25 Best Consignment Shops of 2023| Online Apps & Local Stores


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5 months ago

25 Best Consignment Shops of 2023| Online Apps & Local Stores


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5 months ago

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Are you looking for a way to optimize your closet as well as your pocketbook? Are you considering a more ecofriendly and smarter way of adapting your personal style? If so, consider consignment! Not only does consignment open doors to expand your wardrobe in exciting ways, but it is a versatile platform to sell unwanted items, generate income, and shop without limitations.

But what is Consignment?

Consignment is a platform for buying and selling goods(Such as old clothes, children’s toys, used furniture, and anything else you may or may not need). Most consignment stores are retail oriented. They specialize in locating buyers, assuring product sales, and fulfilling a need. In exchange for their services, they take a percentage of the total sell, you receive what is left, and the buyer receives affordable clothing at a fraction of the cost. Talk about a triple win.

Here is a list of the 25 Best Consignment shops, both online apps and local stores near you.

Best Online Consignment Shops & Apps

1. thredUp

ThredUp is one of the most popular and frequented consignment retailers online. They pride themselves on selling top brand clothing and accessories at low cost and maintains an eye-catching marketing strategy that sells your clothing fast. Unlike some consignment shop options that require you to post your items from home, thredUp ships your items to them to have them professionally photographed and facilitates the entire sell. They also provide a “Clean Out Kit” to sellers, pay them for donations (if selling is not really their thing), offer store credit, and maintain high quality clothing only. Whether you are selling or in search of top brand clothing or accessories in women’s, children, or maternity—thredUP is worth consideration.

2. Mercari

Looking for a platform to sell multiple items? Want to avoid bizarre percentages? Are you an artist or craftsman? In need of or selling gaming equipment? Mercari is a user friendly, seller-driven marketplace that offers anything from electronics to handmade items at affordable prices. Moreover, Mercari charges a flat 10% no matter what you are selling it for, putting more money into the seller’s pocket. This is a great option for the diversified seller and buyer looking for a wide variety of items that are not typically found in boutique thrifts.

3. TheRealReal

Looking for designer clothing? Selling designer clothing? TheRealReal is your go-to shop for authenticated, designer items available for consignment. TheRealReal’s boutique business model supplies the shopper and seller with a top-tier experience. They employ Brand Specialists who survey each submission for reproductions or dishonest branding. In addition, they facilitate the entire sell. Its online platform offers sellers and buyers an opportunity to purchase luxury items at significantly lower prices.

4. Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective is a user-friendly, designer-based, consignment store that caters to all fashion needs from vintage to menswear. If Gucci, Hermes, and Rolex are what you are after—their stock is set to hugely impress. Vestiaire additionally prides itself in offering luxury items in an accessible fashion and authentication of every item. Selling is a breeze. Just follow their easy seller guide to post your item in no time.

5. Worthy

If you are in the business of buying and selling jewelry, then look no further. Worthy is an online jewelry consignment store that specializes in that very thing. Not only do they offer a wide variety of top of the line jewelry pieces for a discounted price, but Worthy provides the seller with insurance protection of their valuables throughout the process. Furthermore, Worthy supports Jewelers for Children, which offers financial support to abused and neglected children in the United States. Similarly, they offer Women-Centered Professional Study Scholarships. If you are considering selling your valuables, Worthy may be worth your time.

6. Depop

Looking for unique, vintage, next gen pieces? Have a specific style you are ready to sell? Depop is your online forum for creative, youthful fashion. This site is great if you are looking for one of a kind pieces or have a closet full of unique items and need kindred buyers. Depop stands out as being one the foremost consignment retailers for youth and young adults, which is a rarity when it comes to online consignment.

