100 Best Affiliate Programs of 2022: High Paying (For Beginners)


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8 months ago

100 Best Affiliate Programs of 2022: High Paying (For Beginners)


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8 months ago

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Looking for a side hustle or online business idea that allows you to bring in extra revenue without having to sell physical products can seem like a difficult goal. But whether you’re someone who’s intimately familiar with growing a social media following or someone who has their own blog, there are opportunities out there to make money. One such excellent example is affiliate marketing.

Of course, making the decision to use affiliate marketing and finding the highest-paying, most relevant affiliate programs to fit your needs are two different things. No matter where you may currently be in your journey, let’s dive into the best affiliate programs that you can use for your business.

100 Best Affiliate Programs of 2022: By Category

For this list, we’re going to separate the highest-paying affiliate programs by category to help you source the best programs for your blog or social media in your niche.

25 Best Website/Business-Based Affiliate Programs

If you create a great deal of content for prospective small business owners, directing them towards high-quality tools that they’ll need to build their business can be an excellent focus for your affiliate marketing goals. Some of the top earners for your side hustle will often be website builders, hosting, and other essential tools for small business owners. Here are some of the highest-paying affiliate programs for business-oriented users that you should know about.

1. Wix.com


Wix is a popular website builder that allows anyone to easily create a functional website with their extensive collection of plugins as well as their seamless drag-and-drop functionality. Despite its reputation for being one of the best website builders, however, affiliate marketers will be pleased to know that their affiliate program is just as exciting as their main product.

The Wix affiliate program offers those who drive sales $100 or more for every conversion, unlimited referrals so that you can keep making money through the program, your own personalized dashboard so you can gain further insight into your performance, and creative resources so that you can make the most out of your affiliate marketing efforts.

Even better, the cookies for this affiliate program last for 90 days.

Note For New Affiliate Marketers: Cookies refer to the information that is stored on a user’s computer when they visit a specific website. These cookies are necessary to affiliate marketing programs as they track user purchases to help compensate you for your marketing efforts. In the case above, the cookie duration is 90 days. This means if someone visits a website through your link and purchases a plan from Wix in 90 days, you’ll receive a commission from the sale.

2. Shopify


With new business models like e-commerce and the rise of the side hustle, more and more people are turning to e-commerce as a way to bring in additional revenue. If you cater to this audience, you should definitely consider adding Shopify to your list of top affiliate programs.

Shopify is a subscription-based, e-commerce program that helps online sellers establish an online storefront where they can sell their products. From their branding resources to their point-of-sale system for those who already have physical storefronts they’ll operate alongside their digital stores, Shopify offers comprehensive support for sellers. As such, you can expect that they’re one of the most popular e-commerce services out there.

Taking advantage of their affiliate program will easily help you bring in the revenue that you’re looking for. With a 200 percent commission payment for conversions, a growth center designed to help you learn more about how to be a successful affiliate marketer, and 90-day tracking cookies, there is no reason why you shouldn’t create an account with them.

Just make sure that you read through their guidelines to make sure that you meet all the prerequisites before signing up!

3. Bluehost


Some new business owners may believe that starting a website is as simple as making a website and putting it up online. While the process is simple, few may know that it’s a bit more complex than that. In order to make a website visible and to store your files, you need hosting. This is why choosing to sign up for an affiliate program like Bluehost’s is a surefire way to both direct your readers to a valuable resource and make some extra cash along the way.

Bluehost is one of the top hosting services that’s well-known for its low $2.95/month beginner plan for those who are just getting started (for which you’ll receive a $65 flat-rate for each successful referral you have). Cookies last for 45 days and they offer plenty of helpful advertising resources to help you get started.

If you want an affiliate program that pays well and is almost certain to garner the interest of your followers or readership, Bluehost is a great fit for your needs.

4. HostGator


Variety is the spice of life, and this is something that is illustrated in the many affiliate programs offered by competitors. As with the recommendation above, HostGator is a hosting platform that helps new website owners get on the web and begin operating independently. Unlike Bluehost, however, HostGator’s affiliate program functions a bit differently than you may be accustomed to.

The HostGator affiliate program operates using tiers, which help you unlock extra bonuses when you reach a certain amount of referrals within a given timeframe. For example, if you were to refer one to five new users within a month, you can expect to see $65 per signup. If you’re in the top affiliate marketer tier referring more than 21 users in a month, you receive $125 per signup.

With HostGator, you also get access to a dedicated team waiting to help you with your affiliate marketing endeavors, a choice of product you wish to promote as well as over 100 designs for your advertising needs, and no minimum referrals!

5. WP Engine

wp engine

There are a handful of website builders out there, but the majority of professionals looking to create a website that stands out are likely to go with some of the main options, such as WordPress. With that in mind, making a website on WordPress often means doing so with little support. Fortunately, there are businesses like WP Engine that are designed to give businesses the extra assistance they need to get up and running.

WP Engine is a WordPress hosting platform (WordPress.org as WordPress.com is typically hosted by WordPress) that offers users hosting as well as benefits like 24/7 support, additional premium themes for their websites, and daily backups. Of course, this extensive support translates to their affiliate program as well!

With WP Engine, you can receive $200 or 100 percent of a referral’s first month’s payment (as well as 35 percent of StudioPress theme sales), 180-day cookies for WP Engine purchases and 60-day cookies for StudioPress, and the ability to create custom landing pages and marketing resources for your program. They also offer bonuses and other perks to incentivize you!

WP Engine is a bit more expensive than other hosting providers, so you may not see as much money coming through for this affiliate program. However, you do see a great deal of profit for each conversion, which can be a major plus if you’re focusing solely on website creators with a bit more money in their pocket to pay for a premium hosting service.

6. Elementor


Websites like Wix make it easy for anyone to develop a website for their business or personal needs. However, those who may be using a platform like WordPress may encounter numerous issues along their journey. This is due to the fact that, while WordPress is an excellent place to begin your blog or host your website, knowing to code really helps you get the most out of your website creation experience. Fortunately, users can circumvent these issues with Elementor.

Elementor is a drag-and-drop website creation and hosting platform dedicated to helping WordPress users make the most out of what the platform has to offer. For affiliate marketers, the benefits of choosing to sign up with Elementor means receiving 50 percent of every sale (pricing packages range anywhere from $49 to $999 per year), a dedicated team to guide you through every step of the marketing process, and an affiliate kit filled with all of the logos and banners you need to populate your blog and social media profile.

If you cater to WordPress users and find that affiliate programs like WP Engine may not be as profitable as you had hoped, Elementor can be the next best choice to turn to or use to supplement your list of tools that you promote to your audience.

7. NordVPN


Virtual private networks, or VPNs, gives users greater protection when operating on unsafe networks where sensitive data can potentially be accessed by malicious parties. Of course, VPNs are now a popular way to see content in other countries where you are not located. Regardless of the needs of your readers, VPNs have become extremely popular tools to purchase for greater safety while using the internet. You can help them achieve this by joining an affiliate program like that offered by NordVPN.

NordVPN is one of the most popular VPN companies out there, and their affiliate program has a lot to offer you as well. Unlike other affiliate programs, NordVPN has a tiered system that pays you for both initial signups as well as renewals. For a one-month subscription, they’ll give you 100 percent of the profits (and 30 percent of the sale for a renewal, which is the same across the board for all other plans). Meanwhile, their 6-month, 1-year, and 2-year plans will all offer you 40 percent of the sale. If you want a high-paying affiliate program that most will inevitably purchase if they care about internet security, NordVPN is an excellent program to sign up for.

8. Cloudways


Traditional hosting isn’t for every organization, and there are alternatives out there. Take, for example, cloud hosting. Cloud hosting gives organizations the flexibility, affordability, and reliability that users need when data is stored in the cloud rather than in one server. This means they can pay for the data that they actually use and always ensure that they have access to it. One organization that they can rely on for cloud hosting is Cloudways.

Cloudways offers a generous payout of up to $125 per sale as well as an option to use their hybrid model and earn $30 per sale as well as 7 percent monthly commission for the lifetime of the customer. At the time of writing, the affiliate page exists but looks very sparse. They may currently be working on a new page, so you may want to look for other sign-up areas to get started if the main page isn’t bringing you to where you need to be.

9. AliDropship


Creating your own online store is relatively simple these days. Dealing with the stock and fulfillment that goes on in the background, not so much. In this day and age, however, ecommerce lovers can turn to dropshipping instead. Dropshipping is the practice of working with a manufacturer to forward your orders to them and let them handle the fulfillment process. While working directly with your chosen manufacturer is one way to go, you can always turn to a program like AliDropship as well.

