The 8 Best Printers for Cricut


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3 months ago

The 8 Best Printers for Cricut


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3 months ago

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Anyone who has a penchant for crafts knows that Cricut is the ultimate investment. The brand’s line of die-cutting machines open up a wealth of possibilities for those who like to get crafty, working on a range of types of materials to create precise cuts for decorative use. So whether you’re hoping to come up with an intricate, elegant bulk of wedding invitations, or if you simply want to spice up the pages of your planner, a Cricut machine can be the perfect tool for the job.

One of the best ways to enjoy Cricut is through the use of a printer companion. Using a premium printer can expand your horizons even further, letting you print your own bespoke designs to use with the Cricut Print and Cut feature. So you might say that if you have a printer to go with your Cricut machine, you’re pretty much all set with maximum crafting capabilities.

With all of that in mind, there’s no wonder you’ve found yourself asking, what is the best printer for cricut? After tons of research, we’ve compiled a list of the 8 top choices to pair with your die-cutting investment. Here are the most impressive printers that are perfect for the Cricut Print and Cut feature.

Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Printer

If you’re one of those crafters who likes to go the extra mile to turn your creativity in a profitable venture, then you might find the need for a printer that can generate prints in bulk. Perfect for vibrant wedding invitations, posters, and even direct marketing material, the Epson EcoTank ET2720 Printer makes the ideal choice for those who need something that can take on the brunt of bulk printing projects.

The device features Epson’s cartridge-free printing technology that replaces the traditional ink cartridge with the brand’s own refillable ink-tanks. Basically, these tanks hold up to a year’s worth of ink, and let you refill your printer at a much lower cost than cartridge printers require. For that reason, it makes a smart choice if you’re interested in something that can handle large printing requirements.

Aside from that, the EcoTank 2720 from Epson also boasts a range of features that are commonly used by modern-day printers. These include wireless connectivity, voice-activated printing, and borderless printing that aims to give you greater convenience and minimize your use of printing resources.

Key features:

  • Extra large ink tanks help you save on cartridges
  • Capable of printing 4,500 black and white or 7,500 colored pages on a single full tank
  • Packed with convenience features like wireless, voice-activated, and borderless printing

Brother MFC-J805DW INKvestmentTank Printer

Brother’s response to the Epson EcoTank is their line of INKvestmentTank Printers. The MFC-J805DW is one of their prime workhorses in the series, offering excellent ink economy that can help you spend less on ink without compromising the quality and quantity of your output. Much like the EcoTank line-up, the INKvestmentTank MFC-J805DW features a built-in refillable tank system that boasts a supersized capacity that lets you print thousands on a single refill.

To make the printing even more effortless, the Brother MFC-J805DW features an ink tank gauge that tells you precisely how much ink you have left. This relieves the guesswork of trying to figure out whether you can complete a project with your available resources, and may even help you optimize your design to maximize what you have at the ready.

WiFi-ready and compatible with a range of mobile and desktop applications, the Brother MFC-J805DW lets you print from a vast variety of sources without having to hook up with a physical cable. Plus, with its intuitive control panel and nifty LCD screen, the MFC-J805DW can be an especially convenient choice that can make printing a breeze.

Key features:

  • Large ink tank capacity can help you save on ink refills and print thousands of high-quality pages
  • Intuitive ink gauge relieves the guesswork of understanding your ink availability
  • Easy control panel makes operations a total breeze

Epson Artisan 1430 Printer

One of the qualities of a good crafts printer is premium color rendering. The more vibrant and accurate the colors, the better your output will ultimately look. If you’re big on detail and you want to make sure that your Cricut creations achieve the highest level of intricacy, then there’s no better companion than the Epson Artisan 1430 Printer. This device was designed for the highest level of color quality, producing vibrant prints that give justice to the most detailed images.

As the printer of choice for professional photographers, the Epson Artisan 1430 Printer features a wide-format design that can accommodate larger 13-inch sheets of paper to let you produce everything from invitations to posters. But more than their size, the prints produce from the Artisan 1430 also boast exceptionally detailed, high-resolution quality that uses Claria 6-color ink for grain-free, sharp, accurately colored prints that are perfect for high-grade crafting.

As you might expect, the Artisan 1430 is also compatible with Wi-Fi printing straight from wireless mobile devices and laptops. And in case you run out of ink, the device lets you replace just the colors you need so you won’t have to spend on resources you still have in stock.

Key features:

  • 6 individual cartridges for vibrant color and easy refills
  • Extra wide format accommodates sheets of paper and card up to 13 inches wide
  • Highly detailed output perfect for premium quality crafting

Canon PIXMA Pro-100 Professional Inkjet Printer

Not to be outdone by its close competitors, Canon comes out with the PIXMA Pro-100 Professional Inkjet printer. As one of their best printers for crafting with Cricut, this model uses 8 dye-based inks to combine and produce premium color quality that’s highly detailed and accurate. The machine was engineered for intricate prints, able to generate precise color warmth, saturation, and sharpness to help improve the quality of your crafts.

To accurately reproduce the images and designs you create, the PIXMA Pro-100 Printer uses the Optimum Image Generating System which uses an intelligent color selection and combination process to replicate the colors in your designs as precisely as possible. This makes it possible for the printer to come up with highly detailed monochromatic prints as well, giving brand new depth and dimension to black and white designs.

