101 Best Business Ideas To Make More Money in 2022


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101 Best Business Ideas To Make More Money in 2022


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It seems there has never been a better time to start earning more money. Luckily, in the day and age of the Internet, there is endless opportunities to earn extra cash.

But in a world as vast as the World Wide Web, where does one even begin? If you are hoping to earn extra money online, you have an increasing amount of options to select from. It all starts with a plan.

Decide How to Earn Money

Before you begin earning money online, it helps to answer a few questions. First, you want to determine your goals for making money from home or online.

Will you need to invest time and money into acquiring a skill to earn online, or are you simply looking for some fast cash and a method of earning that doesn’t require much effort?

The good news is that there is likely a method of earning to fit your unique goals.

Best Business Ideas To Make more Money

Here is a list of 101 ways to earn money online to help you make 2022 your most lucrative year yet. 

1. Web development 

Every reputable business has a website. This means web development will remain a constant in the digital marketing realm, and there is money to be earned for those that excel in the trade.

Web development entails a variety of technical knowledge that may not be easy to acquire without formal training. But it can be done. You can train yourself in web development with the wide variety of tools available online today.  

How much money you earn as a contract web developer will depend on several factors. What type of organizations you work for, the amount of work required to complete a given project, and the client’s unique budget will all determine how much extra income you can make from developing websites outside of your full-time job. 

2. Blogging

There are many ways to make money online these days. One of the most common ways is through content. Starting a blog might be the perfect opportunity to enter the world of online earning. 

One of the biggest reasons people start blogs is because the barrier to entry is incredibly low. You don’t need any experience to start a blog and there are endless topics for beginner bloggers to explore. Also, getting started with a hosting platform doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Whether you are interested in fashion, technology, finance, or design, a blog is a great way to connect with an audience and earn money through things like affiliate links, sponsorships, and advertisements. 

What’s more, accumulating a large following can bring more lucrative deals, allowing you to earn rates on par with some full-time jobs. Not only is starting a blog a great way to earn extra cash, but it can also serve as a wonderful creative outlet or hobby outside of your full-time work. This is why so many people find joy in blogging and building communities online.

3. Graphic design

We live in a visual world, and there is a big demand for people to communicate their ideas through graphics. Whether you’ve attended a formal design school or have acquired your skills through trial and error, graphic design has the potential to help you earn.

There are a wide variety of reasons why someone would require graphic design services. From promotional items to editorial and social media graphics, graphic design plays a large role in today’s marketing strategies and therefore is a necessary expense for organizations across endless industries.

If you don’t have any real training as a graphic designer, it’s not too late to start. There are plenty of online courses, tutorials, and other methods of learning online. Many of today’s most popular graphic design programs may offer additional help, as well. 

While graphic designers have the option of establishing their own creative firms, they also have the prospect of freelance work. Graphic designers can find freelance work through online job sites like Upwork. This allows them to work at their leisure while still holding a traditional 9-to-5 job.

4. Web design

People often confuse the terms, web developer and web designer. While similar, these two roles entail vastly different responsibilities. The web designer on one hand has the opportunity to be both analytical and creative in their job tasks. Web developers’ responsibilities are more technical, requiring coding and other web development skills.

Web designers can learn the tricks of the trade through online education resources and courses. From Podcasts to books and online mentorships, there are plenty of ways for web designers to acquire skills and earn money in today’s economy.

 5. Digital courses

It’s easy to assume that online learning is typically done strictly through reputable colleges and universities. While this is true, many people do find success through online learning on these platforms, there are other ways to acquire knowledge on any given subject. This includes online courses.

If you are an expert in a particular industry, job, or hobby, you might choose to share your knowledge through online course work designed to turn a profit. Your unique knowledge might have the potential to really connect with your audience, giving you a competitive edge. You can create your own brand, design your own online coursework, set your own prices, and use your distinct teaching skills to propel a new group toward success.

6. Self-publishing

Do you have passion and skill when it comes to writing? If so, it might be time to explore publishing e-books. Publishing an e-book is one of the easiest ways for writers to gain exposure in their industry. While it can be difficult to secure a publishing deal through a big-time literary publisher, self-publishing e-books can be an awesome way to earn money while building your portfolio of work.

If publishing e-books is a route you want to explore, start with some research. You can research and determine which topics are most widely sought after, and then focus on publishing books in these genres. This ensures that there is a demand for the type of knowledge your book will provide. E-books are also subject to fewer restrictions than published books meaning they can be shorter. Shorter books mean you can write more of them, making an entire series that much more attainable. Thousands of riders are publishing work on Amazon. You can start with this method of self-publishing, too.

7. Social media consulting

Some people have a knack for social media. From their online presence to their abilities to grind or thousands or even millions of followers, certain people stand out above the rest on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. If you have developed a strong social media following, you might be able to earn money through collaborations, marketing opportunities, or consulting.

Social media is a doorway to increased sales in 2022. If you are a skilled Instagram influencer, you can leverage your social media following to create and share content from other companies. These marketing opportunities can set you up for success now and in the future. Continue to grow your social media following and you might be amazed to discover the incredible money-making opportunities that can come from this.

8. Online coaching

You can share with the world your knowledge or skills through more than just online courses. Coaching is another means of income you can explore if you’re hoping to help others through education. Similar to a professional tutor, you can begin coaching on your own time, outside of your full-time job. You might even be able to coach across multiple subjects, such as math coaching for secondary students and English for adults, for example.

