8 Best Men’s Consignment Stores


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3 months ago

8 Best Men’s Consignment Stores


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3 months ago

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Did you know the average family spends up to $1800 per year on basic clothing alone? This does not include designer finds, specific niche items, such as formalwear, business attire, underwear, sleepwear, or additional items. No wonder more individuals are rethinking the way they purchase clothes and choosing consignment to meet their needs.

What is Consignment?

Consignment refers to the act of employing a middle-manager, who has an established set of buyers, to sell your gently used items on your behalf for a small percentage of the sale. Consignment typically generates larger revenue than selling by yourself and can cater to niche buyers.

Consignment is an ideal platform because everyone wins. The seller walks away with more money, the consigner walks away with commission payouts, and the purchaser obtains a nearly new item for a fraction of the cost.

Consignment is an ecofriendly, budget-smart, solution to cutting costs associated with purchasing clothes.

Menswear in Consignment

In a world where women’s clothing overpowers online shopping markets, locating men’s consignment stores or specific menswear can be difficult to do. This is especially true for those searching for extended sizes, niche wear or specific styles, or quality finds that offer more than basketball shorts and monochromatic tees.

Do not worry, we’ve got you covered.

Men’s Online Consignment Shops

Here are the 8 best consignment shops for men.

Menswear Market

menswear market

Not everyone is searching for designer clothing. Some are in the market for casual basics or looking for a diverse blend of styles to revamp or redirect their closet with. Sadly, consignment has a tendency of being typecast as a servicer of gently used, designer goods. Consignment truly is a versatile platform.  Menswear Market demonstrates this tenfold by offering everything from basics, casual, outwear, vintage or niche pieces, to suits and formal wear. It is the ultimate closet builder!  However, everyday wear should not be confused with ordinary or run-of-the-mill clothing. One aspect of Menswear Market that is considerably appealing is not only affordability, but their dedication to bringing in unique finds and stylized pieces.  

Facebook Marketplace

facebook marketplace

If you are searching for a local way to purchase new or used clothing, consider Facebook Marketplace. Not only does Facebook provide you direct access to goods, alleviating shipping costs, cash payment options, but it allows you to keep your purchases local, which benefits communities and flourishes local economies. With Facebook Marketplace you are protected by transparent transactions (to a degree. Always employ safety measures, remain public for exchanges, and vet your sources) wherein you act directly with the seller, right from their Facebook page. This helps support accountability and keeps false ads or untrusting sellers from flooding the platform. Furthermore, you can typically find great items for less than consignment prices. Traditionally, personal sellers are easier to work with and sell for items less than average. From shoes, on trend items, to unique finds, Facebook Marketplace offers a diverse blend of quality of items at affordable prices.

Stadium Goods

stadium goods

Stadium Goods is a men’s shoe and streetwear consignment store specializing in providing unique, on-trend, footwear for less than your average retailer. For example, Air Jordan’s can run you $550 out of the box, but with Stadium Goods, you can pick up a nearly brand new (almost never worn) pair for just under $200. Stadium Goods additionally offers some accessories, hoodies, and other clothing items related to streetwear. One of their best features is the overall attention they spend to locating on-trend and quality finds. With Stadium Goods you do not have to worry about the quality of your purchase, which remains a concern for some who are needing top brand items at lower prices. While Stadium Goods is nowhere near as affordable as some on this list, it can save you thousands on those special items or brands that you make concessions for.



Grailed continues to appear on everyone’s list of top five consignment stores designated for men. Known for their “curated” one-of-a-kind finds, designer personality pieces, Grailed strives to support the best features of men’s fashion by offering an entirely different consignment experience. Named for the “Holy Grail”—Grailed supports your individual style, offering the best of the best in popular fashion domains such as: minimalism, streetwear, vintage, techwear, luxury, and even Avant Garde. Unlike any other site, Grailed is dedicated to the personality of clothing and takes into consideration the emotional connection individuals have with their personal brand. Moreover, Grailed’s clothing comes with a story! Imagine purchasing a band t-shirt straight from the cart at Woodstock! Lastly, Grailed allows you to shop by condition and other protective features that enable you to obtain the item you are searching for.