The AliDropship affiliate program gives you 50 percent of each sale you make (up to $869 per sale), is extremely easy to use and has a dedicated team for support on standby, and will even offer you 30 percent commission for AliDropship add-ons and other services. Given that it has such a strong impact on the e-commerce and dropshipping community, this is one affiliate program worth getting in on.

10. Sellfy


Selling goods online is a popular focus, but some users may want to switch things up by creating their own subscription-based service, membership service, or even online course service. Beyond options like Shopify, you can also direct your readers towards a service like Sellfy. Being that this service is designed to target users’ comprehensive e-commerce needs, you’re sure to find someone who needs it.

Sellfy offers a tier system where you earn more when you sell a certain number of subscriptions in a month. At the most basic level, you’ll earn a 25 percent commission for one to five sales per month. At the top level, you receive a 40 percent commission when you sell 41 or more plans per month. No matter what you sell, you still get 25 percent and comprehensive support throughout the entire experience!

11. Hostinger


Hostinger is another great entry on this list that gives small businesses and those operating on WordPress major discounts that will help them thrive during their initial startup phase. Because it offers these attractive plans to small business owners, their conversion rates are excellent, making them a perfect affiliate program for those who want to see much higher profits when advertising for a hosting website.

Hostinger boasts at least 60 percent commission per sale, an easy sign-up process that lets you get started in less than a minute, and your own affiliate account manager (along with attractive banners so that you can easily attract users to Hostinger). If you value ease of use and high commissions, Hostinger won’t let you down.

12. Fiverr


Best known for its freelancer marketplace where, initially, freelancers could sell gigs for only $5, this platform has taken off and has become a place where serious freelancers can make a good living. This has been expanded upon with the additional of a more professional version of the initial platform. It’s very hard to describe Fiverr’s affiliate program as they have their own commission guide regarding the type of sales you can drive and how much you will be paid for. Instead, you can read more about what you can expect to receive when you sign up for the Fiverr affiliate program here.

13. GreenGeeks


Tech is generally depicted as an enemy to the environment. This is due to the fact that tech relies on electricity, which is still produced using fossil fuels. These fossil fuels then contribute to greenhouse gasses being released every time a new piece of tech is made, used, and recharged. However, some companies seek to battle these issues by giving back to the environment. One such notable company doing just this is GreenGeeks.

GreenGeeks is a web hosting company that gives back three times the energy it produces back to the grid in their company locations. The GreenGeeks affiliate program gives quite a bit to you as well. As an affiliate, you earn up to $100 per sale (they operate on a tiered system), have a dedicated affiliate team and plenty of advertising resources to choose from, and have access to real-time data and statistics to monitor your referrals. This is all while you’re helping to put power back into grids!

14. Liquid Web

liquid web

Liquid Web is a company that focuses on offering companies access to cloud and web hosting to give them the flexibility they need to access important data no matter what their needs as an organization may be. With them, you receive a commission of at least $150 every time you successfully get someone to sign up for their services within the 90-day timeframe. With a host of different plans at your readers’ disposal, the amount that you can earn is outstanding. You can even earn extra by referring your friends to the service!

15. Sendinblue


Sendinblue is a little bit different than some of the other companies that we’ve covered so far. Rather than offering one type of service, Sendinblue focuses on offering comprehensive business solutions to streamline their operations and help them achieve greater success. This means providing solutions like CRMs and marketing automation, email marketing and chat services, and developing landing pages.

With Sendinblue, you earn $6 for every free account sign-up and $115 for every subscription plan purchase. Sendinblue distinguishes itself from the competition by offering faster payment schedules, high conversion rates, and real-time tracking with a 90-day cookie duration.

16. HubSpot


If you are an active small business, you’re probably familiar with HubSpot. This company has its own set of free courses and certifications, services to help you get your small business up and running, and, most notably, its comprehensive CRM to help you stay on top of leads and automate your most essential business activities.

Being that HubSpot is such a major player in the small business community, it only stands to reason that their conversion rates are fairly high, making it the perfect affiliate program if you cater to prospective or current small business owners. With HubSpot, you get a 15 percent recurring commission for the first year of a buyer’s lifetime or a 100 percent flat rate for the first month’s revenue. The average commission payout is $276 and they offer a 90-day tracking cookie.

17. PureVPN


Now that we’ve established what a VPN is above, it’s time to recommend a few more VPN affiliate programs as many of these are both in-demand and offer excellent commission rates that are sure to help you boost your overall affiliate marketing profits. PureVPN is another VPN service that helps users protect their sensitive data effectively. PureVPN offers up to 100 percent commission as well as 35 percent lifetime commission. They also have a two-tier commission system and a 30-day tracking cookie.

18. IPVanish


Although IPVanish offers multiple ways to earn (whether or not you wish to add reseller or influencer to your list of earning possibilities), there’s plenty to be excited about when it comes to its affiliate program. IPVanish offers a 100 percent commission for a one-month package and a 35 percent recurring commission, a 40 percent commission for a three-month package and a 35 percent recurring commission, and a 40 percent commission for a one or two-year package and a 30 percent recurring commission!

19. StrongVPN


Looking for a straightforward affiliate program? StrongVPN doesn’t have a confusing sign-up page, giving you something more minimalistic that is easy to get started with if you’re new to affiliate marketing. They offer up to 200 percent commissions and 30-day tracking cookies. You can learn everything you need to about their affiliate marketing program here.

20. ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN is one of the top VPN services existing today. This means that it already has a strong demand for the service that you can tap into to make some extra cash in your business. Although its affiliate page doesn’t explicitly state exactly what you can earn with the program (it does detail all of the other benefits you’ll experience when you join the program), it’s reported that they offer $13 for one-month subscribers, $22 for six-month subscribers, and $36 for yearly subscribers.

21. Surfshark


Surfshark is our final VPN recommendation on this list and one that offers a generous payout as well. They offer up to 200 percent commissions for those who drive sales to their website, plenty of opportunities for rewards if you are doing better than others in the program, and plenty of resources and support to help you take your marketing efforts to the next level.

22. Grasscity


As the use of CBD and other cannabis products becomes more normalized, the tools needed to use these items become more popular as well. That being said, this is a very niche market, and those who try to find the right products for their needs can find it hard to do so. If you’re an enthusiast who runs their own blog and wants to connect everyday users and other individuals with the right tools, you may want to choose the Grasscity affiliate program.

Grasscity is a company that sells glass pieces, vaporizers, grinders, rolling papers, CBD products, and other accessories. They offer an 8 percent commission on sales as well as bonuses, which are as follows:

“- $2500 receive $50 bonus.

– $5000 receive $125 bonus.

– $10000 receive $300 bonus.

– $15000 receive $500 bonus.

– $20000 receive $750 bonus.”

They also have a tracking cookie with a duration of 30 days!

23. Seedsman


Have you ever heard of CBD? This hemp-derivative is one of the top earners is one of the most popular health trends in the cannabis industry and it’s legal nationwide. That being said, while there is plenty of the general public who want to take this substance for themselves, others may want to get involved in the business to create their own brand and line of products.

Although the Seedsman affiliate program is very niche as they sell cannabis seeds, it may be right for your business if you typically discuss CBD and other cannabis-related topics (extra points if you offer small business advice or services). They have a tracking cookie duration of 60 days and offer a 20 percent commission per sale. They also offer an extra 5 percent on any affiliate referral who signs up with them.

24. Green CulturED

green cultured

The companies above are great for those who want to get involved in the cannabis industry. However, doing so is far from simple. There are a lot of obstacles that cannabis businesses face and a lot of hoops they have to jump through in order to operate in the industry. Fortunately, there are businesses out there that seek to help them.

Aptly named, Green CulturED offers e-learning solutions and industry training for prospective cannabus business owners. Through their affiliate program, you can earn 30 percent recurring commissions for the lifetime of those who sign up with their platform through your referral link. If you know anyone looking to learn more about cannabis, help them with Green CulturED!

25. THC University

thc university

THC University is another learning resource for potential cannabusiness owners. It’s important to note that their affiliate program only pays you out if someone signs up for a Professional paid account. If you manage to bring others to sign up for one of these accounts, you’ll get paid $25 for each successful sign-up.

13 Best Financial Affiliate Programs

Money is a major focus in today’s economy. Although many of the above offer readers a way to launch their own businesses or side hustles, which can certainly help them boost their income and bring in more money, others may be looking for banking tools and similar financial products that allow them to save and allocate their funds more successfully. Do you run your own website and social media profiles offering advice on how to manage finances more successfully? If so, here are 10 of the highest-paying affiliate programs for financial tools.

