18 Best Overnight Job Opportunities (Well-Paid Night Shifts)


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1 year ago

18 Best Overnight Job Opportunities (Well-Paid Night Shifts)


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1 year ago

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Most people have very busy days. Whether it’s getting ready for work, going to the gym, running errands, making dinner, or dealing with any of the other multitudes of tasks in daily life, there’s not a lot of extra time for other things we want to do. For those looking for extra opportunities to make money, this can hit especially hard. But don’t worry! Even if your days are packed, you can take advantage of your nighttime freedom to generate extra income. 

If you’re looking to fill your nights with some income-earning activities, let’s dive into the 18 best overnight job opportunities that you can take advantage of. 

1. Pet Sitting

Dog walking is a popular day job, but those who may be looking to engage in this kind of work will often find that there’s not so much of a demand for it at night. The good news? A viable alternative you can pursue is pet-sitting instead. Whether someone has a vacation they plan on going to, needs help for one evening as they take on an extra shift at work, or simply can’t be around for some reason, you can be there to watch their dog or cat for them. 

Pet-sitting can be quite lucrative, but it’s crucial that you have all the right items to care for dogs or cats and have the availability as well. If you pick up a dog for more than a night, you’re going to have to clear your schedule and ensure you can be there to watch them. Besides these considerations, all you have to do to get started is to sign up with a platform like Wag! or Rover to find pet owners in need of sitters. 

2. Babysitting

Speaking of sitting, pet-sitting isn’t the only opportunity out there. Babysitting is a great gig for those who love children of any age and don’t mind watching them while their parents go out or take care of other tasks. Babysitting is a little bit more demanding than pet-sitting. As a babysitter, you should have: 

  • Experience working with or caring for children
  • Certifications like those in first-aid and CRP
  • Your own car and cell phone
  • A safe that is safe for children (unless you’re watching the children at their house)
  • A great personality and tons of fun ideas to keep children entertained

If you can stand out from the competition, you can likely get gigs. While asking around or posting on bulletin boards is the old-fashioned way of doing things, you should get started by joining a platform like Care.com where you can advertise your services and find parents in need of a babysitter for a night or beyond. 

3. Bartending

Bartending is a great job for those who enjoy speaking with others and want to take advantage of the high tips that bartenders often profit from in a single evening. To be a bartender, you have to be of legal drinking age and you have to know how to make popular cocktails for patrons with great precision and speed. Some nights may be slow, while others may be fast. This also depends on where you work, whether it be a club, a restaurant, or just a regular bar. With some research and a couple of books on bartending, you should be able to pick it up rather fast!

4. Food Delivery 

There are a lot of gigs in the gig economy that will allow you to bring in some extra cash when it’s most convenient for you. However, not all of these are going to be suitable for the evening. Some are better for the morning or the afternoon. However, one that remains in consistent demand throughout the day is food delivery. 

Whether someone is ordering something for a party or just feels like takeout, you can use apps like Grubhub, Postmates, DoorDash, and Uber Eats to pick up late-night orders and make sure that it gets to the customer. If you live in a populated city, chances are that there are ample orders being made on these apps all the time. 

5. Rideshare Driving

Another gig worth looking into is rideshare apps like Uber or Lyft. In some cities known for their parties and clubs, there are always going to be late-night passengers needing to go back home or to their next stop. Some might get a little unruly, but others will be respectful and talk to you along the way. If you’re not shy about sharing your car with others and making some extra money driving people around your area, rideshare driving might be right for you. 

6. Front Desk Clerk at a Hotel

Hotel receptionists or front desk clerks are responsible for ensuring that guests who made reservations have a top-tier experience and checking in new guests that need a place to stay for the night or for a few days. You may also be responsible for manning the phones, helping guests with certain things they need, and taking care of other administrative responsibilities. If you’re a fan of hospitality and meeting new people, consider working at a hotel during the late hours and checking out early in the morning. 

7. Security Guard

Someone who has either worked in law enforcement or has a large build and is quick on their feet may enjoy working as a security guard. Whether it be for a 24/7 business, a warehouse, or a nightclub, security guards are tasked with ensuring that no unsafe materials or bad characters get in. However, security guard positions may be no action and a lot of waiting rather than the fast-paced environment that many consider them to be. You don’t always have to have prior experience, but it can be helpful for a part-time gig like being a security guard. 

