12 Best Places to Buy Discount Shoes Online


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5 months ago

12 Best Places to Buy Discount Shoes Online


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5 months ago

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There is no doubt that purchasing shoes can be a major expense. This is true regardless if you are buying them for yourself, children, or for another. Even shoes not associated with major name brands can cost upward toward $50 or more across major retailers nationwide. Considering the average minimum wage in the US is $7.25, the average person would have to work nearly 7 hours to afford one pair of shoes. This is nearly one full day of work! No wonder more individuals are turning to online discount shoe retailers. Not only do discounted online stores offer affordable prices on the brand names and styles you know and love, but they offer extended sizes, stylized choices, and comfort levels that even the most notable shoe stores fail to supply.

It is a common misconception that discounted means having to give up on the latest trends or quality. This could not be further from the truth. Overstock, oversupply, seasonal changes, contract perks, and many other factors contribute to low costs and best prices.

Buying shoes at discounted prices is a smart, savvy, and simple way to get the most out of your shopping experience.

Here is a list of the best 12 online merchants that offer shoes at discount prices:

Best Discount Shoe Stores Online

Famous Footwear

If you are looking for on-trend shoe wear to usher in the latest season, Famous Footwear specializes in making you look great at affordable prices. Along with offering an extensive inventory at prices often lower that $30, Famous Footwear continuously runs promotions, to include buy one get one free, and boasts a mighty clearance selection. In addition, Famous Footwear offers styles for all members of your family, to include many children’s and men’s options, which several online retailers fall short of providing. Famous Footwear does not appear to offer much selection in way of extended sizes for women who are above a size 10; however, this was not true for men’s sizes. Lastly, Famous Footwear specializes in shoes. Unlike marketplaces or other selling platforms, Famous Footwear’s reputation depends on providing excellent, dependable shoes at prices you can afford.


If you are seeking affordable prices, style-specific finds, extended sizes, or accessibility to today’s latest trend, Amazon is for you. Not only can you purchase Adidas, Converse, and other popular shoes for up to 50% off store prices, but you are equipped with more color, size, and style choices than department stores traditionally carry. Amazon also caters to the niche buyer. If you are in the market for boutique, one-of-a-kind shoes but cannot afford to pay designer prices, Amazon has this too! They offer a unique blend of trendy and designer items on their marketplace from vendors across the world. Lastly, Amazon caters to all types of shoppers and needs. Whether you are searching for yourself or need kicks for your entire family, Amazon’s platform is versatile and can meet your needs.


Zappos is a perfect solution for the on-trend shopper who needs discounted options to fit their budget. While Zappos may not be the thriftiest outlet on this list, it offers an extensive list of current items for cheaper prices than you would find at department stores. Furthermore, Zappos support their shoppers by offering 24/7 customer service support, virtual assistance, and filter options that allow you to search by price, brand, and much more. Lastly, Zappos offers its customers a retail experience. For some, part of their purchase is the find! Unlike marketplace platforms, Zappos meshes both worlds to provide their customers discounted prices not discounted experiences.

6 PM

If you are wanting more from your clearance than Zappos can provide, it might be worth checking out Zappos outlet store 6 PM to see if their inventory fits your needs. Like many outlets, 6 PM’s stock is comprised of discontinued, closeout, and seasonal fadeouts, which change daily, depending on demand. It is not uncommon to view items unavailable or see the same item return on each of your search pages. This can make some fearful that 6 PM is not a legitimate site, but this is not the case. In truth, 6 PM is a subsidiary of Amazon, who additionally owns Zappos, and is responsible for their oversight. However, unlike Zappos (or even Amazon) 6 PM is a discount store whose main objective is to move inventory quickly. Given the quality of their reviews and exceptionally low pricing—6 PM is a worthy option for discounted shoe wear. 


Zulily prides itself on offering affordable, relevant, name brand and trendy items at a discounted price. In fact, it is not uncommon to purchase $100 shoes for $15 depending on the item. With that being said, Zulily offers a revolving inventory that changes daily, which not only allows them to cater to many different style choices, but prompts buyers to act swiftly. This may not be ideal for those who like to “shop around” or do not like pressure to impact their shopping experience.  However, their prices and branding are worth consideration. Especially if you are shopping for the whole family, or looking for rare seasonal finds. Keep in mind that while Zulily offers unbeatable prices, their shipping times are unusually long, extending upwards towards 21 days at times. Thus, it is recommended you check on shipping times before you purchase from them, especially if you are on a time limitation and need your item fast.


If you are searching for name brand or unique affordable shoe options, now may be the time to consider consignment. You may be wondering how consignment differs from Amazon or how it works. First, Amazon is a marketplace where many vendors come to sell an item (often new) to customers. Conversely, consignment is a middle platform used to facilitate the sale of gently used items to others for a percentage of the cost. For example, when your child wears his $56 Vans three times before growing out of them, you could consign them for $35, pay the consigner 10%, and make most of your money back. In return, this saves others the burden of paying full price, you from a total loss in funds, and keeps consignment thriving. Everyone wins. This is the case with thredUP.

ThredUP maintains integrity through the quality of their finds and overall price, offering upscale clothing, shoes, and accessories for a fraction of the cost. Finally, ThredUP allows for returns, which is not always an option with online consignment stores. This gives you total freedom in your purchase and protects you from ending up with items that were not accurately described. If you have never considered consignment, it may be time to reconsider. Depending on the item, Consignment can save and individual more than 80% off retail.