26. Freshbooks


Every small business needs to keep tabs on their finances if they want to ensure that they’re staying in the green and recording all of their transactions for tax time. While one could certainly tackle these needs on their own or outsource their financial needs to an accountant or bookkeeper, both of these options will inevitably cost them time and money. Instead, they could automate their needs with a program like Freshbooks.

Freshbooks is an accounting software designed for self-employed individuals and small businesses in need of financial support. With their affiliate program, you make $10 for every free trial that users sign up for using your affiliate link and up to $200 for every official sale that you make. Freshbooks also comes with a cookie duration of 120 days, poaching protection, and a dedicated affiliate team to make sure that you get the most out of their program!

27. M1 Finance

m1 finance

M1 Finance is an all-in-one investment tool designed to make managing and accessing your funds simple. Rather than solely allowing users to invest in a portfolio, M1 Finance comes with exciting features like an integrated checking account, a rewards card (which will be coming soon), and even a line of credit that you can access using your investments as collateral. Additionally, they offer plenty of financial advice to help users improve their financial literacy and knowledge.

Whereas Acorns and Stash only offer referral programs, you can use M1 Finance to help your audience boost their wealth while boosting yours at the same time. The only thing to know is that this affiliate program may offer passive income rather than the type of income you need. Instead of paying you when someone signs up, they give you $100 every time an account you refer reaches $1,000. Although this may be a deterrent for some, this is still a good chunk of change if you can sign up enough people.

28. eToro


If you’re into cryptocurrency, you’ve undoubtedly heard of platforms like Coinbase or Kraken. But while many exchanges allow you to purchase and manage your own cryptocurrencies, some may want a more streamlined approach to investing that gives them a better investment strategy. Enter eToro. eToro is a social trading platform designed for cryptocurrency investing that gives users the ability to copy other traders and learn more about cryptocurrency to build a solid portfolio and maximize their returns.

Although the eToro platform doesn’t explicitly state how much they pay per lead, resources online report that they offer $200 per signup, which is great given how popular cryptocurrency is and how many are looking to invest in it with the support of a dedicated resource. As they state on their affiliate page, “Build a successful campaign using converting promo tools, intuitive tracking systems, and the ongoing support of our professional affiliate managers.” If you’re looking for a great affiliate program that supports crypto, try out eToro’s program!

29. TurboTax


If there’s something that everyone has to deal with every year, it’s taxes. While many can file for free if they work a regular job, those who are self-employed or run their own small businesses have to pony up for the right software to report their earnings through. You can capitalize on this by joining an affiliate program that helps others get their taxes done.

TurboTax is one of the top tax companies in operation, and it’s undeniable that you’ll get plenty of signups when you decide to join their affiliate program. Although they only offer 15 percent per referral, the sheer number of people that you can direct towards their service will more than make up for the low commission (which is exactly why we’ve listed it in this guide). If you want an affiliate program that’s sure to pay out if you have an audience of self-employed individuals and small business owners, sign up for TurboTax.

30. Prosper


Traditional lenders may not always be accessible to everyone. Whether it’s a matter of low credit scores or high loan needs, people need somewhere else they can turn to so that they can receive the funding they’re asking for. Prosper is a peer-to-peer lending marketplace that gives borrowers a place to receive their funding without having to turn to traditional lending and gives lenders a place to take on a wide variety of loan requests with different levels of risk.

Prosper pays a generous $100 to $150 per lead you direct to their website and can certainly help you earn a lot of money if you’re in the right niche. The only difference between this affiliate program and some of the others is that you will have to reach out to them through email rather than signing up with them directly on their platform.

31. Personal Capital

personal capital

All-in-one tools that help individuals monitor their financial journey can make it easier for them to manage their income and stick to their budget. This is why choosing to join Personal Capital’s affiliate program is a great way to help your audience be more financially responsible while being able to reap the rewards of guiding them towards a tool they can get a ton of use out of.

Personal Capital doesn’t list exactly how much you can expect to earn, but it does say that their top earners make around $50,000 per month, which is a considerable amount to earn from any affiliate program. They offer a 30-day conversion cookie, plenty of insider knowledge and marketing materials to get the most out of their program, and opportunities for greater visibility beyond just online ads. If you want a financial affiliate program that goes above and beyond your average offering, consider adding Personal Capital to your list of affiliates.

32. CreditRepair.com


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many are dealing with low credit scores due to falling behind on rent and other payments. Unfortunately, this means having to start from square one and begin working to the score that they previously had. The good news? There are resources out there that can help them jumpstart the process without trying to tackle it on their own. One resource that they may want to consider turning to during these difficult times is CreditRepair.com.

Aptly named, CreditRepair.com is a comprehensive resource for credit education, a place where users can get free credit scores to stay updated on their progress, and tap into paid credit repair resources to begin working towards a better score tomorrow. As you may have noticed so far in this portion of our guide, not all financial affiliate programs are forthcoming with how much they pay you. However, the most impressive feature of this program isn’t necessarily the pay anyways, but the cookies.

Unlike other affiliate programs, CreditRepair.com offers a 365-day cookie duration. This means no matter when they sign up within the year, you get credited for their purchase. Better yet, they state that they offered a tiered system to help you earn more if you’re bringing in more referrals than other users of the program. This affiliate program may look a little bare-bones, but it’s got plenty of features that will excite you.

33. PolicyGenius


Most insurance companies only focus on helping users find policies that pertain to a certain niche. However, some companies are a bit more comprehensive, offering users an extensive collection of ideas and policies to choose from to meet all of their needs. For those looking for the latter, PolicyGenius is the way to go.

PolicyGenius helps users search the market for the best policies and compare companies across the board so that they land on the right policy for their needs. Whether they’re looking for home insurance, life insurance, or auto insurance, they can find the right match through PolicyGenius. This affiliate program pays by type of insurance rather than using a solid payout system. Disability insurance pays $40, homeowners pays $20, renters is $13, and life insurance is worth $100. The more you can sell, the more you can expect to earn! Just remember when you first go to sign up that the affiliate page is rather sparse. If you have any questions to ask beforehand, reach out to them to get these questions answered.

34. Self


If you have poor credit, you know just how hard it can be to access the things you need. From renting an apartment to purchasing a car, your credit score plays a major role in your personal and financial life. Even more difficult, those with poor credit often have less access to the most essential credit-building tools, like credit cards. However, that doesn’t mean that they’re without support! Instead of trying to get a credit card, they can sign up with Self instead.

Self is a credit-builder loan that allows people to save money and build their credit at the same time. Self is similar to a CD despite being a credit-builder loan, helping those who use their credit builder loan to earn interest on their investment while developing an on-time history of payments to create or improve their credit history. They only give you $10 per sign-up, but the number of people that you can sign up at a time with this product should more than help you meet your income goals.

Unlike other affiliate programs, Self actually breaks down their demographics and other data to help you better understand what you’re offering and who you’re aiming to gear the products to. Overall, this can be very helpful in your affiliate marketing journey alongside basics like comprehensive support and plenty of affiliate marketing tools!

35. Goldco


Some investment platforms target those interested in alternative investments like cryptocurrencies. Others will seek to help the traditional investor by giving them access to basic stocks and other securities. Meanwhile, there are those who will look for the investor that needs a solution with a great store of value. Individuals who are looking for a relatively safe investment that won’t lose a great deal of value over time may be more interested in precious metals. For these needs, they can enlist the help of Goldco.

As the name suggests, Goldco is a company focused on helping investors find the right precious metals IRA and individual investments to diversify their portfolio and maintain some of their investment funds. For investments, Goldco will pay you anywhere from $35 to $200 per sale. For products, they pay out 3 percent to 6 percent per sale. Their affiliate program looks rather bare on the sign-up page, but you should find this offer helpful if you run your own personal finance site centered around investing.

36. Ledger


For some, holding cryptocurrency in an exchange seems like a suitable way to go. But for investors who are holding much larger amounts of crypto at a time, the inherent insecurity of exchanges and wallets that are always connected to the web can be concerning. After all, the last thing that you want to happen to your funds when you’re actively trading is for them to all disappear during a hack.

This is where hardware wallets like Ledger come in. Ledger is a company that produces hardware wallets that offer an extra layer of security to your funds by making it so that you have to enter a pin through a physical device to access your crypto. The Ledger affiliate program offers a 10 percent commission per sale. Instead of paying out in your local currency, they pay out through Bitcoin!