7. Kidsizen

It is no surprise that kids and clothing are a point of monetary contention. Not only do kids frequently grow out of their wardrobes, but they play hard—and require frequent replacements. Therefore, utilizing consignment for kids is not only smart shopping but can literally save you hundreds of dollars. In addition, it can also provide a nice cash flow, if you are in the market to sell. Kidsizen is an on-trend, child-centered marketplace, where buying and selling meet top brand children’s clothing. Where else can you snag a Frankie & Sue dress for under $20?

8. Vinted

If you are looking to sell or purchase relaxed, vacation, everyday clothing without the hype, Vinted is your portal into style and practicality. From brands you love to that oversized sweater you cannot live without, Vinted prides itself in offering great items for unbeatable prices. What we love about Vinted is that this site fits most people’s wardrobe choices and is a great outlet to purchase and sell items that everyone needs and has. Vinted also believes in transparency—you can view your seller’s profile before you commit. Vinted is the consignment option where you can purchase a barely worn pair of Adidas for $10 or that new toddler item for $3!  With Vinted you do not forfeit style for affordability.

9. OfferUp

OfferUp believes in buying and selling local. Its app provides easy access to a variety of items, from arts & crafts to auto parts and everything between. Operating very much like a marketplace, it provides easy selling (take a picture, post, and you are done), virtual methods built for safe connecting, and seller transparency.  If you are looking to take the reigns on your sale and want to have owner control, or would rather purchase from a known seller, OfferUp is for you.

10. Letgo

Letgo is a multifaceted, shopping platform that allows you to purchase and sell anything from housing, cars, books, to clothing. Mimicking marketplace platforms such as Facebook or Craigslist, Letgo is a community market that connects you to available items located in your area and allows you to connect with the seller directly. Unlike other consignment platforms, Letgo places the purchasing and selling power in the hands of the community. They even have a free section!

11. Trove

Trove offers both in-store (see description below) and online consignment options to the individual who enjoys the boutique experience. Trove offers stylized, tasteful clothing and unique home décor. Trove provides the buyer and seller with greater diversity, allowing more items for purchase. Trove is thrifting meets practicality on a designer level.


POSHMARK is an open marketplace specializing in women, children, and men’s fashion and accessories. It is consumer driven and allows the customer to post their items in real-time, from the comfort of their home, view the seller’s profile before they purchase an item, and supports seller-buyer transparency. POSHMARK’s inclusivity caters to several style preferences as unique and diverse as the sellers who choose their platform. From boho to current trends, it truly has something for everyone whether they are buying or selling.

13. Rebag

Rebag a consignment retailer dedicated to repurposing top designer handbags! Looking for Gucci? How about Louis Vuitton? Have a designer item but you are unsure of its worth? Rebag’s unique authenticity program allows you to look up your item’s history to reveal its true worth before you sell. Whatever your designer need, Rebag is a friendly platform where top branding meets financial accessibility.

14. eBay

Wait, eBay is a consignment store? It is! And we would be remiss not to include it within our list. EBay is a longstanding, reputable site that allows for multiple payment options and open access to both rare and everyday items. eBay also offers extended sizes and access to a wider range of specialized clothing. Unlike most consignment shops, eBay operates on a bidding option, where buyers can effectively bid up on what you are selling. Once the sale is complete, eBay collects 10% of the final sale. EBay’s platform is particularly fit for those who have niche items, collections, used textbooks, rare books or first editions, and are looking for a specified buyer.

15. Curve Consign

Curve Consign celebrates the female body by offering designer clothing and accessories that fit sizes XL-28. Furthermore, they offer sellers specialized assistance from Consignment Shop Coordinators trained to assist you through your process as a seller. Operating two platforms, buyers have access to their auction, where one bids for items they love, or forego bidding and shop their collections of clothing.

16. Tradesy

Tradesy has taken the consignment world by storm since opening its doors in 2012. They are a company driven by women empowerment, offering brand name, high-end clothing, and accessories at 90% off the retail price. They also make selling a breeze and put more money back into the seller’s pocket by offering flat fees that do not fluctuate with item price. For anything less than $50, Tradesy reaps $7.50 from the total purchase. If the sell is over $50, they charge 19.8% from the final bill. This puts much of the revenue into the seller’s pocket.

