20 Best Discount Shopping Websites for the Best Deals


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5 months ago

20 Best Discount Shopping Websites for the Best Deals


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5 months ago

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It is a great feeling when you go shopping, either online or in-store, and see all the money you saved by using coupons, rewards, or by tapping into a great deal. Well, thanks to the Internet, saving money has never been easier since so many discount shopping websites out there with great deals are just waiting for you to discover them.

Best Discount Shopping Websites

See the list below and score the best deals you can find.



SlickDeals.net appears to be a favorite for many deal hunters. The social sharing aspect of the website is one of the features that makes it unique and well-liked. Thanks to the social sharing option, users that find a deal from another website or from another discount website can post it on slickdeals forums, allowing other users to discover and take advantage of this offer.

Deals that are considered the most popular on the website, which are decided through users’ votes and usage, will appear on the page’s right-hand side. Moreover, you can hunt for “hidden” deals by scrolling through the forums. While this might be a little time consuming, some of the best and personalized deals are shared there.

Additionally, you can add slickdeals to your browser so that it automatically searches coupons and deals on your shopping websites.



Honey is perhaps a lesser-known website that automatically finds you coupons and discounts on your shopping websites. Honey was developed by a father who got the idea for automatic coupons after being asked to enter a promo code while buying pizza. On its website, Honey claims that their members’ “yearly average savings” is $126.

When you go onto the website, you won’t find any deals or coupons posted there. In fact, Honey is only activated after you add it to your browser extension. Unlike some other websites, Honey does not sell your private information but only makes money from commissions. After adding Honey to your browser extension, Honey will find you coupons each time you shop online or suggest a cheaper option or vendor.



While the name TechBargains suggests that the website only has deals on tech products, they also have other categories as well, though just not as plentiful. TechBargains has deals on categories like gadgets, home workout equipment, and even magazine subscription.

When looking for deals and coupons on TechBargains, you will run into two options: “Get Deal” or “Reveal Code”. The button “Get Deal” will take you to the website where the deal is offered, while the “Reveal Code” button will give you the coupon code.



Dealoupons offer coupon codes you can use when shopping online. First, go onto the Dealoupons.com website, find the coupon or deal you like, the click “Show Coupon” or “Get Deal”. The link will take you to the website where the deal or coupon is to be used. If you click on a coupon, the code will appear on the left-hand corner of the shopping website’s page.

There are coupons on Dealoupons that are expired but are not marked as so. This can create a frustrating experience for shoppers. With that said, Dealoupons still have many valid coupons and offers, making it worth a try when you’re shopping online.



GottaDeal is another deal website that has social sharing where users can communicate with each other to ask about deals or share deals that they found. Beside having a forum “corner” for users, GottaDeal is also active on Discord with over 6,000 members in its Discord channel.

GottaDeal is perhaps most famous for its Black Friday deals as the website allows users to add Black Friday deals even months before the holiday is celebrated. Additionally, you can provide your email address and sign up for “Deal Alerts” to get alerts on deals that you’re interested in.



Groupon.com was born in 2008 during the Great Recession. While it fell out of favors with users and partnering companies alike for a few years, Groupon has made an incredible recovery and is now better than ever.

Groupon’s key to its comeback is the focus on giving people what they really want. Ranging from clothing, restaurant discounts, to deals at massage parlors and hair salons, Groupon has a great variety of categories to choose from. Additionally, you can read reviews written by people who have taken advantage of a deal to get an idea of whether it’s a good deal or not.



Dealnews helps you easily find what you’re looking for by letting you filter the category, store, and brand. If the search results still aren’t narrow enough, there are additional filters such as offer status, condition, popularity ranks, etc. to use from.

You don’t have to register on the website to view and access their offers. That means not having to receive emails or save your username and password. DealNews focuses on deals instead of coupon codes, which is a source of frustration for many online shoppers when finding expired or unusable coupons.



RetailMeNot can be a wonderful resource for coupons or a constant source of frustration – it depends on your luck a little. With coupon and promo codes on seemingly every store out there, RetailMeNot is a popular destination for online shoppers.

However, there are coupon codes that are expired, unusable, or have additional conditions that are not specified on the website. If you’re trying coupon code after code and none of them works, it can be infuriating. Regardless, RetailMeNot still has a wide variety offers, so it’s worth a shot checking out their website next time you shop.



Rather Be Shopping was developed as and still is a one-man show owned by Kyle James, whose focus is on personalizing his relationship with customers by writing blogs and uploading each coupon himself. On the website Rather Be Shopping, not only does James have coupons, but he also writes about saving tips while shopping at individual companies like Amazon, Costco, etc.

Additionally, James also posts about secret menus and getting digital products for free, such as Microsoft Office. If you’re not just looking for coupons but also saving hacks and other interesting tips, rather-be-shopping.com is the place to go to.