37. Trezor


Trezor is another popular cryptocurrency hardware wallet company that makes great hardware wallets for the cautious crypto user. If you weren’t a huge fan of the Ledger affiliate program, you’ll likely prefer Trezor. Trezor offers commissions of anywhere from 12 to 15 percent per sale and pays out in USD, EUR, and CZK. Of course, if you want it, you can also receive your commissions in Bitcoin!

38. LocalBitcoins.com


Bitcoin was groundbreaking when it was first released. This is not just because it ended up being the first successful digital currency, but the fact that it was completely decentralized and not able to be controlled by one person or organization. Of course, this has become less impactful as government regulations and other barriers have made it more difficult to truly enjoy this freedom of Bitcoin.

Still, that doesn’t mean that the spirit of freedom isn’t still there. Take, for example, LocalBitcoins.com. LocalBitcoins.com is a peer-to-peer Bitcoin trading site where you can connect directly with people willing to buy and sell Bitcoins. This way, you don’t have to go through the extensive vetting process with an exchange that comes with high fees and other issues. LocalBitcoins.com offers a 40 percent commission (20 percent on trading fees for both parties), giving you the ability to earn just by referring people to the site!

10 Best Fitness Affiliate Programs

The pandemic has turned some away from gyms. Of course, they may still want to be able to get the level of exercise that they had prior to lockdowns as well as the development of the most recent Delta strain and other strains of the virus. For this, they can use your help finding the proper equipment and programs for their needs. In this section, we’re going to take a look at the best fitness affiliate programs to help your audience stay fit and healthy!

39. Horizon Fitness

horizon fitness

When the gym isn’t an option, those who are heavy lifters or simply lovers of gym equipment need something at home that they can rely on to get the job done. But where do they go? One store that they can turn to for all of their fitness needs is Horizon Fitness. Horizon Fitness is one of the fastest-growing equipment brands on the market, offering a host of equipment options such as treadmills, ellipticals, indoor cycles, rowers, and massage products for shoppers.

What’s you’ll notice with affiliate programs in the fitness industry is that the commission rates may seem rather low, but the type of products and order volume that are often purchased result in higher payments for you. With regards to Horizon Fitness, they offer 8 percent commission on every sale and have an average order of over $800. They have a 30-day tracking cookie and an easy sign-up process to make marketing their products simple.

40. Reebok


Most are familiar with the fitness brand Reebok, which sells sports and fitness products for men, women, and children. You may be surprised to see such a big brand name in this list as well as the fact that they offer their own affiliate program! Unlike other affiliate programs on this list, Reebok works through ShareASale to offer their program, but we’ve included it here because they have their own affiliate page to tell you more about their offering.

Reebok offers a 7 percent commission on all sales and has an average order of over $100. They also have a 30-day tracking cookie, offer $5 per affiliate that you refer (yes, you can make more money by referring others to join their referral program), and product datafeeds so that you can feature Reebok products directly on your website.

41. Bodybuilding.com


Note: At the time of writing, Bodybuilding currently states that they have paused affiliate applications and are unsure of when they are going to open applications back up again. Make sure to keep an eye out for their program so that you can sign up once applications are open.

As the name suggests, Bodybuilding is a company focused on providing its customers with everything they need in order to lead a healthier lifestyle and improve their physique. Unlike other fitness companies, Bodybuilding offers a host of products to guide users along their journey. Just some of their product categories include protein and performance supplements, weight management products, vitamins and supplements, clothing, and fitness programs.

Bodybuilding offers two types of affiliate programs: their main store affiliate program and their BODYFIT affiliate program for their fitness services. They pay a 15 percent commission for new customers, 5 percent for returning customers, and have a 9-day cookie duration, which means that you need to sign up or sell items to new users quickly.

42. TRX


There are some brands that have made a massive impact on the fitness community, and TRX is one of them. This simple fitness makes it easy for anyone to create their own fitness regimen from anywhere. Of course, TRX doesn’t just sell their iconic fitness system, but other products like weights, apparel, and other accessories as well.

TRX offers a fair affiliate program, with you receiving a 10 percent commission on every sale and an average order of $200 or more. As per the average affiliate program, they have a 30-day tracking cookie and a dedicated support team waiting on standby to help you with every step of the program.

43. ACE Fitness

ace fitness

The majority of fitness-based affiliate programs focus solely on those looking to buy clothing or equipment. However, that isn’t necessarily the only audience that you may be catering to if you’re running your own fitness blog or website. In fact, there’s one other type of individual that you may want to target: those looking to become a personal trainer or start their own fitness business. The problem? While you can certainly dive straight into fitness, having the proper education and certification can go a long way in securing clients. Enter ACE Fitness.

ACE Fitness is a company that aims to provide personal trainers and coaches with access to the training materials and testing they need to take their fitness goals to the next level. Through their affiliate program, you earn an 8 percent commission every time someone purchases both study materials and an exam sitting. This type of program is a bit more specialized, but it can still find a place in your marketing strategy if you’re attracting this type of audience.

44. National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

national academy of sports medicine (nasm)

For those looking to earn certifications for their fitness endeavors, they don’t want just any certification. They want one that has some weight and will show their clients that they have been properly vetted. Another option for them is to sign up with NASM.

As NASM states on their website: “… (NASM) has been a global leader in providing evidence-based certifications and advanced specializations for fitness professionals. In addition to its NCCA-accredited Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) exam, NASM offers specializations including the Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES), Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS), and Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES).”

NASM offers a $25 commission per sale, a 30-day tracking cookie, and dynamic banners to help you get the most out of your advertising needs. Additionally, they state that they offer private commissions and consumer offers on the side.

45. Titan Fitness

titan fitness

Titan Fitness is another major fitness retailer that focuses on offering a wide variety of products to give their customers comprehensive coverage. That being said, Titan Fitness focuses mainly on workout equipment, with some of its main categories being racks, weights, endurance products, and storage equipment to help its customers build a home gym.

The Titan Fitness affiliate program offers a 5 percent commission per sale and a 30-day tracking cookie. They also support you with a host of benefits like a dedicated program manager, regular updates on promotions and banners, and a simple user dashboard to help you track your sales and progress. If you love helping others find the right exercise equipment, Titan Fitness may be the company you should work with to help your audience source all their fitness tools.

46. Bowflex


If you’re familiar with daytime and nighttime television advertisements, you’ve likely heard about Bowflex in recent years. Although thier home gyms are among their most well-known and popular products, you’ll discover that Bowflex has a lot more to offer. A few of their workout equipment products include adjustable dumbbells, treadmills, and bikes.

As a Bowflex affiliate, you earn at least 3 percent commission on each successful order. In comparison to many of the other fitness affiliates in this section, this can seem rather low. However, it’s important to note that their average order is typically over $2,000, which gives you a sizeable commission in return for driving new customers to their website. Their tracking cookie period is 30 days and they also offer private commission and consumer offers.

47. All Volleyball

all volleyball

All Volleyball is a rather niche affiliate program, which means that you may want to pair this program with others you’re currently using in order to make the most out of your marketing strategy. However, if you do happen to attract quite a few individuals who may be interested specifically in this sport and All Volleyball, it can pay off.

All Volleyball sells all volleyball equipment, clothing, and accessories for men, women, and teams. Information on their affiliate page is rather scarce, but they do state that they offer 10 percent commission per order (unfortunately, they do have a limit of $75 per commission) and they only pay via ACH.

48. IdealFit


One of the biggest issues that fitness enthusiasts will encounter is finding products that work specifically for their needs. Although some websites will separate men’s and women’s products, for example, not every company will give certain groups a better idea of which types of products are best suited for them. This is why companies like IdealFit are so important.

IdealFit is a fitness company that focuses solely on women’s health and fitness, with an emphasis on protein and other workout supplements. As is customary with many of these plans, the IdealFit affiliate program offers an 8 percent commission per sale with a tracking cookie duration of 30-days. If you’re passionate about women’s fitness and want to get involved, IdealFit may be the ideal way for you to help them reach their goals.

11 Best Nutrition Affiliate Programs

When it comes to getting fit, half of the battle is getting up and moving around. However, that shouldn’t be your only focus if you’re looking to slim down or bulk up. In fact, what you put into your body, whether it be your supplements or your food, plays a crucial role in weight loss and gain. As such, pairing the above with companies that focus solely on supplements, nutrition, and vitamins can go the extra mile for your audience base. Here are some of the best nutrition affiliate programs to advertise on your website.

49. iHerb


Herbal supplements and other health supplements are arguably one of the best affiliate programs to join. Why? The supplement industry is massive, and people are always looking for natural solutions to their health issues or ways to improve their fitness regimen. Because of this, you can expect people to scoop more products at a time, resulting in greater commissions for you along the way.