Men’s Brick and Mortar Consignment Stores

Plato’s Closet

plato’s closet

Plato’s Closet is a nationwide consignment chain that offers clothing at affordable prices to everyday shoppers. Most of Plato’s merchandise retails for less than $20, with items as low as $1.35. However, this does not mean the quality or branding is poor. Plato’s Closet is great for basics, jeans, hoodies, knitwear, outerwear, or a quick pair of shoes. Of course, the benefit to a brick and mortar store is that you can purchase and have your items same day. However, keep in mind that Plato’s Closet generally caters to younger men, twenty and under. This may not be ideal for those outside of this age range or prefer mature clothing preferences. Plato’s Closet is available in over 470 locations throughout the United States.

Buffalo Exchange

buffalo exchange

Buffalo Exchange is your destination for family friendly, community-driven consignment options. Boosted by local exchanges and sells, Buffalo Exchange offers thrifty finds and massive affordability. It is difficult to pinpoint their stylization techniques, though they are always in season and looking for special items geared toward their community niche. Buffalo Exchange operates 49 stores in 19 states and can be located via a search or consulting their locations tab via their website.

Well Suited

well suited

Well Suited is a men’s consignment store located in Arizona and California (with online features). It is aimed toward meeting the everyday needs of men’s shopper, offering upscale clothing for every season and associated accessories. Well Suited prides itself on providing brand name, quality finds. As such, you pay less with Well Suited than you would at a designer store, but more than your average store that supports casual wear. Well Suited additionally boasts online features, so if you are not located in their area—you can still take advantage of their clothing and special pricing.

Local Consignment Store

It goes without saying that most communities and cities come with their own individual brand of consignment. Whenever possible, shopping local and supporting local business owners puts money back into your community and boosts local economies. Moreover, you are more likely to find relational articles in local stores than online, as it serves and is created by those in your community. To locate the nearest consignment store near you, perform a basic web search along with any special identifier, “menswear” etc. Lastly, if you widen your search, you can branch out to neighboring cities and thrift finds this way. If you enjoy shopping, this is one way to take advantage of the consignment experience.

Compare and Save on Consignment

Do not be afraid to shop around and compare prices. If you are looking for common, on-trend items, chances are more than one store has what you need. Even though it is consignment, this does not mean that you could not walk away with a better deal!

Also, many people are not aware, but negotiating is acceptable within the consignment-verse. If you are uncomfortable with the price tag of an item but would still like to purchase it, do not be afraid to offer a price (leave room for negotiation) or attempt to strike a deal. Often, sellers will be willing to work with you and you will walk away having paid less. 

Finally, trade-ins or store credit is one of the perks of consignment. If you are looking to purchase but need to clean out your closet or simply have a few clothing items you never wore that are taking up space—optimize your experience by trading in for the item you want. This is an excellent way to save money.

Men’s Store Considerations

While most consignment vendors do an impeccable job at communicating the quality, legitimacy, and history of an item—not everyone has your best interest in mind. As always, check your sources, never pay too much for something you are not 100% sure of, be leery of designer finds at exceedingly low prices, and exercise caution in all things.

Final Thoughts

According to research, men are replacing women at the frontline of retail as leading shoppers in the industry. While this switch has not been made completely, more and more masculine clothing lines are launching across the world to answer the call. However, boutique and niche designers continue to charge top prices, making consignment a viable option for any type of shopper. Fortunately, consignment does not mean forfeiting style, personalization, or quality. It simply means spending less on items you would have otherwise paid top dollar for. Therefore, if you are searching for an opportunity to save money without forfeiting your personal style, consignment is a viable way to meet all your needs.  

Let's stop worrying about money, together.

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