The 10 Best Free Gaming VPNs in 2022


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5 months ago

The 10 Best Free Gaming VPNs in 2022


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5 months ago

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You can’t enjoy a full gaming experience unless you have all that it takes. That includes fast internet speeds, consistent low ping, unlimited bandwidth, large server networks, etc. Unfortunately, this is hard to find due to many restrictions like your internet service provider (ISP) throttling your connection. That’s why you’ll need to have a virtual private network (VPN) at hand as an online gamer. A VPN will provide you with all that I mentioned along with protection against attacks on the internet. However, you also won’t easily come across a free VPN that’ll offer you all these perks in one go. In this article, I’ll list down the best 10 free gaming VPNs you should try out. Let’s get into the fun talk!

Top 10 Free Gaming VPNs

Although free gaming VPNs offer you lots of advantages and perks, they’ll have some limitations at some point. Free plans will only get you as far as you might consider the premium options. That said, let’s have a look at the top free gaming VPNs you should invest in as an online gamer. 

1. ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN is one of the top free gaming VPNs that’ll guarantee you an amazing gaming experience overall. The VPN combines all of the best features an online gamer would need on a single network. For starters, no free VPN will come close to the blazing-fast speeds and lag-free connection that ExpressVPN offers. The VPN also has a wide server network which goes up to 3000 servers across +90 countries with around +20 server locations in the US. 

In addition, ExpressVPN is compatible with a wide variety of devices including computers, phones, streaming devices, and even Xbox consoles. Not to mention, it also works on PlayStation. When it comes to protection against attacks, the VPN also uses a high level of encryption and supports both split tunneling and port forwarding. Last, you’ll get the chance to try out all these perks yourself and choose if it suits your gaming experience or not with the 30 days free VPN trial. Your gaming experience will be unmatched!

2. NordVPN


Next on the list, we’ve got another great gaming VPN which is NordVPN. The VPN gives out many amazing features that’ll keep your online gaming experience covered. First, you’ve got 5500+ servers to choose from across 59+ countries due to their tunneling protocol. You can NordVPN on several devices including phones, tablets, computers, and more. The VPN also provides SmartDNS which means being able to enjoy its perks on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and other game consoles. 

Aside from the fast speeds and lag-free experience you’ll get, NordVPN also gives you ultimate protection against attacks. It offers AES-256 encryption, leak protection, and a Kill Switch. NordVPN isn’t totally free though. However, you can still enjoy a 7-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Not to mention, NordVPN only costs around $3 per month which is a little cost for such features. Try it out and decide for yourself!

3. CyberGhost VPN

cyberghost vpn

Another great option to guarantee yourself an outstanding online gaming experience is CyberGhost VPN. With its gaming-optimized servers, low-latency features, unlimited bandwidth, and blazing-fast speeds, CyberGhost VPN is among the best VPNs in 2022. Finding lobbies won’t be an issue anymore since the VPN gives you a massive fleet of servers up to 9000+ in 90+ countries. The VPN uses different protocols and has customized security with many features like a kill switch, No-Spy privacy, etc. to give you a safe experience as well. It’s compatible with various devices and operating systems and allows you to use its perks on up to 7 devices at the same time. 

CyberGhost VPN is super easy to use and eliminates all your gaming problems like slow connection, low ping, or lags and latency. In addition, CyberGhost VPN offers a generous 45-day money-back guarantee for you to take your time deciding if it meets your gaming needs or not. Thus, you’ll be enjoying your online gaming experience risk-free for 45 days before you make a decision. Play video games without interruption.

4. ProtonVPN


Another name on the list, another great free gaming VPN! ProtonVPN is one of the best gaming VPNs you’ll come across due to its many features and perks. One of these features is unlimited data which means you get to enjoy tons of online games without fearing that you’ll run out of data. This is especially useful if you love battlefield games like Warzone, Fortnite, etc. Aside from this, the VPN offers amazing and recommended security features like military-grade encryption, an automatic kill switch, and more that’ll keep you protected and safe from any attacks. 

However, ProtonVPN only offers servers in 3 locations which are the US, Netherlands, and Japan. Thus, unless you live close to these locations, you should expect a high ping and some latency which are fun killers in the gaming world. Last, ProtonVPN has more than 160 free servers you can connect to. Thus, you’ll enjoy this gaming VPN at no cost! Play video games for free, nothing sweeter than that!

5. Hide.Me VPN vpn

Hide.Me is also another option to consider when you’re looking for free online gaming VPNs. The VPN does have some restrictions but they shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying occasional online gaming sessions. Hide.Me is compatible with various different devices and operating systems. The VPN doesn’t provide a SmartDNS though which means you’ll have to get a bit creative when trying to use it on gaming consoles. Hide.Me VPN will give you 10 GB every month. In addition, the VPN is available across 4 different countries which are the US, Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands. 

Not to mention, Hide.Me VPN also provides high-level security features with multiple protocols to ensure your protection against attacks. The VPN will also allow you to bypass ISP throttling with the No-Logs policy it provides. Overall, Hide.Me VPN is one of the best free gaming VPNs, especially if you’re in one of its servers’ locations. 

