The 12 Best Job Search Websites of 2023


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3 months ago

The 12 Best Job Search Websites of 2023


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3 months ago

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Finding a job has gotten a lot easier in the last few years, and a lot harder at the same time. While you don’t have to walk your way through town with a printed copy of your resume anymore, applying for a job still has some challenges and difficulties.

Job Search Websites are a serious upgrade over the classified ads of the past, but you need to know that you’ve got a good website when you get started.

There are still plenty of job search websites out there that only get the bottom of the barrel when it comes to job listings. Others might have good job listings, but they might make it incredibly difficult to find the kind of job you’re looking for, or limit your search options so that you have to weed through hundreds of listings to find a few good options.

We’ve put together this list of the best job search websites in 2023 to make it easier to find a good website for you. We’ve also put together a review of each site including the features and benefits from each platform so you can narrow down your list to the best website for your search.

Whether you’re looking for a first job, the next job, or to advance an established career we’ve got a job search platform that will work for you.

Let’s see what these websites have to offer.

The 12 Best Job Search Websites of 2023

Our Reviews

Indeed – Best Overall


Indeed, is one of the best-known job search websites out there. That can be a huge advantage for you when you’re looking for a job because it means that a lot more employers will have their job listings posted in the hope of attracting top talent.

Now, a well known and popular job listing site does come with one major drawback, you’re a lot more likely to have competition when you apply on any Indeed listings.

Indeed was founded back in 2004, which means that they’ve had plenty of time to optimize their services and create a better functioning platform for both employers and job searchers.

They are the single biggest job search engine in the world. They claim that the website gets 10 new job listings every second and get more than 250 million users monthly. That’s a lot of jobs, and a lot of opportunities to move your professional career forward.

Indeed, allows users to search by job type, location, and other details about the kind of job that you’re interested in. They are completely free to use but do offer some paid subscriptions that give you access to job alerts, helpful tips, and other bonus features that will help you find your next position sooner.

You can also post your resume and create a profile that makes it easier to get discovered outside of manual searching. It’s a good idea to have your resume posted on Indeed even if you aren’t actively looking to get a new job right now, you never know when an attractive job offer might come your way.

The search process is also highly intuitive, making it easier to sort through your search results and find the best options. Their application process is also usually streamlined, making it much easier to apply to jobs more quickly.

LinkedIn – Best Professional Career Search


LinkedIn is another huge name in the job search world even though the site is actually designed as a professional networking platform more than a traditional job search platform. Formed back in 2003, LinkedIn is the biggest professional networking platform out there, and its expanded suite of features and functions has also made them one of the best job search platforms.

While LinkedIn is designed for white-collar career professionals, users all across the world have noted that it’s useful for a much wider range of professionals than that. LinkedIn sees job listings for all kinds of careers, from retail and fast-food workers to trade professionals and even senior management positions and company leadership.

While LinkedIn is a great option for everyone, it is still particularly well suited toward its original audience, white-collar professions who win jobs through networking and professional connections as much as through quality resumes and job listings.

The site is easy to use and completely free for most users. You can upgrade to a premium account to access some additional features, including a more expanded social network to help connect with professionals you might not have met outside the platform.

However, it’s simple to search and apply for jobs even without a paid subscription. Completing your profile is relatively straightforward and gives you an easy location to post articles and blog posts, examples of the kind of work you do, and press releases related to recent work.

This platform is also one of the best options if you’re looking to connect to motivated recruiters who are actively looking for suitable professionals to attract to their organization. Like Indeed, LinkedIn is a good place to maintain an active profile even when you aren’t looking for a new job because you may receive better offers even without looking.

Monster – Best Resume Tools


Monster, like both Indeed and LinkedIn, is a huge platform that has a lot of job listings and a lot of opportunities to advance in your career and get a job that will be a great fit for you and your future.

This job search site doesn’t specialize in any particular kind of job, unlike some of the other job search engines out there. That means that you’ll get a wider variety of jobs at all skill levels, professions, and pay offerings.

Monster does take a little more patience than some of the other job search websites despite its high degree of flexibility and the wide variety of postings available simply because they don’t offer as many search criteria. Instead of being able to limit your search criteria so that you can only see the most relevant offers to an incredibly narrow list of requirements, you’ll have to sort through a few more options to find a good opportunity.

Monster is a good site to find a wide variety of work styles, however. They get job listings for full and part-time work, and across all professions.

Their status as one of the older job search websites, Monster was founded in 1994, does mean that they have a reputation among employers and that means they get listings that other websites might not, especially among employers that have successfully listed other jobs there in the past.

However, Monster’s real standout services are their resume help tools and their salary research and comparison tools. For a fee, you can get help improving your resume and making it more likely that you’ll get interviews when you apply, and that can be a fantastic tool for professionals who don’t know what qualities are most important on their resume, first-time job searchers, and everyone in between.

Their salary tools are free to use, effective, and location-specific. That’s a great resource if you’re looking to see whether a job offer is reasonable, want to be informed for your next offer negotiation, or even want to look up the going rate for your current job for your next performance evaluation.