9. Podcasts

Digital content like podcasts is taking over the audio industry in terms of listener preference. You can jump in on this trend and make some cash in the process by starting your own podcast.

Starting your own podcast has never been easier. With thousands to choose from across any and every industry under the sun, you’re bound to find a topic that interests you as well as an audience. If you build up a large enough following for your podcast you can make money by way of corporate sponsorships, advertisements, or subscriptions.

10. Memorabilia

Are you a long-term collector of pop-culture memorabilia? If so, the time to reap the rewards of your scours may be now. Memorabilia like comic books or sports cards appreciate over time, meaning they are likely worth more now than they have ever been. If you were looking for a way to earn money while exuding minimal effort, selling what you already have may be the best option. Plus, there are multiple platforms to choose from when it comes to getting the most bang for your buck. You can choose an online platform like eBay or Poshmark for small-ticket items or look to international auction houses like Sotheby’s if you were dealing with more expensive items like antiques. If you don’t currently own any memorabilia of high value and are hoping to begin a new collection, you can start by researching the market and shopping for items online or in your area.

11. Amazon reselling

It may come as no surprise that Amazon has the potential to earn you millions. Thousands of independent vendors are starting businesses by reselling goods on Amazon and you can use this to earn extra money, too. While the entire process can seem complex, you can take comfort in the fact that there are a wide variety of products to sell and just as many resources to help you get started. You can start your journey by reading books, articles, or watching videos about how to market your product on Amazon. You’ll learn things about pricing, advertising, and other information to help you thrive as you navigate e-commerce.

12. Business consulting

Your unique business sense might be valuable to someone. That’s why you should consider business consulting if you have years of business experience and a proven track record of success.

Business consulting is a sought-after service for several reasons. For one, companies want advice from people who have spent years in a particular industry and can offer unique insight into operations. Whether you have a professional degree, certifications, or have simply built up a solid reputation over decades in a particular job role, you might be able to provide just what companies are looking for in regard to business consulting services. You can get started by spreading the word about your services or starting your own webpage with all of your contact information and business experience. Making it easy for potential clients to find you is half the battle.

13. Phone cases

You may wonder how something like phone cases can be incorporated into your financial future. The fact is that many people are making money through the resale of phone cases online. The way this works is you can purchase phone cases for a relatively low price from a wholesaler and then create your own brand and sell your phone cases for a higher price. This allows for creativity and business sense as you would likely need to keep an inventory of fashionable cases in order to be profitable. If you’ve never sold items online before, there are a wide variety of resources available to help you learn the tricks of the trade. With business books, podcasts and websites, you’ll learn how to market your product as well as how to get your hands on affordable inventory. This type of knowledge is key in getting your phone case business off the ground.

14. Commission only sales

Let’s preface this by saying that selling isn’t easy. Selling items to strangers can be difficult, and there might not always be a large paycheck at the end of the tunnel. As a side gig, commission-only sales makes a lot of sense. You can work at your own pace and even if you don’t sell much, you won’t be constantly worried about losing your full-time income due to low job performance. With commission-only sales, you’ll likely be selling an in-demand product and can work at your own unique pace. You can build up your customer base over a period of months or years and foster a relationship that makes long-term sales easy.

15. Virtual assistant

Doing business online requires a certain amount of organizational skills in order to succeed. Unfortunately, some people just aren’t very organized. If you are known to have an organized personality, you may find success as a virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant is someone who helps with tasks related to a particular business. It often involves working online for a variety of tasks, from data input to calendar management or even sorting analytics. Virtual assistants can handle a variety of duties depending on their skill level. If you’re not sure where to acquire work as a virtual assistant, you can scour online job boards or freelance websites to find a position that accommodates your schedule and skill set.

16. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing isn’t just for bloggers. There are myriad opportunities to make money from affiliate marketing, but you will need to be creative. First, though, you’ll need a following. Whether your social media channel of choice is Facebook, Instagram, or even Youtube, you can create content and include an affiliate link to products to earn money from each product sold through these channels. You can then use these metrics to earn money through other affiliates over time. 

17. Tax preparation

Are you a whiz when it comes to math? Tax preparation specialists are in high demand come tax season, and this might be the perfect opportunity for you to earn some extra cash. Tax preparation specialist helps others clearly and concisely work through their business expenses and ultimately submit the documentation to the IRS. Whether you are a professional accountant or have been certified in tax preparation through a program of your choice, you may have the skills needed to help others through their tax preparation in stride. The best part is that you can do this on a freelance basis, meaning you keep your full-time job and simply earn extra money on the side. This type of flexibility makes tax preparation an appealing option for many.

18. Private travel agent

Fancy yourself a jet-setter? If you have been all over the world and have acquired a strong knowledge of world travel, it may be time to try your hand as a travel consultant. Travel consultants provide an important service as they can make recommendations based on a client’s unique budgets and preferences. A knowledgeable travel agent will be able to tell you where to spend your time on vacation, as well as highlight the places that fit your unique spending limits. From beautiful tropical locations to snow-capped ski slopes, a private travel agent is well-versed in all types of travel destinations and provides an important service for the modern-day traveler.

