re good at working with your hands, farm work is a great choice. You generally don’t need experience and you’ll earn a great salary while you’re there.

Public service jobs

A lot of businesses slow down during a recession, but there are some things that will never stop: crime, emergencies, abuse, etc. The public service industry is always in need of skilled workers.

If you want to make a difference and have a positive impact in your career – as well as employment through a recession – here are some career paths to consider.

16. Social worker

Social workers are actually in higher demand during a recession than some other professionals. That’s because high-stress situations can lead to a rise in domestic violence and family issues.

A degree in social work from an accredited university will provide you with plenty of rewarding, steady work opportunities in the field.

17. Law enforcement officer

A career in law enforcement, whether you’re interested in becoming a beat cop or a detective, is a recession-proof path that will make a difference.

As public employees, law enforcement officers’ jobs aren’t threatened during a recession. A police training program can put you on a steady career path that includes amazing benefits and retirement.

18. Firefighter

Like police officers, firefighters are never in short demand. After training to become a firefighter, fire inspector, or fire investigator, you’ll always be able to find steady work.

Firefighters also enjoy benefits like paid time off and great retirement packages. There is some risk involved, but it’s a rewarding career that allows you to save lives.

19. Substance abuse counselor

Sadly, substance abuse can become more prevalent during a recession. As a mental health and substance abuse professional, you can help people to recover from addiction and stay on track.

This is a steady public service job that provides great benefits. You will need a 4-year degree and extensive training – however, counseling is a lifelong career with stable pay, so the investment is worth it in the long run.

20. Corrections worker

As public service employees, corrections officers work with incarcerated and paroled people to help them recover their lives.

This is a career path that won’t be affected by a recession, provides good benefits, and offers the opportunity to have a positive impact in people’s lives.

What do we mean by “recession-proof?”

What is a recession-proof job? Essentially, it’s a job that won’t be affected by changing economic situations. The jobs on this list will continue to be available even if (or when) the country is hit by a significant recession.

Does that mean these jobs are better opportunities in the case of a recession? Not necessarily. It means steady pay and stable employment, no matter what happens. You can enjoy peace of mind if you choose any one of these career paths.

It’s also important to note that there’s nothing wrong with pursuing a job that isn’t necessarily recession-proof. This list is just for people who are worried about impending recessions and looking for a stable opportunity!

The bottom line: There’s a recession-proof job for you!

This list of the 20 best recession-proof jobs doesn’t even scratch the surface of all the options out there.

The truth is, as long as you are in a field that will be needed no matter how the economy changes, your job won’t be affected by a recession. Hopefully this list gave you some ideas of paths you can take!

Whatever your education level is, whatever your skills are, there is definitely a perfect recession-proof job out there for you.

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