15 Best Online Dollar Stores


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3 months ago

15 Best Online Dollar Stores


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3 months ago

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Who doesn’t want to buy products for just $1? Where do you find such good deals?

Believe it or not, there are stores that sell items for $1 (or less!). This article has compiled a list of 15 best online dollar stores. Cheap items and online shopping, what a great combination!

However, before we get started, please be informed that not every store on this list sells items for exactly $1, even if the store’s name has the word “dollar” in it (although that is somewhat misleading, I will admit). Therefore, when you browse these websites and see deals that are above a dollar, don’t be surprised.

Regardless, these online dollar stores often offer really good deals and have a wide variety of categories to choose from, including cleaning supplies, makeup products, and even food!

15 Best Online Dollar Stores

Dollar Tree

dollar tree

When I hear “dollar store”, the first store that pops in my mind is Dollar Tree. While you can shop online, Dollar Tree is also a nice place to shop in-person because of the various items there, from balloons, cards, school supplies, to party plates and cleaning supplies. In fact, you might have seen or visited a local Dollar Tree yourself to buy some party balloons.

Every item that is sold at Dollar Tree is $1. Of course, this does not account for sales tax, so the final value will include the appropriate sales tax from your state. However, with so many categories to choose from, including makeup products and kitchen items, there are many things you can buy at Dollar Tree that would be considered a steal.

Dollar General

dollar general

While not every item sold at Dollar General is $1 like Dollar Tree, most of them cost less than $7. Dollar General has a wide variety of categories to choose from, including pet supplies, cleaning supplies, over-the-counter medicine such as vitamins or allergy pills, and baby supplies such as diapers and baby bath soap.

Shipping costs are calculated based on how much your order weighs. After you are done shopping, the weight of your order and shipping fees will be calculated and the estimate will be available at checkout.

If you want to find coupons you can apply at checkout, Dollar General has a separate website for coupons called coupons.dollargeneral.com. Before checking out at Dollar General, you may want to head over to this website to view the coupons and offers. Maybe you will get lucky and find a free shipping coupon.

99 Cents Only Stores

99 cents only stores

99 Cents Only is a chain of retail stores that sell many items for, you guessed it, 99 cents. Well, not every item is exactly 99 cents, but in general, most items are sold for only 99 cents. 99 cents are not even a dollar!

Unfortunately, 99 Cents Only does not offer online shopping currently. If you want to buy something from 99 Cents Only, you will need to go onto the website to find closest local store. However, 99 Cent Only stores do allow customers to ship products to the closest 99 Cent Only store and pick them up there, assuming you order the products in bulk. If you choose to do so, there are no shipping fees. As mentioned, alternatively you can find the closest store and go there to shop in-store.

Miss A

miss a

Miss A started as a place that sells affordable makeup products to women. Miss A has now expanded and, while it still focuses on beauty products, the company also sells other items such as jewelry, accessories, fake tattoos, lotion, and soap.

Everything sold on Miss A is only $1. Compared to the often-expensive products today that are geared towards women such as lotion, beauty products, and accessories, Miss A is a great way for women to afford these products without spending a third of their monthly salary (or more. Makeup can be expensive). Thanks to Miss A, items like makeup products are now affordable, which empowers women to look and feel their best and, at the same time, know that they did not spend too much money in the process.

Dollar Fanatic

dollar fanatic

Not everything on Dollar Fanatic is $1. In fact, the Lithonia lighting LED sold on the website is currently being sold for $75. While most items sold on Dollar Fanatic are sold for $1, there are some odd items that are sold for more than $1. These are usually more traditionally expensive items such as electronics.

Dollar Fanatic has an 11 for 10 program. This means that when you buy 11 items, the 11th item is free and you only pay for the first 10 items. Additionally, you have access to free shipping if your order is $35 or more.


dollar store

Most items on Dollars Store are sold for under $6.00. Dollar Store has a wide variety of categories to choose from: hardware, beauty products, office supplies, and more. Considering the many categories and the cheap price, you can find a good deal or two here.

The shipping fee is $4.50 per order no matter how matter items you buy or how heavy the order is. If your order is $25 or above, Dollar Store will offer you free shipping.

Dollar Days

dollar days

Dollar Days is one of the biggest suppliers to nonprofit businesses and institutions, including schools, churches, and charities. The website sells most things in bulk and this helps them provide customers a great deal. Buying something in bulk might give you over 2,000 units of whatever you are buying.

Now, not everything is going to have this many units. For example, a case of the Wolf baby blanket only has 24 blankets, and each unit costs $2.99. If you need something in bulk, consider checking out Dollar Days for your shopping needs.