8. DJ

Are you someone who’s musically talented? Do you have your own setup where you regularly create new mixes of songs? Do you like getting a crowd excited about the night ahead? If so, you should consider being a DJ! Whether you DJ at a club or for local parties, just playing some new mixes over the course of a couple of hours can earn you some decent cash on the weekends or whenever establishments are in need of your help. Just remember that this type of job will take a lot of marketing and promotion on your part to get the gigs that you’re looking for. 

9. Truck Driving

This type of job does have overnight shifts, but it’s often more of a full-time job where overnight trips are involved and you spend some of your day catching up on much-needed sleep. Truck drivers are always needed as manufacturers require people to distribute goods from one place to the next. As long as you have the right license and you can drive well in low visibility as well as overnight, you should have no problem finding a job as a truck driver for a company near you. 

10. Freelance Writing (or Other Freelancing Opportunities)

There are a ton of night jobs and weekend jobs out there for writers, mostly in the entertainment and gossip space. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to just that. If you work full-time during the day and you want more control over the income you earn on the side, freelancing in any capacity can help you earn money on your time. Whether you’re skilled at writing, editing, graphic design, or coding, you can easily find clients on platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr, just to name a few. All you need is proof of past projects and the value that you have to offer. 

11. Server or Waiter

Much like our guide on early morning work, there are a lot of late-night gigs that align with the needs of those who want to make some extra cash. If you have a 24/7 diner near you, you can apply for a part-time position working graveyard hours. It may be a little slower than the day, but if you don’t mind and you can stay awake, this may be the perfect side gig for you to help you supplement the income you make during the day. 

12. Warehouse Work

Warehouses operate 24/7. From the people sorting through the items to the people unloading large shipments of goods, warehouses have to work 24/7 in order to fulfill the many one-day and two-day shipping times promoted today. Graveyard shifts abound at warehouses, and you don’t have to look far to find opportunities that start late at night and continue into the early morning. As long as you can lift heavy items and are okay with repetitive tasks, warehouse work can be an easy way to make some extra money without having to take on a job that will require you to do too much. 

13. Stocking

Grocery stores and retail stores aren’t always perfectly stocked with goods. There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into these places. If you’re more than willing to take on the jobs that require you to keep the store in great shape and ensure that customers can find everything they need, taking on night-shift stocking jobs is one way to make some extra cash. From supermarkets to discount stores, everyone needs help stocking and maintaining the store!

14. Nursing

Unlike many of the other jobs on this list, this late-night gig will require you to have a degree. However, if you do have your RN and a medical degree and want to put it to work when you’re out of your day job, you should try out nursing. Local hospitals and nearby places that need caregivers need experienced nurses on hand to tend to patients and keep them comfortable. This line of work can be a bit competitive, so make sure that you go over your resume and prepare it for both applicant tracking systems and hiring managers for the best possible chances of success. 

15. Customer Service

Are you good in high-stress situations? Do you know how to talk to people and handle their issues? This is exactly what a customer service representative does, and their schedules range across all hours of the day. The only thing to note when it comes to customer service roles is that scams abound. When you’re evaluating customer service positions, ask yourself:

  • Are they requiring me to pay for my own equipment? 
  • Do they advertise freedom in my schedule but make me work set hours?
  • Do they require hours that are extensive? 
  • Do they have strange payment terms that may leave me without payment at times? 

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you may be looking at a scam. Always do your due diligence and see what others have to say before joining any organization. 

16. Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic controllers make a great deal of money, and they have a crucial role in airfields. Better yet, you don’t necessarily need a college degree to get this position. While some places may require an associate’s degree or higher, most places only need you to attend FAA Academy. This will still cost you anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000, but it’s much cheaper than getting a degree you may not use at all!

17. Fast Food

Is food delivery or waiting tables not for you? If you want something relatively laid back that’s in the same vein, try fast food. There are a lot of fast food places that operate all night long and need people to cook or man the drive-thru window. These types of jobs are often low-stress, very easy to do, and won’t be as busy as they are during the day. 

18. Casino Dealer

For those who live in areas with casinos, becoming a dealer at a table of your choosing can help you make a regular income and tips at night. No matter your favorite game or casino, see if there are available openings and apply now!

Make Money When It’s Most Convenient for You

If you only have free time at night, you don’t have to let that stop you from making extra money. Instead, you can start working on creating new streams of income with the list of the 18 best overnight job opportunities listed above. No matter what you’re skilled at or what calls to you most, you’re sure to find some late-night opportunities that give you control of when you work, how you work, and how much you make to supplement your full-time income!

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