To start this section, we recommend iHerb. iHerb is a comprehensive health and supplement company that offers herbal supplements, workout supplements, vitamins, and even beauty, grocery, and baby products. Put simply, if someone is looking for vitamins, they’ll likely end up buying something else along the way. iHerb only offers a 5 percent commission for every purchase, but they currently ship to over 150 countries each month and report that they have one of the highest conversion rates in the industry.

With over 30,000 products and plenty of support to help you thrive in their affiliate program, this one is an excellent program to get started with.

50. Perfect Keto

perfect keto

No matter what, you can guarantee that there’s a trending diet out there everyone’s dying to try. Among the most popular currently is the ketogenic diet. A keto diet focuses on high-fat/high-protein intake and limiting carbohydrates, which is supposed to help the body burn fat more efficiently. But where can people meet their keto needs? One such company that can help them out is Perfect Keto!

Perfect Keto offers supplements and snacks that help customers support their diet. Of course, there are many benefits for you as well. Among some of the most attractive aspects of this affiliate program include the chance to try their products for free, a 20 percent commission for each sale you drive, and custom codes for discounts for your audience. If you’ve been looking for the next big thing for your blog, Perfect Keto may help you deliver.

51. Gene Food

gene food

The most difficult aspect of finding a diet is that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t companies out there looking to personalize diets for others based on their unique qualities. One of these companies is Gene Food. Gene Food is a company that focuses on using your DNA to dive deeper into your genetics and create a tailored nutritional program based on your unique genes.

Gene Food offers $20 per sale and is easy to get started with. You will have to sign up through ShareASale to work with them.

52. GNC


GNC is a major brand name in the vitamin and supplement industry, which makes it all the more exciting to see that they offer their own affiliate program for fans of the company. GNC (general nutrition center) offers a host of natural supplements and vitamins to help you lead the best quality of life. They also offer beauty products, nutritional goods, fitness equipment and accessories, and superfoods.

GNC offers a 5 percent commission on all goods sold and comes with plenty of great advertising resources to help you stand out in your affiliate marketing. The only downside to this program is that the cookie duration is only reported to last 7 days. This should be sufficient for most, but it’s still something that’s not an industry standard and may pose an issue if your readers tend to buy after a week of first clicking your affiliate links.

53. Simple Green Smoothies

simple green smoothies

Smoothies are a great way to get all of the nutrients that you need and cut down on your overall caloric intake when you replace whole meals with a delicious smoothie. With Simple Green Smoothies, customers can achieve just that. Simple Green Smoothies produces meal replacement smoothies and fat-burning smoothies as well as offering recipe books and guides to help customers create their own awesome mixtures.

Simple Green Smoothies offers a great deal to their affiliate marketers as well. This program offers a 30 percent commission on each sale as well as a 60-day tracking cookie so that customers have ample time to make their purchases. If you have an audience that’s looking to lose weight and feel good, try out the Simple Green Smoothies affiliate program for yourself!

54. Sunburst Superfoods

sunburst superfoods

As we continue to research the role that food plays in our overall health and wellness, we inevitably come up with new terms to categorize new food groups. Superfoods is one recent term that may be novel to many. A superfood is a type of food that is low in calories but offers a ton of nutrients, making it the perfect food to eat so as to lose weight while boosting your overall health. Companies like Sunburst Superfoods sell these types of foods.

Sunburst Superfoods focuses on small snacks like bars and nuts as well superfood mixes that you can add to shakes and smoothies. This affiliate program offers a 10 percent commission for every purchase as well as a 60-day tracking cookie to make sure that you’re compensated for your effort. You can also expect beautiful banners, an online reporting dashboard, and an easy sign-up process. 

55. Juiced Upp

juiced upp

We’ve covered quite a few supplement companies so far. But while some may offer lower commission rates, there are some that will offer you far more in order to help you really make the most out of your affiliate marketing tactics. If you’re a fan of higher commissions, you should consider Juiced Upp. Juiced Upp is a supplement company that focuses mainly on supplements designed to help users bulk up and improve their workouts. They offer 8 key products and five different stacks that can be made using these products.

The Juiced Upp affiliate program offers up to 25 percent commission per sale (with an average order value of $121.87 and an average conversion rate of 5.78 percent), lifetime cookies (no more having to worry about whether or not your audience buys products within a certain timeframe), and detailed reporting with regular email notifications. Juiced Upp may not be the most prominent on this list, but it offers a lot to those who partner with the brand and work to sell their products.

56. Brutal Force

brutal force

The name of this company may sound daunting, but don’t worry. This company is actually focused on serving a specific community. As we all know quite well, steroids help people increase muscle mass with ease. However, they come with some very prominent health risks that make them not worth using. Brutal Force offers, “steroid alternatives are designed to boost muscle growth, shred fat and increase strength, safely and legally, and with no side effects.”

Brutal Force has an impressive affiliate program, offering those who sign up a 40 percent commission for each sale, an average order value of $106.43, 740 advertising resources, and lifetime cookies, among other benefits. As with the above suggestion, Brutal Force is a perfect option for those who want high commissions and no stress about selling products within a certain amount of time. Just post your marketing materials and let the product do the work for you!

57. The Vitamin Shoppe

the vitamin shoppe

The Vitamin Shoppe is another well-known brand name on this list. Although The Vitamin Shoppe sells, prominently, vitamins, there are a host of other products that one can choose from through this retailer. Some of the other categories include superfoods, groceries, and accessories, just to name a few. Put simply, The Vitamin Shoppe is the one-stop-shop for all your health needs.

The Vitamin Shoppe’s affiliate program is relatively straightforward, and you will have to sign up to learn more about how it works and what you can expect. However, they do tell you upfront that you can expect to earn a 10 percent commission on each sale that you make. If you want to use a well-known brand to support your readers, The Vitamin Shoppe is one avenue to pursue.

58. AllStarHealth.com


Are you looking for something just a bit more comprehensive? If so, you might be happier with All Star Health. All Star Health is dedicated to helping everyone achieve a better quality of life by giving them access to a host of different health-oriented products. As you’ll find on their website, they have vitamins and supplements, products for sports nutrition, weight loss products, herbs, specialty formulas, kitchen goods, accessories, bath and body products, and pet products.

All Star Health has over 15,000 products to choose from, making it the perfect program to help you drive maximum sales and profits. This brand offers a 30-day cookie duration and has a minimum commission of 10 percent per sale. If you increase your sales, you can earn up to a maximum of 14 percent commission per sale. When you sign up with them, you should expect to receive approval within one week!

59. Thrive Market

thrive market

There are a few unique companies in the nutrition niche that really stand out, and we’ve saved the best for last. Thrive Market is an online grocery store that helps customers purchase products from vegan, sustainable, responsible brands. Rather than having to spend a great deal of money at a local health store in order to get good groceries, they offer discounted products and perks like free shipping over a certain amount to their customers. They’ve also recently expanded their store to offer more frozen goods and a fine selection of responsible wine brands.

If you know plenty of people who would love to sign up for a service like Thrive Market, their affiliate program will offer you anywhere from $5 to $40 per sale (they are a membership-based service where people can pay for a subscription to access the savings in their online store) and have a tracking cookie duration of 14-days. For those operating in the health food niche who want to point people to responsible brands looking to make a difference in the world, this is a great affiliate program to sign up for.

15 Best Fashion-Based Affiliate Programs

If your audience is looking for the perfect accessories or some new pieces for their wardrobe, they don’t have to spend all of their time doing their research on their own. In fact, you may be surprised that there are actually ample fashion affiliate programs out there that you can advertise on your own website. Here are some of the best fashion-based affiliate programs to help you get started.

60. Warby Parker

Warby Parker seems to be everywhere these days, and it’s no wonder why. This glasses company makes it extremely easy to find the best possible glasses without having to ever leave the comfort of your own home. Whether you choose to try the glasses that they send to your doorstep or use their virtual fitting feature to find the perfect options, gone are the days of having to spend tons of time and money to source your vision needs.

Warby Parker (operated through ShareASale) offers both sales and lead commissions. For every lead that you send to them, they’ll pay you $0.50. For every sale, they offer a 20 percent commission. If you’re looking to boost your earning potential, you’ll be happy to know that they also offer an affiliate referral program. They give you an extra $10 for anyone you recruit to the program. In regards to the more technical details, their tracking cookies last 45 days and their average order value is $125!