19. Social media manager

Social media plays an indispensable role in a business’s digital marketing strategy. A social media manager handles the creative strategy behind InstagramFacebookTwitter, and other social media platforms. If you have a unique perspective when it comes to social media, as well as a proven track record of gaining followers and driving engagement, a job as a social media manager might be the right job for you. You don’t even have to dump your full-time job to do this, either. You can freelance as a social media manager and work for multiple companies, or you have the option of establishing your own boutique marketing firm and attracting clients that way. Whichever method you choose, know that social media marketing is unlikely to become obsolete any time soon and might be just the right opportunity to earn some extra money while indulging in your passion.

20. Data analysis

While you’ve likely heard of supercomputers and their ability to sift through impossible amounts of data, there is still demand for humans to do the exact same thing. If you are gifted in computer science and related fields, you have the option of working in data analysis. A data analysis gig will allow you to work with various companies to sift through data and identify patterns that may be of use for operational or marketing purposes. Software gigs tend to pay well, so you may be in for more than your average dollar if data analysis is something you are interested in. 

21. Freelance copywriting

Are you great with words? You don’t need to have a formal degree in journalism to make it as a writer. If you have been working at your craft independently for quite some time, you may have a real shot at earning money as a freelance copywriter if you know where to look. From working contracting with advertising agencies to blogging for businesses during your downtime, there are many ways to make money writing online. Consider a freelance website or cold-call marketing agencies in your area to inquire about freelance opportunities. 

22. Online surveys

Penny for your thoughts? You can earn money by doing little more than giving your opinion when you participate in online surveys. From local grocery stores to popular restaurants, a wide variety of businesses require feedback in order to continually improve operations. Many are willing to spend millions in marketing dollars to get to the bottom of consumer opinion. Some of this money can be yours if you take the time to research survey taking opportunities in your area. You also have the opportunity to take surveys online, earning money from the comfort of your smartphone. 

23. Airbnb host

It seems there has never been a greater need for an escape. You may have an investment property you are looking to make some money off of or perhaps your own home is well-equipped for guests. Listing a property on Airbnb regularly can help you achieve your financial goals faster, giving you the opportunity to build real wealth in the future. All you’ll need is a clean property, an internet connection to communicate, and good customer service when you interact with potential guests. This is all it takes to earn money off of Airbnb. 

24. Landing page designer

If you are familiar with internet marketing, you may already understand the importance of a landing page. Building landing pages for clients can become a lucrative job if you have the type of skills required to perform this type of work. Typically, landing pages can be built in a relatively short amount of time and don’t require long pages of copy to be effective. There are even digital platforms that can easily create landing pages, saving you time and effort in the process. If you would like to explore building landing pages as a side gig, you would do well to gather examples of your work and register with a freelance site to get started.

25. Interior design consultant

Interior design is a fascinating career path that doesn’t require a formal degree. You can freelance as an interior design consultant by taking online certifications and getting real-world practice. With the growing popularity of home makeover shows, interior design services are in demand. You might be able to make hundreds or even thousands of dollars per home once you build up a solid portfolio of interior design projects. Consider establishing relationships with local interior vendors in order to make the process easier and more affordable for your clients. You may be able to turn this gig into a full-time career if you focus and establish a reputable clientele and portfolio.

26. Housesitter

While house-sitting gigs might not be easy to come by, they can be an exciting way to earn some extra money. As a house sitter, you will stay in the homes of people on long-term vacations and handle the day-to-day maintenance of the home. This might involve small tasks like watering plants, collecting mail, or feeding pets. One of the best parts of this type of gig is that you can likely visit different locations for free and earn money in the process. You can start by doing research into different house-sitting platforms and gathering a list of references that can vouch for your capabilities. This may be one of the easiest, most fun ways to earn money that starts online.

27. Babysitter

Babysitting is a gig as old as time. There are many reasons why parents would require a babysitter, and all it takes is a responsible individual with babysitting experience to excel in this type of gig. To start a job as a babysitter, you may first need to search online. Various online home job boards can connect you with nearby families looking for a babysitter at any given time. Having references, a résumé, and a positive attitude can go a long way in securing the type of lucrative babysitting jobs you are looking for. Be aware that some online babysitting job boards may conduct background checks to hire. 

28. Property manager

Whether you have a background in real estate or are you simply good at organization, a gig as a property manager might serve you well. Property management entails handling the day-to-day operations of rental properties including rent collection, maintenance, and dealing with tenants on an everyday basis. Many realty firms hire property managers to manage properties on behalf of the firm. You can secure this type of job by searching online through various job boards or contacting local real estate agencies and inquiring about open positions. Some of these job opportunities even allow property managers to live on-site rent-free — a bonus!

29. Etsy goods

Are you skilled at making crafts? Maybe you have an eye for vintage goods and are hoping to resell to turn a profit. Selling goods on Etsy is a great way to earn money while working on your passions and hobbies. Thousands of independent vendors are making five to six figures on Etsy and related websites. To get started, determine what you’ll sell, then go through the steps of setting up your digital storefront. Pay careful consideration to your pricing structure and the use of keywords to elevate your chances for success. Whether you decide to sell handcrafted goods, beautiful vintage pieces, or PDF files of graphic design work, there are a wide variety of options available to help you earn extra cash on Etsy.

30. eBay sales

Decluttering your home has endless benefits. One of them might be the opportunity to resell your possessions. eBay is one of the oldest online platforms for buying and selling items ranging from collectible coins to old video games. Earning money through eBay is great because it allows you to unload some of the long-held positions you’ve been carrying, all while making money and building a strong reputation as an online vendor. You can even turn eBay into a hobby by visiting local vintage stores and picking up the greatest designer pieces you can find. This type of work can earn you high profits if done properly and might be exactly the type of passion project you’ve always hoped for.

