10 Best Places to Sell Your Wedding Dress for Cash


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3 months ago

10 Best Places to Sell Your Wedding Dress for Cash


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3 months ago

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It’s no secret that many brides consider their wedding dress to be the centerpiece of their big day. There’s a lot of time, effort, and sometimes tears put into looking for that special dress. However, after the last bit of confetti is swept up and the last piece of cake put away, you might start wondering whether you can salvage some of your investment by selling your wedding dress.

Places To Sell Your Wedding Dress

Thanks to the internet, there are more options than ever when it comes to selling your wedding dress. We’ve put this list together to give you some ideas of where you may be able to quickly find a buyer.

1. Nearly Newlywed

nearly newlywed

If you’re looking to sell your wedding dress but don’t have a lot of free time, you want an outlet that can take care of everything for you. Nearly Newlywed oversees all aspects of selling your dress online that keeps you from having to interact with anyone other than those running the business. They charge a $25 fee to list your wedding dress on their site. The site states they only go after people serious about purchasing a wedding dress, hopefully weeding out inquiries that would only end up as a waste of time.

Nearly Newlywed uses a secure payment system for all transactions. Once they find a buyer, you ship the dress to Nearly Newlywed, and they handle the process of sending it to the buyer. You never have to speak to the purchaser as the site deals with all customer service-related aspects of selling your dress.

The online wedding dress sales site takes a 40% commission on all dresses sold through their service. When you think about the fact that you have to do nothing other than 1) list your dress and 2) ship it to Nearly Newlywed when they find a buyer, that could be worth the cost.

Another reason you might want to go with Nearly Newlywed is that they offer a dress-cleaning service at a discounted price. You can take advantage of that if your dress isn’t exactly in the best condition after your big night. The site also states that dresses usually sell within 60-120 days.

2. Stillwhite


Stillwhite prides itself on having what is considered the world’s largest marketplace for buying pre-owned wedding dresses. They have an extensive inventory of wedding dresses from people looking to sell their wedding dress and recoup some of the costs. There is an evaluation tool, called the Stillwhite valuator, that lets you assess the value of your dress and get an idea of how much profit you can make.

The site offers two different plans for individuals looking to sell their wedding dress. The standard plan charges you a $20 one-time fee to list your wedding dress on the site until it sells. Sellers can upload up to four photos showing off the best features of the wedding dress. The $30 premium plan lets you create a homepage gallery for your dress that includes up to eight photos and a video.

Stillwhite provides a private messaging system through its website for contacting potential buyers. Once you find someone willing to purchase your wedding dress at your desired price, you can choose to meet them in person and let them inspect the dress and even try on the dress before finalizing the sale. The buyer can also select a Buy Now button to purchase the wedding dress immediately and have you ship it to them. Stillwhite doesn’t charge a commission, so you keep all proceeds from the wedding dress sale.

3. Wore It Once

wore it once

Wore It Once lets you set up a storefront to sell your wedding dress online. You can create a customized header graphic, put up links to your social media sites, and follow different metrics on how well you’re doing attracting interest in your wedding dress. The Wore It Once storefront lets you manage every aspect of selling your wedding dress online.

The site charges a $20 setup fee and doesn’t take commissions on any items sold through your storefront. You fill out a form with relevant details about your wedding dress, including the size, color, and style. Having an individualize storefront means you can post any photo you want that shows off your wedding dress in the best light.

There’s no expiration on the listings, and you have full control over the price of every item. You would be responsible for managing all communications and transactions on items sold and making sure to get the dress to the buyer in good condition.

The site places no limits on the number of items you list. Another nice aspect of Wore It Once is that you can create a business selling wedding items for others and collecting commissions. The site also lets you create or join other groups that let you connect to other wedding aficionados.

4. Weddingbee Classifieds

weddingbee classifieds

The Weddingbee site lets users list wedding-related items for sale in their classified section. It’s also possible to find information on wedding planning tips, how you may want to accessorize for the big day and how to navigate your relationship after the wedding.