61. Nordstrom


Nordstrom is a retailer that’s known for its higher-end brands, which makes them the perfect place to join if you’re looking to boost your commissions and help your readers tap into some of the most high-quality fashion trends. Given their own branding and marketing efforts, you can guarantee that you’ll have high-quality promotional materials to hit the ground running once you get approved to be an affiliate.

The Nordstrom affiliate program pays out commissions of anywhere from 2 to 20 percent per sale and has a tracking cookie that lasts 7 days. If your readers tend to buy right away, this should be plenty of time to see earnings on every user that you refer to their business. Additionally, the sign-up process is simple for everyone and you can get started with them right away.

62. Eddie Bauer

eddie bauer

Eddie Bauer is another brand that needs no introduction. This clothing company has been creating solid pieces for over 100 years. Whether you’re in need of activewear, everyday apparel, or even home goods, you can rely on Eddie Bauer to deliver the quality products that you expect to last you for years to come.

At the time of writing, it appears that the Eddie Bauer affiliate page is currently down. However, it’s said that they offer a 5 percent commission per sale and have a tracking cookie that lasts 7 days. You can see if they offer their affiliate program through another service in the meantime or contact them directly to learn more about their affiliate program.

63. True Religion

true religion

If you’re big on trends and pop culture, you likely recognize this brand name from their famous designer jeans. But what you may not know is that True Religion is far more than just their jeans. True Religion offers stylish clothing for men, women, and children as well. If your audience has a taste for some of the designer brands as well as other companies we’ve mentioned here, adding True Religion to your roster of affiliate programs can help you earn more.

True Religion has some very stringent guidelines regarding its affiliate program, so it’s important that you review these guidelines before you sign up for their program. Regarding the finer details of this affiliate program, they state that they pay a standard rate of 3 percent per sale with 8 percent offered to loyalty partners. As with the previous mentions, this cookie lasts 7 days.

64. MVMT


MVMT is a brand that’s recently come into the spotlight with its stylish watches. They’ve expanded now to products like eyewear and jewelry, generally taking a minimalistic approach to their product line (although they still do add some flash to their products every once in a while). According to their affiliate program page, they offer a 10 percent commission per sale and 15-day tracking cookies.

If you take a look at their affiliate page, they also lay out daily conversion goals and associated income so you can see how much you’ll be making if you’re driving a specific number of sales on a daily basis. Out of many of the affiliate programs on this list, they’re very transparent with their affiliate information. This makes it a great company to work with if you’re looking to dip your toes into the water.

65. Lane Bryant

lane bryant

Looking to help your community of women land the best deals from a brand built for them? If so, you’re likely going to want a company more tailored to their needs, like Lane Bryant. Lane Bryant offers fashion in sizes 10 through 40 and an extensive collection of fashion choices to help you get everything you need in one place. Whether you need dresses, jeans, or even activewear, you can find all of your clothing right at Lane Bryant.

Besides being stylish and affordable, Lane Bryant offers an affiliate program for those who like the brand and what to help their audience find the best pieces. They give a 5 percent commission per sale and have a tracking cookie that lasts 15 days.

66. JNCO


For the most part, a lot of the clothing brands that you run into today serve a wide population. However, there are more specialized brands out there. Take, for example, JNCO. JNCO, which stands for “Judge None, Choose One”, is a Los Angeles-based company that produces jeans for men and boys. This style offers an urban/skater hybrid look for those who are unable to find this type of style at other retailers on this list.

This company also breaks the mold when it comes to its affiliate program. JNCO offers a 20 percent commission on every sale you make and comes with a 30-day tracking cookie to give your customers plenty of time to make their first purchase!

67. Stitch Fix

stitch fix

Let’s face it: shopping for clothes can be difficult. Even if you already have a personalized style and know what fits you perfectly and what doesn’t, shopping can be both time-consuming and stressful. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it all by yourself. Companies like Stitch Fix connect you with personal stylists and ship some of your favorite styles right to your door. This eliminates the analysis paralysis that many experience when they’re shopping for themselves.

The Stitch Fix 4 percent commission may seem rather low, but it’s important to remember that clothing subscriptions often run a bit higher than the orders some may place at individual retailers. With a 7-day tracking cookie and a very attractive pitch, the Stitch Fix should be the perfect affiliate program if you’re looking to target an audience that wants to simplify the process of clothes shopping.

68. ModCloth


ModCloth is a brand that’s hard to describe, although they best describe themselves as indie and vintage-inspired clothing for all women. They offer an extensive collection of clothing exclusively for women that ranges from dresses to swimwear to holiday-themed clothing. They also offer accessories like footwear, bags, and even a variety of home goods and gifts to offer you even more options.

The ModCloth affiliate program (which is offered through ShareASale) comes with a 2 percent commission for coupons and deals and a 5 percent commission for loyalty and content. They have a tracking cookie that lasts for 30 days and an average sale of $120. For affiliate marketers, they have a product datafeed with 1,000s of products being updated daily, a $10 affiliate referral if you get any other content creators to join the program, and a weekly newsletter to keep you updated on anything taking place within the company!

69. NewChic


NewChic is an international clothing company that offers a vast collection of affordable clothing options for men, women, and children. Whether you’re looking for dresses and swimwear or need something like accessories or home and garden goods, NewChic is one of those companies that offers it all. What’s very important to note is that NewChic is a company based in China, despite operating internationally. This means that sizes can run smaller than they do in the U.S. and that shipping isn’t always the smoothest process when packages are coming in from another country.

Beyond these notes, the NewChic affiliate program gives you an 18 percent commission during your first month, with the potential to earn a 50 percent commission for every sale that you drive. They also have a tracking cookie with a duration of 60 days, which is perfect if you know that your audience does their research and may purchase from them later on. Although you may want to do more research on this one yourself, the high commission rates are a good reason to consider NewChic for your blog and social media.

70. TJ Maxx

tj maxx

There are a lot of great clothing companies out there, but the biggest issue for some when shopping brand names is that the prices for the clothing may be a bit out of their reach. While sales are certainly something they can take advantage of, that doesn’t meant that there always getting the most bang for their buck. Instead, retailers like TJ Maxx may be the best way to go if you want to help others save money on great fashion choices.

TJ Maxx is a chain of stores that offer home goods and clothing at reduced prices. With some of the previous mentions as well as this one, programs are available through FlexOffers.com rather than directly with them. That being said, it does state that they offer 4 percent commission and 30-day tracking cookies on other sources online. If you love helping others save money, this fashion affiliate program is perfect for you.

71. Urban Outfitters

urban outfitters

Urban Outfitters is a relatively popular clothing retailer that has over 200 locations across North America. We’re not going to dive too deep into this one (due to the nature of the offer), but they do offer a 5 percent commission for every sale. The biggest downside, however, is that tracking cookies only last 24 hours, which is a major disadvantage for many affiliate marketers. Instead, you may want to supplement your other affiliate programs with this one if Urban Outfitters is a brand your audience will love.

72. Old Navy

old navy

Old Navy is another popular brand that offers great styles for men, women, and children. As with the previous suggestions, it’s reported that Old Navy offers 4 percent commission per sale and a 24 tracking cookie. However, the big difference between Old Navy and other brands with 24-hour tracking cookies is that Old Navy offers quite affordable fashion, which means its likely that your audience will purchase their favorite items right away rather than waiting a week or a month. The sign-up process looks simple, so you should be able to jump in soon after signing up to work with them.

73. Buckle


There are numerous brands that offer very minimalistic or modern looks that are common in this day and age. Others will focus on the flashy type of look that some look for. Buckle is one of the brands that fall into the latter category. This clothing brand offers a host of flashy and glamorous looks for men, women, and children. You can turn to Buckle for stylish activewear, shoes, and even swimwear.

Buckle’s affiliate program breaks the pattern of our last two items, offering a tracking cookie that lasts 7-days, which is ample time for your readers to place their orders. They also offer a 4 percent commission per sale.

74. Zaful


Zaful is a clothing brand that has been operating since 2013 and produces affordable, trendy clothing for young men and women as well as children. Zaful’s affiliate program is much more generous than some of the other programs on this list, giving you a 30 percent commission for every sale you make. They don’t state how long their tracking cookie lasts directly on their website, but it does say online that their tracking cookies last 30 days, which is another major benefit to promotion Zaful.

10 Best Beauty Affiliate Programs

When we first get up in the morning what do we do? Chances are that grooming and makeup are two of your most essential morning routine practices. Although what you dress up in is important, many readers need complementary beauty products to help them get their hands on everything they need to look and feel great. If you’re looking for some stellar beauty brands to recommend, let’s dive into 10 excellent beauty affiliate programs!