31. Fiverr

Finding a full-time job that allows you to unleash your creativity isn’t always easy. Depending on where you live, there might not be any lucrative gigs for the type of creative work you specialize in. From graphic design to copywriting and videography, Fiverr can help you earn money doing what you love at rates you are comfortable with. This online freelance job board allows both amateur and expert creatives to market their services In a way that’s fast, easy, and effective. You can upload samples of your work to your digital profile and communicate freely with potential clients, negotiating everything from rates to project time frames and the specifics of each project. If you have long contemplated ditching your full-time job in favor of your creative passion, consider what Fiverr can do for you, first.

32. Admissions essay editor

Most colleges require that applicants submit an admissions essay to be considered. Not all students are gifted in writing and an admissions essay is too big of an opportunity to gamble on. If you are a skilled writer or tutor, you may find a gig as an admissions essay specialist a good opportunity to make money. You can assist college applicants by consulting them about their essays and giving them tips on how to improve these essays all while maintaining ethical standards.

33. Portrait photographer

Photography is a popular hobby that might have the potential to earn you money. Portrait photography, for example, is a special area of photography that requires a truly creative and skilled eye. If you have a passion for photography, consider what starting your own photography business might look like. You can find work shooting headshots for professionals or taking photos of families for holiday cards. Then you can work your way up to more lucrative gigs such as corporate photography. Consider shooting subjects for free to gain some experience and exposure, then create an online portfolio to showcase your work to potential clients.

34. Wedding photographer

Anyone who has ever shopped for wedding photographers can attest to the sky-high rates in the market today. If you enjoy documenting life’s most special occasions, a side gig as a weekend wedding photographer might be the perfect opportunity for you to experiment with your creativity. 

Wedding photographers often charge hundreds of dollars per hour on the big day and play an important role in memorializing your wedding date forever. Getting started doesn’t have to be difficult, either. Consider showcasing your work across social media platforms like Instagram or Pinterest in order to develop a following and make your services widely available to clients locally and state-wide.

35. Online dating consultant

Online dating can be difficult. Many people experiment with different online dating platforms for years and still find no luck finding a long-term partner. If you have experience in the online dating world or as a dating consultant of any kind, you may find this type of work to be both rewarding and lucrative. Online dating consulting might involve spending one-on-time with clients in order to uncover any patterns that may be keeping them from finding their perfect partner. Strong personal branding and positive testimonials carry a lot of weight when it comes to making money as a dating consultant. Put extra effort into this and you will likely see your career soon take off.

36. Fiction writing

Creative writing is a fantastic skill to carry, but there might not always be ample opportunity to make money from it. All that has changed in the digital age we live in. One can easily find creative writing gigs should they just scour online job boards like Upwork. You can write for clients or begin your own series of fiction books and try your hand at self-publishing to really explore the potential of this type of gig. For some guidance, consider enrolling in an online creative writing course that can help you learn about current trends and genres. 

37. Writing greeting cards

Everyone loves receiving greeting cards but not everyone has a talent for writing them. If you have a talent for writing witty creative copy and naturally connecting with your audience, you might be able to make extra money by writing greeting cards.

You don’t have to go at it all alone. There are a wide variety of platforms you can use to sell your greeting cards. And while you may only have the writing skills necessary for greeting card creation, don’t let that deter you. You can experiment with design apps like Canva for the rest. 

38. Website consultant

Not every website is a good one. Websites are important in the realm of digital marketing, yet so many companies struggle to get theirs right. 

Many companies want to be sure that their website is functional, user-friendly, and able to convert visitors into customers. If you have experience designing websites or are an expert in the field of digital marketing, you may be able to find income as a website consultant. As a website consultant, you’ll visit with companies to identify problematic issues within their websites and strategize ways to improve. Given the complexity of websites and their many functions tied to business operations, this is a worthwhile cost for many businesses and one you can take advantage of if you hone your skills now.

39. English tutor

There are plenty of ways to help others through your work. One of these is to become an English tutor. Often, immigrants or others may need assistance in learning English. You can earn money by teaching English as a second language and do so through virtual learning or in-person tutorials. You might even be able to consult with a local university or business center to obtain information about classes and how you can become an instructor or tutor.

40. SAT tutor

Preparing for the SATs can be a stressful time, even for the most well-equipped student. If you have experience in the SAT, you might find that a side gig as an SAT tutor is well worth your while.

SAT prep is different from other methods of tutoring. There are plenty of resources on the market to help you prepare for this kind of learning. From practice tests to sharing your own personal experiences with the SAT, becoming an SAT tutor allows you to have a large impact on your pupil’s success. Sites like Craigslist can help you find work as an SAT tutor. You can also consult with nearby school districts to learn more about SAT prep and how to get involved.

41. Digital ad specialist

There are a wide variety of ways to generate traffic online. Only a trained specialist knows the ins and outs. And while digital ads are not a new phenomenon, there is an ever-growing amount of resources to help make these more effective. If you are a trained digital ad specialist, a job as an internet marketer might help you earn the type of income you’ve always dreamed of. Working with Google on ad campaigns can put your clients ahead of the rest. Consider this a solid option for extra income if online marketing is right up your alley.

42. Presentation slides

Those played-out old PowerPoint presentations are still used across various industries, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. A creative specializing in presentation slides can make all the difference between a lackluster strategy and a strong one. Ideal for presenting to professional groups across all areas of the business, PowerPoint slides are a valuable strategic tool. Someone who creates presentation slides has the opportunity to put their own unique mark on these materials. 