Weddingbee doesn’t charge users to place classified listings on their site. You can gain more visibility for your wedding dress listing by paying the website a fee to promote your listing as a featured ad. Weddingbee does not get involved in transactions between buyers and sellers, so you will need to handle all customer-related aspects, including speaking with buyers and arranging the exchange of the dress.

Keep in mind that Weddingbee does not screen those who may reach out to purchase a dress. It’s a good idea to follow the Weddingbee guidelines when it comes to placing a listing and giving out information about yourself.

Take advantage of the Weddingbee community to gain more information about best practices when selling on the site. The users there can also provide advice on staying safe, weeding out scammers, and how to make your listing attractive to potential buyers.

5. Poshmark


While Poshmark isn’t dedicated solely to selling your wedding dress online, it is an excellent option if you’re looking for a buyer for your wedding dress or other related accessories. The site does not charge you a fee for listing your wedding dress or other related wedding items, but you will have to pay a 20% commission on any sales proceeds.

Creating a listing on Poshmark is a simple process. You download the app onto your phone, then start taking pictures of your wedding items. Sellers can enhance the photos using Poshmark filters before sharing the listing among potential buyers in the app’s network.

Poshmark lets sellers and potential buyers communicate directly in the app to keep everything more organized while offering a sense of security. Once you find someone willing to purchase your dress at a set price, print out a pre-paid and address label for mailing. You can either drop the dress off at a mailbox or schedule a free pickup of the item if the buyer is in the area.

One thing we want to note is that if you have an item that sells for under $15, the site takes a flat fee of $2.95. Postmark typically releases funds four days after a confirmed delivery completion.

6. Once Wed

once wed

Once Wed started as a simple wedding dress listing site, but it’s since expanded on the services it offers. Brides can use the website to find new, used, and even sample wedding dresses for sale. If you’re interested in selling your wedding dress online through Once Wed, you would need to pay a yearly listing fee, which is currently $19.95 per dress. If you have other accessories to sell, like bridesmaid or flower girl dresses, you will need to pay an additional $5 per item.

Once you create your listing, you can get to work adding photos and descriptions about your wedding items. You receive a notification once there is interest from a buyer. There is a secure private email messaging system available through the platform that keeps your contact details safe. Any listings you have on the site also appear in Google rankings, exposing any wedding dress for sale to potentially thousands of buyers every month.

You won’t have to pay any commission to Once Wed for items sold through their site. However, you would be responsible for speaking with and negotiating with buyers, setting up payment details, and making delivery arrangements. Once Wed does have a customer service department you can contact if you have any questions about your current listings on the site.

7. Wedding Recycle

wedding recycle

Wedding Recycle is a great way of making some extra cash selling everything from your wedding dress to any extra balloons or other wedding-themed items. Individual sellers do not have to pay a fee to list a wedding dress. The site takes a 4% commission fee on every item sold.

Once you register with the site, you can get started taking photos and uploading them to the site. Wedding Recycle provides a 5-minute video tutorial that takes you through the steps of creating a listing for selling your wedding dress.

The website leaves it up to you as the seller to create the most attractive listings and deal with all aspects of a sale. That means talking with buyers, setting up how they will make a payment, and arranging delivery of the item once you’ve reached a sale agreement.

People can purchase your listed items by adding them to a cart and making payment through the Wedding Recycle site using PayPal. You can then choose to mail the purchased items to the buyer or arrange to meet then in a safe location if they wish to pay using cash.

8. Sell My Wedding Dress

sell my wedding dress

SellMyWeddingDress.org lets you create a basic listing when you’re ready to sell your wedding dress online. The cost of a basic listing is usually $19.97. At that level, you can add ten pictures that showcase your wedding gown in the best light. They sometimes have a special where they let you create a basic listing for free. SellMyWeddingdDress.org also showcases ads for your listing to site visitors.