For those who want to get really technical with their printing, the Canon PIXA Pro-100 Professional Inket Printer also comes with the Print Studio Plug-In that lets you access more features and settings to optimize your printing workflow and maximize what you can get out of your device.

Key features:

  • 8 dye-based inks produce excellent color accuracy, warmth, and saturation
  • Optimum Image Generating System intelligently selects ink colors to maximize resources and produce high quality output
  • Compatible with the Print Studio Plug-In that optimizes printing workflow for more demanding crafting tasks

Canon ImagePROGRAF PRO-1000 Printer

The Canon ImagePROGRAF PRO-1000 Printer is a professional photographic printer that promises fine detail and excellent color accuracy for professional-grade printing. This can be especially ideal for users who intend to utilize their Cricut machine and printer for professional printing services, allowing high-grade results that are precise and perfect with every single sheet.

The device incorporates a range of intuitive, high-tech features that you’re unlikely to find with other, traditional printer models. These include anti-clogging technology and and air-feeding system that prevent paper jams and ensure accurate paper alignment for perfect ink placed each and every time. Using the Lucia Pro Ink System, the ImagePROGRAF PRO-1000 uses 11 base colors to produce the most accurate color rendering, covering the entire range of colors, warmths, and hues to match you design as precisely as possible.

To top it all off, the PRO-1000 boasts a Black Density feature. By printing darker blacks and deeper darks, this printer aims to create superb contrast that highlights the details of your output. In effect, you get more visually captivating prints that bring your images to life – perfect for high-end, intricate crafting.

Key features:

  • 11 base colors ensure the most accurate color reproductions
  • Black Density feature produces deeper blacks and darks for stark contrast and detail
  • Anti-clogging and air feeding system prevent paper jams and optimize alignment for perfect prints each time

Epson SureColor P600 Inkjet Printer

If you’ve got a little extra to spare, the Epson SureColor P600 Inkjet Printer might be a good choice. This model clocks in at just over $700, making it significantly more expensive than other, more budget-conscious printers on our list. Nonetheless, the P600 does make up for it with a wealth of features that maximize convenience and print quality.

This premium model boasts a wide-format paper feed that can accommodate sheets of material up to 13 inches in width. Using 8 color pigments, the device can produce excellent quality images with superb contrast and saturation, boasting a 3-level black function that lets you fine tune the depth and clarity of monochromatic prints for customized results. But there’s far more to it than just that.

What makes the SureColor P600 Inkjet Printer especially ideal for Cricut is the fact that it can take a variety of paper material to maximize your crafting capabilities. Able to print on roll paper, canvas, art board, and much more, this printer can open the doors to a range of different types of media so you can enjoy your Cricut machine in more ways than one.

Key features:

  • Accommodates a range of papers, cards, fabrics, and boards to let you maximize the Cricut Print and Cut feature
  • 8 color pigments and a 3-level black feature enable premium color rendering and stark color contrast
  • Wide-format printing takes on paper and other materials up to 13 inches wide

Canon PIXMA Pro-10 Color Professional Inkjet Printer

As another one of the more expensive printers on our list, the Canon PIXMA Pro-10 Color Professional Inkjet Printer delivers performance that’s worthy of a professional design studio, giving you excellent, sharp, and detailed results that can work wonders when paired with Cricut. It achieves this by way of its Chroma Optimizer that aims to render colors with supreme accuracy, which is why the model works well for photographic printing.

But despite being engineered for photo paper, the Canon Pro-10 is also compatible with a range of other mediums, including card, board, and other types of glossy paper. Regardless of your material of choice however, the Pro-10 promises to deliver excellent outcomes, producing intricate details and high-quality color gradients that can give a pop of life to any old design or image.

With three dedicated monochrome inks, the Canon Pro-10 generates dramatic black and while images that enhance the expression and emotion of your images. And with an individual ink tank for each of its 10 inks, you have the option to change just the ones that are running low so you can save on your refills.

Key features:

  • Works on a range of paper materials from glossy photo paper to card stock
  • Chroma Optimizier ensures proper color combinations for precise rendering
  • 10 different color ink tanks let you change just the ones that have run out

Canon TS9521C Crafting Printer

Scrapbooking, crafting, journaling? Whatever your everyday-crafting needs, the Canon TS9521C Crafting Printer brings you easy, convenient, and versatile functionality that can make daily creativity just that much more satisfying. This printer supports 5 different ink colors in separate tanks, and promises to produce prints that can survive the years. A specialized ChromaLife100 technology ensures that prints will stand the test of time, promising a 100-year, 30-year, and 20-year lifespan when stored in an album, behind glass, or without protection respectively.

The oversized document feeder can accommodate a range of different materials and mediums, expanding your horizons and letting you do more with the machine. The multi-page paper inlet can hold several hundreds of pieces of material at a time, letting you print seamlessly and in bulk with relative ease.

With built-in printable patterns, the Canon TS9521C can print seamlessly on card stock, board, and other tougher materials that you might want to use with your Cricut. And at a fairly affordable price, it makes for a budget-conscious addition to your crafting arsenal.

Key features:

  • Specifically designed for crafting, able to accommodate harder board and card materials
  • Comes with a range of built-in printable patterns for easy designing
  • Equipped with ChromaLife100 that extends the lifespan for photo prints

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