43. Art collector

Do you have an eye for fine art? Art collection is more than just a hobby. It can serve as a wonderful career opportunity if you know where to begin.

Perhaps you’ve earned a degree in art history or have been studying the subject for years. Given that many wealthy people purchase art as a means of investment, there is real value in hiring someone to do their bidding. This is where an art collector or art dealer comes in. You can earn a significant income from art collecting. Consider joining art societies or other organizations that can help you get acquainted with others in the art dealing industry.

44. Financial advising

Financial literacy is a difficult concept for some. Many people find navigating finances to be a daunting task, and thus might require some outside help from time to time. This is where you might come in. If you have strong financial credentials and experience with stocks, you can create a consulting service and help others realize their financial goals. You can start by researching any certifications or regulations you’ll need to adhere to in order to consult legally.

45. Accounting

Accounting is another subject many people find daunting to deal with. If you are good with numbers, you might find accounting a good way to earn some extra money while challenging your mind. Once you undergo certification, you can choose to work with clients on a freelance basis for assistance with payroll and other accounting tasks, or you can simply work during tax season. 

46. Niche website

There are endless topics to write about when it comes to online content. Starting a niche website can help you attract a specific audience and give you a shot at earning some real cash. Similar to a blog, this website will delve deep into a topic of your choosing, whether that be how to navigate a certain product on the market, how to build your skills at a particular task, or even fan sites for novels, games, and other forms of entertainment. You can monetize these with subscription services, merchandise, and paid advertisements, to start. 

47. Car washing

Many people find tasks like cleaning and car washing have the power to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and keep them productive. If you enjoy washing your own car, you might consider the benefits of doing it for others. Whether you build a brand around car washing or keep things more casual, you can make a significant side income by providing this service. Stock up on all of the equipment you’ll need and then start your business the word of mouth recommendations. 

48. Caregiving

Nurturing doesn’t come easily for some people. That’s why caregiving is an important task requiring just the right person. If you are caring, compassionate, and enjoy forming relationships with others, caregiving might be a great option for you to earn some extra money. What’s more, you may not even have to look outside of your family to become a caregiver. You may already know a friend or older relative who requires regular care. You can research elderly providers in your area for more information about becoming a professional caregiver. 

 49. Online news contributor

Many adults look to online news sites for their daily dose of current events. These sites are a great avenue for freelance reporters to gain exposure and earn money online. Whether for local news websites or larger platforms like The Huffington Post, writing for a news site is a solid opportunity for recent graduates and seasoned journalists alike. What’s more, you don’t need to wait for opportunities like these. Many editors accept pitch emails, meaning you have a real shot of getting published if you have a good idea and a credible reputation to back it up. 

50. Inventor

You, too, can join history’s long list of inventors. All you’ll need first is an idea. There are endless products on the market today that stem from a product that already exists, and the inventors of these are making millions. And with the crowd-funding craze still alive and well, getting these ideas off the ground has never been easier. If you’re not sure where to begin, you can start by researching products already on the market and think of ways they might be improved. This mindset might help you come up with dozens of different ideas, one of which may very well be your ticket to the millionaire’s club. 

51. Buying and selling domains

Nearly all legitimate companies understand that a website is a necessity in the digital age. You can capitalize on this by purchasing and selling domain names. 

How does it work? 

You can begin by purchasing a few domain names that you can reasonably predict will serve a purpose for someone in the future. It’s possible that an entity might contact you to try to purchase this domain months or even years from now, whether it be for their business website or simply to expand their real estate across the web. Play your cards — or domains — right and you may be able to profit thousands of dollars from these transactions.

52. Weekend pop-ups

Pop-up shops give small business owners the opportunity to sell their products at a unique spot on a temporary basis. If you’ve always wanted to start your own business but haven’t had the resources to make it happen, a pop-up shop is a great opportunity to get your feet wet. You can start with a limited inventory and create a special menu for the occasion, allowing you to gauge how your business would perform should you one day choose to take it to the next level. From coffee pop-ups serving up gourmet beverages to cupcake stands and vintage clothing spots, consider your passion and build a brand around it to reap the rewards. 

53. Brew your own beer

Micro-breweries are still trendy, and you might be able to make some money and build a brand by brewing your own beer at home. There are plenty of at-home brew kits available online, or you can choose to learn the ins and outs of brewing and go at it all on your own. The internet is filled with endless resources to help you hit the ground running. And when it comes to brewing, you may undergo many rounds of trial and error, but perfecting your own recipes is the first step toward making money and building a craft beer brand. 

54. Freelance proofreading and editing

Have you always had an incredible eye for detail? If so, a freelance gig as a proofreader or editor might make sense for you. With a growing number of self-published authors comes a new demand for editors to correct grammar and catch mistakes through a fresh set of eyes. Whether you charge by the word or by project, you can make hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month by signing up with a freelance job platform and searching for gigs now. 

55. Refurbished electronics

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, so they say. This might even apply to electronics. You can earn money by refurbishing old electronics that are no longer used or have been discarded. Many items that no longer work might only require a few replacement parts to get up and running again. Whether you repair and resell electronics or strip them down and sell their parts individually, a little research can go a long way when it comes to making extra cash through what some might consider “junk”. 