You can also opt to create a premium listing for $29.97. The premium listing allows you to have up to 20 photos and twice as many ads promoting your dress to interested buyers. SellMyWeddingDress.org does not collect any commissions from your earnings. You are responsible for communicating with people making inquiries about your listing and handling other customer services aspects of a potential sale.

The site recommends that you not send out your dress until you’ve collected payment. It’s also a good idea not to give out your home address. You can also reach out to SellMyWeddingDress.org if you have other questions on safely listing your wedding dress for sale.

9. Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses

pre-owned wedding dress

Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses lets you create customized listings to help you sell your wedding dress online. You start by paying a yearly listing fee of $25 for your dress. The site charges a $25 fee for every wedding dress and an additional $5 per item to list other wedding accessories, but do not collect any commissions beyond that. You can also use the site to unload items like a dress for the mother of the bride or a gently used table runner.

Once you’ve paid your fee, you can upload photos of your dress and related wedding accessories. You will be responsible for taking care of any communications with interested buyers, setting up how they will make a payment, and arranging delivery of the dress once you’ve agreed with an interested party.

The Pre-Owned Dresses site provides a calculator that helps you assess the proper value for your dress. The site bills itself as a high-ranking Google website that gets seen by thousands of buyers each month. That’s an opportunity to gain a lot of visibility that can help you quickly sell your wedding dress online. They also state that listings on their site receive an average of 2,000 views per month and typically close sells in an average of 70 days.

10. Tradesy


The Tradesy site is geared towards helping people sell designer clothing and accessories. They only take wedding dresses assessed to be in excellent condition. In addition to your wedding dress, you can also unload your veil, shoes, jewelry, and other wedding accessories that meet Tradesy standards.

Tradesy doesn’t charge a listing fee, but they do collect a 19.8% commission on any profits you make over $50. You start by taking photos of your items, uploading them to the Tradesy website, and setting a price. The site automatically enhances any images to highlight your items to the best effect.

Once you make a sale, you can have your profits transferred directly to your bank account or a PayPal account. You also have the option of using the funds as cash on Tradesy to purchase other items. While you are responsible for most transaction details, Tradesy will step in if a buyer returns an item for reasons beyond your control and make sure you keep your earnings.

Commonly Asked Questions About Selling Your Wedding Dress Online (FAQs)

How much can I make?

The amount you make on a wedding dress sale varies depending on what you initially paid for the dress and the perceived value in the eyes of potential purchasers. Most sites give you control over setting the price for your listing. However, you may end up negotiating down with a buyer depending on how quickly you wish to make a sale.

Newer dresses that are less than two years old can sell for around 50% of what you paid. Higher-end designer dresses can net you a higher percentage. You can also end up making more profits if you sell other wedding items.

What if I want to sell my dress locally?

Places like Facebook and Craigslist are good options for locating a local online buyer for your wedding dress. With Facebook, you can upload pictures of your items and list a competitive price when adding localized listings. You’ll need to be vigilant about weeding out potential scams when creating a listing through Craigslist.

You can also opt to sell your wedding dress through a local consignment shop. While it’s a good way to have your items seen by other locals, these shops tend to charge a high commission rate, often in the range of 40% to 60%.

How can I make sure my wedding dress is in seen in the best light?

You can increase your potential earnings by making your dress look as close to brand new as possible. Make sure you clean any stains or repair any rips, tears, or other visible damage. It never hurts to have the dress professionally cleaned by someone who knows how to handle your wedding dress without damaging the dress.

When you take photos of your dress to list it online, make sure you have proper lighting so that the details are clear on the website. You want potential buyers to see important elements like intricate beading or delicate lacework. Include details like the size, any alterations made, the specific color, and whether you added any undergarments like a petticoat. Buyers should have all the info needed to make an informed purchase.

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