Offers.com has a variety of offers and coupon codes for shoppers to choose from. An offer on this website might include standard sales from stores and shopping websites, which means some offers you find on Offers.com are not exclusive and did not need to be found through Offers.com in the first place. This appears to be a common complaint from users. But well, at least they bring the deals to your attention.

Offers.com doesn’t require you to sign up or pay a subscription. Whenever you find a deal or coupon you like, they will either take you to the website or give you a coupon code to copy.



Rakuten was formerly known as eBates, a website that gives you both cashbacks on your purchases and features deals that are updated daily, but mainly cash back deals. Rakuten is free to use and the website is easy to navigate. Simply go onto the website, choose the deal you want, then click the button “Shop Now” and be taken to the shopping page you want to go to.

To avoid going to the website each time you want to shop, you can install the Rakuten browser extension and it will notify you if a purchase will receive cash back. If you are shopping in-store, you can link your debit or credit card to Rakuten so it can track your purchases and give you cash back.

Ben’s Bargains

ben’s bargains

What’s special about Ben’s Bargains is its competitiveness against Amazon, which is shown through the feature called “Cheaper than Amazon”. This feature includes deals that are cheaper or better in another way compared to what is offered by Amazon.

With more than 2,000 partnering retailers, you can be sure that you’ll find a deal or two at Ben’s Bargains.



Deal Catcher highlights new deals daily in their “Catch of the Day” section on their homepage. Right below this section is where Deal Catcher highlights its most popular deals, ranging from technology products, home décor, to clothing items.

You can search for what you want by looking at coupons, deals, categories, or look up a specific store. If you’re shopping in-store, Deal Catcher has printable coupons you can bring when going shopping.

Brad’s Deals

brads's deal

Brad’s Deal sets out to find the best deals, coupons, and promo codes for users. The website’s Editor’s Picks are hand-picked by one of its editors instead of being chosen by AI. Additionally, Brad’s Deals editors pick out and sometimes write about deals that are posted on the website, explaining to readers why it is a good deal while establishing a human connection, something that some websites fail to achieve.

Brad’s Deals also writes about shopping guides that help readers choose the best products for the best price. If you want a site that’s both personal and useful for finding discounts, Brad’s Deal won’t disappoint.



Offering coupons and deals at popular stores like Starbucks, Old Navy, and JCPenny, Frugaa proudly proclaims on its blog that the website has over 42,000 coupon codes and saves the average user $26 each time they shop with Frugaa.

Frugaa also runs a blog that provides users with helpful articles such as “5 Ways to Decorate Your House at Christmas” and “5 Ways to Increase Your Productivity”. If you get bored while shopping and want to browse some articles, you can do so right on the website.



Currently, Shop At Home has a promotion that lets you choose to receive either a $10 Amazon gift card or a $10 bonus cash on PayPal when you join. Shop At Home helps you find coupons and codes from stores like Bath & Body Works, Walmart, Sephora, Amazon, and more.

Additionally, Shop At Home helps you save further by letting you earn cash back when you shop at partnering stores. You can withdraw your cash back via PayPal, mailed check, or exchange for a gift card.



Hip2Save began as a blog that aims to help readers save money by providing shopping guides and tips. Well, one thing led to another and now Hip2Save is one of the most popular sites for finding shopping discounts, deals, and coupons.

When you first go to the website, you’ll see many different types of deals, such as baby clothes, toddler playsets, and bedsheets. If you find yourself not caring about some of these deals, you can sign up for an account and customize recommendations to what you’re looking for.



In 2010, Amazon bought Woot, a deals and discounts website for $110 million. Woot is unique in that it is well-known for its jokes (including jokes about Apple), insults, and of course, good deals. Since Woot is now owned by Amazon, Amazon Prime members have the benefit of free shipping when they shop on Woot.

Woot has largely maintained its work culture and business model. As Woot’s former CEO, Matt Rutledge wrote to his employees, “our vision remains the same: somehow earning a living on snarky commentary and junk”. Besides having a wide variety of categories of great deals, Woot’s website is also fun to look around with its community forums, blogs, and a forum corner called “Everything But Woot”.



While freeshipping.com sounds like a website that only has deals on free shipping, in fact it has cash back programs that allows you to earn up to 20% cash back, coupon codes, free shipping deals, and free return shipping.

To get many of the deals on this website, you will need to sign up and pay a subscription fee of $13.00 a month as of today. As a member, you have Free Shipping’s price protection, meaning that if you bought an item and it goes on sale or is sold for a cheaper price at another store, Free Shipping will pay the difference for up to $100 each item.



Ibotta is a popular cash back app for both in-store and online shopping. Ibotta claims it can save you money at over 700 online retailers and has over 500 exclusive deals and offers.

While Ibotta does not offer coupons and deals, their cash back deals save you money partially by automatically find and utilize applicable coupons when you shop without you having to add the coupons yourself. While you can check for qualifying products in the “Offers” section before shopping, you don’t necessarily need to do this. Just go shopping, then upload a photo of your receipt and/or scan the products’ bar codes and you’re done!