Glassdoor – Best Employer Information


Glassdoor knows that transparency is important for creating a great relationship between employees and employers. They were founded in 2008 with the specific intent to help create greater salary transparency so that workers are in a better negotiating position and to help job searchers find great opportunities.

They believe in posting honest job reviews from real employees. That’s a great tool because it can give you a lot of insight into the kind of workplace and work culture that you’re going to be going into. Real reviews mean that you can steer clear of workplaces known for a toxic work environment, high-stress levels, or high turnover.

It also means that employers who list jobs there are more likely to be interested in listening to employee feedback, creating a great work environment, and engaging with their community to ensure that their employees genuinely like their jobs.

This job search site is a fantastic option if you’re trying to get away from a bad work environment, but it’s also a great option if you’re looking for a job that’s more than just a job.

In fact, Glassdoor also works as a great companion to other job search sites since you can often look at employer ratings and employee reviews regardless of whether that employer is listing their job offers on Glassdoor or on other job search websites.

The real game-changer here though, Glassdoor also posts interviewee experiences. That way you can go in knowing something of what to expect from your interview, and you can prepare for the kinds of questions and the interview style you’re likely to receive.

Glassdoor is also completely free to job candidates, so you won’t have to pay any fees to see employer information and job listings, and you won’t have to pay any fees to apply on their website.

AngelList – Best for Startup Jobs


AngelList is another job search company that’s a great option if you’re looking for jobs with a high degree of transparency and communication between employers and employees. It’s also a good job search if you’re looking to communicate more directly with the people making hiring decisions since their platform allows candidates to message CEO and hiring managers directly with any questions or concerns they have through the hiring process.

AngelList is a good option if you’re looking specifically to work with a Startup company because one of their operational goals is to provide a convenient location for startup companies to list their job offerings and to receive funding.

Since this is a one-stop-shop for startup companies it’s also a good location for job seekers to post their qualifications and get in on the ground floor of up-and-coming companies as well as established startups that already have a following and impressive performance numbers.

AngelList is also a little different in that the job search site tends to list tech jobs (including health and beauty tech companies) more than other kinds of startups. That means that if your qualifications would work well for a tech business it’s a great place to start because a larger percentage of the available listings are going to be looking for qualified talent like you.

Search filters are available based on job type, job title, location, and time commitment, that way you only see the listing that are most appropriate for your qualifications.

AngelList is also a good option if you like to know who is looking at your application because they alert you when your application has been seen, and also provide the name and job title of the person who opened your application.

That makes it easier to start a conversation and take your application to the next level. It also makes it easier to evaluate when you’re getting looked at, how responsive your prospective employers are, and when it might be time to tweak your resume for better results.

Scouted – Best for Recent Graduates


Scouted’s ambitious platform has a relatively simple goal, but one that makes it stand out among its competitors. Their goal isn’t simply to create a more transparent job search website or to increase transparency for employees and employers. They aren’t even looking to improve salary transparency and equity.

Instead, Scouted’s platform is designed to help create a more meritocratic job environment where the best talent can get matched with the best job opportunities.

That’s a great goal for everyone. Yes, everyone. That’s because a truly meritocratic system encourages job providers to create the kind of jobs that top talent will compete for, and that means better salaries, better workplace culture, and better work-life balance.

 Sound good?

Well, there’s good and bad news. Scouted is all about looking for new up and coming talent. That makes them a great platform for recent graduates and professionals who have added new qualifications and certifications to their resumes, but it can be more of a challenging platform if you’re looking for a job in the middle of your career.

It’s a great opportunity for employers who are looking for candidates who are recently educated and familiar with the most recent changes in their field, as well as the most recent science and advancements in technology and job trends.

It’s also a good way to get noticed in the early part of your career after you’ve graduated with a degree or new professional certification.

But one of Scouted’s best features is that they strive to match great talent with great companies, which makes it easier to get a sense of a job’s workplace culture, the kind of environment they promote, and the schedule and stress levels you’re looking at from the get-go.

Snagajob – Best for Hourly Work


Salaried positions aren’t for everyone, and there’s a huge need out there for people who can take on hourly work, do a great job, and move forward in that kind of profession. Hourly work doesn’t have to mean low-paid work, manual work, or work with bad environments and work culture.

Snagajob is designed for people who want hourly work and are looking for a better kind of hourly job. Not to mention that it’s also a great platform for employers who are looking for talented workers who don’t mind hourly positions.

Snagajob specializes in the most common hourly positions, which means that they get a lot of postings in these industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Security Services
  • Food Service
  • Retail
  • Hospitality Services
  • Customer Service

That doesn’t mean that that’s all you’re going to find on Snagajob, not even close, but it does mean that the majority of the jobs on offer will be in those industries and looking for qualified candidates with that kind of prior experience.

You simply create a profile including your education, past work experience, and other job information and apply for the job that appeals to you in your local area. Snagajob is completely free for job seekers.

