10 Best Business Ideas for Women


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2 years ago

10 Best Business Ideas for Women


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2 years ago

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There are many industries that are almost entirely female-dominated these days. This is a big change from the days where women were in the minority in almost every industry. If you have been thinking about changing jobs or you have considered starting your own business, there is no time like today!

If you want to know which businesses will be the best ones to start, read on to learn more about the kinds of businesses that women are dominating today. There are so many great options out there, and smart and savvy businesswomen are placing themselves in positions that will secure their future through their hard work and ingenuity each and every day!

This is not an exhaustive list of business types, so do not be discouraged if you do not see the business type that you were considering on this list. If you want to open a business, don’t be held back by doubt! With a little research, any business type can be a success!

Best Business Ideas for Women

Interior Design

Design businesses are a great way to create a company that will grow organically and readily. If you love to create spaces that are functional and beautiful then this business is the one for you! While you will need to get specific licensing in some states to run a design business, the reward for your effort will be a stable career that allows you to use your artistic skills to benefit others.

This is a great business model for those who enjoy working with people and who are always up for a challenge. You will need to be comfortable working with a team of people as your company grows, so make sure that you consider this part of the process and hire someone to handle hiring and team management if that is not one of your native skills.

Teaching or Tutoring

Around 76% of teachers in the US are women. Teaching and tutoring are some of the best spaces for women to start their own businesses. This might be a college prep business, or you could help students learn English as their second language. For those who excel in science or math, there are always students who will need your help to get better grades.

Graphic Design

This is a space that is innately artistic, and many women have artistic skills in spades! Web design offers the chance to work on many different kinds of products from small business logos or advertising designs, to creating images for use in advertising or on book covers. There is no limit to what you can do with a graphic design business, and you will be able to make a very good living once you get established!

Skincare & Beauty

This might be starting your own salon, or maybe you have created your own product line that you want to start selling. You can even do both! There are many great business types inside of the beauty industry that naturally are suited to the kinds of skills that women have. While it is possible to sell skin care or hair products when you are not a woman, women use more of these products in their daily lives, and they are natural authorities on these kinds of products and services.

The salon industry is not just about hair. You can also offer waxing, massage, and a whole host of other services at your salon. If you want to expand your business, you can consider opening multiple locations! This is a business that is easy to scale, and you would be an expert without much in the way of education!  Licensing varies from state to state, and you may have to go to beauty school before you can manage a salon, but the potential of this business model is such that it is worth the effort!

Home Organization

This is a new niche space that has become popular since HGTV and a few other major television networks offered TV shows that concerned themselves with the home organization process. This is a really interesting business type because it can be very lucrative even if you keep things small. There are not many other businesses that you could say that about!

If you are passionate about organization and you have the know how to install shelves and other kinds of organizing furniture and solutions, this could be a perfect business type for you. This business blends some overtones of interior design with organization expertise to create beautiful, functional spaces for people who are tired of their clutter or are sick of rooms that they can’t use for anything. You can stay quite busy with this kind of business and you would be spending all day working on what you love!

Virtual Assistant

This might sound like a secretarial job at first, but it is so much more! Being an assistant to someone can be a full-time job, or you might work for various clients. This is a great job if you like to organize, schedule, or plan for other people who are too busy to keep up with their daily lives.

This is a great business model if you are comfortable hiring other people to offer virtual assistant help to even more clients. Being able to optimize your ability to help your clients might mean additional employees, and you could find that you and your team can be kept quite busy managing scheduling, ordering, and many other tasks for people who are busy and need some help keeping things running smoothly in their daily life.


This is one of those job spaces that is never going to go out of style. Accounting and bookkeeping are necessary for almost every business in the US, and lots of people use accountants or bookkeepers to work on their personal finances and taxes as well. If you have the know-how, this is a very lucrative job that can be done remotely if you so desire.

This kind of work can become a business if you are able to hire on a few more people to help with tax season or with your larger bookkeeping clients. There are education requirements for this business type and state licensing, but it is well worth getting these credentials. Accountants and bookkeepers make an average annual salary of $73,000 a year, making this a really solid industry to open a business in!

Event Planning

This is a huge market space and a great kind of business to start for yourself. You might plan weddings, large holiday parties, or even things like Comicons. This kind of business requires a high degree of organization, and you will need to know how to leverage local businesses and providers for things like flowers, tables and chairs, and a whole host of other items. Also, consider having your own stored supply of some of these common items so that you will not have to charge as much for necessary party or event supplies like tables and chairs.

Event planners often find that they need some employees to be able to keep up with all the demands of planning large events, so if you have always wanted to have a team working with you on this kind of job, you will get that chance as you grow your business! Event planners make an average salary of $51,000 a year, but this number can increase exponentially if you own your own business.

Running an Online Store

There are so many ways to open an online store and turn it into a business that will support you with ease! You will need to consider what kinds of products that you want to sell and how much inventory you want to offer to your customers but picking a niche that needs some attention and a new outlook is always a good way to get attention focused on your store.

There are many models and online platforms that you can use for your store, from Shopify, to Etsy, to Facebook. Do some research into the best options, for your kind of product and then make sure that you take some really nice pictures of the items that you are selling. If you have a large social media presence already, you will find that it is easy to start the ball rolling!

Online stores are a growing business space and many people have started to see a huge uptick in sales now that we are all working from home and staying inside more. Now is the perfect time to leverage this change of attitude about shopping and start selling your products to new online markets!


Are you good with the written word? Do you have opinions about items that you have purchased, movies, or maybe even celebrities that you would like to share with the world? If any of these statements apply to you, writing or blogging could be a great fit for you!

There are many ways to open a writing or blogging business. You can join contracting sites and write for other authors or for websites. You could also start your own blog and monetize it with ads to make it profitable. For people who have unique skills like cooking expertise, sewing know-how, or the ability to train people in the use of web design products and other technologies, blogging can be a great way to make a lot of money simply by making tutorials.

Blogging and writing do not have to be teaching-focused, however. You can also write books and self-published or use a blog as a means to share a serial story. There are many ways that writing and blogging can be turned into a business, and you would be missing out if you love to write and have not considered making it your full-time job!

The Best Businesses for Women Are Not Limited to Type

The best part about the new work-from-home reality and the way that the job market is changing is that there is no business model that is not suitable for women. You can choose any kind of business that you are excited about and make a company that will support you while you chase your dreams! Gone are the days of being told that a certain kind of business is not suited for women!

Women are the biggest force behind this new world of remote work and remote sales, and everyone else had better sit up and take note! If you have been wanting to start your own business but have been worried about making it a success or finding the employees that you need, stop worrying and start planning your new business today!

There is no time like the present to open the business of your dreams!

Let's stop worrying about money, together.

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