That’s Great! But I Want to Save Even More! What Can I Do?

Well would you look at that! What an admirable spirit found on the journey most adults go through: the journey of saving money. If you want to continue shopping, online or not, and want to save even more than you’re already saving with discount websites, here are a few tips:

  • Use cash back websites and apps. When it comes to saving money from shopping, using cash back websites and apps is your best friend. You have been introduced to three cash back apps in the article: Rakuten, Free Shipping, and Ibotta. There are many other cash back apps out there, such as Swagbucks, Shopkick, Dosh, and many more. Using cash back apps is less troublesome than finding coupons and codes as you don’t need to look up the individual item you’re going to buy. With many cash back apps, you simply need to upload your receipt and then wait for money to “appear” in your bank account.
  • Buy wholesale. By buying things in bulk, you have more negotiating power. While this doesn’t mean you need to buy 50 boxes of cereal just to have some negotiating power, you can shop at wholesale stores such as Costco or Cash N Carry to save some money. I know that this sounds like it just might be more applicable for families than individuals or couples with no children, but it’s also beneficial for single people or couples with no kids. For example, everyone needs toilet paper and food (like potatoes. Potatoes are amazing). Instead of buying a bag of potato and toilet paper every 2 weeks, you can buy these in bulk to save some money. Noting items that are purchased frequently in your household and buy these wholesale just might save you a few dollars.
  • Visit bargain sites. Bargain sites usually sell used items, so they might not be the best place to visit if you’re looking for brand new things. However, there are many good deals on bargain sites like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or Craigslist if you don’t mind using second-hand stuff. Sometimes, you will even find things for free there.
  • Wait until major “shopping holidays”. There are days when stores put things on sales more than others. For example, the infamous (famous?) Black Friday and Cyber Monday that so many shoppers wait for are perfect opportunities for shopping. However, in general, holidays such as the Fourth of July or New Year may also prompt stores to put more items on sale. Additionally, know which day your store is more likely to have deals and discounts. For example, you probably won’t find good deals on the weekend as most people shop during that time. Thus, the best deals might happen during the week and you won’t even know about it. Don’t be shy to ask a cashier on your way out when their store often has deals and discounts.
  • Always stick to a shopping list. While discount websites might make shopping looks attractive, stick to your list and don’t stray from it. This applies to in-store shopping as well. Having a list of only discounted items might further help you buy only a selected number of things (unless you added unnecessary things just because they were on sale).

I Don’t Have Time to Find Deals and Coupons Every Time I Shop. What Then?

Life can be so busy nowadays that spending time on the Internet to find deals and coupons just might not be an option for everyone. Everyone still has to shop at some point nevertheless, whether it is buying groceries or getting a new PC. Well, below are a few tips if you don’t have time to look for deals and coupons each time you go shopping:

  • Cash back websites and apps are your best friends in this world. Again, cash back apps and websites are the way to go if you don’t have time to find coupons and deals. Find apps that let you upload receipts easily with minimal work to save your time along with money. Again, apps like Rakuten and Ibotta are a great way to get started on your cash back app journey.
  • Learn about which day is your shopping day. Just like knowing which holidays most discounts take place on, knowing which day your store has more deals just might save you a few extra bucks. You can either rotate shopping days a few times to get an idea of when discounts usually take place and when things go on sale. Additionally, you can ask a cashier, customer service, or a store employee about this. There is nothing embarrassing in wanting to find yourself the best deals.
  • Price drops after you bought an item? Ask for refunds! Some websites, such as freeshipping.com, have a price protection program which refunds you the difference in price when an item you bought goes on sale at a cheaper price. Additionally, you can ask the store for a refund if an item you just bought goes on sale a few days after. It helps if you are have a membership at the store and can demonstrate your “loyalty” by your past shopping trips to that store.
  • Expired coupons? It might be worth a call to customer service. Expired coupons can be a major let-down sometimes, especially if they just expired a day or two before your shopping day. Well, no worries, this is when you ring up customer service and ask if they can do anything about it. As a customer, corporations want to please you, thus they may be able to offer another coupon or add a discount to your account. It might not work all the time, but it doesn’t hurt to try.
  • Don’t check out online items just yet. If you are shopping online, it might be worth it to add items to your cart then wait a few days before checking them out. First of all, you can avoid impulsive shopping that way. I have had moments where I’m glad I did not immediately spend money on something as I came back a few days later only to think “Wow, I really didn’t need that item. I don’t even like it anymore. Good thing I didn’t already pay for it!” Secondly, vendors may see that your item has been added and will try to persuade you to make the final purchase by offering you a deal.


Hopefully, with our list of recommendation for discount websites and tips for saving money, you will be able to save as much as you want while shopping. While 20 discount websites may be overwhelming, you will eventually find your favorite discount website or browser extension and enjoy the thrill of finding the best deals and coupons. Stay safe and happy and I hope your journey to save money goes smoothly!

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