56. Personal trainer

Some people need a little motivation while they attempt to tackle their fitness goals. If you enjoy working out and have a talent for inspiring others to give it their all, a gig as a personal trainer may be right for you. Being a personal trainer involves giving others direction and support when it comes to exercise. You can work with a local gym outside of your full-time job or build your own brand and attract clients that way. Whichever avenue you choose, know that becoming a personal trainer allows you to earn money while helping others change their lives for the better. It’s a win-win! 

57. Yoga or meditation

Just like becoming a professional trainer is a good option for gym rats, becoming a yoga instructor is a great option for yogis. Yoga and meditation often go hand-in-hand. You can teach these on an individual or class basis, making your own hours and adopting your own unique teaching strategy in the process. You might choose to charge by the hour or perhaps have a group of students enroll in weekly or monthly glasses. 

58. Youtube channel

Youtube has helped thousands reach fame. You can be one of them, or at least earn some money, by starting your own Youtube channel.

There are various ways to monetize a Youtube channel. Perhaps you have a knack for delivering honest reviews on games or movies, or maybe you have an eye for style and enjoy doing clothing hauls to show off your latest purchases. You can earn money through subscribers and video views, then use this data to collaborate with different brands for paid sponsorships. 

59. Translator

It can be difficult to do business when you don’t speak the language. You can help others with certain business tasks when you become a translator. Whether for an attorney’s office, educational institution or publishing company, becoming a translator allows you to earn money while doing little more than speaking a language you already know. Browse online to explore translator opportunities in your area or virtual gigs you can execute from anywhere. The possibilities are endless. 

60. Tour guide

If you are on the hunt for excitement and adventure, you may find a gig as a tour guide right up your alley. Becoming a tour guide allows you to earn money while showing travelers around the town in which you live. This type of gig allows you to meet new people, explore interesting places, and help make people’s time in your hometown worthwhile. You can look for gigs through online travel boards or become a registered vendor with hotels in your area. 

61. Music instructor

It’s never too late to begin an interest in music. If you are a skilled musician with a passion for teaching others, a side gig as a music instructor may be perfect for you. What’s more, with the popularity of video chat platforms like Zoom, you can conduct music lessons right from your home. To get started, consider building a website showcasing your experience, then look to online job boards like Craigslist to find available gigs in your area. Whether piano, guitar, violin or even singing lessons, a talented musician can earn a solid income by teaching music in their spare time. 

62. Stock photographer

Maybe you love photography but don’t enjoy working with models. If this is the case, you might find that a side gig as a stock photographer is a great way to make money outside of your full-time job. Stock photos are used to populate an endless array of websites and other promotional material. You can register your photos with sites like Shutterstock and charge a small amount for each use. Do this enough times and you can earn a significant amount of money while doing little work. 

63. Ghostwriter

Becoming a professional writer is a career goal for many people, but ghostwriting is a little different. When you agree to ghostwrite, you are writing on behalf of someone else. This is a tough pill to swallow for some writers, as ghostwriters receive no credit for their work. If you can deal with working without a by-line, you can earn an impressive income by ghostwriting novels, e-books, and other content for clients, big and small. 

64. Online subcontracting

Freelancing on the web is one thing, but online subcontracting can open the door to a new level of earning. As a subcontractor, you will build a reputation for delivering exceptional products or services, then leverage this reputation to book high-paying clients while subcontracting the work for a more affordable price. Learning how to subcontract can help you take your freelance writing business to new heights. 


Know your way around a sewing machine? If so, tailoring might be the perfect way to earn some extra cash. While you can certainly take appointments from a brick-and-mortar shop or your home, there is also a variety of mail-in alterations sites you can take inspiration from. Whether you list yourself on local gig websites or set up your own virtual shop, there is potential to be had in doing alterations and running your business online. 

66. DJ

If you’re a fan of the nightlife and have a passion for music, exploring a career as a DJ may offer up some lucrative results. DJs have a number of options when it comes to night and weekend gigs. From bars and restaurants to weddings and other events, a DJ gig can help you earn thousands per month. Building a personal brand and advertising online can help you attract more customers in 2022. 

67. Teach DIYs

You’ve heard the saying, “those who can’t do, teach”. Maybe you’d like to do both. Teaching others how to do stuff online can be a fun way to earn extra money. Whether through Pinterest or Youtube, building a community of like-minded individuals and offering tutorials on any number of tasks can serve as both a creative outlet and a means of income – the best of both worlds. 

68. Baking

Baking can be more than just a hobby. You can bake for cash when you perfect your craft and begin selling your items locally. COVID-19 has forced many to look to uncommon methods of making money and baking is one of them. Start by creating a brand, then look into selling your goods at events like local farmer’s markets or through small restaurants. If you develop small-town fame, you can begin selling your baked goods on a national scale by way of sites like Goldbelly

69. TaskRabbit

Chores, for many people, can be a major hindrance to productivity. This is why many professionals look to outside help for things like chores and maintenance. If you’re someone who doesn’t mind grunt work, you might find success on a site like TaskRabbit. Here, you’ll get connected with others needing assistance with everyday chores, then complete these chores for money. Not only can this help you pass your spare time, but you’ll also be helping others and making money in the process. 

70. Content marketing

Content marketing can play an important role in a business’s advertising strategy. You can freelance as a content marketing manager to help brands develop the strategy they need to rise above the competition online. As a content marketer, you’ll learn the ins and outs of your client’s business and help them develop an appropriate content marketing plan that speaks to their target audience. 