75. Madison Reed

madison reed

Hair is so much more than just hair. As it is with all parts of our body, hair is a form of expression. Whether it’s down, up, natural, or dyed, we want to make sure that our hair represents who we are. Finding all the high-quality hair care goods is the first step to a better hairdo. Madison Reed may be the company that your female followers are looking for to boost their hair care routine.

Madison Reed sells hair care products like hair coloring and highlight products, coloring treatment products, shampoo/conditioner and styling products, and styling tools and accessories. Their affiliate program offers 30-day tracking cookies and a $20 commission per sale you drive to their website. If you’re a big fan of the brand and what they sell, they also send you exclusive newsletters and special partners-only offers and promotions!

76. Birchbox


Not everyone is necessarily deeply involved in beauty or dedicated to any one brand. This can make it difficult to find certain products that they love using, especially if they’re spending a great deal of money on a monthly basis to try out a host of new products to determine whether or not they’re a good fit for them. This is why Birchbox was made.

Birchbox is a beauty and grooming subscription box that delivers four to five selected beauty samples for users to try out for themselves monthly. This popular beauty subscription box offers a 5 percent commission per sale along with a 7-day tracking cookie. They’re also super dedicated to sustainability and social responsibility, which is a major plus.

77. Avon


Remember the Avon lady? Even if you didn’t have someone selling Avon door-to-door in your day, this makeup brand hasn’t left the scene yet. They have plenty of great products and impactful brands that women everywhere still enjoy using. Better yet, they’ve since expanded their line to other types of products like hair care and home goods. They offer up to 10 percent commission for every sale you drive and offer a 30-day tracking cookie for good measure.

78. Hero


Hero is a relatively niche brand, but it’s developed quite a following among those who find their Mighty Patches especially helpful when they’re trying to get rid of unsightly blemishes that have popped up overnight. Beyond their famed Mighty Patch, they also offer multiple skin cleansers and other products to keep your skin bright and healthy. Although their affiliate page is rather scarce on information, they do state that they offer an 8 percent commission per sale and a recurring 5 percent commission for repeat customers.

79. Beautytap


Finding high-end, high-quality products that get the job done can be difficult. For those who want a large selection of great skin care products, you should turn to Beautytap. Beautytap is a brand that sells products in four different categories: skin care, hair care, makeup, and bath and body. These products run a little more on the expensive side, but this is perfect if you have readers willing to splurge. Beautytap offers a 7.5 percent commission per sale with the potential for bonuses and has a tracking cookie that lasts 7 days.

Note: At the time of writing, the affiliate program page seems to be in the process of being renovated. Contact them directly to learn more about their affiliate program or see if you can find them through a popular affiliate service.

80. Sephora


Sephora is one of the brands on this list that needs no introduction. This popular makeup brand that has blown up around the country offers a host of trendy, high-quality products for those looking to boost their makeup and skin care routine. Whether you need makeup products and tools, hair care goods, bath and body products, or even gifts, you can find them at Sephora.

The Sephora affiliate program offers anywhere from 5 to 10 percent commission for sales and they have no brand restrictions. Their tracking cookie only lasts 24 hours, but their products are constantly in-demand, so it shouldn’t affect your ability to earn. They also offer excellent promotional materials and even exclusive discounts for affiliates only!

81. BH Cosmetics

bh cosmetics

Sometimes, you need someone to come in and shake up the industry. While other brands are reserved and minimalistic, BH Cosmetics are colorful, exciting trend-setters. This exciting new brand focuses solely on makeup goods and is very transparent about what you can expect to receive when you open up an affiliate account with them. They give you a 6 percent commission per sale, a 90-day tracking cookie to make sure that you get a commission for your referrals, and offer a 4.75 conversion rate.

82. RevitaLash Cosmetics

revitaLash cosmetics

The hair and the eyes are among the most important parts of the face. For those who place great pride in keeping these areas looking stunning and healthy, you can turn to RevitaLash Cosmetics for assistance. RevitaLash Cosmetics is a well-known brand that gives you the opportunity to earn money for promoting the items you love. You earn up to 5 percent commission for each sale and you have 45 days to earn commission from the sales you drive. You can learn more about their affiliate program here.

83. Ulta Beauty

ulta beauty

Ulta Beauty is a makeup empire that sells almost everything the beauty industry has to offer. According to their website, they carry around 500 beauty brands and have over 1,200 locations across the United States. They offer anywhere from around 2 to 5 percent commission per sale and have a tracking cookie duration of 30 days. There are also plenty of perks that are exclusive to their affiliate partners who are passionate about beauty.

84. No7 Beauty

no7 beauty

No7 Beauty is another great beauty brand that offers colorful, high-quality makeup goods to its customers. Of course, this level of quality and dedication is reflected in their affiliate program as well. No7 Beauty offers an 8 percent commission for new customers, a 6 percent commission for returning customers, and a 6 percent commission for gift sets and beauty kits. They have a tracking cookie duration of 30 days and an average order value of $45.

6 Best Sports-Related Affiliate Programs

Fitness and sports may seem like they’re one and the same, but you may be surprised to learn that there are actually a wide variety of sports-related affiliate programs out there. From the gear you need to enjoy any physical activity to memorabilia, getting fans in contact with the brands that will make a difference in their life is a great affiliate marketing strategy. With that in mind, let’s take a look at these 6 great sports-related affiliate programs.

85. Under Armour

under armour

Although Under Armour would traditionally be categorized under the fitness category, you’ll discover on their website that they actually offer a wide variety of clothing and gear made for various sports that you engage in. Whether you’re a runner, a golfer, or a fisher, Under Armour makes comfortable, modern products that anyone would love to wear in their favorite sports setting or beyond.

Under Armour offers an affiliate program that will pay you a 5 percent commission per sale and offers a 30-day tracking cookie.

86. SportsMemorabilia.com


Aptly named, SportMemorabilia.com offers an extensive collection of signed, unique sports memorabilia that would make an excellent gift for any sports lover. Whether you’re into hockey, soccer, or even Nascar, there’s a little something here for everyone. The SportMemorabilia.com affiliate program gives you a much larger commission at 9 percent per sale and even offers a 1-year tracking cookie for good measure!

87. Fanatics


Sports memorabilia can be a great present. However, these types of items may be too expensive for some or need to be preserved to maintain their condition and can’t actually be worn out in public. This is why we’re adding Fanatics to this list! Fanatics is an online retailer that offers a host of sports merchandise that you can wear to represent your favorite team in any sport. The Fanatics affiliate program offers you up to 10 percent commission on your sales with a 7-day tracking cookie.

88. Dick’s Sporting Goods

dick’s sporting goods

Merchandise and basic sports clothing is something that we don’t lack in this guide. However, what we have yet to see are retailers that actually offer sports gear and products that will be needed in the sport. For example, if you need a basketball or a baseball bat and mitt, where are you supposed to go? For these needs, we recommend signing up for the Dick’s Sporting Goods affiliate program.

Dick’s Sporting Goods is a wildly popular sporting chain in the United States that has since risen to the top over other established brands like Sports Authority or Big 5. No matter what gear you need to enjoy your sport, you are sure to find it here. You may even come across some unique products for sports that are not considered at other retailers, such as kayaking or even fishing. Dick’s Sporting Goods offers an average of 5 percent commission per sale and a 10-day tracking cookie.

89. DraftKings


If you’re someone who loves sports, you’ve most likely heard of this famous brand in the past. A bit different from our previous suggestions, DraftKings is a website that specializes in offering fantasy sports services. For example, if you’re someone who gets excited about fantasy football, you may already be quite familiar with the service. Although DraftKings will be relatively niche in your overal affiliate marketing strategy, they do offer 40 percent commission of a referral’s net gaming revenue over the course of the first 30 days. Then, they offer a 25 percent commission for 31 days and beyond.

90. FanDuel


This affiliate suggestion is a bit more complicated than some of the previous mentions, so it may take a little longer to establish exactly who this is for and what you can expect to receive from it. FanDuel is a company that focuses on sports betting, giving people the ability to bet on their favorite sports online and in person. The first question this may prompt is, isn’t this illegal? In some states, it is, which is why FanDuel may not be the right affiliate program.

So, where can you recommend FanDuel if you run a local blog or local social media profiles? If you’re in the following states, you can only recommend that they bet at a retail location as this is where it’s legal to do so:

  • Arkansas
  • Delaware
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi
  • New Mexico
  • New York

The following states offer legal retail location betting and mobile betting:

  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Tennesse
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia

If you do live in one of these states and can draw users to sports betting, the FanDuel affiliate program offers a tiered system to help you earn more when you achieve greater success. For 1 to 15 new users, you earn $25 per user. If you attract 26 to 100 new users, you get $30 per user. If you bring more than 100 to the platform, you earn $35 per user.