6. Windscribe VPN

windscribe vpn

Windscribe VPN is one of the good free online gaming VPNs you’ll stumble upon. However, it does have some limitations and restrictions. To start off with the perks of this VPN, Windscribe has more than 400 servers across 60+ different countries. In their free plan, they offer you around 10 server locations that you can choose from. The VPN also supports multiple tunneling protocols like IKEv2, OpenVPN TCP/UDP, Stealth, and WStunnel to ensure you get a safe connection. It’s also compatible with various devices, routers, and operating systems, and it gives you unlimited simultaneous connections. 

Windscribe VPN also has a strict no-logs policy, which means you can bypass ISP throttling and enjoy gaming without a trace. In addition, Windcribe VPN also gives you low ping, fast speeds, and allows P2P traffic. On the other side of the coin, this VPN has some limits like any other free VPN. It limits your bandwidth to only 10 GB per month. This may still be considered more than enough depending on the plans of other gaming VPNs. It’ll also suit you if you’re not a heavy gamer day and night. 

7. Hotspot Shield 

hotspot shield 

When looking for some free online gaming VPNs, you’ll come across Hotspot Shield. Keep in mind though, this VPN has only 1 server location in its free version which is the US. Thus, unless you live in the US or a near country, you might experience some trouble with keeping a low ping. Hotspot Shield VPN is compatible with different devices and operating systems including Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux. The VPN also offers you up to 5 simultaneous connections. As for security, Hotspot Shield uses 256-bit encryption and a kill switch to protect your data against malicious attacks. 

However, the best thing about Hotspot Shield VPN remains its Hydra protocol which ensures you get a lag-free online gaming experience. Last, Hotspot Shield VPN offers 500 MB per day when it comes to data. That means you’ll get a total of 15 GB every month. This is great compared to other VPN plans and should provide you with moderate gaming sessions. 

8. SurfShark VPN

surfshark vpn

Our list of great online gaming VPNs continues with SurfShark VPN. Although this VPN doesn’t have a free plan, it offers you a generous 30-day money-back guarantee and a 7-day free trial version. Thus, you’d be able to use this VPN for free for over a month. Not to mention, SurfShark VPN’s plan won’t cost you much and you can start at as little as $2.50 per month. SurfShark VPN provides tons of perks that’ll blow your mind. Some of these perks are Camouflage and NoBorders mode to help you bypass firewalls, CleanWeb to block ads, etc. The VPN is also compatible with all kinds of devices, operating systems, and routers. It even offers you a SmartDNS feature so you can benefit from this VPN on every device and gaming console. 

SurfShark VPN also covers a massive fleet of servers which goes up to 3200+ servers across 90+ different locations. Thus, you’ll never experience overcrowding. In addition, SurfShark VPN has extensive security measures and supports various protocols to ensure you have a safe connection that never drops. 

9. Atlas VPN

atlas vpn

Atlas VPN is another free online gaming VPN to consider. Between split tunneling protocols, a kill switch, and a WireGuard protocol, the VPN offers you guaranteed protection against any harm out there. Atlas VPN allows you to connect to an unlimited number of devices simultaneously. 

However, the VPN’s free plan only gives you access to 3 servers located in the US: Amsterdam, New York, and Los Angeles. It does offer you good speed though. Not to mention, the premium version of the VPN has over 750 servers in more than 40 different locations for you to choose from. In addition, the VPN provides blazing-fast speeds with a strict No-Logs policy. Thus, you can enjoy your gaming experience without any worries.

10. TunnelBear VPN

tunnelbear vpn

Last on our list of the best free online gaming VPNs, we’ve got TunnelBear. TunnelBear VPN’s free plan gives you access to its entire server network. Thus, finding lobbies with a low ping won’t be a struggle anymore. The other perks of TunnelBear VPN are features like split tunneling, a kill switch, fast speeds, low latency, and more.

In addition, TunnelBear VPN provides you with 10 GB of monthly data that you can benefit from. Another happy surprise is that you’ll also get 1 GB for free if you tweet about the VPN. Talk about good marketing! Overall, the VPN is a great free online gaming VPN that’ll provide you with a good gaming experience and extensive protection.

Now, let’s sum everything up for you in one place. That way you can choose the best gaming VPN for you!

Gaming VPNs: Make Your Choice

After discussing 10 of the best online gaming VPNs, I’ll make it easy for you to spot the difference in this table below. 

Monthly data allowanceNumber of server locationsAverage ping on a local serverRouter Support
ExpressVPNUnlimited90+10 msYes
NordVPNUnlimited55+20 ms
CyberGhost VPNUnlimited90+20 msYes
ProtonVPNUnlimited320 msYes
Hide.Me VPN10 GB527 msNo
Windscribe VPN10 GB1020 msYes
Hotspot Shield VPN15 GB137 msNo
SurfShark VPN2 GB90+55 msYes
Atlas VPN
1 (free plan);40 (paid plans)29 msNo
TunnelBear VPN500 MB40+22 msNo

Final Words

Finally, no one knows the hassle of a low ping and high latency more than online gamers. You’ll be killing your enemy while watching him run again and again due to lagging. That’s why it’s important for online gamers to have a free online gaming VPN that’ll enhance their gaming experience. From higher speeds, extensive security, a wide choice of servers, and more, gaming VPNs make the whole experience much more enjoyable than it already is. Whether you’ve got a warzone battle or a world cup championship waiting for you, invest in a good gaming VPN now! We’ve made it easy and mentioned the best free gaming VPNs today. Read about each, choose the better option for you, and let the fun begin! 

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