Zip Recruiter – Best Matching System

zip recruiter

Zip Recruiter is an excellent job search site if you’re looking to get matched with jobs as often as you apply for them. The platform is designed to make it easier for job searchers and recruiters to sort through the noise and find the best positions and candidates, more quickly.

Their system is relatively simple. You create a profile, fill out your resume including previous positions, professional qualifications, certifications, and anything else that’s relevant to your job search. Zip recruiter then goes through its available jobs, and the available candidates, and matches jobs to candidate profiles with the relevant qualifications and experiences.

Hiring managers can see those job matches and send out invitations to apply for their positions, making it a lot easier to find the kind of job you’re looking for. Or rather, Zip recruiter makes it easier for the employers who are looking for candidates like you to find you.

Zip recruiter is also more flexible for employers than many other job sites because there are no requirements that they maintain a listing for a certain amount of time. When the employer has found the right candidate they can hire them right away and remove their listing.

That means that you’re less likely to apply for a position that’s already been filled and that their job listings are a lot more likely to reflect the current needs of each employer.

Flexjobs – Best for Remote Jobs


Flexjobs is a fantastic opportunity for workers who already know that they would like to work remotely rather than going into a traditional office. Flexjobs is designed for employers who are looking to hire remote teams or who need to hire one or two qualified professionals for remote work.

That means that all that effort you put into creating your home office doesn’t have to go to waste. You can look specifically for jobs that will let you work entirely from home so that you can make the most of that space, and maintain the convenience of a home office.

Flexjobs is also a comprehensive tool for understanding what the remote work environment looks like. They provide resources to help you gain insight into the kinds of companies and positions that are hiring remote workers as well as recent trends in the remote work environment and hot qualifications that make it easier to get positions.

They also provide remote work tips not only for getting your next remote work job but also for maintaining it and maintaining better work habits to make remote work easier to manage.

Their resume system and search is relatively easy to use and gives you access to a much wider market of employers looking for skills just like yours.

CareerBuilder – Best Comprehensive Job Search


CareerBuilder has been in this industry for 20 years, which means that they have a lot of experience and know-how to help job seekers get in the door and to better match employers with qualified candidates.

One of the big differences between CareerBuilder and other big platforms like Indeed is that CareerBuilder collects only direct listings from their employers. Indeed is one of the largest gatherings of job postings in part because employers don’t have to list specifically on Indeed to have their job posting show up there.

But by asking for direct listings only, CareerBuilder can maintain a more current stock of job listings and opportunities. CareerBuilder also has a relatively high listing fee for employers, which means that the employers who list there are more likely to be motivated and in the market to hire faster.

CareerBuilder also works with many local newspapers to capture listings that have been posted in the Newspaper ‘classifieds’ which may not show up on other online searches but which can also often be some of the best local opportunities.

SimplyHired – Best Simple Search


SimplyHired is all about keeping things simple and making it easier to match employers with great candidates. They want the whole process to be as smooth and simple as possible on both sides of the transaction.

That means that it’s a lot easier to find good job opportunities on this job search site, but it also means that there aren’t as many search filters or other tools to help narrow down your search.

Having fewer filters isn’t always a bad thing though. If you’re looking for a relatively broad spectrum of jobs, don’t know what kind of jobs are out there in your field, or are looking to switch to a new kind of position, this platform can be a great option since you’ll get a wider variety of results from the average search.

However, SimplyHired does also work to make it easier to match candidates with employers that share their ethos, so you can see things like an employer’s eco-friendliness, corporate culture, and other details about their reputation as you search for your next job.

LinkUp – Best Modern Search


LinkUp is designed to cut through more of the clutter for both job seekers and employers, streamlining the whole process so that you don’t have to apply to nearly as many jobs before you get your first few interviews and, hopefully, job offers.

This website also prides itself on keeping all of their job listings as current and up to date as possible. They verify that long-standing listings are still current and work hard to remove listings that have been filled without being renewed.

They also pull a lot of their information directly from the information that’s been posted on employer websites, with the result that their listings are usually more detailed than other websites.

Their search engine design is also particularly solid, providing a narrower listing of job opportunities based on your search terms and filters. That way you get only the best matches and don’t have to fight through too many unsuitable listings.

Common Job Search Questions

Are Paid Job Search Accounts Worth It?

It’s much more common for job search websites to charge employers to list a job than to charge job seekers who are trying to find one. However, for the sites that offer paid features, it can sometimes be worth paying a subscription to try and get your next job faster.

Usually, we only recommend paying for a job search subscription if you’re attempting to find a job on short notice, or if you’re looking for a job after an extended search without getting much attention. Paid features usually help match you with better jobs, and may provide additional support to improve your applications and attract more employers.

Is Using a Job Website Better Than Looking On Your Own?

In some cases, job search websites are better than looking on your own, especially if you live in busy urban areas with a lot of job opportunities but few in-person resume drop off areas or interview opportunities.

Job search websites also give you a lot more access to jobs, which means that you have better odds of finding a good match.

However, if you live in a rural area there may be job opportunities that aren’t listed on job search websites. In those cases, you may be better off walking around town and seeing which employers are hiring.

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