They also offer a percentage of the revenue generated by your referral for the first 730 days of play. This commission is the same across the board at 35 percent per user. The more you sign up, the more you can make along the way. While this may not be a program that everyone can use, it’s certainly a lucrative one if you live in a state where sports betting is legal.

6 Best Entertainment Affiliate Programs

Entertainment plays a huge role in our culture, and the expansion from physical mediums to tech has made it even easier to consume media or get our hands on products that we need to create our own art. Although entertainment affiliate programs may seem hard to find, there are a few companies out there offering affiliate commissions for those who drive customers to their website. Here are 6 of the best entertainment affiliate programs to incorporate in your digital marketing strategy.

91. Twitch


Game streaming and other forms of live streaming have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Where YouTube was the dominant form of video media for gamers, Twitch and other services that have cropped up recently have created an entirely new culture around gaming. For those who want to be the next big sensation and play games in front of hundreds of thousands of fans, Twitch may be the route to go.

What’s important to note in regards to Twich’s affiliate program is that it’s not a referral-based program. Rather, it opens up the potential to earn income for consistent streamers who have begun attracting a following. In order to qualify, you must have at least 50 followers, 500 minutes of gameplay over the last 30 days, 7 unique broadcast days, and an average of 3 or more concurrent viewers. Once you’ve been approved, you can earn money in the form of a subscription, Bits, and game sales if you’re playing games that are on sale and buyers are willing to buy through your account.

92. zZounds


Are you a big fan of music? Do you own your own music blog where you publish some of your work, teach courses, or direct others to some of the best instruments and tools in this day and age? If so, a music affiliate program like zZounds may be best for you. zZounds is a company that sells a host of musical instruments and electronics to help you develop the best possible sound.

The zZounds affiliate program offers a 6 percent commission per sale. However, they also offer bonuses for those who drive a considerable number of sales to their website. If you generate more than $5,000 in sales over the course of a month and you are not an exclusive affiliate with zZounds, you get a 25 percent bonus. If you drive $10,000 or more, you get a 50 percent bonus. For exclusive affiliates, $1,000 gets you 20 percent, $5,000 gets you 40 percent, and $10,000 gets you an 80 percent bonus. They also have a tracking cookie with a great duration of 45 days!

93. Fanatical


Whereas some people love to stream, others may simply want to operate behind the scenes offering the best gaming deals to excited enthusiasts. If this is something that resonates with you, Fanatical is the way to go. Fanatical is a website that sells PC game keys. As an affiliate with Fanatical, you can earn a 5 percent commission per game that you sell and have 90 days to drive sales.

94. Guitar Center

guitar center

Guitar Center is one of the biggest music retailers around, making it the perfect affiliate program to join if you want to work with a brand that is both well-known and always in-demand. Although the name suggests that they specialize in guitars, you’ll find a wide variety of gear and instruments there. This includes drums, microphones, and DJ equipment. They offer a 6 percent commission per sale and have 14-day tracking cookies.

95. GameFly


GameFly is a company that has been around for a while, and its appeal lies in its unique business model. Whereas gaming platforms sell games directly, GameFly allows you to rent and buy used or new games or movies. With thousands of items in its collection, this makes it easier for enthusiasts to try out new games or find steals without having to pay the high prices of today’s video game products. GameFly offers $5 to $15 for every person you get to sign up for a free trial or pre-paid plan.

96. Singorama


It seems like there are very few resources out there for singing, even though there are plenty of people who want to learn how to train their voice and become the best singers they can be. Singorama offers an affiliate program that can help you earn for helping others learn. Singorama is run by an individual rather than a company, and they pay 70 percent commission on instant download products and 40 percent commission on shipped products. You also benefit from a 60-day tracking cookie.

3 Pet-Based Affiliate Programs

Do you have a special furry friend in your life? If so, you’ve likely seen the wide variety of subscription boxes that are emerging for those with pets. In this section, we’re going to take a look at 3 popular pet affiliate programs to help you get the best possible nutrition and other products for your audience’s pets.

97. Ollie


Ollie is a dog-food subscription that develops a tailored meal program based on the characteristics that you provide the service when you first sign up for a subscription. With delicious, natural meals shipped to your doorstep each month, it’s never been easier to keep your dog fit and healthy while meeting all of their nutritional needs. Ollie affiliates can expect to earn around $60 per sale that they drive and have 30 days to realize these sales.

98. Chewy


There are a ton of pet retailers out there, but if you want great pet products shipped right to your door, you’re going to want to go with Chewy. Chewy offers an extensive collection of healthy pet foods, pharmacy goods, and toys for pets ranging from cats and dogs to birds. They offer a flat-rate commission of $15 for every sale you drive to their site. Given that many already rely on Chewy and they offer so many excellent products, this should be a decent commission to work with.

99. BarkBox


BarkBox is a dog subscription box that delivers a wide variety of products to your door each month for your dog to enjoy. At this point in time, their affiliate program is not active. Instead, this is one you will want to keep in mind as you’re using the other two for your marketing needs. That said, BarkBox offers $18 to $20 per sale you drive and has a tracking cookie that lasts 7 days.

Best Overall Affiliate Program

100. Amazon Associates

amazon associates

Amazon is truly in a league of its own, so we had to wrap up this list with this affiliate program as it doesn’t fit into any one category. Amazon Associates allows you to tap into the thousands of products offered on Amazon and receive payment when someone purchases a product directly using your link. They offer a 10 percent commission for each sale and their high conversion rates ensure that you’ll see profits when you use this program for your digital marketing needs.

Before You Go: Tips to Help You Get Started

There we have it! Those are some of the best, highest-paying affiliate programs that you can feature on your blog and social media profiles to drive profits in your specific niche. But before we let you go, it’s important that you know how to properly leverage this information to your advantage. To make sure that you get the most out of your affiliate marketing endeavors, here are a few tips to leave with when you start signing up for these programs.

  • Always Disclose Your Relationship With Vendors: As a blogger, understanding blogging laws is arguably the most important aspect of marketing. When you work with an affiliate marketing program, you must disclose your relationship with the vendor to your audience so that they know you will be paid for the products you are advertising. This can seem counterintuitive, but this level of transparency will ultimately help you develop a better relationship with your readers as they try out the products you recommend for themselves.
  • Diversify the Programs You Sign Up for to Maximize Profits: Exclusive affiliate programs are few and far between. In order to see the most profits from your affiliate marketing activity, you have to diversify the programs that you sign up for and make sure that you’re giving them the attention they need to get them in front of your audience. The more affiliate products you’re promoting, the more you can potentially earn if your readers prefer one retailer over another that you’re marketing.
  • Establish Your Niche and Marketing Strategy Beforehand: Signing up for affiliate marketing programs won’t help you earn money if you don’t have the traffic to get your affiliate products in front of. Before you start signing up for any of the programs above, make sure that you have a dedicated niche and marketing strategy to help you grow your blog and social media presence over time. As you see your subscribers, followers, and visitors grow, profits will follow.
  • Know Your Audience and Your Products: Understanding your audience’s needs and wants is what makes the difference between receiving regular commissions and selling very few products on a monthly basis. Make sure that you know your audience and what they’re looking for before you recommend a product. It can also be helpful for you to try out a product for yourself before you recommend it so that you can provide a comprehensive, honest review of the product before you tell your audience to try it.
  • Post Your Links in Multiple Channels and Talk Them Up Regularly: Affiliate marketing is not something that you can set and forget. When you try out this strategy, you will most likely see few results in your first few months of trying to advertise products on your website. Instead, make sure that you’re regularly advertising and talking about these products in your blog and social media profiles. If you have to repost certain products and companies a few times, so be it!
  • Pay Attention to Industry Trends and Changes: As a marketer, it’s crucial that you keep up with any industry trends and changes to find new ways to market or prepare ahead for any changes that may affect your strategy. One such example of this is Google’s plan to phase out third-party cookies in 2023. Keeping your eye out for these types of developments, understanding how they’ll impact your ability to effectively blog and market affiliate goods, and creating a plan of action will help you thrive as you move forward. Even as a blog owner, you have to be on your toes and ready to tackle anything that comes your way.

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to make regular income if you have a sizeable following on your blog and social media. If you’re just getting started on your affiliate marketing journey and need some pointers as well as some of the best high-paying affiliate programs to sign up for to maximize your profits, the guide above will give you all the resources you need to jumpstart your affiliate marketing goals more successfully!

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