71. Ebooks

These days, you don’t have to have a best-selling novel to earn some cash from your writing skills. Ebooks are a popular option for readers looking to explore how to do something. Whether your expertise is in pet care, marketing, logistics, or any other industry, you may find an audience or a client willing to pay good money for this type of instructional content. The more often you write, the better you will become and the faster your turnaround. This means it’s possible to write several ebooks in one year. 

72. Investing

There’s no shame in sitting back and letting your money work for you. This is why so many people find pleasure in investing. And in today’s digital age, investing has never been easier. You can choose to start your investment journey through the use of a mobile app like Robinhood, or maybe you are willing to hit the ground running and consult with an investment firm to help you make your moves. While you will need money to start in order to invest, you may be looking at some significant profit for the future if you play your cards right. 

73. Carpet cleaning

If you enjoy a tidy home and find yourself constantly cleaning, a job as a carpet cleaner might seem exciting to you. Carpet cleaning can be done on your own time for clients big and small. Whether you work with residential gigs or corporate gigs, you might find that carpet cleaning and related tasks can add thousands of dollars to your yearly income. All you’ll need is the proper equipment to get started.

74. House cleaning

Keeping a spotless home isn’t always easy. Many people are too busy to do a full clean of their home while others simply don’t have the desire to spend hours per week on this type of task. If you enjoy cleaning houses or are looking for some extra money, house cleaning may be the answer. Many house cleaners work on retainer to ensure regular hours and a safe, comfortable working environment. Tasks may range from household to household, but housecleaning can ultimately serve as a great way to earn money outside of your typical full-time day job.

75. Child care

Childcare isn’t something to be left up to chance. Childcare requires a responsible and mature individual and you might be this person for a family you know. To embark on a side gig in childcare, first look to your own contacts. Do you know anyone with small children who may need childcare in the future? If not, you can always go online and register with websites that connect childcare professionals with local families. This might be a great entry point into childcare for you.

76. Computer repair

Let’s face it: computers can be complicated. There are few things more frustrating than facing a malfunctioning computer when you have a deadline. That’s why computer repair specialists often make a decent income from their craft. If you have long been fascinated by computers and are quite good at determining what is wrong with them and how they can be repaired, a job as a computer repair specialist might be well worth your time.

77. Modeling

Whether you’ve gained newfound confidence or have long had a love of the spotlight, modeling can be a fun way to earn money. From local campaigns to online campaigns, modeling is just one way to make money in the day and age of the internet, and you might not even have to travel to do so. You can start booking gigs by gathering a portfolio of recent headshots or working through an agency that can connect you with brands looking for models like yourself. There are also sites online like ModelMayhem that allow you to create a profile in order to book gigs. 

78. Dog walking

Dog walking is one of those chores some dog-owners just don’t have the time for. If you enjoy working with animals and have an appreciation for the outdoors, dog walking could be the perfect opportunity to earn some extra cash. Start acquiring customers through word-of-mouth recommendations or consider scouring neighborhood social apps or sites like Bark or Rover

79. Real estate consultant 

The world of real estate is constantly changing, making it impossible for some to keep up with the latest trends. If you have experience in real estate, you may be able to offer your expertise as a service and make some money in the process. You can work with clients on a one-on-one basis to secure affordable properties, or you can teach classes on how to find the best deals and flip homes. Real estate experience is valuable if you know how to use it. Don’t be afraid to look to online resources for more information about capitalizing on real estate. 

80. Furniture maker

Not everyone enjoys purchasing furniture from chain stores like IKEA or Pottery Barn. There is a demand for authentic, hand-made furniture. If you enjoy designing and building furniture, you can turn your craft into a side hustle and earn some impressive money in the process. List your designs on websites like Etsy, or take orders for custom items on local Facebook groups or other online marketplaces. You can work at your own pace and charge per hour or per piece. 

81. Jewelry maker 

Finding jewelry to fit your unique style can be a challenge. If you have a love for jewelry design, you can create and sell your own pieces online as a means of income. While sites like Etsy are ideal for selling jewelry and other crafts, you will have to evaluate how much time you’d like to spend on this new business endeavor. If you have a number of great pieces you’d like to show off, think about building a simple Shopify site to make your very own jewelry brand a reality. 

82. Real estate appraiser 

If you have a keen sense for real estate, you may enjoy the prospect of visiting homes and determining their value. This is what a real estate appraiser does. With appraisal, you will make appointments with homeowners interested in selling their property, or who need the value of their home for property tax purposes. You will then view the home in its entirety and determine a value. That’s all there is to it. Get started by contacting your local appraiser’s office or offer your services online. 

83. Purchase an existing website

Sometimes, you just have a hunch. Whether a site owner is going out of business or you simply predict the value in their domain name, you can purchase an existing website and earn extra money from it. This money may come from website traffic, or you may earn a profit by flipping the site to another owner after the same domain. 

84. Mobile laundry service

Household maintenance is a struggle for some people due to long work hours. You may be able to alleviate some of this stress by taking on a gig in a mobile laundry service. All this entails is picking up and dropping off clients’ laundry at the dry cleaners, saving them much-needed time and effort in the process. You can charge by the piece, by the mile, or implement a monthly subscription model that brings in consistent income on a regular basis. 

85. Junk removal

Cleaning can be therapeutic. If you are interested in this notion, you may find a job in junk removal to be more than a way of earning cash. With a junk removal gig, you’ll visit homes or offices by appointment and rid them of trash and other unwanted items. You might then organize these spaces for your clients, allowing them to live or work in a clean environment. Jobs like this can be highly rewarding. You can begin your journey by creating a business name and attracting clients online. 