Dollar 1

dollar 1

Dollar 1 has great deals on many items because the company buys products in bulk and focuses mainly on buying liquidation items, or items that are no longer in their prime. When items are no longer in their prime, companies do not want to hold onto them in their inventory anymore as this will 1) decrease the inventory turnover rate and 2) leaves less room and funds for items that are high in demand. Therefore, companies will sell them in at a cheaper price to get rid of them faster.

Dollar 1 has some items that are sold above $1, yet even then these items are considered a good deal. Because Dollar 1 is able to buy liquidation items at a discount and in bulk, the retail price of items sold on the website is generally cheaper than the retail price from other retailers. Dollar 1 has an app that you can use to shop on your phone if you prefer shopping on mobile.

Five Below

five below

OK, I will admit neither the website name nor the website offers deals that are only a dollar. However, as the name suggests, everything sold on this website is $5 or below. That’s still a pretty good deal considering the many categories offered such as electronics, beauty products, and pet products.

At Five Below, even the shipping fee is $5, regardless of how many items you buy. There are many great items sold for $5 or below, such as headphones with mic, blankets, and wall shelves, things that you generally cannot buy at this price.

Dollar King

dollar king

As the name suggests, the dollar is the king at this store. Many items cost $1.99 or below at Dollar King. Dollar King offers many categories such as cleaning supplies, hardware, makeup products, and even reading glasses. While reading glasses may cost over $50 at many stores, most of them are only $1.99 at Dollar King.

Dollar King currently offers free shipping if you buy 15 items or more. With many categories to choose from and a consistent price, you will most likely find the item you want to buy here.

Dollar Item

dollar item

Dollar Item is one of the wholesale suppliers out there that sell things for a cheap price in bulk. Because Dollar Item sells in bulk, the price you see on each item will reflect the price of the entire package regardless of how many units there are. However, if you divide the price by the quantity, most of the time the price is around $1 per unit.

Not everything on Dollar Item is sold in bulk, but even items that are sold independently can be quite a steal. Therefore, if you are looking for a good deal, definitely check Dollar Item out.



Amazon is a famous retailer in this day and age. Amazon members that sign up for Amazon Prime enjoy many perks such as exclusive deals, free movie and TV series streaming, free music app, in addition to free and fast shipping on Amazon Prime items. While shopping on Amazon, you can filter the price so that only items in your preferred price range are shown to you, even if this price range is $1. Additionally, as anyone can sell on Amazon, you may be able to find a good deal on used items here.

You do not need to have a membership to shop on Amazon. However, if the item you want to buy is an Amazon Prime item, you will not get the perks such as free shipping without a Prime membership.

Family Dollar

family dollar

Family Dollar has many items that are around $1. However, some categories may be more expensive than others (i.e., an item may be sold for over $1). For example, some electronics items are sold for around $15 or $20. Like many other websites in this article, Family Dollar has a wide variety of categories to choose from.

While shopping online, you may notice that some items are marked “In Stores Only”. This means that, for some reason, these items cannot be purchased online. Many items that require an ID verification, such as nicotine products or alcoholic drinks, fall into the “In stores only” category.



Wish is not a strictly a dollar store. In fact, Wish is just a shopping app like Shein or Forever21. However, there are many dollar deals on the website/app. Wish is able to sell cheap products because the company skips the middleman and ships products from factories in countries like China and Indonesia to your house. Because of the international shipping, shipping may take up to four weeks.

Yet, because products Wish buys are so cheap, you often get a few good deals. Wish has jewelry sets for only $1, watches, clothes, electronic accessories, etc. that are highly fashionable and affordable. Wish is a legit and safe website to shop at, so if you enjoy online shopping, Wish should satisfy your needs.

H&J Closeouts

h&j closeouts

Last but not least on the list is H&J Closeouts, another wholesaler that sells items in bulk at a cheap price per unit. Like other bulk selling websites in the article, most items sold on H&J Closeouts are sold in batches. Yet, when it comes to the price per unit, many items are sold for under $1 per unit.

If you need something in bulk, you can find a good deal at H&J Closeouts. Want to buy products in bulk and sell them? The good news is that H&J Closeouts will ship items that you want to sell to buyers or to yourself; just indicate on the order that the items are for “dropshipping”. You are allowed to advertise and sell products from H&J Closeouts on other websites, and the free shipping and return policy still apply even if you are re-selling items from this company.


As mentioned in the beginning, not every store mentioned in this article is strictly a $1 store. Some stores do not even have the word “dollar” in it, and some stores that have the word “dollar” in it offer deals that are greater than $1. Some wholesale retailers such as H&J Closeouts and Dollar Item do not sell individual items but rather sell in bulk; it’s the unit price that is around $1 or less. Regardless, these websites are reliable, legit, and offer many great deals, whether you are buying in bulk or buying individual items. If you’re looking for a good deal (or two, or three), consider visiting the websites on this list.

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