Best Consignment Stores Near Me

If buying and selling online is not your platform, here is a list of the consignment shops near you. Most are Nationally available companies.

17. Plato’s Closet

Plato’s Closet is one of the most popular consignment chains in America. With 18 years’ experience and 470 locations, Plato’s Closet has a notable reputation for supporting their sellers, while being customer driven. They also are deeply embedded within their communities, meaning you will find culturally relevant items that support your local niche. Furthermore, unlike most consignment business models, Plato’s Closet offers on the spot cash payments for goods. This is excellent for those who want to get rid of their items and not have to take any extra steps.

18. Trove

Not only does Trove offer online consignment, but they offer in-store services and sellers. Located in California, you can drop off your boutique items for direct consignment or checkout their wares and take home your specialized find without the hassle of delivering or browsing online. Trove will sell your product, and in return, you get the personalized experience of working with your seller face to face.

19. Buffalo Exchange

If you are looking for a family friendly, community driven consignment store with a sense of humor and impeccable style, Buffalo Exchange is your destination. They offer great clothes at unbeatable prices to match every season. Looking to sell? Just bring your clothes into one of their locations and a buyer will be happy to assist. With 49 stores in 19 states, Buffalo Exchange understands consignment for the everyday shopper.

20. Beacon’s Closet

Most consignment shops charge a fee once the transaction is complete, Beacon’s Closet believes otherwise. They offer cash on spot if they purchase your merchandise the day you bring it in. Furthermore, Beacon’s Closet will donate any items they cannot sale or have not been reclaimed within a twenty-four period. They are a user-friendly company who prides themselves on offering vintage, on-trend finds.

21. Crossroads Trading

Crossroads Trading is your stop for on-trend, near new, name brand clothing. Trade is in the name and it is also in their game! Not only do they sell and buy, but they promote inhouse trading. Crossroads Trading additionally features a unique sellers guide that outlines clothing types, prints, textures, genres, and styles the store is currently considering. If they accept your items, Crossroads Trading will pay you upfront, which relieves the seller from percentage and seller fees.  

22. Style Encore

Style Encore is a buyer’s consignment store that offers high-end, basically new clothing for a fraction of the cost. And by fraction, I mean fraction. Some of their items are listed for less than three dollars. Although known for its strict selling guidelines, Style Encore offers easy appraisals on like new items and is known for its quality.

23. Once Upon a Child

Looking for child-centered consignment? Look no further. Once Upon a Child specializes in affordable children’s clothing, accessories, baby gear, and furniture. Like their franchise counterparts (style Encore and Plato’s closet) they are dedicated to offering buyers affordable, high quality products. Equally they offer on spot cash exchanges for your merchandise, alleviating percentage fees and the time it takes to make a sale.

24. Guitar Center

Are you an inspiring musician looking for a starter instrument? Or perhaps you do not know what to do with the drum set your daughter played for two months in the fifth grade! Guitar Center is there for you no matter where you are on your musical journey. Although, not solely a consignment store, you will find that a lot of name brand chains offer consignment as part of their business model. Why? Because resale is a multibillion-dollar industry and works to present more affordable options to their customers.

25. Shop Local!

There are more than 25,000 consignment stores across the US and chances are there is one in your community!

If you want to find out what’s available near your home, do a quick search for “furniture consignment shops near me” or “clothing consignment shops near me.”

The same search pattern can apply to any other types of consignment stores (tech, jewelry or musical instruments). This will allow you to see what else is available near you.

By choosing consignment, you are enhancing your environment, creating a vibrant, healthier living model, and saving money that could lead to greater opportunities in your future. Consignment is a multibillion-dollar industry where everyone wins.

Let's stop worrying about money, together.

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