86. Notary public

Notary publics have the potential to make or break a business deal. There are a number of reasons why clients may need official documents signed by a notary public, and you can fulfill this need by taking an online certification and providing notary services on a local level. From real estate contracts to financial documents, notary services are helping thousands of people conduct business every day. Don’t hesitate to consider this a viable source of income.

87. Wedding planning

Many people underestimate how stressful planning a wedding can be. As a wedding planner/coordinator, you can help others enjoy their big day while earning a considerable income. Whether you have a passion for event planning or love task management and organization, there are many characteristics that can make you an excellent wedding planner. Build an online portfolio of past events and generate leads through social media. You can look to digital platforms like Pinterest for wedding planning ideas. 

88. Event planning and party planning

The fun doesn’t stop at weddings. There are plenty of celebratory events that require a capable party planner to take charge. Online catering and event planning courses can be found online, then you can design a brand around these services. Once you’ve developed a clientele, you can begin shooting for larger corporate clients. Party planning is all in connections, so you’ll want to form relationships with local vendors and event venues, as well. 

89. Pet grooming

If working with animals is something you’re interested in, you can make a significant side income by establishing your own pet grooming service. From mobile pet grooming services to those conducted from your own home, these can generate a significant income and provide a valuable service for pet-owners. A website with an online booking feature might prove particularly valuable for a service like this.  

90. Personal chef

Do your myriad talents include cooking? Talented chefs can make extra monthly income by cooking for families and other private clients. Many amateur chefs have even found success selling pre-made, heat and eat meals that are easy, affordable, and delicious alternatives to take-out. 

91. Pool cleaning

Pools require cleaning and maintenance. If you have experience in pool maintenance or are willing to undergo some studying and training, you may be able to provide this service and earn a significant monthly income from doing it. To get started, think about listing your services on Craigslist. Starting with just a few contracts can help you expand your client base over time. 

92. Officiating sports

If you’d like to take your love of sports up a notch, you might have the opportunity to earn some money by officiating games on nights and weekends. Whether done for middle school, high school, college or for professional sports, officiating games allows you to immerse yourself in the world of sports while earning money. Contact local school districts to inquire about open job opportunities, or consider enrolling in online training to help you acquire the skills you need to be among the best in the industry. 

93. Designing T-shirts

A number of new products have made the process of designing and making T-shirts easier and more affordable than ever before. You can build your own T-shirt business from home and market your designs online to earn extra money. From funny slogans to unique, one-of-a-kind designs for sports teams and other clubs, don’t discount T-shirts as a legitimate way to make money on your downtime. 

94. Software development

Many companies rely on custom software to streamline their operations. If you have a talent for software development, a career in freelance software development might be ideal for you. You can do this in multiple capacities, such as as a freelance developer or as a consultant. The more experience you have and the more robust your resume, the more you will be able to charge. 

95. Window cleaning

Commercial buildings and large residential homes often require window cleaners to conduct monthly maintenance. If you enjoy working with your hands, window cleaning can be an excellent opportunity to earn extra income on a part-time basis. Building your own window cleaning business can help you book regular gigs and attract clients online through digital marketing efforts. 

96. Car advertising

If you are in search of a means of extra income that requires little to no effort to get started, car advertising can’t be beaten. As a car advertiser, you will lease space on your car to local businesses hoping to market their services on-the-go. Car advertising allows you to earn extra money while going about your day as usual. This is a fun opportunity if you don’t have much spare time to commit to a regular part-time gig. 

97. Public speaking engagements

Tough times call for motivation. If you have endured trials and tribulations throughout your life and still managed to succeed, you might find a gig as a public speaker both lucrative and satisfying. As a public speaker, you’ll travel to various locations to speak at conferences, seminars, award shows or business trainings, offering knowledge about any number of subjects. Some public speakers make thousands of dollars per engagement. Building a solid brand and reputation can help you book high-paying events. 

98. Seasonal decorations

Holiday decorating is something that brings many people joy. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to decorate their home or business as they’d like, meaning they require outside help to get the job done. If you have an eye for beautiful decorations and enjoy helping others spruce up their space, you can earn money as a seasonal decorator. Whether decorating Christmas trees, fall backdrops or gorgeous spring set-ups, a gig like this allows you to earn money while unleashing your creativity. 

99. Voiceover talent

If you have a clear, vibrant voice, you might consider a side gig as a voiceover talent to help you earn some money. This fun and exciting job allows you to participate in any number of creative projects, from commercials to trainings and recordings. You can find jobs like this by browsing online creative job boards, or registering with a site like Fiverr, which can connect you with clients in search of voiceover talent for their own projects.

100. Snow plowing

If harsh weather conditions are a problem where you live, there might be a demand for snow plowing. You can do this with little to no training and set your own hours, making it a great opportunity for students and adults alike. If you plan to work on a small, residential level, all you’ll need is reliable transportation and a plow to get your idea off the ground. Start by marketing your services on Craigslist or through social media to book those first clients.

101. Makeup artist

Whether you’ve earned a cosmetology degree or are a self-taught entrepreneur, you can earn extra money by performing at-home makeup services. There are many reasons why someone might need to hire an at-home makeup artist. From wedding parties to modeling photo shoots, keep your options open and your online portfolio updated in order to book clients in your area.

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