If you are searching for a practical, everyday discounted shoe outlet, shoes.com is your go to for easy wear. Following in the footsteps of Payless and other affordable shoe outlets, Shoes.com offers inventory in most styles, sizes, and is an excellent choice for those searching for a way to outfit their entire family (including infants) at an affordable price. Shoes.com is owed by Walmart and falls in line with their pricing and reported quality, making Shoes.com great for stylization choices, children who grow out of shoes swiftly, and for boosting your shoe selection to include many different options.


Although not often regarded as a shoe retailer, Etsy is worth mentioning for those niche shoppers searching for quirky, one-of-a-kind shoes at a price they can afford. On Etsy you can find otter clogs, hand painted converse, or infant booties woven from three types of imported, organic thread—for affordable prices. However, to find shoes in your price range, it is recommended you utilize their search feature. Otherwise, they may be difficult to sift out. Furthermore, Etsy hosts original shoemakers as well as consignment finds, optimizing your selection potential. If you are in search of a rare item that no one has, Etsy is a unique platform where art and personalization work to transform your shoe purchase into artistic discovery. 


Ebay is one of the longest standing consignment online stores available. Not only do they offer a wide variety of specific items, to include vintage and designer brands, but their bidding feature works to drive costs low. Ebay also works to promote transparent selling, wherein potential buyers can speak with the seller prior to purchasing with question, concerns, or to configure shipping, which at times can require collaboration. In addition, eBay also provides ample support to protect buyers and sellers during the transaction in order to eliminate potential risks. This is ideal for those who prefer purchasing used items but do not always have cash on hand, or for those afraid the item they are buying is not legitimate or as described. In terms of shoe selection, this changes every hour. To find what you are looking for, simply search on ebay.com and follow the prompts to make your selection. Ebay is ideal for shoppers who prefer to research their buys to assure they are receiving the best deal.


Looking for a pair of memory foam sliders for yourself or child? In the market for on-trend pair of boots or heals? Need to pick up a new pair of trainers? Target offers stylized, comfortable, quality discounted shoes for the whole family. Right now, you can pick up a pair of child’s tennis shoes for as little as $9.99 and a pair of $34 fall boots! Target is located nationwide and allows you to order online and pickup in the store, making purchasing your new shoes that much easier. However, they will deliver, often at no cost depending if you meet the minimum at checkout. Target provides quality, stylized shoes for those who are wanting a bit more than your run of the mill shoe provider, for a bit less.

Shoe Carnival

If you are looking for reward programs, customer service, and a great selection of shoes, Shoe Carnival is worth consideration. They pride themselves on offering a variety of shoes at less than retail price, offering incentives for shopping, discounts, coupons, and sign up bonuses. The average pair of Ugg boots can range between $50-$14. On Shoe Carnival you have the opportunity to save $10-$20 off purchase price, plus your sign on bonus. However, keep in mind that Shoe Carnival sizing is not consistent and some brands have very minimal sizes available. Finally, Shoe Carnival also provides customers with Klarna, which allows you to breakdown the cost of your purchase into four payments (at zero interest). Shoe Carnival presents options and can be a life saver for those who are on a budget and need creative payment options.

Facebook Marketplace

I could not conclude this list without providing you an option to both save money and give back to your community. If the idea of consignment appeals to you, but you would rather purchase locally, Facebook Marketplace is your destination for discount shoes. Often on Facebook Marketplace, you can find new, never worn items, for 50% less than retail price. However, if you feel the item could be priced even cheaper, Facebook allows you to message the seller to negotiate the final price. One of the best aspects of Facebook Marketplace is the fact each item sold is tethered to your personal profile. This helps promote accountability during the transaction phase and works to keep the marketplace free of scams or faulty items. Lastly, Facebook is community specific. So, the shoes you are buying will fall inline within your mile radius—eliminating the need for shipping. This platform is ideal for those looking for swift turnaround, gently used items, and want to keep their purchase local.

Discount Online Shoe Store Considerations

It is in your best interest to investigate before you buy. One of the best resources, especially if you are purchasing off a marketplace such as Amazon, Etsy, or Zulily, where many vendors sale their items is to read the reviews. It is in this section you will often come across detailed explanations of the product by purchasers with regard to fit, service, make, quality, and most other domains. In the same note, be aware of the country you are purchasing from as sizing is different, and at times the American equivalent can still run small or large, depending. Vendors are typically happy to answer questions. Therefore, do not be afraid to reach out, if you have concerns or need further clarification.

Another aspect of online purchasing you may want to take into consideration is shipping times. Some vendors or marketplaces take longer than others and it could take up to three weeks to receive your items. If you are needing a quick pair of shoes, some options may be better than others.

Lastly, exercise safety when purchasing through open marketplaces like Facebook or consignment share sites. Be sure your payments are secure, and if you are meeting, you are making the transaction in an open, public place. If the sale is private and you cannot pay online, always use cash or money orders. Checks have your bank account on them! Be wary of any vendor who demands check-only as payment.

Saving Money Creates More Opportunity

Whether you are searching for designer, every day, children’s shoes, or simply looking to expand your wardrobe, utilizing discount shoe stores are a smart, budget-friendly way of recovering money and feeling great about your purchase! There is no need to pay for overpriced footwear, when you can find amazing styles at a fraction of the cost. Living your best life is truly what it is all about, and you work hard for your money. Utilizing discount shoe stores is one way to optimize your spending and enhance your bottom line.

Let's stop worrying about money, together.

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